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FAQ: How do I change my email frequency?

How do I change my email frequency in the online system?

If you are a department head/chair/director, a dean/vice provost/vice president, or serve in some other reviewer role, you can change how frequently you receive automated notifications.

Once logged into the system (see How do I login?), select “My Profile.” The last option is “email frequency” and options are available for sending a message every time your action is required (“every message”) or a compiled list of your actions every day (“daily”), every week (“weekly”) or every other week (“semi-weekly”).   You will only receive email messages if a new action has occurred within the time period you specify (e.g., if you set your frequency to “daily” but no new actions are required on a particular day, you won’t receive an email).

The frequency of some automated notifications cannot be altered.  Every two weeks you will receive a reminder if you have any declarations in your queue for review.  And every 30 days you will receive a notification if any of your faculty have expired forms.


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