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Research in the College of Forestry (COF) is conducted through the Forest Research Laboratory (FRL). Its mission is to conduct well coordinated, problem-solving research that provides knowledge for the integrated management of forest resources for multiple values and products that meet society's needs, with special attention focused on social and economic benefits. FRL research has traditionally been organized into five broad program areas:

  • Forest regeneration 
  • Forest ecology, culture, and productivity 
  • Protecting forests and watersheds
  • Evaluating forest uses and practices
  • Wood processing and product performance.

Faculty and students across the college's three departments contribute to a very diverse portfolio of fundamental and applied research. Communication of results to science peers, land managers, policy makers, and the public is a high priority. COF/FRL faculty are providing leadership in addressing many of society’s challenges at scales ranging from molecules to the globe, including topics such as:


  • Determining the impacts of climate change on forests and how forests can lessen the severity of change.
  • Insuring the sustainability of forests and the ecosystem services they provide, including water, wildlife habitat, recreation, and wood.
  • Facilitating development and use of renewable “green” materials and energy. 
  • Insuring that forest operations and wood products manufacturing are environmentally and socially acceptable and economically feasible.
  • Supporting the economic and social viability of rural communities.
  • Expanding the understanding and value of forests to society, especially in urban environments.


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Image of a researcher looking at a vial in the forest.

The mission of the Forest Engineering, Resources and Management Department is to develop, communicate, and teach the science and engineering necessary for sustainable management of forest, land, and water resources to achieve economic, environmental, and social objectives. Teaching and research emphasize all aspects of active forest management, from regeneration through harvest, for multiple land use objectives, from wood production to restoration of ecological function. Research faculty in FERM comprise five major disciplinary groupings, each with a mix of basic/theoretical and applied/practical activities: water and watersheds, silviculture and disturbances, applied economics, forest engineering and operations, and mensuration and models.

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 wood panel, people. Faculty in Wood Science and Engineering are advancing science, engineering and business that help society use renewable forest biomaterials and products in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. We enable Oregonians, especially those manufacturing and using wood products, to be successful in a globally competitive environment through our teaching, research and outreach programs.

Our research programs target these objectives:

  • Expanding the wood science knowledge base, especially about the relationships between how to grow trees and resulting wood properties; and in manipulating wood properties for advanced composite materials or more durable materials.
  • Improving product manufacturing efficiency and adding value to forest-based products, through improved drying efficiency, minimizing environmental impacts of production, developing new products and marketing strategies.
  • Developing fundamental knowledge of adhesion and performance of renewable materials, developing new innovative processes and advanced engineered wood composite materials.
  • Extending the service life of wood-based products through innovative chemical preservation or management techniques, assessing environmental performance of treated materials, and better understanding of the fungal deterioration process.
  • Increasing efficiency in using wood-based materials for engineering applications, especially those subject to earthquake and other hazard loadings.


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Image of a researcher pointing across a river.FES brings together biological and social scientists to understand forest ecosystems, social systems, and the interactions between them. Faculty are conducting basic and applied research in a wide variety of disciplines, including restoration ecology, forest social science, genetics and tree improvement, tree physiology, climate change and carbon dynamics, natural resource economics and policy, wilderness and recreation resource management, silviculture, wildlife biology, and nature-based tourism. Research is focused on ensuring that the forests upon which people depend for water, recreation, wood fiber, habitat, and a healthy quality of life are available for future generations.

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