Reserved Seating for CRNs

Seats in a class can be reserved for students in particular majors. The remaining seats may be reserved for students regardless of major.

Reserved seats must be entered in Banner before enrollment opens. Reserved Seating cannot be deleted once enrollment in the section has occurred.

Reserved Seating Example:

5 seats reserved for physics majors
10 seats open to non-physics majors
Maximum capacity of this class = 15

When the 5 reserved seats are full, any other physics major attempting to register for this class will receive a "Closed Reserve" error message. To get a 6th physics major into the class, the department can give that student a CAP (Capacity) override. Giving a physics major an override into the class does not lower the number of un-reserved seats, but instead will increase the total number of students in the class to 16.

When the 10 open seats are full, any other non-physics major attempting to register for this class will receive a "Closed Reserve" error message. The department may choose to give that student a CAP (Capacity) override, in which case the total number of seats in the class will increase by one.

How to indicate Reserved Seats on the SSR1000 report

In the SEAT column, write the major code/number of seats to be reserved for that major.


Writing "307/10," will reserve 10 seats for Computer Science (307) majors.

Optional: Wait Listing

If you want wait listing, a value should be determined for each reserved major.


Physics—Wait list 3
Computer Science—Wait list 2
Mechanical Engineering—Wait list 0
Total Wait List = 5

How to override Reserved Seats

To allow a student to register beyond the specified number of seats, use SFASRPO. The override code is CAP.

Reserved seats will be indicated in the Schedule of Classes.