Kidder & Owen Hall Rooms

Kidder Hall 278, Owen Hall 102 and Owen 106 are specially equipped television classrooms used for distance education interactive classes. Situations may arise in which another class needs one these rooms during your scheduled class time. If that happens, you must relocate your class or event. Scheduling in the Registrar's Office, 541-737-2181, will assist you. If you anticipate a problem, or do not want to take the chance of having to move during the term, tell Scheduling so they can assign you a different room.

Kidder 278

Kidder 278 is a General Purpose Classroom that is limited to certain equipment. The room features a dry erase marking board, a VHS videotape player, television monitor, and computer scan converter. The room is not equipped with a projection screen. If you need to use an overhead projector, slide projector or motion picture projector you will need to be relocated to a different room. Although this room has a scan converter that may be used with a computer, its resolution is only suited for presentation with 24-point or larger fonts. Kidder 278 is kept locked by means of an electronic door lock. You will be assigned a code for unlocking and locking the door. Be sure to lock the door when you leave. There are microphones fastened to the desks. Please ask your students not to play with or damage them. The cost to replace them is more than $250 each. If you have questions about the interactive television features in Kidder 278, contact John W. Myers in LInC 466, 541-737-0596.

Owen 102

Owen 102 is a distance education classroom for interactive television classes or events AND an enhanced room. It is a computer capable, general purpose lecture room that allows for big-screen projection of an instructor's computer. If you have questions about this system, contact Don DeMello in LInC 466, 541-737-4122.