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The College of Pharmacy is comprised of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmacy Practice. The college has experienced explosive growth in research activities and associated external funding in the past decade. Recent renovations and faculty additions have enhanced the research core and strengthened the college's reputation as a center for conducting cutting edge biomedical research and producing well-trained graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.



Research areas in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences address fundamental issues in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences regarding the discovery, mechanism of action, cellular effects and disbursement of therapeutic agents. The main research areas are Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, and Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry.
Research in pharmacology aims to provide a mechanistic understanding of drug action, cell signaling pathways, gene expression, cancer, and developmental processes at the molecular level using genetic, biochemical, and molecular biological techniques. Faculty members in pharmacology have created and characterized several mouse models of human diseases and these genetically modified mice are being utilized in drug discovery efforts within the Department and around the world.
The pharmaceutics discipline deals with a variety of topics pertaining to the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs and xenobiotics. Faculty in the OSU Pharmaceutics group are involved in biochemical toxicology and drug metabolism studies; the design and development of new drug delivery and dosage forms; studies on the clinical efficacy and distribution of drugs through the body as a function of dosing regimen or dosage form; and vaccine development.
Medicinal and natural products chemistry focuses on the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents. Research in traditional disciplines such as organic and biological chemistry is combined with contemporary molecular methods, structural biology and proteomics to characterize the structure and biosynthesis of bioactive compounds from natural sources, to design and synthesize molecules that affect specific cellular targets, and to decipher chemical features of enzymes and biochemical pathways that are of therapeutic importance.


The research activities of the Department of Pharmacy Practice range from basic science investigation to practice and health outcomes. Faculty conduct research in the areas of health economics, pharmacoeconomics, the impact of pharmacists on health and health care costs, and drug policy in collaboration with hospitals, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, self-insured employers, community pharmacies and clinical researchers. Novel statistical methods for analyzing health research information are being developed. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic clinical research activities are conducted in collaboration with researchers at Oregon Health and Science University. Infectious disease research ranges from the elucidation of mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance to use of antibiotics in special populations. Educational outcomes are an area of increasing emphasis.

The College of Pharmacy

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