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IACUC Policy on Use of Expired Medical Materials

The Animal Welfare Act (9 CFR Part 2, subpart C (sections 2.31-2.33) and subpart D (section 2.40)) and Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals require the provision of adequate veterinary care, to be overseen by the Attending Veterinarian and IACUC.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal Care Policy #3 (http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ac/policy3.html) indicates specifically, “The use of expired medical materials such as drugs, fluids, or sutures on regulated animals is not considered to be acceptable veterinary practice and does not constitute adequate veterinary care, as required by the regulations promulgated under the Animal Welfare Act.” The Office for Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) provides similar requirements (http://grants.nih.gov/grants/olaw/faqs.htm#f5).

As such, Oregon State University’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires that expired medical materials be disposed of once the expiration date has been reached. Proper anesthesia, analgesia, and euthanasia are required for all procedures. Drugs administered for anesthesia, analgesia, or euthanasia agents, and any other agent intended to relieve pain, discomfort, or distress or to provide emergency veterinary care must NOT be used beyond their expiration date.

The use of expired medical materials may be permissible, if their use does not adversely affect the animal’s well-being or compromise the validity of the scientific study. If a Principal Investigator intends to use expired medical materials in animals, this must be described in the Animal Care and Use Proposal (ACUP) or amendment and be approved by the IACUC in advance of use. Such materials need to be labeled appropriately (e.g. “For Acute Use Only”) and segregated from other medical materials.

Identification and removal of expired medical materials:  The IACUC recommends that each laboratory or animal facility establish a procedure to facilitate the identification and removal of expired drugs and other medical materials used for research involving animals.  This may take the form of a drug log, signed by a member of the laboratory or the facility manager, indicating that they have checked for and discarded, or set aside for disposal, any expired drugs or other medical materials from the laboratory. Expired drugs and empty drug and vaccine containers may be disposed of by contacting Environmental Health and Safety at http://oregonstate.edu/ehs/waste.

IACUC Approved 2-9-11

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