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IACUC Policy on ACUP Submission

Any use of vertebrate animals in research, teaching, or testing, regardless of funding source or status, must be reviewed and approved by the OSU-IACUC prior to starting animal use or obtaining animals. The Principal Investigator must have the appropriate authority and qualifications to ensure the animal-related activities are conducted in a responsible manner, in full compliance with all applicable requirements. As a result, graduate and undergraduate students cannot serve as a principal investigator.

ACUPs reviewed by the IACUC must have OSU affiliation in any of the following ways:

  • An OSU faculty member as a Principal or Co-Investigator
  • OSU facilities would be used to house and/or perform procedures on animals
  • OSU-owned animals are involved in the activity

OSU-IACUC will not review any protocols that do not meet the required OSU affiliation criteria.

IACUC approved: July 2011

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