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The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University is established as Oregon's principal source of knowledge relating to agricultural and food systems, and as a major source of knowledge regarding environmental quality, natural resources, life sciences, and rural economies and communities worldwide. The College carries out its research through the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. As the largest research enterprise at OSU, the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station's research is targeted to improve Oregon's economic, social, and environmental well-being and sustainability, but its scientists also are engaged in pushing the frontiers of basic science, providing knowledge that will open doors into the future. Emphases are:

  • Research, technology development, and technology transfer that will establish and support a biobased Oregon industry that produces energy and other products
  • Research, technology development, and technology transfer to enhance the capacity of managed landscapes and their biota to optimize the production of ecosystem services, such as: carbon sequestration, wastewater treatment, bioremediation, maintenance of biodiversity, and others.
  • Basic bioscience research and application of knowledge to create enhanced foods and food products, nutrition, and health.
  • Research that will advance the understanding and effective management of water, watersheds, and other water-related resources.

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