OSU Honor Roll By Term

Names of students who have made the Scholastic Honor Roll Winter term 2015 have been announced by Oregon State University. To be on the Honor Roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

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Winter Term 2015 Honor Roll by Oregon County


Baker City

        Straight-A Average: Ryan K. Cashen, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Samantha Searles, Sophomore, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Laura E. Borgen, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Trenton K. Howard, Senior, Psychology; Chelsea K. McVay, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Jessilyn K. Sayers, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Connor L. Yates, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.


        3.5 or Better: Tanner H. Seal, Junior, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Rachael J. Belcher, Senior, History; Violet Cathcart, Junior, Psychology; Jade D. Sigman, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; John T. Simonson, Junior, History; Cody R. Valencia, Junior, Forest Engineering; Kimberly D. Van Horn, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Alyssa L. Becker, Junior, Microbiology; James P. Blake, Senior, Economics; James A. Blount, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Jackson H. Brenner-Smith, Junior, Philosophy; Madelaine M. Corbin, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Merlin C. Ebert, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Story E. Edison, Junior, Sociology; Tanner T. Fiez, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Devon A. Goode, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Nicholas H. Gremmels, Sophomore, Sociology; Hannah M. Keim, Junior, Pre-Communication; Ryan A. Khalife, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Shanna M. Killeen, Senior, English; Joseph Y. Kim, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Bria Knight, Junior, Psychology; Chad M. Lahr, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Spencer A. Lazaroff, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lisa Lin, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Hannah C. Lorenzen, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kathryn J. Louderback, Junior, Music; Meghan E. Mc Donnell, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Mida C. Mc Kenrick, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Claire M. McMorris, Junior, Political Science; Nancy E. Mildren, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Annie M. Mitev, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Gregory A. Nicol, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Nate C. Pederson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Ann N. Santich, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Cade A. Schmid, Senior, Animal Sciences; Lily M. Shellhammer, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Angela K. Stapleton, Senior, Public Health; Leon Su, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Tasman D. Thenell, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Tanna J. Wilson, Junior, French.

        3.5 or Better: Khanda K. Abdullah, Senior, Pre-Business; Alaina Adams, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Zoha N. Ahmad, Sophomore, Nutrition; Won Mo Ahn, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Emily P. Amort, Senior, Management; Savinda Aponso, Junior, Chemistry; Benjamin A. Appleby, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Brooke L. Arbogast, Senior, Merchandising Management; Benjamin W. Arvey, Junior, Computer Science; Thomas B. Bain, Senior, Renewable Materials; Bobby C. Bangs, Senior, Anthropology; Katherine J. Banowetz, Senior, Physics; Amanda D. Bazurto, Senior, Accountancy; Hayden D. Bialek, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Adrian L. Bloomer, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Angela R. Bowlby, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Elise M. Bowlby, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Benjamin R. Brook, Junior, Computer Science; Molly R. Buermeyer, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Amanda L. Burnett, Freshman, Recreation Resource Management; Steven J. Cespedes, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Hwangsin Cho, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Ching-ting Chong, Senior, Management; Katie A. Clennan, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Chase Q. Cochran, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Natawsha G. Compton, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; John D. Conner, Senior, Apparel Design; Brett C. Cowden, Sophomore, General Science; Dawn S. Davis, Senior, Music; Lisa A. Dempster, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Andrew Donaldson, Junior, Horticulture; Thomas H. Doverspike, Freshman, Biology; Kristin N. Drahn, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Taona Elchibegashvili, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Rebecca Engelbrecht, Junior, Sociology; Robert J. England, Senior, Business Information Systems; Jake D. Entrikin, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Megan L. Evans, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Sierra A. Ferber, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Trevor Fiez, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Tomena M. Flatt, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Eaton C. Fong, Sophomore, Chemistry; Brenden C. Fraser-Hevlin, Senior, Bioengineering; Madeline V. Frisk, Sophomore, Merchandising Management; John S. Froelich, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Drummond R. Fudge, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sarah J. Gibbons, Senior, Accountancy; Natalie M. Gonzales, Freshman, Food Science and Technology; Madison K. Gravley, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Christina D. Hahn, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Amber F. Halverson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Joshua J. Hay, Senior, Bioresource Research; Gwendolyn A. Hill, Junior, English; Danielle R. Hite, Senior, General Science; Phillip A. Hommes, Freshman, Music; Cassandra D. Hood, Freshman, Biology; Monica R. Huster, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Anthony B. Jimenez, Senior, Sociology; Jayanthi J. Joseph, Senior, Biology; Sydney E. Juell, Senior, Graphic Design; Eric R. Kamke, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Noah M. Kanzig, Freshman, Pre-Forestry; Neda J. Kazerouni, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Austin C. Kearns, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Breeze Kelley, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Ryan Kim, Senior, General Science; Kelli E. King, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Spencer H. Kisler, Senior, Microbiology; Ariel L. Kizer, Junior, Pre-Communication; Christopher J. Koenig, Junior, Finance; Joshua P. Krivoshein, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicole H. Krzykawska, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management; Andrew D. Laffie, Senior, Psychology; Kin-Ho Lam, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Constance M. Langevin, Senior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Travis O. Larson, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Christina M. Law, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Shannon M. Leigh, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Suyang Liu, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Danika F. Locey, Sophomore, Music; Abrianna M. Lochner, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Timothy A. Lykins, Senior, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Cassie N. Lyon, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Tymothy K. Mangan, Sophomore, Physics; Mary K. Marshall, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Charis E. Martin, Senior, Liberal Studies; Graham Marvin, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Hannah K. Marvin, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Joshua R. McCallum, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Michael M. Mc Dougal, Senior, Psychology; Julian K. Mc Fadden, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Elijah McGowen, Junior, Pre-Finance; Andrew A. Molitor, Senior, Microbiology; Hamza Moulvi, Junior, Psychology; Jessica A. Neilson, Freshman, Applied Visual Arts; Mitchell R. Nelson, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Tingyoung Ou, Sophomore, Nutrition; Sally A. Pape, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Caroline B. Pelley, Senior, Nutrition; Joseph B. Pelley, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Leilani A. Penner, Senior, Bioengineering; Erin A. Peters, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Donald F. Phillips, Sophomore, Psychology; Jeffrey J. Pierce, Junior, Sociology; Alexander T. Pinard, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Megan M. Pinard, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Izza A. Porter Cepeda, Junior, Psychology; Tristan Price, Senior, Liberal Studies; Nathan D. Raleigh, Junior, Chemistry; Joshua M. Rankin, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Dwight C. Ransom, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Seth A. Rosenberg, Sophomore, German; Jacob K. Rueben, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Joshua T. Ryman, Senior, Microbiology; Ashraf S. Samhan, Sophomore, Chemistry; Sara D. Santee, Junior, Psychology; Ian E. Sargent, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Bergen K. Sather, Sophomore, Biology; Jazmin D. Schneider, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Amanda Schupp, Senior, Nutrition; Isaac D. Shepard, Senior, Biology; Sukhpreet Singh, Senior, Accountancy; Sara E. Smee, Senior, Merchandising Management; Lyshuand R. Smith, Junior, Biology; Shanna Smothers, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kyle R. Storm, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Kyle H. Sumida, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kevin Sung, Freshman, Psychology; Julian T. Svec, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Hannah A. Tacke, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Kevin I. Takamori, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Bradly R. Taylor, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Marisa L. Thierheimer, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kristin L. Thompson, Sophomore, Political Science; Katelynn M. Thrall, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering;  Christina K. Tisdell, Senior, Horticulture; Hillary J. Utt, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Elizabeth Vanderzanden, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Miles G. Van de Wetering, Senior, Computer Science; Finn W. Van Order, Junior, Public Health; Katrina L. Vehrs, Junior, Psychology; Keisha A. Villanueva, Senior, Civil Engineering; Leif R. Vong, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Sean A. Watson, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Cicely Weeden, Senior, Biology; Jiachang Weng, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Rachel M. White, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Lauren E. Wickwire, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Michael H. Woffendin, Senior, Computer Science; Bree Wyatt, Senior, Liberal Studies; Elizabeth M. Yamada, Senior, Accountancy; Amanda L. Young, Senior, Public Health; Hanna Zarnegin, Junior, Public Health; Jennifer R. Zipp, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.


        Straight-A Average: Peter D. Salerno III, Senior, English.

        3.5 or Better: Adrienne M. Allardt-Wong, Senior, Interior Design; Sarah A. Borycki, Junior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Dylan L. Larkin, Senior, Crop and Soil Science.


        Straight-A Average: Rika T. Bierek, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Douglas M. Cantrell, Junior, Computer Science; Holden R. Goetzinger, Senior, Animal Sciences; Jeremy M. Goodrich, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Samuel P. Grimm, Junior, Physics; Abbey K. Martin, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Sierra D. Payne, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Anna R. Petersen, Freshman, Natural Resources; Angela P. Purviance, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Marshal D. Stymer, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences;  Haley M. Thomas, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Benjamin J. Walsh, Senior, Microbiology.

        3.5 or Better: Paul M. Atkinson, Senior, Computer Science; Brian R. Blythe, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Chase D. Celorie, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Casey E. Cruse, Sophomore, Biology; Currin D. Cruse, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Devin Z. Daeschel, Freshman, Biology; Benjamin M. Dodge, Freshman, Pre-Finance; Nevan T. Doyle, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Tessa H. Gourley, Junior, Animal Sciences; Philip S. Harman, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Bradley K. Hendrix, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Althea M. Hinds Cook, Freshman, Chemistry; Lillie G. Hoffman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Karli R. Hull, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Kacy M. Kesecker, Senior, Psychology; David R. King, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Shalah R. Leckie, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Abigail Losli, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Alyssa L. Mahr, Senior, Sociology; Alexandria M. Miller, Sophomore, Anthropology; Ross C. Priewe, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Matthew I. Schneider, Senior, Graphic Design; Darian T. Seim, Junior, Microbiology; Bryson J. Skaar, Senior, Music; Jacob L. Stark, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Tatiana A. Thompson, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Wade K. Townley, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Cameron J. Vance, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Andrea L. Whiteman, Senior, English; Gillian E. Younger, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Colin A. Frogner, Senior, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Shawn C. Williams, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Sergiu A. Coporan, Junior, Chemistry; Jacob A. Dilla, Junior, Psychology; Tyler D. Mc Crea, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Elizabeth A. Rios, Senior, Civil Engineering; Taylor L. Shields, Senior, Mathematics.



        Straight-A Average: Moriah M. Shay, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Claudine J. Bermudez, Sophomore, Physics; Alyssa R. Gascho, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Lauren M. Morgan, Junior, English.

        3.5 or Better: Jacob K. Bassen, Senior, Psychology; Sierra E. Boyce, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Riley S. Crucchiola, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Maxwell P. Gilbert, Senior, Business Information Systems; Jenna C. Gilmour, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Cameron E. Huffman, Freshman, Sociology; Joshua E. Kraemer, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme; Taylor A. Lee, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Katelyn M. Meisenheimer, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Katherine J. Nichols, Senior, Forest Engineering; Heidi F. Oldenkamp, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering; Kristen A. Peterson, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Samuel J. Petshow, Senior, Biology; Nicole A. Ricksgers, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew S. Romaine, Senior, Biology; Brandon S. Romaine, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Jake C. Schellman, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kelly E. Siewell, Sophomore, Sociology; Amanda J. Smets, Junior, Business Administration; Amy J. Smets, Sophomore, Psychology; Shelby L. Stewart, Senior, Biology; Mikael J. Stuart, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Larissa P. Zens, Senior, Accountancy.



        Straight-A Average: Chen Cheng, Freshman, Biology; Amanda T. Duong, Sophomore, Chemistry; Christie N. Le, Sophomore, Biology; Anne Y. Lei, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Tuna Sogut, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Austin D. Baker, Junior, Recreation Resource Management; Jasmine N. Casimir, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Dang M. Duong, Sophomore, Microbiology; Corey L. Erickson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Jordyn A. Foster, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Emilee K. Huey, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Erica Ko, Junior, Public Health; Peter T. Le, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Ronald D. Le, Junior, General Science; Phung K. Mach, Junior, Apparel Design; Aelin Mayer, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Joshua T. Moultrie, Senior, Business Administration; Vickie Penghsiung, Senior, Microbiology; Haleigh M. Rabe, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Elisabeth A. Ressler, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Alex T. Ton, Junior, Biology; Caitlon Q. Vu, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; William Wu, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Wiley Zhao, Senior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Steven D. Silvers, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Callie D. Simmons, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Rebecca D. Davisson, Senior, English; Erika M. Grumbling, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kyle A. Helm, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Malia C. Meyer, Sophomore, General Science.

        3.5 or Better: McKenzie E. Bateman, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Veronica D. Ehrlich, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Aaron J. Granato, Sophomore, Psychology; Jasmin J. Kennard, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Haixin Lu, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Shumin Lu, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Alexander W. Markgraff, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Lindsay E. Paugh, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Kyli A. Van Winkle, Junior, Pre-Communication.


Eagle Creek

        3.5 or Better: Angela N. Krueger, Junior, Animal Sciences; Alyson R. Pemberton, Senior, Animal Sciences; Brooklyn M. Scholz, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Morgan L. Tholl, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Rachel S. Tholl, Senior, French.



        3.5 or Better: Bryce Babikoff, Freshman, Psychology; Travis J. Babikoff, Senior, Environmental Engineering; David C. Gardelius, Senior, Natural Resources; Mackenzie O. Gipple, Sophomore, Biology; Destiny D. Sedwick, Junior, Sociology.



        3.5 or Better: Madison A. Cronin, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Regan M. Cronin, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Elizabeth M. Duong, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Ryan L. Jarmer, Senior, Business Information Systems; Amanda K. Kelner, Junior, English; Haleigh N. Murrell, Senior, Management; Jacinta L. Ryan, Junior, Natural Resources.


Happy Valley

        Straight-A Average: Bryce A. Bothwell, Freshman, Biology; Nathanial M. Brahmstadt, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Evan P. Hoffart, Senior, Microbiology; Geoffrey T. Houf, Junior, Biology; Melanie A. Hutchings, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science;  Rachel H. Kim, Freshman, Biology; Christopher J. Lee, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Alexa M. Lute, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Elijah J. Mccarty, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Bradley J. Pfeifer, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry; Mary C. Prater, Freshman, Nutrition; Christina M. Smith, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Anna R. Swope, Senior, Business Administration.

        3.5 or Better: Cameron S. Bowie, Senior, Computer Science; Nicholas A. Braman, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Monique M. Cadieux, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Stephanie K. Chan, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Irena Chang, Senior, Microbiology; Sydnie J. Chen, Sophomore, Microbiology; Lee M. Cheung, Junior, Nutrition; Jei Choi, Sophomore, Microbiology; Megan K. Choi, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Justin K. Chow, Junior, Microbiology; Anna L. Co, Freshman, Microbiology; Thao P. Co, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ashley D. Dahl, Senior, German; Hai Dao, Sophomore, General Science; Madeline R. DeBoer, Junior, Animal Sciences; Greg T. Frediani, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Tristan B. Gomez, Junior, Horticulture; Megan C. Goody, Junior, Management; Sakura Hamada, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Daniel Hong, Senior, Business Information Systems; Sabreena E. Krause, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Austin Lee, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Hiu W. Leung, Junior, Interior Design; Lucas C. Llewellyn, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Shane R. Mc Kinnon, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Alyssa K. Mc Manus, Junior, Accountancy; Stephanie D. Miller, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Janice J. Nam, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dang A. Nguyen, Senior, Chemistry; Katrina J. Nussbaum, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Amanda K. Olds, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy; Ethan A. Palioca, Senior, Microbiology; Logan H. Pedersen, Junior, Psychology; Megan M. Pedersen, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Philip Prater, Senior, Chemistry; Kaitlyn B. Reiner, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexander E. Schoen, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Nathan W. Stencel, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jessica L. Strader, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Allison J. Summers, Senior, Marketing; Mikaila E. Susnjara, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Amelia R. Syck, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Haley L. Thul, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brandon Tran, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Thinh T. Tran, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Claire M. Walker, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Yan W. Yu, Sophomore, Chemistry; John L. Zeller, Senior, Computer Science.


Lake Oswego

        Straight-A Average: Yousif W. Almulla, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Mitchell F. Bernards, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Danica N. Berry, Freshman, Food Science and Technology; Daniel A. Bilaniv, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Natalie B. Coleman, Senior, Biology; Michael B. Conan, Junior, Accountancy; Katharine R. Ellis, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Samuel E. Engebose, Senior, Athletic Training; Gary C. Gates, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Evan J. Gonnerman, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Stefan W. Herrenbruck, Senior, Business Information Systems; Jennifer J. Kim, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Todd Kim, Junior, Marketing; Kevin J. Le, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Keith D. Lippincott, Senior, Computer Science; Emily E. McCallum, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Henry C. Nguyen, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Lauren M. Olson, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Nadjalisse C. Reynolds-Lallem, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Alexa M. Stirek, Sophomore, Psychology; Olivia K. Vollan, Junior, Sociology; Navid R. Ziaie, Senior, Microbiology.

        3.5 or Better: Stephanie A. Bell, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Kaitlyn N. Bonner, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kevin T. Bradley, Senior, Graphic Design; Ethan E. Braun, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Nicole A. Busch, Senior, Merchandising Management;  Natalie J. Calhoon, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Jordan M. Crane, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Braxton S. Cuneo, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Richard B. Day, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Lacey A. Doby, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Mika M. Donahue, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy; MaLi Dong, Junior, Bioengineering; Annalia Doran-Volz, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Leah N. Elliott, Freshman, Biology; Mason M. Fellows, Junior, Pre-Communication; Michael S. Gallagher, Junior, Pre-Business; Blake J. Gjesdal, Freshman, Pre-Business; Nicole E. Gregoire, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Conor S. Griffin, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Rachel M. Griggs, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jonathan S. Guthrie, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Patricia J. Harris, Freshman, Speech Communication; Morgan L. Hawkes, Senior, Marketing; Wyatt J. Hayden, Senior, Bioengineering; Ryan P. Hearon, Junior, Bioengineering; Lauren P. Heinrich, Sophomore, Speech Communication; Michael G. Higgins, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Carolyn L. Hoard, Freshman, Pre-Business; Christine S. Kang, Senior, Bioengineering; Gabriel C. Kauffman, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Catrina M. Klossner, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Paul A. Lantow, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Soo Hyang Lim, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Cameron R. Loren, Freshman, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Owen C. Madin, Senior, Chemical Engineering;  Mackenzie S. Magaurn, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alexandra E. Majer, Senior, Animal Sciences; Lydia K. McClaran, Sophomore, General Science; Riley E. Mc Guire, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; John R. Mclaughlin, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Abigail M. Meier, Senior, Public Health; William B. Meier, Sophomore, Biology; Clarice M. Mottet, Senior, Mathematics; Jeffrey L. Nakashima, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; David A. Nichols, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Alexsandra G. Noakes, Freshman, Nutrition; Jonathan K. Oelrich, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Briana K. Phillips, Senior, Earth Sciences; George B. Pope, Senior, Bioresource Research; Eleni Marie I. Psihogios, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sydney B. Quinton-Cox, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Hayley E. Rausch, Junior, Nutrition; Anastasia L. Ritter, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Jordan S. Roland, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexandra E. Rumpakis, Senior, Marketing; Erika M. Sawka, Senior, Nutrition; Mark A. Schiedler, Senior, Finance; Jordan Schmidt, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Madison J. Scott, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Anna L. Seydel, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Noor Sheikh, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Omar Sheikh, Senior, Bioengineering; Emily A. Shroyer, Senior, Sociology; Sean K. Simonson, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Samantha H. Stirek, Senior, Nutrition; Sarah L. Sutton, Sophomore, Public Health; Madison R. Swackhamer, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Holly O. Swanson, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Autri Taheri, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Zachary M. Theroff, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; James D. Tollefsen, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Nicholas M. Troftgruben, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Brennen R. Tucker, Junior, Microbiology; Claire J. Valentine, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Thomas M. Viggiano, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kelsey A. Walker, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Mesa E. Walker, Sophomore, Chemistry; Matthew A. Weiss, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Andrea L. Wells, Junior, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Jeremy E. Banka, Junior, Pre-Graphic Design; Casey R. Ford, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering; Emily A. Moran, Senior, English; Paula-Ann I. O'Connor, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Matthew L. Olson, Senior, Computer Science; Austin R. Snyder, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Logan J. Anspach, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Lauren A. Barry, Senior, Public Health; Carl H. Benson, Sophomore, Biology; Audrey L. Dedlow, Senior, English; Nicholas T. Edwards, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Carly M. Fleming, Freshman, Political Science; Annabella M. Geist, Freshman, Zoology; Adam J. Gigstad, Senior, Computer Science; Aleah D. Hesse, Sophomore, Biology; Taylor R. Huber, Junior, Pre-Business; Mary L. Johnson, Senior, Liberal Studies; Gavin Jones, Junior, Bioresource Research; Sean D. McKinnon, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ana J. Medero, Junior, Public Health; Evan R. Mills, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Jack W. Mitchell, Junior, Civil Engineering; Emma S. Moody, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Shane M. Olson, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Lindsey D. Rhodes, Senior, Nutrition; Zane D. Robinette, Junior, Political Science; Laura L. Spisla, Sophomore, Music; Adelia F. Stewart, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Saxon W. Thune, Freshman, Mathematics; Brielle M. Tippman, Senior, Zoology; Kenzie I. Williams, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Shae G. Williams, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Leslie A. Wolff, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Christopher M. Duty, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Haley A. Huntington, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Austin J. Landreville, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Annemarie B. Lewandowski, Junior, Management; Molly M. Mangual, Senior, Animal Sciences; Molly M. Pitman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jenny L. Powell, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Amanda M. Rieskamp, Sophomore, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: David B. Madison, Senior, Biology; Kaylee E. Nicholas-Holman, Junior, Liberal Studies; Michael F. Parker, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.


Oak Grove

        3.5 or Better: Robin P. Wortman, Senior, Forestry.


Oregon City

        Straight-A Average: Jessica A. Bramlett, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Leigh D. Darling, Senior, Animal Sciences; Elizabeth F. Gardner, Senior, Psychology; Jordan L. Haddad, Junior, Anthropology; Jacoby Jaeger, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Kathleen R. Kohler, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Reya L. Prouty, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Katherine A. Rudie, Senior, Zoology.

        3.5 or Better: Gabriel L. Asch, Senior, Civil Engineering; Laura E. Bennett, Senior, Horticulture; Paul D. Burris, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Alex N. Cameron, Junior, Biology; Ryan C. Cavanagh, Freshman, Pre-Business; Jared L. Cayton, Senior, Physics; Ryan D. Charbonneau, Junior, Pre-Business; Kylee O. Cook, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Mikaylee N. Dato, Freshman, Psychology; Dan K. Dochylo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jose R. Flores Tafoya, Senior, Management; Parker S. Folliard, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Amanda M. Fox, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brittany N. Haak, Senior, Animal Sciences; Alexander R. Hale, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Nathan D. Hennig, Senior, Computer Science; Desiree A. Kaye, Senior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Mikayla L. Knight, Senior, Psychology; Spencer S. Martin, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Stephanie A. Merrick, Junior, Economics; Jasmine M. Morris, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Genevieve Murstig, Junior, Nutrition; Alyssa N. Nuss, Senior, Mathematics; Seth A. O'Neill, Sophomore, Political Science; Hannah K. Phillips, Senior, Civil Engineering; Brienna J. Postles, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dustin J. Price, Sophomore, Political Science; Tyler L. Richardson, Junior, Business Information Systems; Rachael F. Ryner, Junior, Microbiology; Brietta L. Scholz, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Caitlin N. Smith, Senior, Management; Natalie A. Smith, Junior, Mathematics; Michelle M. Snader, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Isaac C. Steffen, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Ryan D. Steinkamp, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Danielle M. Stevens, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Sonya K. Templeton, Junior, Natural Resources; Beatriz A. Vaca, Senior, Biology; Haley N. Yohn, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Jeremy J. Rath, Senior, Physics.



        Straight-A Average: James E. Frasier, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alicia M. Sanders, Senior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Collin P. Bates, Junior, Earth Sciences; Christopher M. Cohen, Senior, Zoology; Claire L. Cushing, Junior, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Dalton W. Hamburg, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Miranda L. Thompson, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Natasha M. Barauskas, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Samuel J. Herrle, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


West Linn

        Straight-A Average: Daniel A. Blanc-Gonnet, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jackson W. Carter, Senior, Computer Science; Abigail S. Chadwick, Junior, Animal Sciences; Haley K. Epperly, Senior, Bioresource Research; Shelby N. Fahey, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sarah M. Greenberg, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lacey A. Gunther, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Trevor M. Harris, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mackenzie L. Hill, Junior, Public Health; Jessica D. Hodgen, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Andrew R. Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Michael S. Katancik, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alex M. Lair, Junior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Jack R. Lammers, Senior, English; Kaitlin R. Nordstrom, Senior, Merchandising Management; William J. Sato, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Mitchell C. Tingey, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Lorraine K. Waianuhea, Junior, Biology; Kenneth A. Whitbey, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Ann C. Bernert, Senior, Bioresource Research; Benjamin M. Bodily, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Joseph A. Buccafurni, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Sarani Chatterjee, Senior, Bioengineering; Chloe K. Christensen, Junior, Finance; Connor I. Christensen, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Natalie P. Combs, Sophomore, Biology; Samuel A. Cook, Sophomore, Biology; Paige M. Crozier, Freshman, Pre-Business; Trevor J. Eisele, Junior, Political Science; Kyle H. Ferris, Freshman, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Dylan J. Gaunt, Junior, Renewable Materials; Joshua R. Gertlar, Senior, Renewable Materials; John Goetze, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kyle R. Harris, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Alyssa M. Heath, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Devin G. Hero, Junior, Computer Science; Lauren A. Hirsch, Junior, Psychology; John B. Holt, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Andrea E. Horn, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Danica M. Jungerman, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Lubna Khan, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Matthew T. Kim, Junior, Biology; Katherine E. Konen, Senior, Management; Krysta J. Krippaehne, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Raquel M. Kusters, Senior, Finance; Amanda M. Lachner, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Zachary L. Levin, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Ryan K. Lonsway, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management; Jonathan H. Macemon, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; William G. Maurer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Pope E. McHenry, Sophomore, Music; Riley Q. Mc Leod, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Nicholas S. Miller, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Dylan T. Monaco, Senior, Radiation Health Physics; Amanda T. Nelson, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management; Blake A. Nelson, Freshman, Psychology; Jenna R. Nilsen, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Taylor A. Nopson, Junior, Sociology; Tai Q. Odaniell, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Caitlin M. O'Neil, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Tabitha M. Pitzer, Freshman, Political Science; Sarah M. Pollmann, Junior, Animal Sciences; Emily A. Reed, Sophomore, Psychology; Malia J. Rettig, Freshman, Environmental Sciences; Vanessa R. Sawyer, Senior, Sociology; Marissa K. Solini, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Benjamin N. Spearing, Senior, Biology; Tyler K. Steele, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Eric W. Struben, Senior, Civil Engineering; Michael K. Sullivan, Freshman, Earth Sciences; Sydney C. Sullivan, Freshman, Pre-Business; Mackenzie R. Swanson, Senior, Philosophy; Julia C. VanWinkle, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Luke C. Verbiest, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Blaine A. Vrvilo, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Kaitlyn N. Wells, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Seth A. Weston, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Wen Ting Yang, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Joel D. Bowen, Senior, Mathematics; Katelyn M. Conway, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Brian C. Morgan, Senior, Psychology; Kaitlynn J. Myers, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Braden R. Vogt, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Jenna L. Wiegand, Senior, Finance.

        3.5 or Better: Tanner J. Antonson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Madison E. Bean, Junior, General Science; Kevin M. Blohn, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Branden D. Fitzke, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Nicole C. Gearhart, Senior, Bioengineering; Luis A. Gonzalez, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Anne C. Hardman, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Brandan H. Hopper, Junior, Accountancy; Olivia E. Kramer, Junior, Microbiology; Dylan J. Livesay, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Trevor S. Love, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Seth L. Mann, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rebecca N. Mc Bride, Junior, English; Katharine L. McBride, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Bonich F. Meister, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Angela T. Mieher, Sophomore, Public Health; Austin G. Miller, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Timothy D. O'Larey, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Heather K. Pascoe, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Enrique Perez, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Jaspar G. Perkins, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Cindy Quintanilla, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Carolina Ramirez Islas, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Blake R. Stearns, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jacob S. Uselman, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Austin A. Whitesell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kendra J. Wiegand, Sophomore, Pre-Business.





        Straight-A Average: Nicholas M. Agalzoff, Senior, Bioengineering; Emily M. Johnson, Senior, Liberal Studies; Kennedy J. Rub, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Timothy C. Beery, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jacob L. Davis, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob H. Graham, Senior, Forestry; Justin A. Litwin, Sophomore, Horticulture; Pilar L. Lopez, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Silviano P. Lopez, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Eugene A. Park, Senior, Biology; Michael A. Schumacher, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Tayler N. Tobey, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alisa M. Vernon, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.


Cannon Beach

        3.5 or Better: Stirling Gorsuch, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Aimee R. Schacher, Freshman, Chemistry; Rachel E. Sparks, Junior, Interior Design.



        Straight-A Average: Benjamin A. Bergerson, Sophomore, History.

        3.5 or Better: Michelle M. Riehl, Senior, Interior Design; Nicole A. Riehl, Sophomore, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Celina J. Kilburger, Junior, Anthropology; David D. Winkler, Junior, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Erin M. Chapman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; David P. Hoth, Junior, Natural Resources; Alanna G. Kieffer, Freshman, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Payton M. Hummell, Senior, Zoology; Kathryn R. Mc Donald, Senior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Joseph O. Huddleston, Junior, Economics; Aaron P. Jannusch, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Farreyon M. Sabahi, Junior, Psychology; Emily Y. Severson, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Randy O. Hathaway, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Katherine K. Jolma, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Emily R. Reynolds, Senior, Biology.


Columbia City

        3.5 or Better: Tyrone A. Rock II, Senior, Natural Resources.


Deer Island

        3.5 or Better: Beryl D. Terry, Freshman, Anthropology; Brian C. Willson, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.



        Straight-A Average: Madison Bjornseth, Junior, Psychology; Brandon Hill, Senior, Pre-Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Henry D. Hunt, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Cade A. Windell, Freshman, Pre-Business.


Saint Helens

        Straight-A Average: Brian D. Cox, Senior, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Dea M. Arozamena, Sophomore, Microbiology; Olivia R. Cooper, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Ashley J. Dupuis, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Madison R. Kaplan, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Brandon P. Low, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Wyatt A. Mosley, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Amber R. Nickel, Freshman, Mathematics; Kelsey M. Oliver, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Stephanie N. Steeves, Junior, Nutrition; Gabrielle E. Susee, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.



        Straight-A Average: Nicholas T. Nguyen, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Sara J. Underwood, Senior, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Ashley K. Amick, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Matthew T. Blaser, Freshman, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Brett R. Gill, Sophomore, Biology; Darren M. Heller, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Stuart P. Mc Cabe, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Sophie A. Means, Junior, Biology; Molly C. Reardon, Junior, Liberal Studies; Kailynn S. Stevens, Junior, Graphic Design.



        3.5 or Better: Kaitlyn M. Carr, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Zachary S. Wahl, Senior, Environmental Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Courtney B. Anderson, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences; Abigail C. Dahl, Senior, Marketing; Jesse C. Hanson, Junior, Physics.





        Straight-A Average: Frances J. Merriam, Sophomore, General Science.

        3.5 or Better: Angeline F. Brown, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Connor J. Jackson, Senior, Management; Hope C. Richert, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Mara C. Rutherford, Junior, Public Health; Andy J. Santos, Senior, Accountancy; Teri M. Straley, Senior, Speech Communication; Peter J. Swenson, Senior, Animal Sciences; Emily R. Wampler, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.


Coos Bay

        Straight-A Average: Diana G. Avila, Senior, Forest Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Danielle T. Alexander, Junior, Mathematics; Lindsay K. Brown, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Nicholas C. Edmunds, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Tristan A. Gates, Senior, Earth Sciences; Elissa M. Kilmer, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jasmine K. Meline, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Zachary T. Meline, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kristy L. Nelson, Senior, Management; Alexander D. Pancoast, Senior, Forest Operations Management; Paul E. Woytus, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Heston A. Altenbach, Senior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Colby M. GeDeros, Senior, Civil Engineering; Tasia C. Hyatt, Freshman, Pre-Business; Julia A. Scolari, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Amanda J. Hudy-Martin, Junior, Psychology.


Myrtle Point

        3.5 or Better: Kieri D. Smith, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.


North Bend

        Straight-A Average: Daniel S. Wood, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Anna G. Brecheisen, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Jennifer M. Coleman, Freshman, Music; Joseph M. Duell, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Levi J. Graber, Junior, Biology; Alessandra M. Hossley, Senior, Forest Engineering; James M. Kirkpatrick, Senior, Forest Engineering; Kelli A. Kronsberg, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Erik L. Mc Entire, Senior, Bioengineering; Jesse D. Weybright, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Newton B. Allred, Junior, General Science.




Powell Butte

        3.5 or Better: Dylan L. Dean, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Lisa Baertlein, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Angelia J. Newstrand, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.

        3.5 or Better: Corey R. Christensen, Senior, History; Savannah D. Connell, Freshman, Biology; Burke D. De Boer, Junior, Speech Communication; Michael R. Kreachbaum, Junior, Pre-Forestry; Kyle C. Skyberg, Senior, Biology.





        Straight-A Average: Zachary M. Konkel, Sophomore, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Trenton R. Bevan, Freshman, Nutrition; Griffin M. Cerva, Freshman, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Samantha L. Henry, Freshman, Biology; Abbey L. Jacobson, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Dylan P. Roberts, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Gold Beach

        3.5 or Better: Lyndsey F. Dixon, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Joshua J. Brady, Junior, Natural Resources; Jessica D. Miller, Senior, Management; Bennett Wahl, Freshman, Environmental Econ and Policy.



        3.5 or Better: Joseph A. Schafer, Freshman, Pre-Forestry.





        Straight-A Average: Marshall J. Allen, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Zachary T. Barry, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Sara Y. Bennett, Junior, Spanish; Sarah M. Berge, Sophomore, English; Timothy D. Blikstad, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering;  Mandy K. Bowdoin, Junior, Psychology; Makenzie M. Brian, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Joleen D. Brick, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Madeline C. Churm, Sophomore, Liberal Studies; Karin L. Collins, Senior, Biology; Allison Daley, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Brandice W. Durfee, Senior, Chemistry; Cassandra Ereman, Senior, Biology; Paul Ericson, Junior, Pre-Accountancy; Wendi K. Forsberg, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Arielle K. Frasher-Slavin, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Brittany A. Frisby, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Robert L. Henderson, Senior, Liberal Studies; Robert L. Lassell, Senior, Natural Resources; Katherine E. Low, Senior, Zoology; Samuel T. McLain, Senior, Physics; Tanya J. Nelson Chapin, Senior, Liberal Studies; Paul O'Neill, Senior, Liberal Studies; Kelly C. Regan, Senior, Natural Resources; Michaela M. Remley, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences;  Steven Schultz, Senior, Psychology; Gregory H. Stevens, Senior, Physics; Katherine L. Stevens, Sophomore, Mathematics; Andrew P. Su, Senior, History; Ryan A. Vieira, Senior, Animal Sciences; Christopher N. Vlessis, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Lexi G. Welch, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew J. Wells, Junior, Natural Resources; Shaina E. Zollman, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Serene Zwissig, Junior, Food Science and Technology.

        3.5 or Better: Audrey S. Ali, Sophomore, Political Science; Bailey P. Anderson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Peter Askew, Junior, Business Administration; Tarasina E. Audia, Junior, Business Administration; Jessica R. Baker, Sophomore, Renewable Materials; Thomas C. Bancroft, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Brandon E. Bartlett, Sophomore, Psychology; Tanner B. Bauer, Sophomore, Earth Sciences; Kyla M. Becker, Senior, Liberal Studies; Haley A. Bishoff, Senior, Nutrition; Abigail L. Black, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Bradie E. Boileau, Senior, Nutrition; Hannah R. Boorstein, Sophomore, Nutrition; Lilian R. Bornio Carrillo, Junior, Nutrition; Erin E. Bowen, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Wesley J. Brown, Senior, Bioresource Research; Rachel A. Buehner, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Taylor A. Bundy, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jamie S. Buystedt, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Ashley R. Byzewski, Senior, Public Health; Samantha K. Cant, Senior, General Science; Abegail W. Carpenter, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Emily W. Carpenter, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Jessica N. Cesar, Senior, Horticulture; Ankit Chopra, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ellis C. Clair, Sophomore, Biology; Jaime L. Clary, Senior, Liberal Studies; Molly J. Coehlo, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Zachary D. Colton, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Caitlin R. Cooke, Senior, American Studies; Shalena C. Creach, Senior, Business Administration; Andrew K. Custer, Senior, Mathematics; Jacob M. Dehaan, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jonathon A. Diefendorf, Senior, Business Administration; Gaybrielle Dunham, Senior, Natural Resources; Ansley P. Dunning, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Mckyeli A. Eastland, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Taylor A. Ellson, Senior, General Science; Luna S. Fagan, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Chelsea L. Farnsworth, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Kaitlyn A. Gallagher, Sophomore, Spanish; Heidi Gasperetti, Sophomore, Recreation Resource Management; Mark D. Halliday, Junior, Pre-Accountancy; Brad T. Halligan, Senior, Computer Science; Brenden T. Hatton, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Mary Hildebrandt, Senior, Business Administration; Theresa R. Hollerbach, Senior, Psychology; Morgan L. Hostetler, Senior, Graphic Design; Demetri P. Hovekamp, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Lucas C. Howard, Senior, Renewable Materials; Lucinda L. Howard, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Andrew W. Ince, Senior, American Studies; Sarah A. Jensen, Senior, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership; Gregory B. Jewett, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; James A. Johnson, Senior, Business Administration; Casey A. Kanalos, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Kira L. Kelly, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Zoe S. Kilmer, Junior, Bioresource Research; Benjamin J. Kramer, Junior, Athletic Training; Sierra L. Lantz, Sophomore, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Emily J. Lawrence, Junior, Microbiology; Rebecca J. Lemke, Senior, Accountancy; Michael Lopez, Junior, Mathematics; Hayden J. Martin, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jake R. McDonald, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Adam K. Merrill, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Michaela W. Merrill, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering; William E. Miller, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Megan G. Mooney, Senior, Natural Resources; Natalie K. Morris, Junior, Public Health; Riley C. Murtaugh, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Katie Nye, Senior, Zoology; Duncan R. Ocel, Sophomore, Physics; Shauna M. Olson, Senior, Business Administration; Rhys W. Owens, Senior, Zoology; Jamie L. Payne, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brian J. Pechan, Junior, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Mary L. Periman, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Cameron Y. Platner, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Colton H. Pope, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Chelsea L. Provencio, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Max R. Quinn, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alina M. Ragsdale, Junior, Mathematics; Galen J. Reid, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Taylor E. Reiner, Senior, Computer Science; Dillon B. Renton, Senior, Natural Resources; Neil N. Rosenquist, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Anna C. Roshak, Sophomore, Biology; Nicole J. Ryan, Senior, Public Health; Samuel A. Sanford, Senior, Natural Resources; Mary Schellert, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Mary H. Schoderbek, Freshman, Biology; Sean W. Schroeder, Senior, Natural Resources; Demian Scott, Junior, Business Administration; Tucker L. Shannon, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Cierra R. Shawe, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Jonathan S. Simning, Junior, Political Science; Joel M. Skotte, Junior, Animal Sciences; Sally N. Spencer, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Keegan M. Spring, Junior, History; Kirk J. Stennett, Junior, Computer Science; Alissa A. Stichler, Junior, Animal Sciences; Ryan R. Stiegler, Junior, Microbiology; Graham B. Stokes, Junior, Pre-Marketing; Melinda Sweet, Junior, Natural Resources; Jesse Tacadena, Senior, Liberal Studies; Eric R. Thompson, Junior, Business Administration; Gabriel N. Thompson, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Tanner G. Torkelson, Junior, Civil Engineering; Kendra R. Trussell, Senior, Liberal Studies; Jack R. Vanderlinden, Senior, Business Administration; Lindsey A. Westfall, Junior, Political Science; Lucas B. Williams, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Macaulay L. Wilson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nurhayati Wolfenden, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Blaine M. Wruck, Senior, Civil Engineering.


La Pine

        Straight-A Average: Shaneese P. Sicora, Sophomore, English.

        3.5 or Better: Benjamin A. Ewing, Senior, Civil Engineering; Vance Hergenrader, Freshman, Microbiology; Stephanie R. Johnson, Senior, Biology; Brandon E. Zgraggen, Senior, Forestry.



        3.5 or Better: Rachael N. Stewart, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Michael R. Carreon, Senior, Biology; Madison N. Duff, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Guy George, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ruth A. Hoffman, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Joseph H. Kensey, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Melanie D. Messenger, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Hannah J. Murphy, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Karlee R. Nordstrom, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Andrea M. Burcham, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Benjamin P. Coles, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Nicholas K. Coles, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kevin R. Corey, Senior, Biology; Emmalee G. Cron, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.; Dana M. Dunlap, Senior, Business Administration; Michelle L. Elmer, Junior, Accountancy; Sarah N. Fisher, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Darla D. Fletcher, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jamie Lee M. Hall, Senior, Psychology; Jordan M. Hamilton, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Sarah D. Hershberger, Senior, English; Samuel E. Hester, Freshman, Biology; Daniel C. Hodges, Senior, Mathematics; Jacob Hodges, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Jordyn E. Lowen, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Landon A. Moore, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Katie L. Morrison, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alexandra M. Newell, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kelsey K. Post, Junior, Business Administration; Calvin T. Rodman, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Zachary R. Simmons, Freshman, English; Brooke E. Stalter, Junior, Mathematics; Jeanelle R. Stone, Senior, Liberal Studies; Jesse M. Thurman, Senior, Economics; Lauren E. Wellman, Junior, Graphic Design; Megan R. Woychak, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        Straight-A Average: Paul E. Fullhart, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Deanna Kunkle, Senior, Nutrition; Gabriel M. Rietmann, Sophomore, Recreation Resource Management; Chloe E. Stein, Junior, Political Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jason A. Allenby, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Stephen M. Bianchi, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Sam C. Calarco, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry; Ashley A. Clary, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Devon J. Holler, Sophomore, Biology; Chase K. Kleint, Senior, Recreation Resource Management; Tiffany A. Priest, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alexis M. Van Der Velde, Senior, Animal Sciences; Isaiah T. Wieland, Junior, Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Brittany D. Bassett, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Christopher J. Harper, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Ryan N. Tyler, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        Straight-A Average: Amy R. Colagiovanni, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Josie J. Baker, Senior, Marketing; Norah A. Owings, Junior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Kaila N. Trout, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Hannah T. Whitley, Sophomore, Sociology.



        Straight-A Average: William L. Otto, Junior, Earth Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Caroline E. Brown, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Carson L. Trimble, Freshman, Natural Resources.


Idleyld Park

        3.5 or Better: Emma C. Huglen, Junior, Biology.


Myrtle Creek

        3.5 or Better: Tayte J. Church, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Camille Hewett, Senior, Anthropology; Cassidy Wertz, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Michelle M. Holcomb, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Ismael C. Osorio, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Travis S. Stevens, Senior, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Zachary J. Aalberg, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Julie K. Bartosz, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Tyler T. Chase, Junior, Nutrition; Joshua R. Cole, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Laura M. Gordon, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael F. Graham, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicole R. Hall, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Benny Kuang, Senior, Political Science; Heather M. Lambert, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Trenton G. Marlar, Senior, Political Science; Shannon D. Morhain, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Kelsey R. Nordlund, Senior, Public Health; Alannah L. Oleson, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Erik J. Passow, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Haley C. Van Volkenburg, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Caelan J. Ball, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Emerald L. Berry-Cabiao, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy; Ian T. Black, Senior, Earth Sciences; Rachel C. Causey, Senior, Public Health; Wiley A. Clough, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Lindsey L. Cook, Senior, Music; Taylor E. Cuilty, Senior, Computer Science; Joshua J. Davis, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Travis C. Dever, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sara F. Engle, Sophomore, Music; Courtney P. Fitzgerald, Freshman, Pre-Business; Cailey B. Frasier, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Tristen R. Gilbert, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Hayley E. Girod, Junior, Renewable Materials; Karyssa R. Gomez, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lars D. Gunderson, Junior, Mathematics; Alyssa E. Gurney, Senior, English; James M. Gurney, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Alydia K. Hollman, Junior, Biology; Nathan E. Lipshutz, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mark C. Lotspeich, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Jacob M. Lum, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Alexandra J. Malone, Sophomore, Chemistry; Emily G. Miller, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Haley C. Mills, Junior, Athletic Training; Tiffany M. Netz, Senior, Forest Engineering; Simon D. Podwika, Senior, Forest Management; Stephanie L. Rich, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Hannah M. Russo, Junior, Biology; Skyler A. Schroeder, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Emily A. Swanson, Sophomore, Biology; Maria M. Tran, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Lexa A. Van Volkenburg, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Kelcie E. Whiting, Senior, Merchandising Management; Brittney R. Woods, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Alison N. Black, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kylee L. Carson, Sophomore, Nutrition; Andrew D. Fuhriman, Junior, Management; Christina M. Moody, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        3.5 or Better: Geoffrey M. Somnitz, Senior, History.



        3.5 or Better: Ryan C. Wilson, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Elise N. Ewens, Sophomore, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Rhett T. Iverson, Sophomore, General Science; Kristin C. Potter, Junior, Chemistry.



        3.5 or Better: Matthew Gulan, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Ana M. Madrigal, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Mathew K. Wilson, Sophomore, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Katlynn D. Frasieur, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.





        3.5 or Better: Melinda R. Evans, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Benjamin J. Rietmann, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.




Canyon City

        3.5 or Better: Sabrina A. Buckhaults, Junior, Animal Sciences.





        Straight-A Average: Benjamin W. Titus, Junior, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Matthew S. Fast, Senior, Biology; Rebecca A. Gibbon, Senior, Biology; Peter D. Neuschwander, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Philip J. Kness, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.




Cascade Locks

        Straight-A Average: Crystal R. Denney, Senior, Microbiology.


Hood River

        Straight-A Average: Francisco U. Bolanos, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Aleah A. DeHart, Senior, Nutrition; Jonathan D. Goatcher, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicky Jimenez, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Keirnan M. Buddendeck, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Cody L. Cataldo-Gillman, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob W. Fischer, Freshman, Horticulture; Courtney A. Fix, Senior, Earth Science; Trenton C. Gallagher, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Nicholas S. Hunter, Junior, Pre-Business; Madison A. Jackson, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Isamar M. Jimenez, Junior, Public Health; Jordan J. Mallon, Senior, Public Health; Monica G. Marquez, Junior, General Science; Frida C. Mata-Marquez, Freshman, Biology; Conner O. Moon, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Aubree L. Olmstead, Senior, Public Health; Alondra Padilla, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Sarah A. Scarborough, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Justin L. Tolentino, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Edgar C. Villegas, Freshman, Pre-Business.


Mount Hood Parkdale

        Straight-A Average: Michael T. Colesar, Senior, Bioengineering; Madeline E. Perry, Senior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Jeremy J. Fischer, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Rodney N. Fischer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Andros R. Pereira, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Alyssa M. Saito, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Mark A. Troxel, Senior, Natural Resources.





        3.5 or Better: Alison K. Smith, Sophomore, Political Science; Cedar A. Wilkening, Sophomore, Athletic Training.



        Straight-A Average: Emily K. Bestor, Senior, Pre-Business; Jackson A. Santee, Junior, Economics.

        3.5 or Better: Ryan N. Allen, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Sara M. Dunagan, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Michael M. Eriksen, Senior, Psychology; Ellis Hammond-Pereira, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Shea K. Henthorn, Junior, Rangeland Sciences; Laura C. Klaus, Senior, Chemistry; Ian M. McQuoid, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Julia M. Wilson, Freshman, Food Science and Technology; Madeline A. Wilson, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


Butte Falls

        3.5 or Better: Alicia L. Magedman, Junior, Natural Resources.


Central Point

        Straight-A Average: Christopher B. Baumer, Senior, Liberal Studies; Misty C. Buckman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily M. Ironside, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Samuel A. Schimke, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Justin C. Casebier, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Tanner D. Christensen, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Levi J. Clark, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Mason P. Drake, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Samantha R. Etchison, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Whitney D. Grether, Senior, Merchandising Management; Benjamin T. Kosmatka, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Samuel M. Lewis, Junior, Animal Sciences; John P. Martinez, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Dalyn M. McCauley, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sara A. Mooers, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Gabrielle N. Redhead, Freshman, Agricultural Business Manageme; Carl A. Sanders, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management; Carissa D. Sweet, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Bianne M. Tyerman, Senior, Psychology;  Courteney N. Vogt, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brandon T. Wood, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Daniel P. Wood, Senior, Biology.


Eagle Point

        3.5 or Better: Amanda A. Kady, Junior, Public Health; Fiona K. Nevin, Freshman, Pre-Communication; Joseph G. Pappas, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Wakisha S. Poppe, Freshman, Psychology; Zoe E. Templeton, Senior, Graphic Design.


Gold Hill

        Straight-A Average: Jocelyn F. Hogan, Junior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Marielle L. Durand, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Daniel S. Barnes, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Benjamin A. Cady, Freshman, Nutrition; Ian M. Cady, Senior, History; Jacquelyn A. Mc Varish, Junior, English; Madison M. Messmer, Senior, Microbiology; Eric R. Winkler, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Chanaye D. Ballard, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Olivia J. Fidler, Senior, Nutrition; Cody P. Holliday, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Karina Martinez, Junior, Psychology; Bradley D. Olson, Junior, Nutrition.

        3.5 or Better: Emmanuel A. Alegria, Freshman, Biology; Devon B. Armstrong, Senior, Environmental Science; Kelly A. Bales, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kenya M. Berard, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jodi L. Bray, Senior, Psychology.

        Mitchel A. Button, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Laura M. Buxton, Senior, Psychology; Trevor R. Byrd, Junior, Political Science; Dillon A. Campbell, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Travis R. Campbell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kaitlyn J. Carter, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Rebecca M. Christie, Senior, Nutrition; Lauren K. Donovan, Sophomore, Microbiology; Gabrielle N. Fecteau, Senior, Graphic Design; Tyler D. Forehand, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alyssa N. Froman, Junior, History; Elizabeth F. Hamilton, Sophomore, Biology; Lilia G. Harrie, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Michael A. Jones, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Jacqueline K. Keating, Junior, English; Jennifer L. Kelley, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Austin G. Kleinberg, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Janelle C. Legacion, Junior, Public Health; Jacob J. Mandich, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Jamie C. Martin, Senior, Accountancy; Claire E. Moore, Sophomore, Microbiology; Duncan A. O'Boyle, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Rachel V. Payne, Senior, Microbiology; Jack Z. Powers, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Jordan E. Rogers, Sophomore, Spanish; Nicole E. Rossetta, Junior, Economics; Cody D. Rucker, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Brandon R. Scott, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Cody H. Stover, Senior, Marketing; Emily N. Van Valkenburg, Junior, Merchandising Management; Matthew J. Weakley, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Preston J. Wipf, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Taylor D. Wolgamott, Freshman, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Tabitha L. Ciulla, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Marley C. King, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Rogue River

        3.5 or Better: Brently C. Sturm, Junior, General Science.



        Straight-A Average: Michael T. Lowell, Senior, Mathematics.

        3.5 or Better: Dylan M. Camus, Senior, Computer Science; Sadie A. Kasiah, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Sarah M. Kasiah, Junior, Marketing; Jadin M. Swarts, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


White City

        3.5 or Better: Kevin M. Jennings, Senior, Marketing.





        3.5 or Better: Abigail E. Beamer, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Stephanie S. Ferrer, Senior, Business Administration; Garrett L. Taylor, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Amy E. Oland, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Summer L. Lisignoli, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Megan R. Mc Ginty, Senior, Marketing.




Grants Pass

        Straight-A Average: Daniel S. Dean, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Olivia P. Leedy, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kolton J. Mahr, Junior, Forest Engineering; Jesseanne M. Pope, Senior, Sociology; Mason G. Pratt, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Taylor J. Stichter, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Amy L. Walters, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Maxwell A. Bald, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Matthew S. Ball, Freshman, Physics; Cody J. Beairsto, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Janessa R. Beck, Junior, Pre-Graphic Design; Ryder J. Canepa, Sophomore, Economics; Kayla M. Castle, Senior, Zoology; Kerissa S. D'Arpino, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Keelee L. Dean, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael J. Della Paolera, Junior, Political Science; Dwight D. Faszer, Senior, Biology; Evan J. Firsick, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jessica E. Glaeser, Senior, Natural Resources; Jessica A. Glossop, Senior, Biology; Jacob T. Gross, Junior, Forest Engineering; Jonathan M. Guzman, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Meredith J. Hammervold, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Alexis S. Hartford, Sophomore, Anthropology; Michael J. Jiron, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Rosa M. Keller, Senior, Nutrition; Keaton D. Kirkpatrick, Junior, Pre-Communication; Russel B. Laubscher, Senior, History; Priscilla A. Macy, Senior, Recreation Resource Management; Chiara L. Marzi, Sophomore, Chemistry; Jacob W. Mazzola, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Kylie S. McElheran, Sophomore, Biology; Sean M. Mc Glothlin, Senior, Computer Science; Trina C. Morago, Sophomore, Music; Jessica L. Nicholes, Junior, Nutrition; Whitney S. Nielsen, Senior, Public Health; Anna E. Patch, Sophomore, Music; Mary V. Pearcey, Senior, Earth Sciences; Zachary D. Randall, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Matthew L. Richardson, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Madison F. Stegemiller, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Brian M. Weisbart, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Jessica E. Smithson, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Mark Daniel P. Delgado, Senior, Chemistry.

        3.5 or Better: Brian S. Bemis, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.





        3.5 or Better: Daniele A. Armantrout, Junior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Leah N. Williams, Junior, Interior Design.

        3.5 or Better: Hayley E. Bricco, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


Klamath Falls

        Straight-A Average: Melissa L. Britsch, Junior, Biology; Catherine Hall, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jackson D. Keppen, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Michelle K. Koepke, Sophomore, Economics; Paul L. Minner, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Joshua T. Nejely, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Ryan E. Rico, Junior, Psychology; Heather D. Wing, Senior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

        3.5 or Better: Melissa P. Andrews, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kiley J. Barnes, Junior, Speech Communication; Joshua T. Baumgart, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; David D. Boyd, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Halie B. Budden, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily D. Chamberland, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael Y. Chang, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Megan E. Conley, Senior, Civil Engineering; Dakota K. Cool, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Aaron J. David, Senior, Biology; Holly M. Decker, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Robert E. Ferguson, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Anne M. Goodell, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Allison Gruener, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Caroline L. Hansen, Junior, Nutrition; Harrison R. Holzgang, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Jordan N. Hosack, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Pehr A. Jacobson, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Nicole A. Kandra, Senior, Athletic Training; Ethiene S. Kwok, Senior, Zoology; Alana C. Leet, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; James D. Lupinski, Senior, Athletic Training; Liam S. Mccollough, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Brielle L. McKinney, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Elle A. Morgan, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Danielle Roelle, Senior, Animal Sciences; Drew T. Schiess, Senior, Accountancy; Charcy R. Stiller, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Chelsea R. Stilwell, Senior, Biology; Kyla A. Woodwick, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Jonathan C. Buller, Senior, Marketing.




Fort Rock

        Straight-A Average: Sydnee L. Bias, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Brandi M. Larson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Ashley M. Reese, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Gabriel F. Smith, Junior, Business Information Systems.

        3.5 or Better: Kane J. Barry, Junior, Management; Bryce L. Davis, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nathan C. Harlan, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Stacey M. Van Nes, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Amy R. Woosley, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Theresa K. O'Leary, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme.


Silver Lake

        Straight-A Average: Andrew J. Miles, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme.


        3.5 or Better: Kerri R. Waldron, Junior, Bioresource Research.





        Straight-A Average: Hannah J. Phillips, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Christian M. Wagner, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.


Blue River

        3.5 or Better: Sarah M. Sherman, Junior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Jessica E. Dodge, Senior, Civil Engineering; Julie A. Grimes, Junior, Speech Communication; Aaron K. Likens, Senior, Natural Resources; Gabriel S. Shepherd, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Trina L. Stewart, Junior, Crop and Soil Science.



        3.5 or Better: Monica L. Anderson, Senior, English; Rex R. Putnam, Senior, Chemistry; Amanda H. Smith, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Christina M. Walter, Junior, Merchandising Management.


Cottage Grove

        3.5 or Better: Daniel C. Stewart, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Elijah J. Wilson, Senior, Renewable Materials; Alexa A. Young, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.



        Straight-A Average: McKenzie T. Tritt, Senior, Environmental Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Jamie A. Mc Mahon, Senior, Sociology.



        3.5 or Better: Paisley L. Barnhart, Senior, Accountancy; Benjamin V. Post, Junior, Pre-Forestry.



        Straight-A Average: Samantha L. Orme, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Alexis H. Lanham, Senior, French; Olivia E. Ponce, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Bryan A. Zimmerman, Sophomore, History.



        Straight-A Average: Taylor J. Adair, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Mason P. Barrell, Freshman, Pre-Business; Stephanie L. Blank, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Gregory M. Brandt, Sophomore, Physics; Marlee K. Chamberlain, Senior, Biology; Anissa F. Chin, Senior, Public Health; Nathan C. Coddington, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Benjamin J. Davidson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Max T. Diaz, Junior, Pre-Business; William M. Dickman, Senior, Civil Engineering; Josie C. Dietel, Senior, Biology; Amee L. Elliott, Senior, Rangeland Sciences; Carly R. Ferguson, Sophomore, English; Henry L. Fowler, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Christian A. Gabor, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Kaylen G. Groberg, Senior, Physics; Colton C. Gruber, Junior, Economics; Maceo T. Gutierrez-Higgins, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jean P. Hamby, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Conor F. Hennessy, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Kara R. Huntermoon, Junior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Margo Kahn, Freshman, Nutrition; Rachel Liu-May, Sophomore, Chemistry; Kinsey E. Matthews, Junior, Zoology; Elizabeth D. Morgan, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Christina J. Murphy, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Hannah I. Nealy, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Corynna A. Park, Sophomore, Mathematics; Marcella M. Peebles, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Cameron Planck, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Katherine R. Schultz, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Erica R. Smith, Senior, Pre-Apparel; Devin E. Stuart, Senior, Renewable Materials; Rachel N. Sweet, Sophomore, Psychology; Sean T. Sylwester, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Tawni H. Talavera, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Benjamin A. Wagner, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Shelby H. Wanser, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Anna Aarons, Senior, Liberal Studies; Austin C. Ackerman, Senior, Anthropology; Brandy R. Aguirre, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Martin J. Ambros, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Samantha I. Anderlie, Senior, Business Administration; Maegan M. Anderson, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Estefania Arellana, Senior, Graphic Design; Yashaswi Bajracharya, Sophomore, Biology; Kelly S. Baker, Senior, Apparel Design; Michael C. Banh, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Kourtney C. Bevers, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Jack Borowczak, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Forrest R. Brady, Senior, Nutrition; Hunter A. Briggs, Freshman, Ethnic Studies; Madison T. Brink, Sophomore, Biology; Sydney C. Briot, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Joseph R. Butler, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mikayla E. Cash, Freshman, Biology; Quenton P. Chocktoot, Senior, Natural Resources; Richard A. Cissna Jr, Senior, Forest Engineering; Nathan J. Clark, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Tyler S. Cochell, Senior, Bioengineering; Taylor N. Coddington, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Kristi L. Conant, Junior, Anthropology; David Q. Cornwell, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Sebastian T. Coslow, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sydney C. Crabaugh, Junior, English; Aine L. Cronin, Senior, Accountancy; Christopher S. Davidson, Senior, Business Information Systems; Lissa A. Davis, Sophomore, Chemistry; Marina K. De Chiara, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; David A. De Hart, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Cody R. Dethlefs, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Stephanie L. Dixon, Senior, Animal Sciences; Shelby Dodrill, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Brandon L. Dring, Sophomore, Microbiology; Ibrahim S. Elkhetali, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Samuel R. Elling, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Rya Elms-Giudici, Senior, Merchandising Management; Jason C. Epley, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Ian J. Evans, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Lorenzo A. Fantozzi, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Riley J. Ferguson, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Devereaux P. Filipe, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alyssa L. Flick, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Jason M. Foss, Sophomore, Microbiology; Kaitlyn M. Fretwell, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Mario F. Gaddini, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicholas C. Gates, Junior, General Science; Brooke Getty, Senior, Horticulture; True E. Gibson, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Sophie E. Givens, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Hunter W. Goguen, Junior, Forest Engineering; Crystal V. Gomez, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Lydia A. Graber, Junior, Horticulture; Angus M. Green, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Molly A. Guardino, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ryan E. Hall, Senior, Computer Science; Cristina D. Hamacher, Senior, Nutrition; Sean M. Hanson, Senior, Pre-Graphic Design; Alexander A. Hart, Sophomore, Biology; Kailyn L. Hellwege, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Garth D. Henry, Senior, Finance; Zachary T. Henry, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Emily C. Herrmann, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Adam T. Houser, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Mackenzie S. Johanesen, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Maria M. Jolley, Senior, Chemistry; Nathan M. Jones, Senior, Civil Engineering; Ryan A. Jones, Senior, Computer Science; Shivali R. Kadam, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rachel M. Kalnbach, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Samuel Katz, Senior, Sociology; Jacob R. Keeton, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Erin M. Kelly, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Erin P. Keough, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Amrit Nam S. Khalsa, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Katie C. Kline, Senior, Civil Engineering; Brock A. Kocyan, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Shannon N. Kreindel, Senior, Nutrition; Matthew Kremer, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Ashlea K. Leighter, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Stephen M. Leung, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Scott R. Lindbloom, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Evelyn G. Mailander, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; William L. Matthews, Senior, Botany; William D. Mau, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Brice D. McConnell, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Andrew B. McCullough, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Christiana R. Mc Glasson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Courtney A. McKee, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Stacia Melton, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alysha A. Meno, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Brett M. Moffatt, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Nichol J. Moore, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Brianna F. Mortier, Junior, Microbiology; Tiffany Murphy, Junior, Psychology; Benjamin N. Narin, Senior, Computer Science; Andrew J. Norris, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Stephen A. O Brien, Senior, Graphic Design; Samantha G. Olson, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Guadalupe Orduno-Herrera, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Tracy I. Pacana, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Alysa T. Phan, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Ryan D. Powell, Senior, Biology; Cassidy N. Radloff, Senior, Public Health; George W. Rear, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Shane P. Roach, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Amanda N. Robert, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob L. Rochon, Sophomore, General Science; Laura K. Ross, Senior, Sociology; Benjamin H. Rowe, Senior, Civil Engineering; Katherine J. Rowland, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Ian E. Russi, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Rose B. Sabini, Sophomore, Psychology; Matthew R. Saylor, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Adam D. Schneiderhan, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Anna R. Schwam, Senior, General Science; Kalia L. Scrivner, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Daniel N. Shelton, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Jessie M. Shirley, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Kendall E. Shuler, Junior, Public Health; Emily R. Sokoloff, Senior, Psychology; Carly S. Stasack, Senior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Noel T. Stephanos, Junior, Natural Resources; Jessica P. Stewart, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Miranda R. Stone, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Grant A. Sturman, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Max G. Tag, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Michelle Tan, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Wesley Tan, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Chelsea Tang, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kaya M. Trepp, Freshman, Earth Sciences; Gregory L. Vandelune, Senior, Computer Science; Gina A. Vanderbush, Senior, Natural Resources; Caprice M. Virde, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Molly A. Walter, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Alec K. Weeks, Junior, Pre-Business; Todd W. Wellman, Senior, Marketing; Dylan S. Wile, Senior, Athletic Trainin;Julianne R. Wise, Sophomore, Graphic Design; Kylee C. Wong, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Janet L. Zornek, Freshman, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Keenan A. Bishop, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Robert P. Ellison, Junior, Business Information Systems; Brad A. Greenburg, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Elisabeth H. Jones, Senior, Biology; Nikki J. Parry, Junior, Forest Engineering; Kayla Rickford, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Jacob Thompson, Sophomore, Economics; Ann J. Watkins, Junior, General Science.


Junction City

        Straight-A Average: Adeline M. Junker, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Britniann L. Stowell, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Makenna L. Burgess, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Rachel M. Collins, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Alex L. Eddy, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kalina F. Hentze, Senior, Animal Sciences; Krystal M. Lemhouse, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Heather M. Stifel, Senior, Nutrition; Jack O. Vaughn, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Loren S. Arthur, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Zachary A. Cardwell, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Lindsay Free, Junior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Loren S. Farque, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Melissa A. Johnson-Ravare, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Pleasant Hill

        Straight-A Average: Megan K. Faber, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Emily R. Mangan, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Micah J. Chase, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme; Joelle A. Hamtil, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Natalie M. Jensen, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Tyler E. Patterson, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Marlie J. Magill-Starr, Senior, History; Nathaniel Townsend, Senior, Anthropology; 3.5 or Better: Alexis M. Amatisto, Junior, Biology; Kristin R. Brandon, Sophomore, Zoology; Melanie Brown, Senior, Natural Resources; Kelsey R. Caples, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jesse G. Diamond, Senior, Marketing; Landon A. Fisher, Senior, Civil Engineering; Anthony B. Ford, Junior, Biology; Rachael G. Gale, Sophomore, History; Caleb K. Gee, Senior, Renewable Materials; Jade A. Hails, Sophomore, Music; Anthony J. Havens Jr, Senior, Athletic Training; Leticia M. Henry, Junior, Public Health; Garret L. Holaday, Junior, Athletic Training; Joel A. Knapp, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Samuel Z. Kurtz, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Ashley J. Lawrence, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lawrence E. Martin Jr, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry; Kassandra L. Mccabe, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kyle D. Morris, Junior, Civil Engineering; Shae N. Page, Senior, Nutrition; Kelsie M. Renie, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Luis J. Rivera Jr, Junior, Nutrition; John P. Varin, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Rhett V. Ybarra, Junior, Apparel Design; Rachel A. Zmolek, Junior, Pre-Public Health.



        Straight-A Average: Rikki N. Redhead, Sophomore, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Lily R. Grant, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kenneth D. Ota, Senior, Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: William T. Boothe, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Shawn Cross, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Devin S. Curtis, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Ryan K. Dunning, Senior, Psychology; Chad F. Knight, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Luis A. Labastida, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Mckinley S. Smith, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Scout C. Hanchett, Freshman, Recreation Resource Management.



        3.5 or Better: Ashtin L. Crawford, Senior, Merchandising Management.





        3.5 or Better: Ibrahim Moussaoui, Sophomore, Biology.


Depoe Bay

        3.5 or Better: Jazlyn M. Mitchell, Freshman, Psychology; Samantha K. Raines, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.


Lincoln City

        Straight-A Average: Deklyn A. Wood, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Bryan C. Dahlman, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Hannah M. Dowdy, Sophomore, Biology; Zach R. Ehrenfelt, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ian B. Fehringer-Williams, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Zachariah R. Wood, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Catherine L. Mina, Sophomore, Political Science.



        Straight-A Average: Brannin Benson, Junior, Horticulture; Grant C. Burns, Sophomore, Biology; Derek C. Eason, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Rachel M. Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: Kylie M. Bailey, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Seiji G. Koike, Senior, Mathematics; Wade D. Sproul, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Daniel E. Nelson, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kyra L. Young, Senior, English.


South Beach

        3.5 or Better: Tamay L. Guevara, Junior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Ian M. Fox, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Lindsey A. Grove, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Tyson K. Oleman, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Molly M. Paeth, Junior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Connor J. Price, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Leo H. Williamson, Junior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Nicholas P. Browning, Junior, English.



        3.5 or Better: Elliott J. Webb, Sophomore, Pre-Forest Engineering; Andrew J. Weron, Senior, Liberal Studies.






        Straight-A Average: Trevor D. Baley, Sophomore, Biology; Travis T. Chambers, Senior, English; Logan R. Chytraus, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Chelsea K. Clark, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Patricia A. Dennis, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael C. Devin, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Gabrielle E. Fief, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Heather M. Gehrett, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew R. Giles, Senior, Psychology; Mariah S. Gustafson, Senior, Music; Justin R. Hansen, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Emily M. Kenyon, Senior, Marketing; Amanda M. Leahy, Junior, Merchandising Management; Kendl D. Leichty, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Amanda McDougall, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; McKenna N. Mikesell, Senior, Marketing; Dominic M. Miller, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Rebecca J. Moore, Senior, Psychology; Dorothy M. Moran, Junior, Psychology; Musa A. Moussaoui, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Amandip Singh, Junior, Microbiology; William D. Sutherland, Freshman, Biology; Travis J. Torgerson, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; JoyAnna A. Virtue, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Derek H. Wong, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jacob A. Wood, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Morgan E. Aerni, Junior, Animal Sciences; Nicholas L. Alden, Junior, English; William S. Allison, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Hanna E. Almen, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sara J. Almen, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Maria L. Bellando, Junior, English; Joey D. Bingham, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Emily N. Branigan, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Warren G. Burgess, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Clarissa C. Clark, Sophomore, Music; Amber M. Cox, Senior, Nutrition; Katelyn R. Cribbs, Senior, Anthropology; Jennifer N. Devin, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Hailey N. Duvall, Senior, Animal Sciences; Steven J. Eide, Senior, History; Aaron T. Ellich, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Levi R. Graffenberger, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme; Tanner J. Grenz, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Travis Grenz, Senior, Civil Engineering; Nishana J. Hamann, Sophomore, English; Alex D. Hoffer, Senior, Psychology; Garrett M. Hurley, Freshman, Psychology; Jason H. Johnson, Senior, Liberal Studies; Talise N. Jordan, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Isabella J. Kenny, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Lauren R. Kimura, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Reid W. Kinser, Senior, Chemistry; Taylor R. Kummer, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Conner B. Kumpula, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Tricia L. Maloney, Junior, Nutrition; Jackie R. Montague, Senior, Accountancy; Lisa M. Nelson, Senior, Anthropology; Nicholas M. Nelson, Senior, Computer Science; Whitley F. Nelson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Lindsay M. Pautsch, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Aaron Peterschmidt, Junior, Biology; Elizabeth A. Pierson, Senior, Psychology; Erin L. Pilkerton, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexandra N. Price, Senior, Computer Science; Mackenzie W. Raschko, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kalin Z. Salinas Hernandez, Sophomore, Psychology; Alyssa K. Schrems, Senior, Earth Sciences; Samantha C. Siegner, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Justin Silveira, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Vivian V. Sobol, Sophomore, Psychology; Alec J. Studier, Senior, Zoology; Erin R. Tibbals, Senior, Liberal Studies; Emily J. Traylor, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Riley D. Winn, Senior, Liberal Studies; Taylor R. Wobig, Senior, Interior Design; Sara J. Wood, Senior, Public Health; Gabrielle C. Yundt, Junior, Psychology; David M. Zielke, Freshman, Music.



        Straight-A Average: Deette R. Ealy, Senior, Liberal Studies; Mikaela J. Gosney, Freshman, Natural Resources; Jessica M. Jones, Sophomore, Zoology; Elizabeth I. Konstantin, Senior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Scott R. Lacoste, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Emilie M. Ratcliff, Freshman, English.



        3.5 or Better: Thurman R. Falk, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Garrett G. Ross, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Preston Q. Green, Junior, Forest Engineering; Miranda K. Huuki, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Reggie W. Peters, Senior, Accountancy; Anna M. Sjostrom, Senior, Psychology; Benjamin D. Smucker, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Brittany K. Sundberg, Senior, Management.



        Straight-A Average: Rocky D. Barker, Senior, Earth Sciences; Taylor M. Cox, Junior, Finance; Sonya F. James, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Mary A. Bond, Senior, English; Colin H. Breeze, Freshman, Philosophy; Michael Carter, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Danielle M. Crisp, Senior, Merchandising Management; Tiga M. Evans, Senior, Pre-Business; Tiuana C. Feuerbacher, Junior, Natural Resources; Sione Filimoehala, Senior, Philosophy; John Hammer, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Matthew Z. Huang, Junior, Computer Science; Steven L. Hubbs, Senior, Microbiology; Bobbie R. Kent, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Susan K. Machacek, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy; Kayla L. Mackie, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Linzy J. Mc Intyre, Junior, Political Science; Justin M. McKinney, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Conner S. Neal, Senior, General Science; Faith E. Neal, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kody Q. Osborne, Sophomore, Biology; Hayley J. Posadas, Junior, Psychology; Kenneth C. Pyle, Senior, Business Administration; Julianne E. Robinson, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Kyler D. Shanks, Senior, Finance; Melinda E. Stocking, Senior, Psychology; Sydney M. Woolf, Junior, English.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren E. Bonney, Junior, Recreation Resource Management; Kelsey Kraupa, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jennifer O. Smith, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Vinson S. Warnicke, Senior, Accountancy.


Mill City

        3.5 or Better: Cody M. Adams, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Sadie L. Tempel, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        3.5 or Better: Jacob Barth, Senior, Natural Resources; Ryan Gescher, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Jen Still, Senior, Art; Abby L. Tempel, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Cody White, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.


Sweet Home

        Straight-A Average: Austin D. Horner, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jennifer L. Belveal, Junior, Biology; Elya M. Christman, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Hailey M. Fisher, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Tyler L. Fosback, Senior, Computer Science; Megan M. Graville, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Emma R. Hessel, Junior, Art; Austin I. Hill, Senior, English; Levi T. Marchbanks, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Carissa E. Swanson, Senior, Public Health; Kimber E. Swanson, Junior, Music; Alyssa A. Ullrich, Senior, Animal Sciences; Cheryl H. Wilson, Senior, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Karla Oseguera, Junior, Finance; Aaron C. Plummer, Senior, Liberal Studies; Lynda L. Reid-Parmele, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.





        3.5 or Better: Kristina Munoz, Junior, Psychology; Marina Munoz, Junior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Holly E. Rysenga, Junior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Vanesse Chew, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Ellen R. Collins, Senior, Computer Science; Vanessa Nunez, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Jessica L. Roland, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Miren E. Urrea, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Kassie L. Anthony, Senior, Nutrition; Jocelyn M. Noland, Senior, Economics.





        3.5 or Better: Jacob Keiner, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Desiree N. Magnussen, Senior, Animal Sciences; Joshua J. Moll, Senior, Economics; Emily J. Odenthal, Junior, Nutrition; Kyle A. Usselman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Wesley M. Johnston, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Justin Cha, Senior, Business Information Systems; Carlie C. Donnelly, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Melinda Guzman, Senior, Microbiology; Mitchell P. Iliyn, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Sidney T. Silbernagel, Freshman, Agricultural Sciences; Troy A. Thomas, Senior, Industrial Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jonathan M. Avery, Junior, Bioresource Research.

        3.5 or Better: Kyle G. Ballweber, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme.



        3.5 or Better: Seth R. Chapin, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Colton J. Herinckx, Sophomore, Nutrition; Jacob A. Schlechter, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Kathryn L. Echterling, Junior, Natural Resources.



        Straight-A Average: Michiya Stine, Senior, Apparel Design.

        3.5 or Better: Lindsay N. Briley, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Katlyn Haven, Senior, Zoology; Austin W. Looney, Junior, Business Administration; Kayla M. Naas, Senior, Renewable Materials.



        Straight-A Average: Rachel E. Campbell, Senior, Interior Design; Tonya Cash, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Shazeya L. Galligan, Sophomore, General Science; Victoria M. Hittner, Senior, Anthropology; Avery K. Sorensen, Senior, History.

        3.5 or Better: Benjamin J. Asay, Junior, Mathematics; James H. Bonar, Senior, Biology; Tara N. Bonar, Senior, Biology; Thomas L. Bonar, Freshman, Biology; Emily R. Dicksa, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Evan L. Dishion, Senior, Biology; Grant E. Gerstner, Sophomore, Microbiology; Matthew A. Guyer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kenneth J. Hafdahl, Senior, Computer Science; McKinzie F. Isaac, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        Katherine E. Janssen, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Nissa C. Johnson, Sophomore, Merchandising Management; McKenna C. Kuhns, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Michelle A. Linscheid, Senior, Nutrition; Kelli N. Linton, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jonathon I. Lopez, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Travis D. Marks, Junior, Industrial Engineering; Alexandra D. Martino, Junior, Finance; Nichole D. Mc Donald, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alamjit K. Nagra, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Menley A. Neitzel, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Taylor L. Norby, Junior, Marketing; Jenna R. Quesnel, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Anthony J. Quinn, Junior, Civil Engineering; Taylin N. Sparks, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Aaron M. Wenning, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ivory A. Williams, Junior, Psychology; Abigail M. Wilson, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.


Mount Angel

        3.5 or Better: Joseph M. Bochsler, Senior, General Science; Bridget L. Donohue, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Austin W. Kraemer, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Kyle J. Kraemer, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme.


Saint Paul

        3.5 or Better: Jaimee E. Brentano, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Samantha N. Brentano, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Britney M. Petrjanos, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sara L. Pierson, Freshman, Agricultural Business Manageme; Kennedy M. Smith, Freshman, Pre-Public Health.


Scotts Mills

        3.5 or Better: Morgan J. Anderson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Daniel C. Miller, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jane M. Kitts, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Cheyla L. Moranchel, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Michael F. Bielenberg, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Cameron K. Ellis, Junior, Political Science; Vincent C. Ferguson, Senior, Forest Management; Kalie J. Grassman, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Talia A. Helman, Junior, Microbiology; Ryan S. Kariker, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Stephanie L. Krieg, Senior, Horticulture; Grant P. Martinson, Junior, Bioengineering; Lilly A. Paradis, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Kenn L. Stadeli, Senior, Accountancy; Gabriel B. Starr, Senior, Management; Christopher R. Tucker, Senior, Computer Science; Lisa N. Walker, Senior, Nutrition; Micah R. White, Junior, Athletic Training.



        Straight-A Average: Nicklaus R. Abdou, Senior, Civil Engineering; Blake G. Hendricks, Junior, Accountancy; Brandon J. Kerr, Sophomore, Pre-Finance; Anna M. Smith, Sophomore, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: John R. Beitel, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Kelby Harding, Senior, Civil Engineering; Gabriel S. Higginbotham, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Evan A. Lindemann, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Keegan J. Mcgehee, Senior, Marketing; Bianca Ramos-Navarro, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dylan Ross, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Darien R. Stites, Junior, Sociology; Shane M. Uffelman, Senior, Forest Operations Management.



        Straight-A Average: Alicia M. Porter, Junior, Marketing.

        3.5 or Better: Makiah I. Merritt, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Erik J. Paige, Junior, Management; Cameron L. Ray, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Nikki G. Williams, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Michelle C. Atchison, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Natalie L. Roth, Senior, Public Health.



        Straight-A Average: Amy M. Albrecht, Sophomore, Chemistry.

        3.5 or Better: Xavier Gonzalez, Senior, Biology; Brenda Hernandez, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Wendy Hernandez, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Gordon J. Iverson, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Nancy Leon, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Pedro Nava Ortiz, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Cristian Reyes, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Yuridia Reyes, Freshman, Biology; Esther Rodriguez Estrada, Senior, University Exploratory Studies; Danya Y. Ruiz, Senior, Business Information Systems.





        Straight-A Average: Sonia A. Barrera, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Alfredo Alvarez-Frias, Senior, Nutrition; Mayra L. Barrera, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Cheyenne A. Kennedy, Senior, Public Health; Alejandra Mendoza, Senior, Mathematics.



        Straight-A Average: Devin B. Robinson, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Bryan P. Holland, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Mary V. Rietmann, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Adriana Sanchez, Junior, Accountancy.



        3.5 or Better: Kelsi T. Putman, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme.





        Straight-A Average: Marina M. Clark, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Stacey M. Pulliam, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Stormy M. Scharzenberger, Senior, Animal Sciences; Trey S. Smith, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Heidi A. Clayton, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Taylor J. Fahlman, Junior, Computer Science; Peter L. Killgore, Senior, Mathematics; Nakai Llewellyn-Hopkins, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Cody W. Scharzenberger, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Blake A. Erickson, Junior, Chemistry.

        3.5 or Better: Zachary H. Goode, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ryan P. Jones, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Regan M. Nishikawa, Senior, Graphic Design; Andrew Pham, Senior, Microbiology; Stephanie L. Schulden, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        Straight-A Average: Samuel J. Box, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Christina N. Brown, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Christina Bui, Junior, Biology; Philip Carbary, Senior, Natural Resources; Garrett A. Childress, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Devin J. Curtis, Sophomore, English; Arianna M. Kahler-Quesada, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Stephanie M. Krautscheid, Junior, Pre-Business; Mylisa Y. Krueger, Junior, Pre-Apparel; James L. Mal, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Alicia C. Nunziato, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Madison R. Statler, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: Shelby R. Baisden, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Anthony P. Bernabo, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Dmitriy G. Bobrovnikov, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ellie R. Bohrer, Senior, Zoology; Alexander J. Bump, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Josie L. Camat, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Cara L. Chase, Senior, Nutrition; Timothy M. Chase, Senior, Music; Cory W. Christensen, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Joshua A. Cornelison, Junior, Natural Resources; Ryne M. Deyoe, Freshman, Biology; Brianna V. Dial, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Daniel S. Eckhardt, Freshman, Pre-Business; Shannon S. Ernst, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Travis A. Guenther, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Erica T. Haide, Senior, Marketing; Rodrigo N. Henriquez, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Candace J. Jim, Senior, Mathematics; Oliver Q. Jim, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jared D. Johnson, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Jared P. Johnson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexandre D. Jorge, Junior, English; Kirollos N. Kamel, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; John C. King, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Nicole Y. Kobayashi, Junior, Public Health; Preston A. Korst, Junior, Political Science; Matthew Lei, Junior, Computer Science; Melissa C. Lei, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Eileen K. Ly, Senior, Public Health; Madison E. McGarity, Senior, Public Health; Karl J. Moser, Senior, Computer Science; Matthew D. Nance, Senior, Natural Resources; Nathan T. Nguyen, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; James S. Palmiter, Freshman, Chemistry; Tyler D. Phillips, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Florin Plesa, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Sofiya V. Popova, Senior, Merchandising Management; Katelyn M. Riegle Steiner, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kais A. Saradi, Sophomore, Biology; Kelsey S. Scully, Sophomore, Biology; Nathan J. Smith, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Zachary M. Standish, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Faith L. Steltzer, Senior, Computer Science; Brandon C. Stensrud, Sophomore, Microbiology; Kyle D. Stevens, Junior, Natural Resources; Julia M. Strohmaier, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Johnathan T. Tenny, Sophomore, Pre-Forest/Civil Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Roy Almog, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kurt M. Armstrong, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Timothy K. Au, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Gareth Baldrica-Franklin, Junior, Earth Sciences; John A. Baldwin, Junior, Physics; Swechya Banskota, Sophomore, Biology; Elise C. Barberis, Junior, Nutrition; Joel C. Barshaw, Senior, Economics; Hannah C. Bessette, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Kevin W. Bishop, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Nathanielle L. Blouin, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Jonathan L. Bosworth, Senior, Political Science; Corinna M. Brown, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Makenzie Carter, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Veda V. Challa, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Allen M. Chan, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Trisha J. Chau, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Zhong B. Chen, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Mudra Choudhury, Senior, Bioresource Research; Zoe E. Chrisman-Miller, Junior, Psychology; Erika B. Cook, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Cole B. Corrigan, Freshman, Pre-Business; Shawn E. Crabtree, Senior, Computer Science; Ruby T. Dang, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Kelsey M. Day, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Jonathan I. Di Carlo, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Susannah R. Dickerson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Theresa N. Dinh, Freshman, Biology; Tiffany T. Doan, Junior, Psychology; Theodore M. Duchow-Pressley, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; David Duong, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mattison D. Enloe, Senior, Philosophy; Karin M. Erbling, Senior, Liberal Studies; Jeremy C. Espinosa, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Maegen L. Esquibel, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Vanessa N. Fuller, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Glen S. Galant, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Emily A. Gritzmacher, Senior, Liberal Studies; Michael B. Gritzmacher, Senior, Civil Engineering; Kevin Z. Guan, Junior, Computer Science; Kathryn A. Hampton-Wonder, Sophomore, Biology; Erik V. Hahn, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Jonah B. Harris, Sophomore, Psychology; Keisuke D. Harry, Junior, Civil Engineering; Kelli H. Hoang, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Chao-Kai Hsiao, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Stephanie L. Huang, Senior, Business Information Systems; Hannah X. Huynh, Junior, Mathematics; Savannah A. Jenson, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Alexandria C. Kershner, Sophomore, Biology; Jarrett R. Knodel, Sophomore, Nutrition; Emily A. Kolodzy, Junior, Apparel Design; Samuel J. Kowash, Senior, Physics; Mai N. Le, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jordana O. Lewis, Senior, English; Lixuan Lin, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering; Mia Linn, Junior, Pre-Merchandising Management; Stephanie M. Lopez-Huskey, Senior, Spanish; Bret E. Lorimore, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Yennhi B. Ly, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Courtney M. Lyell, Senior, Psychology; Tiffany Ma, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Cory M. Mack, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Perrin C. Mao, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jacob F. Martini, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Katherine S. Mc Donnell, Junior, Bioresource Research; Megan K. Mcewen, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Madelyn C. McQuilliam, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Scott D. Merrill, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Alexandra J. Methratta, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Genna K. Mettler, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Samuel A. Moshofsky, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alden C. Moss, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Collin N. Muniz, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Claire A. Ostertag-Hill, Senior, Biology; Evan A. Peters, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Rebecca A. Neill, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kenneth W. Noble, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Josie L. Oleson, Senior, Nutrition; Aidan F. O'Malley, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Joseph W. Palmisano, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Drew D. Penney, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Justen D. Peterson, Junior, Sociology; Hellen H. Pham, Junior, Psychology; Teresa A. Pimentel, Senior, Nutrition;  Kathryn A. Pospisil, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Nisha Raghunath, Senior, Psychology; Hudson P. Rennaker, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Quinton J. Rennaker, Senior, History; Cooper Z. Roberts, Senior, Nutrition; Holly L. Robinson, Senior, Nutrition; Mary G. Roselli, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Josie E. Sanford, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Prathik Sannecy, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Tami A. Schroeder, Senior, Natural Resources; Adam E. Shareghi, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Emily M. Shepard, Senior, Psychology; Morgan F. Shirley, Senior, Computer Science; Sophia R. Shorten, Senior, Psychology; William R. Sims, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Carson J. Smith, Junior, Ecological Engineering; Grant P. Sommer, Senior, General Science; Rachana C. Son, Senior, English; Elise A. Soumokil, Sophomore, Psychology; Hannah O. Stagnitto, Junior, Public Health; Samantha C. Stember, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Jonathan Su, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Jacob E. Tabor, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Myranda R. Thompson, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Alex Q. Tran, Sophomore, General Science; Victor M. Tran, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Christina Truong, Senior, General Science; Collin A. Vera, Senior, Liberal Studies; Ian V. Walters, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Casia L. Wardzala, Senior, Bioengineering; Ashlie R. Watkins, Junior, Public Health; Amelia R. Wimmer, Sophomore, English; Brian D. Wojahn, Junior, General Science; Wen C. Wu, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Annie T. Zhang, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Michael G. Zupan, Senior, Civil Engineering.

3.5 or Better: Ian M. Abbene, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Manasa B. Adajian, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Marisa J. Ah Nee, Junior, Public Health; Brian C. Albrecht, Senior, General Science; Savannah R. Alford, Senior, Microbiology; Megan E. Alhadeff, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Elizabeth K. Allan-Cole, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Michael E. Allcock, Sophomore, Earth Sciences; Amelia L. Allee, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Evan W. Altorfer, Junior, Civil Engineering; Trynity L. Alvarez, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Nicholas J. Alvey, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sonal Anand, Senior, Biology; Ciara O. Anderson, Senior, Anthropology; Jordan S. Anderson, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Sharon Arhin, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lauren G. Armony, Senior, Natural Resources; Stefani R. Atkinson, Senior, English; Nicholas S. Atwell, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Apoorva Ayyagari, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Helena K. Bai, Senior, Computer Science; Liz Baker, Senior, Nutrition; Pauline M. Baker, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Helena A. Bales, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Zane C. Bambusch, Junior, Pre-Finance; Caleb H. Barde, Senior, Computer Science; Jan U. Bartels, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Lily S. Bartlett, Senior, Environmental Science; Ethan P. Barton, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Tanvi Batish, Senior, Microbiology; Peter A. Behrens, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Marie C. Bello, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Lucas L. Bengtson, Senior, Computer Science; Guillermo J. Bermudez, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Erin L. Bernot, Senior, Interior Design; Nathaniel E. Berry, Senior, Finance; Erin Beuttenmuller, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Justine C. Bird, Senior, Civil Engineering; Kayla K. Bird, Senior, Biology; Paul K. Bluhm, Senior, Nutrition; Georgeann C. Booth, Junior, Microbiology; Margo D. Botti, Senior, Merchandising Management; Stuart N. Bremner, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Danielle M. Bridges, Sophomore, History; Emma A. Brown, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Georgia C. Brown, Senior, Management; Jeffery R. Brown II, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jared S. Brownson, Junior, Accountancy; Rose L. Buchanan, Senior, Sociology; Emma L. Buczkowski, Senior, Botany; William B. Buffum, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Madison L. Butler, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Eric W. Callahan, Junior, English; Vivian M. Calvin, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Keava M. Campbell, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Rand O. Campbell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Mora A. Camplair, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Elliott L. Capek, Senior, Physics; Erika J. Carlson, Junior, Art; Lucy J. Carr, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Conrad W. Cartmell, Junior, Mathematics; Dominique J. Catabay, Senior, Marketing; Isaiah J. Catabay, Junior, Pre-Business; Hari R. Caushik, Senior, Computer Science; Elizabeth K. Cave, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Jenny M. Chan, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Claire E. Chappuis, Senior, Nutrition; Kathryn J. Charlton, Junior, Pre-Forestry; Rohit Chaudhary, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Madeline L. Chavez, Junior, Liberal Studies; Jia J. Chen, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Kevin D. Chen, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lily Chen, Sophomore, Biology; Qiping M. Chen, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Sammi Chen, Senior, Microbiology; Morgan E. Cho, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; Minsung Choi, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Emily T. Church, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Blaise R. Clarke, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sarah L. Cochenour, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Mhara M. Coffman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Meaghan K. Connelly, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Julianna K. Cook, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Elizabeth R. Corvi, Junior, Biology; Nathaniel J. Cottle, Sophomore, Psychology; Kyle D. Cox, Freshman, Pre-Business; Nathan T. Cramer, Senior, Accountancy; Curtis E. Crawford, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Aaron N. Cross, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Aidan A. Daly-Jensen, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Alexander E. Davis, Senior, Computer Science; John P. De Garmo, Senior, Business Administration; Alec W. Dehnert, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jacob Del Savio, Freshman, Chemistry; Adrienne E. Demaree, Junior, Biology; Jaden P. Diefenbaugh, Senior, Computer Science; Katherine A. Dierickx, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Viktor V. Dikov, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Ciin S Dim, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Andrea T. Domen, Junior, Chemistry; Calder R. Dorn, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Amanda M. Dority, Junior, Psychology; Caitlyn J. Douglas, Sophomore, Music; Gillian M. Downey, Senior, Chemistry; Amelia L. Doyle, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Ruth L. Drake, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; Alexis D. DuDash, Senior, Biology; Angela L. Dunham, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Kendall M. Dunlop, Senior, Public Health; Rachel E. Dunn, Senior, Merchandising Management; Hoang M. Duong, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Tony Duong, Sophomore, Microbiology; Angela G. Durant, Senior, Anthropology; Jordan M. Easton-Mace, Senior, Anthropology; Andrew M. Eddy, Senior, Accountancy; Aaron C. Egger, Senior, Computer Science; Daniel M. Eisenbach, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Garren S. Epley, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Samantha R. Erwin, Sophomore, Zoology; Jennifer L. Fessler, Sophomore, Biology; Naomi Figley, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lauren J. Fischer, Senior, Public Health; Elizabeth L. Fitzgerald, Senior, Animal Sciences; Monica S. Fong, Senior, Nutrition; Dominic J. Freiling, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Coel A. French, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Eric J. Fritz, Senior, Microbiology; Jordan E. Fry, Sophomore, Public Health; Nathan N. Fuller, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Anna E. Gage, Senior, Public Health; Benjamin M. Gallegos, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Gail R. Gamero, Junior, Spanish; William R. Garner, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Taylor M. Garrett, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Eric E. Germundson, Senior, Civil Engineering; Daniel R. Gibson, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Michael S. Gillette, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Ian K. Goode, Freshman, Mathematics; Hayley M. Gooding, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kelly E. Gore, Senior, Biology; Chyra Granada, Senior, Interior Design; Jared S. Grant, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Pavel A. Grechanuk, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Geneva A. Green, Senior, Public Health; Tillia R. Griffin, Sophomore, Sociology; Abigail E. Griffiths, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Emma K. Grobart, Senior, Liberal Studies; Sebastian P. Gumapas-Condol, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jinyoung A. Ha, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicholas D. Haller, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mollie M. Handkins, Freshman, Pre-Apparel; Kayla N. Haney, Senior, English; Kenna M. Hanson, Sophomore, Interior Design; Kevin N. Hare, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Mary C. Hare, Junior, Graphic Design; Jacob J. Harrel, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Jeremiah M. Hauth, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; John E. Hergert, Junior, Chemistry; Jonathan T. Herinckx, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Scott E. Hershberger, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Elliott C. Highfill, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Brian C. Hill, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Adrian W. Hinkle, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Mikayla R. Hinton, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Freddy P. Hoang, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Michael W. Hobernicht, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering; Tommy C. Hollenberg, Senior, Chemical Engineering; John J. Holoubek, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Grant L. Howell, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Lisa F. Huang, Freshman, Pre-Marketing; Ryan D. Hunt, Senior, Earth Sciences; Connor D. Hutchens, Junior, Marketing; Khanh Q. Huynh, Senior, General Science; Linda N. Huynh, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Melissa M. Huynh, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Tony C. Huynh, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Matthew Hwee, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Eric W. Ireton, Senior, Biology; Charlie B. Jaber, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jona K. Jacobsen, Senior, Horticulture; Jessica D. Johnson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily R. Johnson, Sophomore, Biology; Mckenna Jones, Sophomore, Computer Science; Nicole A. Jones, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nick J. Jursik, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Hank M. Kamakaala, Freshman, Pre-Marketing; M'Kaila B. Karcsay, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Kamron L. Kayhani, Freshman, Biology; Andrew J. Keller, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Kaytlin R. Kersey, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Peter B. Kessinger, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Megan M. Khamsouthavong, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Joeun S. Kim, Freshman, Chemistry; Nikhil S. Kishore, Junior, Computer Science; Spencer D. Kleweno, Sophomore, Pre-Business; James M. Knudsen, Sophomore, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Kaitlyn S. Kohlenberg, Junior, English; Carrie Kraft, Senior, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership; Amy M. Krigbaum, Sophomore, Economics; Alexandra C. Krueger, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Will A. Kuhn, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Branden T. Kusanto, Senior, Bioengineering; Jalen M. Ladd, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Blake R. Lambert, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; William Landsiedel, Senior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Brody L. Larson, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jessica N. Lautenbach, Junior, Apparel Design; Adam T. Lawler, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alissa K. Le, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Dennis G. Lee, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; James C. Lee, Sophomore, Microbiology; Michael W. Lee, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Sonya S. Lee, Senior, Microbiology; Wilson Lee, Senior, Nutrition; Bradley J. Lewis, Freshman, Political Science; Timothy M. Lewis, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Victor A. Li, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Xuan Li, Senior, Computer Science; Siobhan S. Lieuallen, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Vicky Lin, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Erica R. Lipski, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Allison G. Little, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Mason J. Love, Junior, Psychology; Leo M. Lowe, Junior, Psychology; Kevin Luc, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Shi L. Luo, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Ian M. Maher, Junior, Zoology; Lisa U. Mah-Park, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Jules O. Malango, Senior, English; Rjay L. Manguino, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Rachel K. Manning, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Abigail L. Maricle, Freshman, Pre-Business; Carter J. Marr, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Courtney K. Marsh, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sydni D. Martens, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kaylynne A. Masuo, Senior, Microbiology; Samantha P. Matsumura, Junior, Public Health; Raye E. Maudlin, Senior, Nutrition; Megan R. McCormick, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Megan K. McCool, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Zachary T. McCourt, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alexandria M. Mc Ferrin, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Michael P. Meade, Senior, Accountancy; Senaida Mehmedovic, Senior, Psychology; Ryan D. Merrill, Senior, Computer Science; Grace E. Mettler, Freshman, Pre-Interiors; Bronwyn C. Miller, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Shannon V. Modjeski, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Celeste E. Moen, Senior, Biology; Andrey A. Morozov, Senior, Psychology; Quinn D. Murray, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Isaly M. Murrell, Sophomore, Merchandising Management; Brenna A. Nally, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Elizabeth C. Nelson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Wendall C. Nelson, Senior, Apparel Design; Kristopher M. Nerczuk, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; John M. Neri, Senior, Finance; Spencer H. Newcomb, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Andrew M. Ng, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Catherine M. Ngo, Sophomore, Biology; Vickie L. Ngo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Allen Q. Nguyen, Senior, General Science; Michelle M. Nguyen, Senior, Microbiology; Phuong Uyen C. Nguyen, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Yen T. Nguyen, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Darren Nigo, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Benjamin J. Nine, Junior, Accountancy; Emma M. Nissen, Sophomore, Music; Jonathan S. Nutter, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Grant C. Ocampo, Junior, Management; Sanja Ognjenovic, Senior, Microbiology; Nicholas R. Olson, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; William R. Olsen, Junior, Computer Science; Amanda J. Olson, Junior, Merchandising Management; Natasha A. Ostertag-Hill, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Bailey M. Oswald, Freshman, History; Michael M. Ouanesisouk, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Elizabeth J. Overholser, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kyungsu Park, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Ashaen R. Patel, Senior, Bioengineering; Anthony S. Pech, Freshman, Biology; Matthew J. Pesicka, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Anna L. Peterson, Freshman, Biology; Christian J. Peterson, Senior, Marketing; Darren L. Peterson-Roulst, Senior, Computer Science; Jerrald R. Pflug III, Junior, Business Information Systems; Evan L. Pham, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Thu M. Pham, Senior, Chemistry; Michael D. Phelps, Junior, Computer Science; Dawn L. Phillips, Senior, Nutrition; Jennifer L. Pollock, Junior, Biology; Haripriya Prakash, Senior, Biology; Himanshu Prakash, Senior, Biology; Diane E. Putman, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Rinad O. Qutub, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ameilia M. Rathbun, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Billy D. Ray, Senior, Political Science; Christopher M. Redelfs, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Emma H. Redwine-Hixson, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Samuel P. Reeve, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Caitlyn B. Reilley, Senior, Public Health; Amy M. Reimer, Senior, Liberal Studies; Anne M. Richards, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Alexander P. Richman, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Elyse D. Richman, Junior, Natural Resources; Alexis A. Rietze, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Anna M. Roberts, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Bria L. Robertson, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lia R. Robichaud, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Eduardo Rodriguez Avalos, Freshman, Spanish; Taylor J. Roemelt, Junior, General Science; Henry J. Rogers, Senior, General Science; Lily M. Rojas-Arcos, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jacob D. Roselli, Senior, Finance; Ben L. Rosene, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Spencer M. Rotenberg, Junior, Marketing; Sambith K. Rout, Sophomore, Psychology; Carson L. Running, Sophomore, Mathematics; Aspen B. Russell, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Jorge V. Salazar-Romero, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Colin S. Sanders, Senior, Public Health; Laura E. Sanders, Junior, Natural Resources; Rachel D. Sandstrom, Senior, English; Emily A. Sauter, Senior, Speech Communication; Evan M. Schallerer, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Jacob A. Scheer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Erin E. Schenk, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Madison T. Schrage, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jane T. Schumacher, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Nadeem M. Shaheen, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Annabel B. Shephard, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Margaret R. Sheppard, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Sara E. Sherwood, Freshman, Spanish; Kevin A. Shimomaeda, Sophomore, Psychology; Madeleine R. Shoaff Fellows, Freshman, English; Areah E. Shomali, Senior, Animal Sciences; Jacey L. Silk, Freshman, Pre-Business; Michael W. Silvey, Senior, Bioengineering; Kelsey M. Sirgy, Senior, Marketing; Logan M. Smesrud, Junior, Environmental Engineering; Breanne M. Smiley, Junior, Athletic Training; Charlotte A. Soderberg, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Alexander E. Soohoo-Hui, Senior, Zoology; Graham P. Spencer, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alexandria J. Sprauer, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Madeleine J. Stack, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Tyler A. Standish, Senior, Management; Madeline C. Stapleton, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Gershon D. Starr, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Lane C. Stiles, Senior, Finance; Marianne Y. Stites, Freshman, Biology; Sheila M. Stocks, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jerome B. Stretch, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Zachary I. Striar, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Cameron R. Stuart, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Kyle D. Sweeney, Senior, Computer Science; Kate A. Swenson, Senior, Philosophy; Trevor M. Swope, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Ty D. Symons, Senior, Microbiology; Scott M. Taylor, Senior, Psychology; A J C. Teav, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Amanda C. Tep, Senior, Biology; Aileen A. Thai, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Kodasha M. Thomas, Junior, Public Health; Abigail L. Thompson, Junior, Spanish; Bridgette A. Thurber, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Stefanie N. To, Junior, Nutrition; Yekaterina F. Toporkova, Senior, Chemistry; Vanessa Torres Montano, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Khue A. Tran, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Kien V. Tran, Freshman, Biology; Meredith R. Truax, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sara K. Truax, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Brittany M. Tse, Freshman, Biology; Kemble Tsoi, Senior, Public Health; Jake D. Turner, Senior, Chemistry; Macklin C. Turnquist, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Veronica L. Ullauri, Senior, Public Health; Emily Upton, Junior, Pre-Apparel; Jack S. Urness, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Dmitriy V. Vakulchik, Sophomore, Biology; Francesco D. Verna-Ketel, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Christina V. Vieru, Senior, Microbiology; Mason A. Virnig, Senior, Management; Chau M. Vo, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Stepan M. Volnychev, Junior, Pre-Business; Van Anh Vu, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Merissa S. Walls, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ryan D. Warrick, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Alexander S. Warschauer, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Sarah J. Webster, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Parker D. Weide, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Alex T. Weingarten, Junior, Music; Maria M. Weitzel, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Brennan R. Westerman, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Megan M. Wheeler, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Michael L. Whitaker, Freshman, History; Gwyneth H. Williams, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Lane K. Williams, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Madeline T. Williams, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Reid C. Williams, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Allyssa L. Wilson, Sophomore, Biology; Sara Z. Winick-Brown, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Garrett D. Wirsching, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sydney T. Wisner, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Wiley H. Wolfe, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Finn E. Womack, Junior, Mathematics; Derek J. Wong, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Kali T. Woodard, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Cate Z. Wrege, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Emily M. Wright, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Cidney R. Wrisley, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Garrett L. Wyman, Junior, Natural Resources; Lucy C. Wyman, Senior, Computer Science; Bona Yang, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kevin Yang, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Kyle J. Yaptangco, Sophomore, Political Science; Salena Yip, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Sara S. Yon, Senior, Public Health; Andrew H. Yoon, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Riley S. Young, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Ming W. Zhu, Senior, Computer Science; Chance M. Zibolski, Junior, Computer Science; Daniel F. Zika, Senior, Accountancy; Mario Zivanovic, Sophomore, Biology; Allison E. Zumwalt, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Anna P. Zupan, Sophomore, Pre-Business.





        Straight-A Average: Lauren J. Fleskes, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Nicole L. Gibney, Sophomore, Religious Studies; Vanessa M. Otamendi, Senior, Public Health; Roselynn G. Reyes, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Katlyn N. Stade, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Natashia J. Andrews, Freshman, Biology; James A. Benbrook, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ciera R. Chaussee, Senior, Interior Design; Brianna M. Dunn, Senior, Psychology; Natalie A. Herge, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Sione A. Ofa, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Jake M. Perkins, Senior, Civil Engineering; Henry G. Sykes, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


Wood Village

        3.5 or Better: Alexander J. Hollis, Senior, Business Information Systems; Nicholas A. Philips, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Bethany Yano, Junior, Liberal Studies.





        Straight-A Average: Megan L. Mahoney, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Kaden Z. Montague, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Andrew J. Pfau, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Mitchell J. Senger, Senior, Physics.

        3.5 or Better: Alexander L. Bird, Junior, Civil Engineering; Serena D. Chiellini, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Katharine E. Crawford, Senior, Psychology; Matthew T. Dimick, Senior, Forest Management; Callie A. Instenes, Senior, Graphic Design; Emily A. Lund, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Caleb T. Naughton, Freshman, Environmental Sciences; Joseph P. Orton, Freshman, Biology; Michael Polander, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Alyson N. Steckley, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Logan G. Stewart, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Zacheriah A. Tucker, Senior, Psychology; Mychal P. Westendorf, Senior, Forest Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Melissa R. Whitaker, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Justin T. Bruntmyer, Junior, Computer Science; Carlos Falcon, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Megan R. Marchand, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Luis A. Meza, Senior, Renewable Materials; Emma J. Miller, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Trevor A. Whitaker, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Erica B. Brown, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Sean R. Maroney, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Travis J. Rice, Senior, Public Health; Nicholas A. Silva, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Peter J. Teague, Senior, Civil Engineering; Ryan F. Wruck, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Angela J. Porter, Senior, Liberal Studies; Audrey R. Regan, Senior, English.

        3.5 or Better: Bridget H. Regan, Sophomore, Zoology.




Bay City

        3.5 or Better: Erika N. Van Loo, Senior, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Andrea C. Kenagy, Senior, Liberal Studies; Jessica J. Windle, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: California L. Sullivan, Senior, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Shelby L. Porter, Senior, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Nicholas P. Ahn, Senior, BioHealth Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Kennady L. Johnson, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Tyler M. Weber, Sophomore, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Mitchell H. Baertlein, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Keil C. Boring, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Samantha E. Boring, Junior, Earth Sciences; Emma S. Cummings, Freshman, Pre-Business; Cheyenne M. Hahn, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brittney R. Main, Freshman, Mathematics; Joseph P. Meyer, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Kalli N. Sherer, Junior, Animal Sciences; Cade M. Waud, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Logan W. Weeks, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.





        Straight-A Average: Natalie R. Arnold, Sophomore, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob A. Murstig, Freshman, Agricultural Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Bailey Burns, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Yosiel A. Ornelas, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Oscar F. Avila, Senior, Athletic Training; Cody Ray F. Hoeft, Junior, Computer Science; Mikayla M. Kelly, Junior, Zoology; Anesat Leon-Guerrero, Junior, Sociology; Alayna S. Reese, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Alexandra C. Thompson, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences; Ashley M. Walchli, Senior, Music; Rebecca J. Walker, Senior, Animal Sciences; Reid L. Worstell, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


Milton Freewater

        3.5 or Better: Ivan Castaneda, Senior, Economics; Shellie J. Versteeg, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Walter W. Beckwith, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Laikyn W. Carnes, Senior, Marketing; Bryan R. Carter, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Virginia A. Kerns, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Laurel P. Perilli, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sam A. Reeves, Junior, Biology.


Pilot Rock

        3.5 or Better: Kylee J. Jensen, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Shane C. Mascall, Senior, Accountancy.



        Straight-A Average: Gabriel Rojas, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Lorena Ambriz, Sophomore, Sociology.



        3.5 or Better: Lawrence T. Pankey, Senior, Civil Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Lauren E. Scoubes-Sauers, Senior, Finance.



        Straight-A Average: Emilee R. Patterson, Junior, Animal Sciences.


La Grande

        Straight-A Average: Jacob A. Jensen, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Mollee A. Shaw, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Caleb A. Smith, Sophomore, Mathematics.

        3.5 or Better: Marina B. Hattan, Senior, Psychology; Tracy D. Koenig, Senior, Animal Sciences; Nicholaus D. Ridling, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Ryan D. Shaul, Sophomore, Pre-Forest Engineering.


North Powder

        3.5 or Better: Alexandra C. Colton, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Jessica L. Reynolds, Senior, Nutrition; Taylor D. Sarman, Junior, Political Science.





        3.5 or Better: Brooke T. Greenshields, Junior, Animal Sciences; Damon C. Greenshields, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kathy A. Sewell, Freshman, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.



        3.5 or Better: Katelynn C. Burns, Senior, Psychology; Waynoka Cabral, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        3.5 or Better: Alexa M. Macias, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Jackson S. Woods, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Emily J. Cooper, Senior, Merchandising Management; Gavin M. Schmidt, Senior, Horticulture.


The Dalles

        Straight-A Average: Nathaniel H. Brophy, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Makenzie A. Ellett, Senior, Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Isaac Bailey, Senior, Radiation Health Physics; Danton K. Batty, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Lucas J. Broehl, Senior, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Carsen C. Cordell, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Haley P. Ellett, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Lindsey G. Ellett, Sophomore, Psychology; Andrea E. Flores, Junior, Public Health; Judith M. Ford, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brenn A. Macnab, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Zachary J. Mazeski, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Mireya d. Moreno Ibarra, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Grant A. Pearson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ricardo Perez, Freshman, Pre-Business; Jonah K. Powell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jose A. Vazquez, Senior, Chemical Engineering.





        Straight-A Average: Jessica G. Alonso, Senior, Psychology; Connor P. Bice, Senior, Physics; Christian L. Chase, Senior, Psychology; Karen Kuhlman, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Cheryle L. Norris, Senior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Alexia L. Berg, Senior, Liberal Studies; Brook A. Butler, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; Amber A. Ebrahimnejad, Freshman, History; Mikkel N. Hansen, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; William C. Horton, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Annalise M. Miller, Senior, Civil Engineering; Anthony M. Opocensky, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Kevin A. Paternostro, Senior, Biology; Bryanna R. Rainwater, Senior, Speech Communication; Timothy M. Rice, Senior, Computer Science; Devon J. Scheller, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Alexandra T. Stoll, Senior, Public Health; Hallie M. Wahlstrom, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Elise T. Warren, Junior, Sociology.



        Straight-A Average: Mitchell J. Evers, Junior, Bioresource Research; Aaron D. Streblow, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: Matthew R. Borchers, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Stefani J. Evers, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Jacob D. Lyda, Junior, Economics.



        Straight-A Average: Erin L. Acree, Senior, Sociology; Emilirose C. Ammons, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Nichole C. Anderson, Sophomore, Political Science; Tyler N. Boatright, Sophomore, Nutrition; Timothy M. Broussard, Senior, Philosophy; Kamilah Buker, Senior, Civil Engineering; Brian Ceballos, Senior, Biology; Kathryn P. Chen, Sophomore, Chemistry; Joan H. Cheung, Junior, Pre-Business; Yi Ling D. Cheung, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Elizabeth S. Choi, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lauren E. Coe, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Casey M. Collins, Freshman, Nutrition; Joshua M. Cook, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Christopher J. Eastwood, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sarah H. Gish, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Kylean E. Gunhus, Senior, Civil Engineering; Paige M. Harris, Sophomore, Biology; Jacob T. Huegel, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Rahasudha Kannan, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering; Nima Khorsandian, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Phillip W. Lam, Senior, Biology; Katherine I. Lanfri, Senior, Civil Engineering; Hansori S. Lee, Senior, Economics; Lauren M. Lynn, Freshman, Pre-Communication; Alexander P. Mc Fadden, Junior, Biology; Mia S. Mc Fadden, Senior, Psychology; Aaron J. Mc Kenney, Senior, Computer Science; Robert H. Mills, Senior, Microbiology; Danielle C. Nelson, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Elliott J. Nelson, Sophomore, Political Science; Ian R. Nelson, Senior, Accountancy; Austin D. Nguyen, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Elisa S. Olds, Junior, Mathematics; Benjamin D. Oliverio, Freshman, Pre-Business; Justin T. Roach, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Akash Sharma, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Mason G. Shaw, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Zachary N. Stark, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Lauren E. Tetzloff, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Camille J. Tollbom, Sophomore, English; Justin T. Tran, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Chethiya Weligodapola, Freshman, Microbiology; Emily F. Wisler, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Jason A. Wood, Senior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Godfrey H. Yeung, Senior, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Taylor S. Acott, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Ashley N. Anderson, Senior, Animal Sciences; Bradley T. Anderson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Glen N. Anderson, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Nicole L. Anderson, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Conner W. Andrews, Senior, Athletic Training; Leslie E. Antell, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Christopher A. Bame, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Taylor J. Barnes, Sophomore, Biology; Emily M. Bauer, Senior, Nutrition; Anthony V. Beovich, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Stephen M. Bohna, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Brielle J. Bonham, Junior, Finance; L R. Bonner, Senior, Physics; Amy E. Bortvedt, Junior, Biology; Benjamin T. Brooke, Sophomore, Biology; Madeline S. Broussard, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Ashleigh A. Burgess, Sophomore, Psychology; Brandon C. Burgess, Senior, Computer Science; Baylee E. Butzer, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Meghan E. Calder, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dayna M. Carlson, Freshman, Biology; Rachael R. Carlson, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Daniel E. Child, Senior, Forest Engineering; Lawton A. Chin, Junior, Spanish; Daniel E. Cicerchi, Junior, Civil Engineering; Kevin D. Coffey, Senior, Civil Engineering; Tia Collins, Sophomore, Political Science; Tyler Collins, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Brandon M. Colwell, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Rachel N. Creel, Senior, Psychology; Kyler R. Critchett, Senior, Bioengineering; Christopher J. Denning, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Brian N. Destine, Senior, Biology; Karina N. Destine, Junior, General Science; Audrey M. Dey, Junior, Anthropology; Connie K. Du, Senior, English; Heather A. Duering, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Arek M. Engstrom, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Jacob L. Fenger, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Monica E. Flowers, Freshman, Biology; Olivia A. Fosner, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jacob E. Fought, Freshman, Sociology; Kristin E. Freitag, Junior, Industrial Engineering; Oscar A. Gayet, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Marissa F. Gill, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Jamila Godil, Freshman, Microbiology; Omeed A. Habibelahian, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Nathanael R. Hammerberg, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jonathan H. Hardman, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Guillaume Hart, Senior, Civil Engineering; Kamela L. Hasselman, Senior, Psychology; Haley V. Hatfield, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Lauren M. Hayes, Junior, Biology; Huy Hoang, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Megan C. Holland, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Ryan W. Holland, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Abigail S. Holt, Freshman, Pre-Business; Tyler P. Hotan, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Ashley N. Howarth, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Justin Hua, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Melanie R. Ingram, Junior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Donald C. Jahne, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Danielle I. Jones, Junior, Sociology; Anantha P. Jujjuri, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ayesha Khader, Senior, Bioengineering; Emaan M. Khan, Junior, Microbiology; Claire A. Kiefel, Freshman, Biology; Rachel E. Kieffer, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Paul M. Kirse, Senior, General Science; Jenna N. Kluempke, Freshman, Pre-Business; Dillon A. Koch, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Calvin A. Kocher, Senior, Anthropology; Austin R. Kwong, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Bryce A. Laperle, Freshman, Pre-Business; Ben D. Lawrence, Sophomore, Environmental Econ and Policy; Justin S. Lee, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Joseph J. Lewis, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Julia A. Lindquist, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Timothy S. Logan, Senior, Management; Nhi H. Luu, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Laikana M. Ly, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Madison E. Lynn, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; William R. Mc Cabe, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jacob C. Mc Carthy, Junior, Computer Science; Cassidy L. Mcdonald, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Emily B. Mcgaffey, Junior, Nutrition; Braydon R. Meeuwsen, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Josephine F. Meyer Smilove, Freshman, Political Science; Jamie E. Miller, Junior, Zoology; Nolan R. Minter, Freshman, Pre-Business; Brooke C. Modrell, Senior, Merchandising Management; Alyssa L. Nagy, Freshman, Pre-Business; Mayuri Naidoo, Junior, Public Health; Vedanth Narayanan, Senior, Computer Science; Alexander E. Necas, Freshman, Pre-Business; Angela L. Neil, Senior, Political Science; Chris M. Newman, Senior, Computer Science; Duy M. Nguyen, Senior, Computer Science; Kristine B. Nguyen, Senior, Bioengineering; Nhu P. Nguyen, Freshman, Psychology; Kevin C. Nickerson, Junior, Mathematics; Bryan S. Nicol, Senior, Athletic Training; Kari R. Parker, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Stephanie T. Parrish, Senior, Nutrition; Stephanie M. Paul, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Davin L. Pease, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Angeline A. Pekson, Freshman, Biology; Victoria C. Pence, Freshman, Spanish; Michael S. Pharr, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Hannah F. Price, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Jenna M. Proctor, Senior, History; Joshua J. Randolph, Freshman, Physics; Subhei I. Shaar, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Lucy J. Shaffer, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Carmen L. Shahtout, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Arthur Shing, Sophomore, Psychology; William A. Shogren, Senior, Computer Science; Andrew K. Sonsteng, Junior, Psychology; Mackenzie R. Spencer, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Matthew T. Staropoli, Sophomore, Biology; Cyrus C. Steenkolk, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kyler M. Stole, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Demetri Z. Stoumbos, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Keawe J. Stubenberg, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Kohei Sugimoto, Senior, Civil Engineering; Aaron M. Sugiyama, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Kelsey N. Taylor, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Sarah N. Tensa, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Nathan B. Tollbom, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Stephanie A. Tollbom, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; William G. Valiant, Senior, Microbiology; Tyler P. Vonderach, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Lara C. Von Linsowe-Wilson, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Abdulwahed P. Wahedi, Senior, Computer Science; Daniel G. Webb, Senior, Civil Engineering; Cortnee D. Whitlock, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Rhiannon L. Williams, Senior, Spanish; Bryan M. Wynn, Senior, Finance; Margaret M. Yahn, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Stephanie A. Zhao, Senior, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Jennifer Hilger, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Amy N. Hilger, Freshman, Biology; Devin M. Wyckoff, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Emily R. Hepler, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Peter W. Mercer, Senior, Civil Engineering; Kyanna K. Ogilvie, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Viviana Castaneda Cervantes, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Rhea Mae V. Edwards, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Eliot L. Frack, Senior, Apparel Design; Joelle D. Hepler, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Scott D. Hill, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jennifer R. Lux, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Jerome J. Lux, Sophomore, Biology; Kayla N. Miller, Junior, Business Administration; Andrew J. Peterkort, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jessica I. Randall, Junior, Animal Sciences.


Forest Grove

        Straight-A Average: Emilia M. Anderson, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Kendra C. Duyck, Senior, Civil Engineering; Marisa R. VanderPlaat, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Max P. Wilson-Fey, Senior, Ecological Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Lauren C. Boyer, Senior, Sociology; Nicholas R. Bristow, Senior, Computer Science; Auston L. Clemens, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Brenda L. Contreras, Senior, Psychology; Dylan M. Haugen, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Julia M. Khoury, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Monique M. LaJeunesse, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Melanie A. Lemert, Senior, Psychology; Dillon J. Packard, Senior, Psychology; Joshua M. Schneider, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Jessica M. Steigerwald, Junior, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Kiersten L. Stevens, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Ethan C. Thursam, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Mercedies V. Villarreal-Sanchez, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Noah A. Wilson-Fey, Sophomore, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Alyssa L. Andrew, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; John W. Harris, Junior, Microbiology; Amber M. Meeks, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Thomas R. Albertine, Junior, Computer Science; Scott R. Best, Junior, Microbiology; Steven A. Christmas, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Jason W. Conradt, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Heather A. Costa, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Erin A. Evers, Junior, Accountancy; Blake A. Hakkila, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Samantha R. Hopman, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Khiem C. Lam, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Samantha M. Roof, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Jaydeep H. Rotithor, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Mason N. Rouches, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jason W. Sandwisch, Junior, Chemistry; James T. Seely, Freshman, Horticulture; Haley A. Shelton, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Brittany J. Walsh, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Rachel C. Zynda, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


        3.5 or Better: Cody R. Abel, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Adriana Aguilar, Senior, Public Health; Brenna M. Baker, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Zachary R. Bergthold, Senior, Accountancy; Mariah A. Bevandich, Sophomore, Psychology; Ryan J. Boleen, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Sabrina M. Bradshaw, Sophomore, Sociology; Sean M. Callahan, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kurtis P. Campbell, Senior, Computer Science; Tadvana S. Canakapalli, Senior, Computer Science; Stephanie P. Cantrall, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Nicholas C. Carleson, Junior, Bioresource Research; Sonny Chang, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Jeremy J. Chu, Freshman, Biology; Samantha L. Coates, Senior, Marketing; Lorena C. Colcer, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Kendall J. Conroy, Junior, Renewable Materials; Danny K. Dang, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Malcolm M. Diller, Sophomore, Computer Science; Andrew R. Dobrinski, Senior, Computer Science; Tara E. Dunn, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Daniel J. Esborg, Senior, Sociology; Korlin A. Favara, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Danielle N. Feltman, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kayla A. Fleskes, Junior, Civil Engineering; Liam J. Garrett, Freshman, Economics; Spencer A. Gates, Senior, Marketing; Sevda Goktay, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kelly Grover, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Reed M. Hamilton, Senior, Computer Science; Daniel J. Hernandez, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Alissa J. Hettinga, Junior, Pre-Communication; Katrina A. Hiebel, Freshman, Zoology; Jenny Ho, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Michael Jensen, Junior, Microbiology; Katharine E. Jesse, Freshman, Pre-Business; Zachary D. Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Ryan J. Knippel, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Susannah J. Laws, Freshman, Zoology; Amanda Leger, Senior, Psychology; Joseph T. Long, Senior, Bioengineering; Juan M. Manzo-Sanchez, Senior, Business Information Systems; Sarah E. Massey, Junior, Music; Riley M. Mc Leod, Sophomore, General Science; Kelsey M. Mc Mahan, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Abigail H. Merkel, Senior, Physics; Jack T. Merrill, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Kathryn S. Merrill, Senior, Finance; Mitch W. Messmer, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Ulysses Meza, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Elena Miller, Junior, History; Erika N. Moellmer, Freshman, Political Science; Brett M. Morgan, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Anna M. Peabody, Senior, Marketing; Holly N. Phillips, Sophomore, General Science; Lauren M. Powell, Senior, Animal Sciences; Miles V. Rouches, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Collin I. Ruark, Junior, Chemistry; Alexa M. Sagon, Junior, Merchandising Management; Matthew D. Schramm, Sophomore, English; Brock A. Smedley, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Abraham M. Teklu, Freshman, Physics; Trent M. Toney, Junior, Pre-Business; Jorge E. Valdes, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Collin J. VanderZanden, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; John P. White, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Ian M. Young, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Kylie J. Zynda, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.


North Plains

        3.5 or Better: Cadell Y. Chand, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Marian H. Jamieson, Junior, Civil Engineering; Melanie M. Jordan, Junior, Psychology; Scott M. Jordan, Senior, Computer Science; Christiana R. Logan, Freshman, Nutrition.




        Straight-A Average: Corynn M. Bernhardt, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Makenzie K. Budge, Senior, Civil Engineering; Tanner S. Cecchetti, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jessica A. Kittel, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Evan C. Meichtry, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Amy M. Otis, Junior, Pre-Business; Shaylin H. Pfarr, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Sean H. Powell, Junior, Pre-Business; Nicholas W. Rowlands, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Stefanie S. Schulze, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Hannah N. Valesano, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Michael H. Alleman, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Caitlin C. Allen, Junior, Biology; Michael E. Balfour, Senior, Speech Communication; Jessica L. Barrott, Freshman, English; Bryse M. Bishoff, Senior, Sociology; Taylor J. Bonawitz, Junior, Liberal Studies; Simon A. Brundage, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Jason M. Castaneda, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Makayla Cecil, Junior, Computer Science; Nicholas S. Clarke, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Erika L. Cooley, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Carson T. Dougan, Senior, Liberal Studies; Samantha R. Farwell, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Richard P. Fettig, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Stephanie E. Fulton, Junior, Public Health; Annie M. Govig, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Hannah T. Huntington, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Brayden C. Johnson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Chase M. Krieger, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Alexandra J. Magill, Senior, English; Kiana I. Mccurry, Sophomore, Applied Visual Arts; Jacquelyn R. Mc Master, Senior, Public Health; Gabriel G. Morey, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Michelle K. Murphy, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; James H. Nguyen, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Joshua J. Patterson, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Denise A. Petrie, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Lyndi-Rae E. Petty, Sophomore, Biology; Taylor L. Poissant, Junior, Pre-Public Health; McKayla B. Rath, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew Rice, Freshman, Biology; Daniel K. Rice, Junior, Finance; John M. Schaefer, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Michael C. Schaefer, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mark T. Schroeder, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Scott J. Skurdahl, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jake T. Springer, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Samantha N. Stewart, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Quinn M. Stratton, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kylie M. Thalhofer, Senior, Graphic Design; Kyle P. Watt, Senior, Accountancy; Dustin A. Welters, Sophomore, Crop and Soil Science.



        Straight-A Average: Nolen H. Austin, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Patricia K. Billette, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Lauren E. Chan, Junior, Nutrition; Megan T. Co, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Evan W. Davis, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Tai N. Dustan, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kelly A. Fox, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mackenzie S. Gibson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Rochelle C. Glover, Senior, Microbiology; Maria M. Herbison, Senior, Microbiology; Haley M. Hunt, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Daniel T. Huynh, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Joseph O. Jamus, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Samantha J. Jansen, Senior, Spanish; Cameron J. Johnson, Sophomore, Zoology; Mandy Liu, Sophomore, General Science; Hayden C. Olson, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kirsten M. Rowley, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Kelsi A. Schaer, Senior, Marketing; Andrew M. Smelter, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Nicholas S. Tompulis, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Zackery G. Vollstedt, Freshman, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Brandon Wick, Junior, Microbiology.

        3.5 or Better: Ryan B. Afranji, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Ernest-James B. Albaugh, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Sam W. Albert, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Rebecca J. Albertson, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Claudia C. Andersen, Sophomore, Renewable Materials; Maxwell L. Bailey, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Tate A. Bankston, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Hayley J. Bemis, Junior, Pre-Business; Haley N. Bern;

Blair E. Bowmer, Sophomore, Music; Madison R. Brady, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Taylor R. Broimani, Junior, Accountancy; Tina N. Bui, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Keenan M. Cabrera, Junior, Physics; Laura J. Chapman, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Jon C. Chisholm, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kayla J. Coleman, Freshman, Pre-Communication; Alexandra N. Connall, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Timothy G. Coumes, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Carly J. Culin, Junior, Political Science; Munther M. Dajani, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Brett R. Daniels, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Eldon Delacruz, Sophomore, Music; Nathanael C. Ditton, Freshman, Pre-Business; Catherine M. Enger, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Amelia E. Foster, Senior, Microbiology; Jacob A. Garrison, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Emily J. Hansen, Senior, Public Health; Katherine M. Harbolt, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Katarina N. Hedgepeth, Senior, Speech Communication; Glenn P. Hershberger, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Bradley T. Imai, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Jennifer C. Jacko, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Alexander P. Janac, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Lucretia G. Janke, Senior, Animal Sciences; Michael H. Jansen, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Mark A. Jenson, Senior, Finance; Kangni Jiang, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Wade L. Johnson, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Megan A. Kamiya, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Elizabeth C. King, Senior, Merchandising Management; Robert Kneeland, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Kellsie A. Knolin, Senior, Animal Sciences; Rachel A. Krager, Senior, Recreation Resource Management; Margaret N. Lang, Sophomore, Earth Sciences; Sophia D. Le, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kevin C. Li, Junior, Biology; Daniel R. Lien, Junior, Natural Resources; Hantao Ling, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Harrison H. Liu, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Nicholaus R. Lor, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Natasha M. Malik, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Rebecca L. Mc Dade, Sophomore, Psychology; Jonathan D. Mc Neil, Senior, Computer Science; Ashley C. Melancon, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Emily A. Miyasako, Senior, Biology; Chad J. Nathanson, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Elisa M. Newport, Junior, Psychology; Stuart M. Nosler, Junior, Finance; Kayla A. Obrien, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Aleah G. Olsen, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Manali P. Paralkar, Senior, Bioengineering; Sophia G. Peterson, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Audrey R. Pfahl, Senior, Earth Sciences; Caroline B. Pham, Freshman, Biology; Amanda L. Potter, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Benjamin S. Pursley, Junior, Forest Engineering; Abdul K. Raslan, Senior, Microbiology; Shane H. Rasor, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Blake A. Reser, Freshman, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Tristan M. Retzlaff, Junior, Biology; Alec E. Rietman, Senior, Computer Science; Shanna N. Roast, Sophomore, Art; Jillian M. Robinson, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Amy N. Roluffs, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kevin J. Rooney, Sophomore, Music; Lindsey R. Rosette, Freshman, Pre-Business; Tristen L. Rude, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sanjana Saravanan, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; John W. Schaer, Junior, Pre-Business; Noah S. Shumway, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Mackenzie A. Smith, Senior, Zoology; Alexis R. Snyder, Senior, Marketing; Tyler A. Snyder, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sarah E. Spangler, Senior, Biology; Emma L. Stanley, Junior, Biology; Jessica G. Tran, Senior, Microbiology; Tracie L. Tran, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Rachel Y. Tullsen, Senior, Microbiology; Grant W. Van Dyke, Senior, Accountancy; Cam Nhung T. Vo, Senior, Liberal Studies; Cam Tu T. Vo, Junior, Computer Science; Janak G. Ward, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Nicole J. Watson, Senior, Accountancy; Emily A. Weiglin, Junior, Marketing; Madeline L. Welch, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Benjamin A. Wick, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Todd M. Williams, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Haylee N. Winden, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Michael S. Yeo, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Joshua Zheng, Junior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Kaitlyn D. Cepeda, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jasmine C. Eberhard, Junior, Psychology; Patrick T. Flynn, Sophomore, Mathematics; Lauren E. Janes, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Andrew C. MacMillan, Senior, Economics; Logan J. Myers, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Katherine A. Platter, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Richard A. Soteros, Junior, Economics; Kathryn M. Uetz, Junior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Austin L. Angle, Senior, Chemistry; Austin A. Arizala, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Cole D. Austin, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jessica M. Blackmun, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Sarah M. Blank, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jamie Marie A. Boryska, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Timothy R. Bourque, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Jessica L. Broberg, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Tyler J. Courtney, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sara E. Crawford, Senior, English; Nicholas R. Cross, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jonathan M. Dempster, Senior, Horticulture; Matthew D. Derhalli, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Lindsey G. Ferguson, Junior, Zoology; Shale M. Flora, Senior, Bioengineering; Kevin C. Fuquay, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Kade B. Gerlach, Sophomore, History; Ryan T. Gillihan, Sophomore, Psychology; Alyson K. Hackelman, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jennifer M. Hawkins, Junior, Zoology; Tyler J. Inberg, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Megan L. Kleven, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jason L. Lemieux, Junior, Accountancy; Sarah N. Lemieux, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Louis R. Leon, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Natalie Leon, Senior, Microbiology; Isaac V. Lomax, Senior, Marketing; Riley J. Mc Coy, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Jacob P. Mc Grady, Junior, Pre-Business; Keith R. Messenger, Senior, Biology;  Rachel A. Miller, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Dylan C. Moore, Junior, Civil Engineering; Rose A. Newberry, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Chase T. Norlin, Senior, Accountancy; Bonnie J. Nutting, Junior, Pre-Business; Peter J. Oliver, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Ashley A. Owens, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy; Elizabeth R. Pate, Senior, Nutrition; Maddison K. Souza, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Kevin M. Stephenson, Senior, Computer Science; Hailee M. Strength, Senior, Marketing; Jordan M. Taylor, Senior, Finance; Hanna V. Thompson, Junior, Psychology; Daniel B. Trebelhorn, Senior, Renewable Materials; Virginia S. Tworoger, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; David M. Walser, Sophomore, Psychology; Markus R. Woltjer, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.





        3.5 or Better: Charles M. Palazo, Junior, Industrial Engineering.





        Straight-A Average: Natalie A. Cronan, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Lea M. Hudson, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Derek J. Ojua, Sophomore, Pre-Forest/Civil Engineering; Emma C. Stubblefield, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Heather L. Mc Kee, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Anna C. Stargel, Senior, Natural Resources.

        3.5 or Better: Morgan B. Apke, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Mariah A. Schock, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Benjamin B. Stubbs, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Arik J. Hedgecock, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Shawne N. Sweeney, Junior, Political Science.



        Straight-A Average: Jordan E. Bruemmer, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Carrie A. Nies, Junior, Sociology; Alvin Z. Yu, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jonathan M. Bonebrake, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Christopher A. Derrickson, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Vania Flores Vega, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Taylor A. Mc Anally, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jared M. Noyes, Senior, Philosophy; Amanda M. Sullivan, Senior, University Exploratory Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Chelsea M. Ahart, Senior, Psychology; Travis E. Allen, Sophomore, Pre-Finance; Damien Barrett, Senior, Microbiology; Lauren L. Bernards, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Morgan D. Bristow, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Caleb Q. Bunn, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; James M. Desmond, Senior, Civil Engineering; Brittny Gardner, Senior, Natural Resources; Victoria F. George, Freshman, Microbiology; Whitney M. Iparraguirre, Junior, Psychology;  Alyssa R. Johnson, Senior, Graphic Design; Erica M. Johnson, Senior, Accountancy; Gabrielle A. Kent, Senior, Nutrition; Jeannie M. Klein, Senior, Botany; Dana J. Lester, Junior, Nutrition; Megan A. Mcbride, Junior, Animal Sciences; Luke J. Morrison, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Amanda R. Noble, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme; Wesly R. Noble, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mathew A. Oldfield, Freshman, Chemistry; Molly A. Olsen, Junior, Biology; Robert J. Orth, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Erik A. Rodriguez-Sanchez, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; James A. Vander Meide, Senior, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Lisa M. Barnard, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew D. Halstead, Senior, Athletic Training; Marjorie M. Halstead, Freshman, Nutrition; Jennifer M. Meissner, Senior, French.

        3.5 or Better: Gabriel P. Acosta, Senior, Civil Engineering; Caitlin M. Berger, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Anthony W. Farr, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Monica D. Farrar, Senior, Psychology; Alexandra G. Ferrell, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Elise M. Foster, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Gabriela Garcia, Senior, Public Health; Daniel J. Green, Senior, Mathematics; Rebecca J. Honda, Senior, Psychology; Kori A. Howard, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Delany Y. Kriz, Junior, Biology; Alyssa M. Liljequist, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Tyler J. Oathes, Senior, Civil Engineering; Charles H. Palmer, Junior, Sociology; Madison C. Paskett, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Evan T. Placek, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Hailey M. Sanders, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Laura D. Steele, Senior, Merchandising Management.


        Straight-A Average: Priscilla J. Prevo, Junior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Brandy M. McIntosh, Senior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.


        3.5 or Better: Cheyanne E. Fasana, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Chris Hofenbredl, Junior, Business Administration; Damian J. Mecham, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Stephanie R. Ison, Senior, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Wilson T. Crawford, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Hayley A. Hoefer, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.

Winter Term 2015 Honor Roll by State



        3.5 or Better: Andrew M. Bouman, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Nicholas A. Bouman, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jack H. Dodd, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Alaina M. Hawley, Junior, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Hannah M. Langendorf, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Logan T. Mc Ginnis, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Valene M. Peratrovich, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kristen M. Ratcliffe, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Tiffany N. Song, Senior, Animal Sciences.


Eagle River

        3.5 or Better: Madison C. McAleavey, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Carly R. Metcalf, Sophomore, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Cassandra G. Bloom, Senior, Nutrition; Taylor M. Mrzena, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Annalee K. Cocker, Senior, Finance; Hannah J. LaRue, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Rhett W. Bennett, Senior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Taylor A. Knight, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


North Pole

        3.5 or Better: Daniel A. Stoyer, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Bret A. Martinsen, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        3.5 or Better: Kaycie L. Coleman, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Rumen M. Doggett, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Hannah G. Bulovsky, Senior, Chemical Engineering.





        Straight-A Average: Christiana M. Huss, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        Straight-A Average: Sabrina A. Carr, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Rachel R. Brownfield, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Andi M. Gillaspie, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Brady N. Mc Bride, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


Grand Canyon

        3.5 or Better: Sara B. Manley, Senior, Earth Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Kaylee F. Weyrauch, Sophomore, Applied Visual Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Molly M. De Jaynes, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.


Queen Creek

        3.5 or Better: Amanda Evans, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Travis K. Gildner, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Madison P. Sween, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Stephen C. Henry, Senior, Civil Engineering.




Little Rock

        3.5 or Better: Vikram B. Gondhalekar, Senior, Bioengineering.




Agoura Hills

        Straight-A Average: Danielle R. Palatin, Sophomore, English.


        3.5 or Better: Kevin M. Mason, Junior, Botany.



        3.5 or Better: Jorden T. Deierling, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Chase A. Jones, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Hugh R. Mc Donald, Senior, Computer Science; Ryan M. Wood, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.


Aliso Viejo

        Straight-A Average: Catherine S. Huang, Junior, Public Health; Emily D. Jocham, Junior, Nutrition.

        3.5 or Better: Janet L. Cannon, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jeralyn M. Jelnick, Senior, General Science.


American Canyon

        3.5 or Better: Derrick R. Antes, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Ian C. Bacon, Senior, Accountancy.



        3.5 or Better: Dane F. Dickerson, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Kjerstine K. Crowder, Junior, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren M. Dowd, Junior, English.



        3.5 or Better: Cheyenne C. Rogers, Senior, Nutrition; Haley N. Tupen, Junior, Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Harrison T. Linsky, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme; Hunter W. Lopez, Sophomore, Earth Sciences; Murdock A. Millwood, Sophomore, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Maxwell G. Schmidt, Junior, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Hanna E. Hagler, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth A. Hurley, Sophomore, English.



        Straight-A Average: Lauren N. Gentle, Junior, Zoology; Christine C. Torres, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Connor P. Rowan, Junior, Public Health; Michael J. Scafani, Senior, Industrial Engineering.


Big Bear Lake

        3.5 or Better: Hailey B. Ghelber, Sophomore, Sociology.



        3.5 or Better: Daniel K. Klemencic, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


Boulder Creek

        3.5 or Better: Lauren J. Smith, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Karli M. Rumburg, Sophomore, English.


Cameron Park

        Straight-A Average: Evann L. Stabenow, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Hannah G. Shaffer, Freshman, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Analyssa M. Quaranta, Junior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Trevin J. Braun, Senior, Biology; Christopher J. Ratcliff, Senior, Bioresource Research.




        3.5 or Better: Ryan J. Smith, Senior, Food Science and Technology.


Castro Valley

        3.5 or Better: Bryan A. Cmelak, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren V. Eyrich, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Amy E. Bower, Junior, Environmental Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Alexandra R. Grijalba, Senior, Psychology.


Chula Vista

        3.5 or Better: Sean L. Turley, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Olivia A. Lorenz, Senior, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Taylor B. Hunziker, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sarah S. Okimoto, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael R. Pouch, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Ashley M. Morris, Senior, Public Health; Yeng Thao, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Jessica E. Alfonzo, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Megan E. Mcward, Sophomore, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Nathaniel G. Carson, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Mollie R. Privett, Sophomore, Pre-Business.


Crescent City

        3.5 or Better: Raquel G. Pamplona Da Silva, Freshman, Psychology; David J. Plechaty, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Samantha E. Barry, Senior, Mathematics; Brian E. Nordby, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


Daly City

        3.5 or Better: Tyler H. Wherry, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Dana Point

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer M. Ransom, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Brandon K. Darling, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Cameron J. Dykzeul, Freshman, Pre-Business; Nicolas R. Grubaugh, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Marie Hunt, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Jessika K. Martinez, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Daniel J. Maupin, Senior, Athletic Training; Matthew T. Ruetman, Senior, Economics.



        Straight-A Average: Galen C. Hoshovsky, Senior, Environmental Science.

        3.5 or Better: Alexandra R. Barbaria, Junior, Anthropology; Erin C. Leary, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; William M. Young, Senior, Environmental Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: David E. Buckmaster, Senior, Mathematics.


Diamond Springs

        3.5 or Better: Carl J. Hughes, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Marcus A. McMaryion, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Natalie H. Miller, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Zachary S. Van Dussen, Senior, Civil Engineering.


El Dorado Hills

        Straight-A Average: Kathleen A. Williams, Senior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Reid B. Edlund, Junior, Biology; Payton A. Gates, Junior, Liberal Studies; Kathryn M. Kasabian, Senior, Economics; Christopher N. Nguyen, Freshman, Pre-Business; Mallory J. Temple, Sophomore, Economics.


Elk Grove

        3.5 or Better: Alissa M. Hashisaka, Freshman, Art; Demetrius D. Watts, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


El Segundo

        3.5 or Better: Michael B. Chasco, Sophomore, Applied Visual Arts.


Emerald Hills

        Straight-A Average: Persia R. Neumann, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Alexander J. Smith, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew H. Ross, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Dianna Diaz, Senior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Amber L. Gates, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Dianna L. Heimstadt, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Kiara C. Garcia, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Fair Oaks

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer A. Miller, Junior, Athletic Training.


Fall River Mills

        3.5 or Better: Lydia J. McDemos, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Renae A. Rangel, Freshman, Sociology.



        Straight-A Average: Celia A. Hansen, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Shadee Kohan, Junior, Zoology; Annika L. Smith, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.


Foothill Ranch

        3.5 or Better: Coco D. Davis, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Lily Xu, Senior, Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Michael H. Olkin, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Foster City

        3.5 or Better: Megan N. Hughes, Senior, Animal Sciences.


Fountain Valley

        3.5 or Better: Colin S. Ekman, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Natalie A. Hinds, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Andrew Ho, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kathryn A. Rodriggs, Sophomore, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Amber N. Mawhinney, Junior, Finance.



        3.5 or Better: Emma M. Armstrong, Freshman, Earth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Dawson J. Bean, Junior, Management; Lindsay E. Speno, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Alexis E. Murphy, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Samantha R. Patlan, Freshman, Pre-Apparel; Erica A. Zellmann, Senior, Natural Resources.


Gold River

        3.5 or Better: Chelsea M. Golding, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kimberley M. Preston, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Granite Bay

        3.5 or Better: Amy E. Jahr, Senior, Bioengineering; Adam G. Scotten, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jessica E. Scotten, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Sarah F. Spiegelman, Senior, Speech Communication; Clarke M. Stevenson, Senior, Liberal Studies.


Grass Valley

        Straight-A Average: Kelsey M. Uno, Senior, Athletic Training.



        Straight-A Average: Mackenzie E. Allen, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Justin Costa, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Gabrielle Palazuelos, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management.


Huntington Beach

        Straight-A Average: Kendal S. Schwabrow, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Mitchell W. Deskovick, Senior, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Jacqueline Gomez, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Matthew K. Arakaki, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Storm M. Charbonneau, Sophomore, Pre-Business; McKenna R. Teltscher, Freshman, Pre-Communication.



        3.5 or Better: Nathalie R. Gaebe, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.


Joshua Tree

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer Bryant, Senior, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Lena J. Orlando, Senior, Horticulture.


La Crescenta

        3.5 or Better: Kristen T. Mascheroni, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        Straight-A Average: Siena M. Del Ponte, Junior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Russell W. Zillgitt, Senior, Accountancy.


Laguna Beach

        3.5 or Better: Quintin J. Russell, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences.


Laguna Niguel

        3.5 or Better: Natalie J. Lutz, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Lake Forest

        3.5 or Better: Anthony L. Anziano, Junior, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kevin E. Pigao, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology.


La Mesa

        3.5 or Better: Alexandra R. Sysol, Senior, English.



        3.5 or Better: Dalton A. Myas, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


La Puente

        3.5 or Better: Herman N. Flamenco, Senior, Forestry.



        Straight-A Average: Jedidiah W. Courage, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Lauren T. Lucas, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Alexis R. Gutierrez, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Brian D. Engdahl, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Talia Patience, Senior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Rachel A. Olson, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.


Long Beach

        3.5 or Better: Jessica M. Backstrom, Freshman, Pre-Industrial Engineering.


Los Angeles

        3.5 or Better: Heather L. Bullock, Junior, Natural Resources; Caleb G. Carroll, Sophomore, Sociology.


Los Gatos

        3.5 or Better: Karly A. Fleming, Senior, Accountancy; Allison C. Frey, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Tabitha A. Pearson, Senior, Botany.



        Straight-A Average: Peter M. Beck, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren E. LaGrande, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Robert W. Wiloth, Jr, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


Mission Viejo

        3.5 or Better: Samantha A. Shaver, Junior, History.



        3.5 or Better: Gregory S. Gilbert, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Mairin S. Fahey, Junior, Psychology; Brian W. Gilmour, Junior, Marketing.


Morgan Hill

        3.5 or Better: Regina L. Lopez, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.


Morro Bay

        3.5 or Better: Merisha L. Spisak, Senior, Spanish.


Mountain View

        3.5 or Better: Cory J. Kusich, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Kristy J. Walker, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Emily A. Galles, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Amanda R. Rinehart, Junior, Sociology.


Nevada City

        Straight-A Average: Sarah E. Lowe, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Newport Beach

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer L. Jarvis, Freshman, English; Karl J. Peffer, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Hayley M. Edenzon, Senior, Athletic Training; Kenneth S. Kunisaki, Senior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Amy F. Bardo, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jeffrey F. Watt, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Alissa C. Kummer, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Cristina M. Riani, Freshman, Environmental Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Alyssa M. Estrella, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Joe K. Li, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Allison K. Jackson, Sophomore, Apparel Design.


Palm Desert

        3.5 or Better: Megan E. Mueller, Senior, Interior Design.


Palo Alto

        Straight-A Average: Douglas W. Lawrence, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Madeleine C. Duquette, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth M. Cole, Freshman, Pre-Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Michael J. Carroll, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Chris Kane, Senior, Athletic Training; Justin D. Wambold, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.


Pico Rivera

        3.5 or Better: Thomas C. Jimenez, Senior, History.



        Straight-A Average: Nolan W. Rogers, Freshman, Natural Resources.


Pine Grove

        3.5 or Better: Bailey N. Huffman, Junior, Natural Resources.


Pleasant Hill

        3.5 or Better: Emily L. Waite, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design.



        3.5 or Better: Ronald H. Capilla, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Sara D. Howard, Junior, Management; Jesse J. Lin, Freshman, Sociology; Neal E. Mankins, Sophomore, Earth Sciences; Emily A. Rodriguez, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.


Portola Valley

        3.5 or Better: Brian A. Butcher, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Emily E. Cade, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Katie N. Durant, Senior, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Chelsea M. Eckhart, Senior, Zoology.


Rancho Cordova

        3.5 or Better: John Dernoncourt, Junior, Anthropology.


Rancho Cucamonga

        3.5 or Better: Julianna M. Evans, Sophomore, Pre-Business.


Rancho Palos Verdes

        Straight-A Average: Demitria E. Butler, Sophomore, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Cameron S. Cargile, Senior, Microbiology; Michelle K. Correia, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Conner J. Schmidt, Junior, History.


Redondo Beach

        3.5 or Better: Trisha N. Kooba, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Redwood City

        3.5 or Better: Tessa D. O'Callahan, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Zoe M. Parker, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Taylor N. Sheble, Freshman, Biology; Christina J. Vernazza, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Joseph R. Houdeshell, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kathryn M. McGrath, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Randi Mendes, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Tabitha M. Romero, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Amanda R. Morrison, Freshman, Biology; Ciera C. Neeley, Senior, Public Health; Laura E. Purdy, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.



        Straight-A Average: Nathan A. Biasotti, Junior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Konrad J. Funke, Freshman, History; Joshua W. Hammons, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Kallie Cabrera, Junior, Psychology; Joy-Marie D. Gerould, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Dustin S. Hollis, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Brady K. Schmicking, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew C. Alameida, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Hunter M. Carolan, Senior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Anna R. Ingoglia, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Eleanor G. Linn, Freshman, Pre-Business; Reilly G. Metzker, Sophomore, Political Science; Tiana N. Tynes, Senior, General Science; Emma E. Welborn, Freshman, Pre-Interiors.


Saint Helena

        3.5 or Better: Henry D. Cakebread, Senior, Crop and Soil Science.



        3.5 or Better: Bianca Orozco, Senior, English.


San Carlos

        3.5 or Better: Kendall L. Bishop, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kyra Henderson, Junior, French; Alexandra N. Porter, Sophomore, Political Science; Celeste M. Wong, Sophomore, Mathematics.


San Clemente

        Straight-A Average: Jessica A. Scarlata, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Matthew R. Johnson, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.


San Diego

        Straight-A Average: Kenneth T. Stout, Senior, Chemistry.


        3.5 or Better: Melissa E. Barr, Freshman, Pre-Marketing; Alexander M. Duenas, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Katherine M. Eskridge, Senior, Biology; Ryan A. Fox, Senior, Liberal Studies; Madison R. Gerber, Junior, Psychology; Tiana K. Iwamiya, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Kameron T. Kishaba, Senior, Biology; Chad S. Kunde, Senior, Computer Science; Sean D. Martin, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Anthony Mossuto, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Shelby K. Strockbine, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


San Francisco

        3.5 or Better: Lincoln E. Chapman, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Anne F. Corkery, Sophomore, English; Jacob D. Tenhoff, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


San Gabriel

        3.5 or Better: Laura M. Wilson, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.


San Jacinto

        3.5 or Better: Brittany L. Turner, Junior, Anthropology.


San Jose

        Straight-A Average: Alexander J. Hughan, Junior, Environmental Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Christopher D. Asplund, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Samuel M. Benson, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Paulina P. Bui, Sophomore, Political Science; Laura K. Clendaniel, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Nicole M. Fairley, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Ashley R. Heher, Freshman, Biology; Sarah C. Hewett, Senior, Athletic Training; Michael D. Oatman, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Regina L. Pieracci, Junior, Sociology; Colletta B. Read, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Kim A. Tran, Sophomore, General Science.


San Leandro

        3.5 or Better: Melissa A. Scherer, Sophomore, Psychology.


San Luis Obispo

        3.5 or Better: Katie M. Clendon, Senior, Marketing; Kathleen M. Knight, Junior, Environmental Sciences.


San Marcos

        3.5 or Better: Alexis J. Cain, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Penny S. Hagler, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


San Pablo

        3.5 or Better: Kristin E. Jones, Senior, Civil Engineering.


San Pedro

        Straight-A Average: Kathleen Y. Gladson, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Kala M. Kopecek, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


San Rafael

        3.5 or Better: Meaghan J. Carlin, Senior, Business Administration; Juliana A. Masseloux, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


San Ramon

        Straight-A Average: Rebecca E. Guise, Senior, Biology; Kathryn N. MacLeod, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Bryan R. Williamson, Junior, Political Science.

        3.5 or Better: Tyler J. Hollander, Junior, Pre-Communication; Colby K. Matsumoto, Freshman, Environmental Sciences; Jordan J. Wells, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Claire N. Williamson, Freshman, History.


Santa Barbara

        3.5 or Better: Kayla A. King, Junior, English; Joshua M. Siegel, Junior, Animal Sciences.


Santa Clara

        Straight-A Average: George E. Harder, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Kirby R. Erdman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ryan S. Graysmark, Junior, Computer Science.


Santa Clarita

        3.5 or Better: Logan M. Howard, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.


Santa Cruz

        3.5 or Better: Jenna Luck, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Santa Rosa

        Straight-A Average: Austin R. Martinez, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Chanelle L. Baer, Sophomore, Political Science; Jay L. Fenton, Senior, Mathematics; Dylan F. Ferrell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Kelby W. Hohler, Junior, Energy Systems Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Zachary J. Zeller, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Christopher J. Silva-Broussard, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


Shingle Springs

        3.5 or Better: Jessica S. Klopfenstein, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Alyssa A. Beamer, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering.


Somes Bar

        3.5 or Better: Kathryn G. Oldknow, Junior, Natural Resources.


South Pasadena

        3.5 or Better: Alexandra C. Walker, Senior, Athletic Training.


Stevenson Ranch

        Straight-A Average: Ashley R. Price, Sophomore, English.



        3.5 or Better: Carina D. Burgher, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Anna C. Clifton, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Sarah B. Spuhler, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Meghan G. McCafferty, Sophomore, Pre-Communication.



        Straight-A Average: Emily A. Donnelly, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Sydney E. Distelhurst, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Thousand Oaks

        3.5 or Better: Francis X. Sefton, Sophomore, Music.



        3.5 or Better: Sydney R. Zamora, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kayla M. Gilkison, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Davis D. Head, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Deanna M. Triner, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Christopher A. Freese, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Richard J. Carr, Sophomore, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Emma H. Osowski, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Tyler F. Bransfield, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Ashley A. Jameson, Senior, Public Health; Kyle P. Robles, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Cesar G. Zamora, Sophomore, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Seth H. Gin, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Erika M. Hollywood, Senior, Athletic Training.


Walnut Creek

        Straight-A Average: Ryan C. Niese, Senior, Ecological Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Eric J. Barnum, Senior, Horticulture; Elaine A. King, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Susan E. Rydinski, Senior, Merchandising Management; Christopher O. Warren, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.


Westlake Village

        3.5 or Better: Luc J. Doody, Sophomore, Biology; Dante J. Gigliotti, Freshman, Political Science; Morgan C. Simcik, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Daniel Carrasco, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.



        3.5 or Better: Adam J. Castelan, Junior, Pre-Business; Ian F. Souza-Cole, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; George W. Wilson, Senior, Environmental Sciences.


Woodland Hills

        3.5 or Better: Corbin M. Moser, Junior, Energy Systems Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Eric E. Sumner, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Yuba City

        3.5 or Better: Mckenzie M. Kimball, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Courtney Stemen, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.





        Straight-A Average: Sarah S. Pettis, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Rye T. Knowles, Senior, Horticulture; Samantha S. Tucker, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Kari L. Livingston, Senior, Environmental Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Joshua L. Goddard, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Cady V. Gebhart, Junior, Mathematics; Samantha K. Lewis, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Brian L. Phillips, Senior, Natural Resources.


Castle Rock

        3.5 or Better: Joshua M. Hunsaker, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Chase J. Haywood, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


Colorado Springs

        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth G. Hill, Freshman, Natural Resources; Madeline R. McWhorter, Freshman, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Hannah R. Kirk, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Julia A. Bingham, Senior, Biology; Matthew G. Lundgren, Junior, Economics; Seth H. Taylor, Junior, Industrial Engineering.


Fort Collins

        Straight-A Average: Stephanie R. Mullins, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: John E. Aldridge, Junior, Natural Resources; Victoria A. Gilbert, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Reid S. Sweetkind, Senior, Biology.


Highlands Ranch

        Straight-A Average: Graham H. Smith, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Marcus A. Weinman, Senior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Bailey E. Volock, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Rebecca L. Westlake, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth E. Baker, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Zachary B. Lowe, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Anica N. Neumann, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Sydnie M. Teague, Senior, History.



        3.5 or Better: Megan E. Johnson, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Brianna L. Dorr, Sophomore, Biology; Kaitlyn M. Dorr, Senior, Civil Engineering; Siena M. Harris, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Amy M. Hodges, Senior, Music.


Woodland Park

        3.5 or Better: Riley J. Youngman, Sophomore, Pre-Business.





        3.5 or Better: Rory D. Hadley, Senior, Anthropology.





        3.5 or Better: Tracy H. Nguyen, Freshman, Biology.


Fort Pierce

        3.5 or Better: Kelsey M. Simmons, Junior, Mathematics.



        3.5 or Better: Crystal Kuntz, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.


Lehigh Acres

        3.5 or Better: Jerald D. Noble, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Natasha Ghica, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Laura I. Gaviria, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Robert T. Angel, Senior, Natural Resources.


Ponte Vedra Beach

        3.5 or Better: Joshua A. Shultz, Senior, Business Administration.



        3.5 or Better: David A. Tracy, Sophomore, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Caitlin Gopie, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


West Palm Beach

        3.5 or Better: William Osmer, Junior, Recreation Resource Management; Jeanne M. Quillen, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        3.5 or Better: Alexander N. Riccio, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Bradley A. Vomocil, Sophomore, Physics.



        3.5 or Better: Arden I. Babb, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Lia Mun, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Meagan L. Sato, Senior, Merchandising Management; Kelsey M. Tasoe, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Ewa Beach

        3.5 or Better: Nicole Y. Asato, Freshman, Economics; Samantha I. Garcia, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Mariah N. Newton, Freshman, Sociology.



        3.5 or Better: Brandi A. Baker, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Joshua D. Takiguchi, Senior, Athletic Training.



        Straight-A Average: Jessica A. Yukawa, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Randal F. Chow, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sandra S. Chun, Junior, Psychology; Damon R. Daniels, Senior, Finance; Quentin B. Harris, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Keri Y. Imada, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Riker T. Kasamoto, Junior, Political Science; Kris A. Kenney, Junior, Computer Science; Ryan T. Kikuchi, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Shayna L. Kim, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Richard Lam, Sophomore, Biology; Cianna K. Levi, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Emily N. Luke, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Kourtney L. Luu, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Rachel K. Mau, Senior, Civil Engineering; Caitlin K. Miyashiro, Senior, Microbiology; Alyssa Y. Sasaki, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Corrine Y. Shigeta, Freshman, Psychology; Andrew T. Shiozaki, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Aaron S. Tamashiro, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Nicole S. Tomasa, Senior, Psychology; Rick T. Viveiros, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.



        3.5 or Better: Kristen M. Kagoshima, Freshman, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Keanu C. Chee, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Keoni M. Gutierrez, Senior, Animal Sciences; Elizabeth Z. Herrera, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Christine R. Ushijima, Freshman, Psychology; Lindsey M. Wright-Joy, Senior, Interior Design.



        3.5 or Better: Marisa A. Mc Cann, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Gerrit J. Evensen, Senior, Horticulture; Shaianne A. Kealoha, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kaisha Laconsay, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Kori K. Nishitomi, Senior, Mathematics; Alana C. Todd, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design.



        3.5 or Better: Trevor A. Shear, Senior, Chemistry.



        Straight-A Average: Maile E. Altier, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Dwight T. Fujimoto, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Davis M. Kashima, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Ashley M. Wendt, Junior, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Mikayla M. Domingo, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Travis S. Fujimoto, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mark K. Nakama, Senior, Pre-Business; Amber M. Yonamine, Junior, Environmental Engineering.


Pearl City

        3.5 or Better: Korie M. Lum, Sophomore, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Jared T. Wong, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Christian K. Faria, Junior, General Science; Merri M. Lewis, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Gasandria Mae P. Perdido, Senior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Hiilei G. Andrade, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dominic R. Liserre, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Kasey N. Munetake, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Erik C. Underwood, Freshman, Spanish.

        3.5 or Better: Allurie L. Eliazar, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Kristen M. Ho, Junior, Athletic Training; Nicolette P. Silva, Junior, Art.





        Straight-A Average: Lynda M. Bradley, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        Straight-A Average: Ariel M. Shilling, Sophomore, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Jacob A. Busche, Senior, Physics; Erin N. Ferree, Senior, Natural Resources; Darlene M. Focht, Sophomore, Chemistry; Tyler T. Schmeckpeper, Senior, Bioengineering; Alyson R. Spiering, Junior, Sociology; Audrey L. Sullivan, Senior, Computer Science; Ashley Thatcher, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; John M. Wojahn, Senior, Microbiology.


Coeur D Alene

        3.5 or Better: Jaime M. Wright, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Kaylee M. Anderson, Senior, Accountancy.



        3.5 or Better: Tora J. Cobb, Senior, Chemistry.



        3.5 or Better: Britney M. Meza-Turner, Senior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Shannon L. Riley, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Amber A. Fultz, Sophomore, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Sawyer Baar, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Taylor R. Hill, Sophomore, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Tiana M. Doughty, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Raini D. Jackson, Junior, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Emilee G. Boyd, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Samantha P. McKinnon, Freshman, Pre-Public Health.



        Straight-A Average: Jasper J. La Fortune, Junior, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Zoe I. Johnson, Senior, Bioresource Research.



        3.5 or Better: Courtney I. Stimpson, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jordan E. Valentine, Junior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Lane S. Brammer, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


Post Falls

        Straight-A Average: Joanne E. Davaz, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.


Priest River

        Straight-A Average: Jill E. Weimer, Freshman, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Hailey A. Palmiter, Senior, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Devan J. Fitzpatrick, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering.


Twin Falls

        3.5 or Better: Caitlin H. Slette, Junior, Sociology.



        Straight-A Average: Michael Q. DeYoung, Junior, Biology.





        3.5 or Better: Samuel T. Goral, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Robert F. Isaacson, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering.


Downers Grove

        3.5 or Better: Cameron A. Frank, Sophomore, Zoology.


Mt Prospect

        3.5 or Better: Ashley L. Yarbrough, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Nina M. Poloni, Freshman, Nutrition.


Oak Park

        3.5 or Better: Graham R. Steele, Senior, Marketing.





        3.5 or Better: Joshua P. Happel, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy.



        3.5 or Better: Cezary Wojcik, Senior, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Michael K. Davis, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.




Iowa City

        Straight-A Average: Daniel M. Rhudy, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Gabriel M. Nowak, Sophomore, Physics.



        Straight-A Average: Brian Dougherty, Senior, Ecological Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Lexi T. Bisbing, Sophomore, Pre-Business.




Fort Thomas

        3.5 or Better: David A. Steffes, Senior, Natural Resources.





        3.5 or Better: Orman E. Morton III, Junior, Environmental Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Ross C. Holcomb, Senior, Earth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Alen Mosley, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


North Potomac

        Straight-A Average: Somen Maiti, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.





        3.5 or Better: Ryon A. Merrick, Senior, Earth Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Matthew P. Conlin, Junior, Earth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Elinor R. Chick, Junior, Animal Sciences.




New Boston

        3.5 or Better: Jami R. Van Alstine, Junior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Caitlin N. Pellerin, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering.




Coon Rapids

        Straight-A Average: Lindsey N. Esch, Freshman, Economics.


Eden Prairie

        3.5 or Better: Robert J. Olson, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Lisa L. Yngsdal, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Lake Elmo

        3.5 or Better: Mason S. Meyer, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Bridgette C. Crawford, Freshman, Anthropology.


Lees Summit

        3.5 or Better: Ariel R. Kloeckner, Junior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Ryan J. Todd, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Corinne N. Brucks, Senior, Chemistry.


Saint Charles

        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth A. Casale, Senior, Business Administration.



        3.5 or Better: Haley L. Bowen, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        3.5 or Better: Lauren R. Stoddard, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: David A. Holman, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Erin E. Bush, Sophomore, Psychology; Samuel T. Heck, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Michael A. Rebarchik, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth G. Byron, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Robert A. Fowler, Freshman, Pre-Apparel.


Miles City

        3.5 or Better: Miranda A. Raper, Senior, Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Brooke M. Bowman, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Melissa A. Fitzsimmons, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Robyn R. Wells, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.




Carson City

        3.5 or Better: Tyler J. Collins, Senior, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Brian J. Hagedorn, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Gus R. Paoli, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Michael A. Kendricks, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: George L. Tuttle, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Tessa L. Fettig, Junior, Earth Sciences; Megan L. Haverman, Senior, English; Junsik Kim, Junior, BioHealth Sciences.


Las Vegas

        Straight-A Average: Aimee Miller, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Cassidy C. Medellin, Senior, Biology; Mason K. Shields, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Rachel M. Soo Hoo, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Shannon I. Sperry, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Abigail Chitwood, Junior, Chemistry; Kari L. TenBroeck, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Amanda A. Frohlich, Senior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Erika R. Beaver, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Bobby C. Roberson, Senior, Zoology; Jaclyn C. Speth, Senior, Marketing; Andrew J. Willmer, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Erika T. Aufiero, Junior, Finance.


Zephyr Cove

        3.5 or Better: Darby L. Reeder, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme.





        3.5 or Better: Jesse D. Jacobs, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Ashley Spooner, Junior, Natural Resources.





        3.5 or Better: Jason P. Deger, Senior, Environmental Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Anya K. Hall, Junior, Forestry.



        Straight-A Average: Olivia A. Conforti, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Christian L. Bench, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Rebecca M. Reeve, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew M. Futerman, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        3.5 or Better: Veronica K. Martin, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Barry E. Wood, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.





Ballston Spa

        Straight-A Average: Yuji A. Williams, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Mayya Raskina, Freshman, German.


East Meadow

        3.5 or Better: Ana M. Lehrschall, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Lindsay A. Gucker, Junior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Jeannie M. Sullivan, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.





        3.5 or Better: Farrah M. Whitmire, Junior, Pre-Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Cassidy E. Hammonds, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Tatiana J. Owens, Junior, Psychology.


Indian Trail

        3.5 or Better: Austin Ibele, Senior, Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Anthony T. Plant, Sophomore, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Randi N. Sparks, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.





        3.5 or Better: Keanah G. DeleonGuerrero, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Amanda Maria W. Santos, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Marquina M. Hofschneider, Sophomore, Political Science.





        3.5 or Better: Alex A. Yadegari, Senior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Elisabeth S. Battle, Junior, German.


Rocky River

        Straight-A Average: Natalie A. Hamilton, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Amy R. Perkins, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kristina J. Scadden, Senior, Biology.




Midwest City

        3.5 or Better: Garrett M. Rhodes, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Ponca City

        3.5 or Better: Melanie R. Plunk, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Chayse A. Garrison, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.





        3.5 or Better: Emily E. Peter, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kandace R. Schindler, Senior, Food Science and Technology.



        3.5 or Better: Joshua C. Hiles, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Paige A. Phillips, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Amanda E. Brown, Sophomore, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.



        3.5 or Better: Angela M. Russell, Senior, Liberal Studies.





        3.5 or Better: Luis A. Marquez Loza, Senior, History.





        Straight-A Average: Martin U. Ahn, Senior, Marketing.





        3.5 or Better: Brandon M. Marshall, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.




Sioux Falls

        Straight-A Average: Shawn M. Bell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kourtney L. Sundheim, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.




Signal Mountain

        3.5 or Better: Victoria E. Scherelis, Sophomore, Earth Sciences.





        3.5 or Better: Connor M. Carroll, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Taylor H. Morris, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Maja K. Ortiz, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Blair E. Ruffing, Freshman, Natural Resources.



        Straight-A Average: Kristi J. Anderson, Senior, Anthropology.


Dripping Springs

        Straight-A Average: William L. Hopkins, Sophomore, Pre-Business.


El Paso

        3.5 or Better: Sonja M. Michelsen, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Ashley W. Saiz, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Fort Worth

        3.5 or Better: John H. Cargill, Senior, Computer Science; Muriel A. Hayden, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jessica M. Burgess, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Alyssa C. Nielson, Senior, Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Ava E. Cooper, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Brandi Bodeen, Sophomore, Psychology; Elizabeth A. Linehan, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Gabrielle E. Westerfield, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


The Woodlands

        3.5 or Better: Ryan P. Cole, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Landon P. Falke, Senior, Biology; Robyn L. Jost, Senior, Art.





        Straight-A Average: Kaelan M. Rasmussen, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Logan P. Sullivan, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Geneva L. King, Freshman, Nutrition; Emma R. Olds, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kirsten J. Quiner, Senior, Microbiology.





        3.5 or Better: Shireen Khamedoost, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Mckenzie L. Ross, Sophomore, English.



        3.5 or Better: Luke J. Hollingsworth, Junior, History.


Salt Lake City

        3.5 or Better: Ian M. Hultquist, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Jacqueline K. Kobayashi, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.





        3.5 or Better: Callum B. Boggs, Junior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob M. Sage, Senior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt.



        3.5 or Better: Valerie K. Armbruster, Senior, Liberal Studies.


Manassas Park

        Straight-A Average: Justin J. Fecteau, Senior, German.



        3.5 or Better: Rochelle L. Regutti, Senior, Environmental Sciences.


Virginia Beach

        Straight-A Average: Erin E. Morrison, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: John C. Nielsen, Senior, Environmental Econ and Policy.



        Straight-A Average: Zachary R. Jones, Senior, Chemical Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Rebecca M. Foster, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Tristan J. Massey, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren A. Covey, Senior, Chemistry; Moises Fuentes, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Patrick J. Shine, Junior, Accountancy.


Bainbridge Island

        3.5 or Better: Eric C. Raustein, Sophomore, Athletic Training.


Battle Ground

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer L. Becar, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Tessa A. Walker, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Raymond B. Kuhn, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jaye Western, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Elyssa L. Armstrong, Junior, Microbiology; Katherine A. Dillon, Freshman, Psychology; Ryley M. Martin, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Allison R. Vitalone, Freshman, Pre-Business; Hsin T. Wang, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Trenton J. Langer, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Katelyn M. Birum, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Neall K. Koetje, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Tiffany T. Nguyen, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lauren J. Pittis, Senior, Botany; Kurt W. Reinschmidt, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jared K. Spink, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jana Otero, Senior, Environmental Engineering.


Bonney Lake

        3.5 or Better: Hanna S. Anderson, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Amanda E. Hooser, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Megan R. Seslar, Junior, Botany.

        3.5 or Better: Darien C. Mc Gibbon, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alyssa R. Ptacek, Junior, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Abby D. Lohman, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Zachary W. Malloy, Senior, Management.


Brush Prairie

        3.5 or Better: Kathryn G. Alston, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management.



        3.5 or Better: Jennifer F. Neudorfer, Senior, Athletic Training.



        Straight-A Average: Natalie M. Burkard, Senior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Drew H. Clarkson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Janelle J. Zukowski, Junior, Psychology.


Castle Rock

        3.5 or Better: Jamie L. Skeie, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Amanda J. Brown, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Mackenzie B. Trzil, Sophomore, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Gwendolyn M. Bieck, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Katherine E. Walsh, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Carra N. Bowes, Freshman, Sociology; Freeda Crow, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Riley D. Rinker, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Cassie A. Sharon, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kevin R. Farr, Sophomore, Biology; Monica J. Grandorff, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Nancy S. Butler, Junior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Justine J. Briggs, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kaylin Gray, Junior, Biology; Aaron J. Strand, Senior, Civil Engineering.


Federal Way

        3.5 or Better: Gretchen A. Leuthy, Sophomore, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Kari L. Carola, Senior, Animal Sciences.


Friday Harbor


        3.5 or Better: Jacklyn E. Justiniano, Freshman, Biology.


Gig Harbor

        3.5 or Better: Ellyssa R. Pearce, Junior, Animal Sciences; Madison N. Rich, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Christopher A. Tedesco, Junior, Finance; Maureen P. Tremblay, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Caleb A. De Wilde, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Lindsay M. Coutts, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Sarah A. Jacobi, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Julia C. White, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Caitlin F. Inman, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Cody T. Silvesan, Junior, History.



        Straight-A Average: Christopher R. Nighbert, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Meghan K. Cox, Junior, Interior Design; Emily A. Opheim, Junior, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Maya Li P. Giddings, Junior, Renewable Materials; Alexis S. Jones, Senior, History; Daniel R. Veldee, Junior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jennifer Makinson, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; William R. Rollins III, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Haley M. Slater, Junior, Graphic Design.


Lake Forest Park

        3.5 or Better: Tyler J. Coleman, Freshman, Biology.


Lake Tapps

        3.5 or Better: Rachael E. DeVaux, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Emanuela Tvrtkovic, Sophomore, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Avery R. Grant, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Emily R. Martin, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Tasha A. Guatney, Senior, Environmental Science; Tibor C. Lak, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Lewis McChord

        3.5 or Better: Jaymes T. Boyd, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kirk A. Downer, Junior, Pre-Forest/Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob V. Alo, Junior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: David P. Cole, Senior, Economics.


Maple Valley

        Straight-A Average: Lauren J. Maulden, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Megan E. Cookman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth A. Lefstad, Senior, Athletic Training.


Mercer Island

        3.5 or Better: Alexander V. Bryan, Senior, Business Information Systems; Jacob D. Dahlgren, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Ryan J. Fritz, Senior, English; Blake A. Johnson, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.


Mill Creek

        Straight-A Average: Martin A. Forde, Senior, Business Administration.



        3.5 or Better: Kaitlin M. Lebon, Senior, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Rayna D. Ashlock, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Natalie E. Marshall, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Evan K. Bialkowsky, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Kelly A. Tackett, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.


Moses Lake

        3.5 or Better: Sarah E. Heyer, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Jonathan P. Feng, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Justyn I. Jacobs, Sophomore, Political Science.


Normandy Park

        3.5 or Better: Ryan J. Mc Cabe, Junior, Civil Engineering.


North Bend

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer K. Green, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Joshua K. Mitchell, Junior, Sociology.


Oak Harbor

        3.5 or Better: Larajean S. Lauzen, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Troy M. McCool, Freshman, Pre-Business; Nathan W. Wagner, Freshman, Microbiology.



        Straight-A Average: Linsie A. Michaels, Sophomore, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Simon P. Fraher, Senior, Bioresource Research; Vanessa Y. Gaitan, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kecia Jones, Junior, Biology; Dorrington C. Lewis, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jason C. Adams, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Joy C. Timm, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Amy L. Gaither, Junior, Natural Resources.


Port Angeles


        Straight-A Average: Carly M. Delabarre, Senior, English.


        3.5 or Better: Trey J. Hoover, Freshman, Mathematics; Emily R. Oldenkamp, Senior, Bioengineering.


Port Orchard

        3.5 or Better: Kaela J. Smith, Senior, Finance.



        3.5 or Better: Taylor J. Reid, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Carson D. Roberts, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Geoffrey Y. Sasaki, Senior, Food Science and Technology.

        3.5 or Better: Amanda R. Carpenter, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Serena E. Fink, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Kate McDonald, Sophomore, History; Katherine F. Valentine, Senior, Environmental Science.



        3.5 or Better: Andrea L. Smaciarz, Senior, Animal Sciences.




        3.5 or Better: Haley E. Williquette, Sophomore, Merchandising Management.



        Straight-A Average: Matthew R. Edgar, Junior, History; Katriona B. Mackay, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Rachael A. Burger, Senior, Accountancy; Maria C. Di Iorio, Senior, Nutrition; Zachary W. Lucarelli, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Daniel M. Phillips, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Isabella J. Preble, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Ashley Wiebke, Junior, Psychology; Samantha A. Wrast, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Christine M. Baker, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Morgan L. Kroeger, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Rachel M. Quiambao, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Victoria C. Rivoire, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Tessa M. Vermeul, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Scott Kim, Senior, Accountancy; Sarah A. Sheen, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Anna C. Stewart, Senior, Forest Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Megan M. Holeman, Sophomore, General Science.



        Straight-A Average: Chris M. Dallas, Junior, Animal Sciences; Emma R. Fraley, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Gage H. Casal, Freshman, Pre-Business; Alexander J. Hawkinson, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Reilly P. McClung, Junior, Forest Engineering; Joseph C. Senegor, Freshman, Pre-Business; Emily M. Skrobecki, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Olivia Z. Cameron, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jenna King, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Bailey K. McCaslin, Sophomore, Nutrition.

        3.5 or Better: Michael J. Alessi, Junior, Marketing; Alecia K. Fertterer, Senior, Economics; Sean M. Fox, Freshman, Pre-Business; Brianna M. Goodwin, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Brynn Hyman, Senior, Nutrition; Katherine M. Kirk, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Katie M. Kurtz, Junior, Public Health; Isabella M. Mason, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Peyton L. Saline, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Willow B. Walker, Sophomore, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Margaret H. McCormick, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Holly R. Briggs, Junior, Psychology; Savannah R. Tidwell, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Andrea J. Thody, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Sawyer J. Henderson, Senior, Pre-Business; Jessica L. Kingery, Senior, Marketing; Lanesha R. Reagan, Freshman, English.



        3.5 or Better: Charlotte S. Levy, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Nicholas J. Patrick Jr, Freshman, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Monica J. Mueller, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.

        3.5 or Better: George F. Joslin, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Kendra N. Pierce, Junior, Public Health; Colton D. Sheets, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Conner T. Slater, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.


Spokane Valley

        3.5 or Better: Stephen P. Lucas, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Nicole M. Hobbs, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Rachael E. Bryan, Junior, Nutrition.



        Straight-A Average: Olivia L. Calvillo, Junior, Physics; Elexia Cooper-Anderson, Senior, Natural Resources.


        3.5 or Better: Mary K. Adams, Senior, Business Administration; Ruben G. Aleman, Junior, Crop and Soil Science; Stephanie G. Johnson, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Brittney A. Lott, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Gabriel M. Massey, Senior, Political Science; Elizabeth A. Nichols, Senior, Civil Engineering; Megan C. Ruthven, Sophomore, Psychology; Britney B. Sangston, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Karlee N. Stubbeman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Abby T. Williams, Freshman, Liberal Studies.


University Place

        Straight-A Average: Hannah L. Gienger, Sophomore, Microbiology.

        3.5 or Better: Jason J. Walker, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Leanna M. Williams, Junior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Breanna L. Bannan, Senior, Economics; John P. Boucher, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Aaron Bredl, Junior, Marketing; Tyler M. Burbank, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Julia K. Goetz, Junior, Bioengineering; Mikayla R. Koeltzow, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Mallory R. Nickles, Junior, Public Health; Nisha P. Patel, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Natasha M. Peters, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Mitchell J. Pfluke, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Josephine A. Sechrist, Senior, Mathematics; Annie Vo, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Baxter B. Call, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering.


Walla Walla

        3.5 or Better: Cameron T. Mountain, Junior, Finance.



        3.5 or Better: Joshua D. Peterson, Junior, Environmental Sciences.


West Richland

        3.5 or Better: Lamar F. Bowser, Junior, Psychology; Victoria J. Smith, Freshman, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Marian G. Tannehill, Junior, Earth Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Ben M. Angelo, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Danielle E. Boyd, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Corinne M. Fargo, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Byron R. Murray, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Paige M. O Connor, Senior, Business Information Systems; Nicole A. Palczewski, Senior, Political Science; Reid K. Paulson, Senior, Management; Tyler J. Thompson, Junior, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Caitlyn S. Brentin, Senior, Merchandising Management.



Mount Horeb

        3.5 or Better: Finn B. Leary, Senior, Forest Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kali M. Burkhardt, Senior, General Science.




        3.5 or Better: Tiana J. Pearson, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Patricia A. Williams, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Rock Springs

        3.5 or Better: Cassandra I. Lew, Junior, Chemistry.




Winter Term 2015 Honor Roll: International Students



        3.5 or Better: Dylan C. Gardner, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Hannah V. Baker, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Yassmeen Al-Sinan, Sophomore, Applied Visual Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Noemie Midrez, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.




        3.5 or Better: Herika Ramos Moura, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Daniel M. Reimao, Junior, Industrial Engineering.




        3.5 or Better: James Parsons, Senior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Madeline M. Gardiner, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Lihani du Plessis, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Chelsea T. Chan, Sophomore, Biology; Laura H. Mc Neill, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Mill Bay

        3.5 or Better: Alexa L. Merriman, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.


North Vancouver

        Straight-A Average: Taylor M. Ricci, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Silvia Colussi-Pelaez, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


Port Moody

        Straight-A Average: Ellen Lu, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Kathryn P. Baker, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Marley A. Chou, Senior, Zoology.




        3.5 or Better: Andres Uribe Botero, Senior, Industrial Engineering.




        3.5 or Better: Rafaella Vrachimi, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Maria Antoniou Latouros, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering.




        Straight-A Average: Weam R. Elsheikh, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Maryam S. Elmahdy, Freshman, Liberal Studies.



Addis Ababa

        3.5 or Better: Ananiya A. Demessie, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



Le Bar sur Loup

        3.5 or Better: Constance Toulemonde, Sophomore, Marketing.




        3.5 or Better: William D. Techler, Senior, Animal Sciences; Sharon A. Werbelow, Senior, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Leander Tielkes, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Maria W. Powell, Senior, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Simon Bettscheider, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

        3.5 or Better: Lok Yung Cheng, Senior, Zoology; Tsz Kwan Lan, Sophomore, Psychology; Fu W. Tam, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Chung Wai Wong, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


Hung Hom

        3.5 or Better: Pak Ngai Ng, Senior, Finance.



        3.5 or Better: Pak To Lee, Junior, Natural Resources.


Tsuen Wan

        3.5 or Better: Hiu Yeung Leung, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.




        Straight-A Average: Ramcharan R. Sudarsanam, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science.




        Straight-A Average: Toby G. Sutanto, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Andrew T. Hutapea, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Anita M. Jong, Senior, Microbiology; Gavin A. Sutanto, Junior, Business Information Systems.


Jakarta Barat

        Straight-A Average: Krisna P. Irawan, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Billy Thanwijaya, Sophomore, Pre-Management.


Jakarta Utara

        3.5 or Better: Jason Korinton, Sophomore, Pre-Management; Danny D. Luhur, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Eka H. Sutandar, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: FNU Vivian, Sophomore, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Anncely Y. Sutanmitrano, Junior, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Sefanya Hope, Sophomore, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Monica C. Soputro, Senior, Food Science and Technology.



        3.5 or Better: Dinna Arifa, Junior, Food Science and Technology.



        3.5 or Better: Patricia Djuhadi, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.




        3.5 or Better: Sina Ehsani, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Naghmeh Kia, Senior, Civil Engineering.




        3.5 or Better: Claude T. Maimon, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science.


Ramat Gan

        3.5 or Better: Chen Oshri, Junior, Biology.




        3.5 or Better: Yuki Wada, Senior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Bungo Takahashi, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Yoshie Ueno, Junior, Pre-Merchandising Management.


Sagamihara City

        3.5 or Better: Momoko Narimatsu, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Tsuyoshi Shima, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Takuya Kikuchi, Senior, Athletic Training.




        3.5 or Better: Ilwaad Aman, Senior, Finance.




        3.5 or Better: Rawan A. Alshaiji, Junior, Industrial Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Yaqoub Y. Albrikan, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Khulaifi M. Alkhulaifi, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.




        3.5 or Better: Hang Tat Ng, Senior, Economics.



Bukit Mertajam

        3.5 or Better: Scott H. Tan, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Victor H. Tan, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Onn Lim Yong, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

Ulu Tiram

        3.5 or Better: Yi Herng Ong, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.




        3.5 or Better: Thomas R. Solberg, Senior, Industrial Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Marie K. Standeren, Junior, Pre-Apparel.


        Straight-A Average: Annika S. Heramb, Sophomore, Political Science.




        3.5 or Better: Sorath Dahri, Sophomore, Pre-Finance.


Peoples Republic Of China


        3.5 or Better: Hao Shi, Freshman, Pre-Business.


        Straight-A Average: Mingyi Tang, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Bohui Xiao, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Jianzhi Li, Senior, Computer Science; Muyi Shen, Freshman, Economics; Tianyi Yao, Senior, Economics; Rui Zou, Sophomore, Nutrition.


        3.5 or Better: Jiaqi Liu, Sophomore, Mathematics.


        3.5 or Better: Han Jiang, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Zhi Jiang, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.


        Straight-A Average: Xiaomei Wang, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy.

        3.5 or Better: Chunrong Xiang, Senior, Accountancy; Zishun Yan, Senior, Finance.

Dalian City

        3.5 or Better: Xing Jin, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Tianyang Hou, Sophomore, Psychology.


        3.5 or Better: Yingqi Tang, Senior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Leisi Dai, Junior, Accountancy; Yansong Mao, Senior, Economics.


        3.5 or Better: Jinzi Shi, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jin Huang, Senior, Computer Science; Wei Lao, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Yuhan Wang, Senior, Business Information Systems.


        3.5 or Better: Jie Sun, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Xuxia Ying, Junior, Accountancy.

Hong Kong

        3.5 or Better: Po Ying Hsu, Junior, Recreation Resource Management.


        3.5 or Better: Jianchenyang Zhang, Senior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Xichun Wang, Junior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Yili Zhang, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


       Straight-A Average: Wenbo Hou, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.


        3.5 or Better: Yaoguang Huang, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy.


        3.5 or Better: Mian Mao, Junior, Pre-Interiors.


        3.5 or Better: Tingyue Fu, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Shanshan Lu, Senior, History.


        3.5 or Better: Qing Guo, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Dajun Kong, Senior, Computer Science; Danqiong Mou, Junior, Management; Yuwei Zhu, Senior, Interior Design.

Ningbo City

        3.5 or Better: Chengdong Zhang, Junior, Civil Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Xinyu Feng, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Lina Xu, Senior, Management.


        3.5 or Better: Weipeng Chen, Senior, Computer Science; Jiangling Huang, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Yipeng Song, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Yu Wang, Junior, Biology; Tianqi Zhang, Junior, Chemistry; Dechao Zhu, Junior, Marketing.


        Straight-A Average: Jing Zheng, Junior, Marketing.


        3.5 or Better: Haicheng Chen, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Huihao Huang, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Xu Liu, Senior, Music.


        3.5 or Better: Xinhong Shi, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology.


        3.5 or Better: Mu Feng, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Mengran Zhu, Senior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Hongbo Yu, Junior, Accountancy.


        3.5 or Better: Yucheng Feng, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; Heli Li, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Yizhi Liu, Senior, Industrial Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jiakun Tan, Senior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Mengni Huang, Sophomore, Pre-Marketing.


        3.5 or Better: Hong Zhang, Sophomore, Pre-Marketing.


        3.5 or Better: Shali Lan, Senior, Accountancy.


        3.5 or Better: Mingyue Xie, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Qiqi Gu, Senior, Marketing; Tui Liu, Senior, Pre-Business.


        3.5 or Better: Chunxiao Lu, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

Xuzhou City

        3.5 or Better: Baoping Dai, Sophomore, Pre-Management; Ke Dai, Sophomore, Pre-Business.


        3.5 or Better: Maoyu Wang, Junior, Chemical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Lei Xuan, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy.


        3.5 or Better: Jiemin Lou, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy; Kai Tian, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy.



        3.5 or Better: Zhengyu Chen, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Zigong City

        3.5 or Better: Daoxiang Deng, Senior, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Saoud A. Al-Shareef, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ahmad A. Bukshaisha, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Mohammed A. Bukshaisha, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Mufeed I. El-Said, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

Republic of Singapore


        3.5 or Better: Yiping Lim, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Yi Min Teo, Senior, Nutrition.

Saudi Arabia


        3.5 or Better: Ahmed H. Alhassan, Senior, Chemical Engineering.

Al Qatif

        Straight-A Average: Ali M. Alhaddad, Senior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Alaa S. Alahmed, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Hassan H. Alnemer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Hesham W. Habiballah, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Fares A. Turkestani, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Nassir S. Almohawis, Senior, Finance.

        3.5 or Better: Abdulrahman N. Aldossary, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Abdulrahman A. Alkharashi, Senior, Industrial Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Saud M. Alsuhaili, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Razaz Binmahfouz, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Banan O. Alhazmi, Junior, Bioengineering.

Qateef Al Jaroodiah

        3.5 or Better: Eman M. Allaith, Senior, Bioengineering.


        3.5 or Better: Mohammed A. Almarzooq, Freshman, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Adnan M. Alzakaria, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

Qatif City

        3.5 or Better: Hajer A. Alfakher, Senior, Business Information Systems.


        Straight-A Average: Raida S. Aldosari, Sophomore, Nutrition.

        3.5 or Better: Abdullah S. Alammari, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sulaiman S. Alarifi, Junior, Civil Engineering; Faisal S. Alfaiz, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Abdulrahman K. Almanei, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Mohammed F. Alobaidi, Senior, Management; Minna A. Barry, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.


        3.5 or Better: Hussain A. Alawwad, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Mujtaba A. Alshab, Senior, Accountancy; Hasan M. Alshafei, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Fatimah O. Alburi, Senior, Business Information Systems.


        3.5 or Better: Ghadeer A. Al Kubaish, Sophomore, Computer Science.


        3.5 or Better: Hassan F. Awal, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.

South Africa


        3.5 or Better: Puseletso A. Maepa, Sophomore, Sociology.

South Korea


        3.5 or Better: Jeakwan Suh, Junior, Marketing.


        3.5 or Better: Minjung Baek, Sophomore, General Science.


        3.5 or Better: Sangmi Park, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy; Youngmin Park, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.


        3.5 or Better: Byung Hwa Bang, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.

Yongbong-dong, Buk-G

        Straight-A Average: Eunbyeol Ko, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Regina H. Hatten, Senior, Anthropology.

Pineda de Mar

        3.5 or Better: Alba Villaronga Cases, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts.

Sultanate Of Oman


        3.5 or Better: Nassr H. AL SABQI, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Moosa A. Al 'Alawi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Abdul Majeed A. AL-HADHRAMI, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Salim Al-Hashmi, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Abdulla H. Al-Huthaili, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Tariq A. AL KHAYARI, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Said A. Al Kindi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Afra H. Al Mashari, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Houd M. Al-Mayahi, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Hamdan H. Al-Qasmi, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Aisha K. Al Subhi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Mahmood M. Al-ADAWANI, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Sultan H. Al Busaidi, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Mazin S. AL FANNA AL AREIMI, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Atmam K. AL JAAFARI, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Mohamed A. Al-Kalbani, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Al Moatez A. Al Kindi, Freshman, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Waleed S. AL ZAKWANI, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Mazin S. AL ZEIDI, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

Ruwi, Muscat

        3.5 or Better: Hamed A. Al Kharusi, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Majid A. Al Khayari, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Hisham A. Al Nadabi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Fahad M. Al Shereiqi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Mohammed H. Al Zadjali, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy.




        Straight-A Average: Betty Forlin, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.

Taiwan - Republic of China


        3.5 or Better: Max Chang, Senior, Animal Sciences; Chao Yu Chen, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management.


        3.5 or Better: Yi-I Wang, Freshman, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Pawarit Techaitthiporn, Senior, Industrial Engineering.

Khon Kaen

        3.5 or Better: Arch Ruangprasertkul, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Devin Topkaya, Senior, Economics.


United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

        Straight-A Average: Mohamed A. Shaker, Senior, History.

        3.5 or Better: Hasan A. Al Hosani, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mohamed K. Al Khabani, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.

Rak City

        3.5 or Better: Harib M. Alshamsi, Junior, Nuclear Engineering.

Ras Alkhaima

        3.5 or Better: Saeed A. Almesafri, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.

Ras Alkhaimah

        3.5 or Better: Fatema A. Almazrouei, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Francisco A. Boschetti Tofano, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Anielis B. Raas Lozada, Senior, Merchandising Management.




        3.5 or Better: Linh L. Nguyen, Junior, Marketing.

Ha Noi

        Straight-A Average: Mai Anh Nguyen, Senior, Public Health.

Ho Chi Minh

        3.5 or Better: Trang Ho, Senior, General Science; Hung Q. Tran, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Truc T. Tran, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

Ho Chi Minh City

        3.5 or Better: Quyen T. Khuat, Senior, Business Administration.



        3.5 or Better: Tapiwa Mavhaire, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.