Priority Registration

What is priority registration?

The priority registration schedule assigns students dates and times for registering according to their student status and credits earned. The registration schedule is separated into two phases. During the first phase undergraduate students are only eligible to enroll in a maximum of 16 credits and waitlisting is not available. You may enroll from your eligibility date until the end of Phase I. At the close of Phase I registration is closed for a business day while the system is enabled for Phase II. During Phase II of registration you may waitlist courses that have waitlisting available and the maximum credits for undergraduates is raised to 19.

The priority registration schedule

The schedule displayed here represents a range of dates and times during which students meeting the stated criteria will be eligible to register. For detailed information about your registration dates and times, log into MyOSU, click on the Student tab, and under Registration Tools select "View Priority Registration Status.” Here you will see the specific dates and times assigned to you for Phase I and Phase II of registration. Your registration status and times will be available approximately one week before registration begins.

Phase 1 & II Priority Registration Calendars by Term in Online Catalog