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Training Requirements

Training and Educational Requirements for ACUP Participants

FAQ 1: What are participants required to complete before they can be entered onto an ACUP?

Participants must complete the following requirements to be added to an ACUP or personnel amendment.  Please see complete details below the FAQs.

  • Animal Welfare Education (AWE) training
  • Participant Safety training--Animal Handler Safety Awareness (AHSA) video module completion [contact Kay Miller at Environment, Health, & Safety (EH&S) with questions]
  • Occupational Health questionnaire completion and clearance [contact Ariel Leshchinski at Occupational Medicine--Student Health Services (OM-SHS) with questions]

FAQ 2: What kind of documentation is required for ACUP participant education and training?

The PI must keep documentation on all PI (or designee)-led trainings for each ACUP participant.  This includes species-specific trainings, procedure-specific trainings, & safety/hazard-specific trainings.  The IACUC website has a couple of template forms that may be helpful. The IACUC (or other oversight entities) may ask for this documentation at any time.

The IACUC office records AWE training completion.

The IACUC office collaborates with both OM-SHS for tracking Animal Exposure questionnaire clearances, and EH&S for tracking Animal Handler Safety module completions.

FAQ 3: Do I need to send all training and occupational health clearance documentation materials to the IACUC office?

No.  All documentation of training must (1) be kept by the PI, and (2) be available, upon request, by the IACUC and for any oversight agency or auditor.

The IACUC should not be given access to anyone’s medical information, including completed questionnaires for occupational health clearance.  This is confidential material that should be sent directly to the Occupational Medicine department.  The IACUC only receives a notice of “clearance” or “not cleared” from the OM-SHS department.


1.     Training, Animal Welfare

  1. Animal Welfare Education (AWE)—one of the choices below is required for ACUP approval. 
    1.      CITI Program class completion, “Working with the IACUC”
      1. Register at www.citiprogram.org
      2. Select “New Users” for initial log-in
      3. Select Participating Institution—Oregon State University
      4. Complete registration steps 1-8
      5. Select “Vertebrate Animal Research” training module
      6. Select “Investigators, Staff and Students” basic course
      7. Complete all modules to obtain a certificate of completion.
      8. A copy of the certificate will also be sent to IACUC.
    2.     AWE Lecture with IACUC staff is available upon request.
      1. Participants are also encouraged to meet with IACUC staff for an “OSU IACUC Introduction” session, to become familiar with both the processes and people central to our OSU IACUC.  These meetings are also available upon request.
    3.     FASS video and quiz completion—this training is specific for agricultural research and teaching projects.  Contact Otila Zuschlag, Animal and Rangeland Sciences department, to set this up.


2.     Training, Participant Safety

  1. Animal Handler Safety module, administered by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

Required for ACUP/personnel amendment approval

                        i.     On-line video completion.  Must click submit to register completion!

                        ii.     In-person training, available upon request. 

                        iii.     Contact Kay Miller at EHS with related questions.

  1. ACUP-specific safety training

               i.     PI-directed training, on ACUP-specific hazards


3.     Medical Review--Animal Exposure, Participant Safety

Required for ACUP/personnel amendment approval

Note: the medical review must be updated annually when working with animals.

  1. Online questionnaire forms are reviewed and cleared by OM-SHS staff.

i.     Non-OSU employee version—volunteers, courtesy or affiliate faculty, consultants, other non-employee participants

    1. OSU employee version
      1. Initial questionnaire with OM-SHS
      2. Annual update with OM-SHS

Contact Ariel Leshchinsky with related questions.

    1. Do not send medical information to the IACUC office.

4.     Animal- and Procedure-Specific Training

Hands-on training, specific to the ACUP, is to be directed or delegated by the PI.

Verification of personnel competency is required prior to independent work involving animals and procedures described in an approved ACUP.

  1. Didactic (recommended)
    1.  New!  A CITI wildlife research module is now available
    2.  Additional CITI species modules available
    3.  Procedures with Care videos for rodent and rabbit procedures

Hands-on: handling, care of species, technique/procedure training. Required.  May be completed after ACUP approval, and must be completed before independent work with project-related animals and procedures.

  1.  Training with LARC veterinary personnel
  2.  Training with PI or PI-designated trainer, experienced with the species and procedures (PI documentation required)
  3.  Documentation of previous experience and qualifications is acceptable for participants who are already qualified to do independent work. 
    1. The PI must certify and maintain documentation describing the participant’s qualifications as per specific animal-related techniques.

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