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... To do so, students will go to MyOSU→Update Personal Profile→OSU Directory
Preferences→Select items to display→Submit changes ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/ferpa-dosl.pdf - 20k
Parent School Letter Request
... To be completed by an OSU Academic Advisor: ... Course Number and
Title at Secondary School OSU Course Equivalent ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/parent-school-letter-request-form.pdf - 7k
Notices to Students | Office of the Registrar | Oregon State ...
... class within the past three terms (including the current term), we send a
notification to the student asking if he or she is still an active student at OSU. ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/notices-students - 141k
Request for Reinstatement
... Name: OSU ID #: Last First Middle Initial ... b) Please note: certain OSU
colleges and/or majors have minimum GPA requirements. ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/request-for-reinstatement.pdf - 11k
Permission to Release Education Records
... registrar Permission to Release Education Records Name:
OSU ID #: Last First Middle Date: _____ ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/permission-to-release-student-education-records.pdf - 6k
Enrollment Verification Methods
... Current enrollment” to obtain verification of the current terms enrollment or
choose “All” to obtain verification of your enrollment history at OSU. ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/verification-of-enrollment-request.pdf - 13k
Office of the Registrar Projects | Office of the Registrar ...
... All of OSU. ... By completing the form, students grant OSU permission to contact
the person they provide as an emergency contact. ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/projects-registrars-office - 127k
Change of Undergraduate Academic Program
... Major/Minor/Option codes are at the bottom of each program page in the OSU
General Catalog: http://catalog.oregonstate.edu/Default.aspx ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/undergraduate-change-of-academic-program.pdf - 16k
Diploma Mailing Request/Duplicate Diploma Order
... Name: OSU ID #: Last First Middle ... Mail request form and check or money order
(made payable to OSU) to the OSU Registrar's Office. ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/sites/default/files/forms/diploma-mailing-request-duplicate-diploma-order.pdf - 8k
Child Attending School | Office of the Registrar | Oregon State ...
... Students who are attending OSU and who are receiving child support payments
from a parent or guardian may be required to provide proof of ...
http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/child-attending-school - 124k
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