Grades & Your GPA

The OSU grading system & GPA Calculation

Academic Regulations 17–19 describe the OSU grading system.  The available grades and their associated point values are explained. Here you can also learn about the alternative grading system and the rules associated with these systems.

Academic Regulation 19 describes the process by which GPA’s are calculated at OSU. Each grade is assigned a point value which is used in the calculation of the student’s GPA. A GPA calculator is also available online for the convenience of students.

Incomplete Grades

As stated in Academic Regulation 17 if circumstances exist which are acceptable to the instructor and the rest of the academic work is passing an incomplete grade may be assigned and additional time granted for completion of course work. The additional time granted shall not exceed one year. At the time the incomplete is submitted an alternate grade, that represents the grade the student would receive in the course if no further course work is completed, will also be submitted. If the incomplete is not removed within the one year deadline the alternate grade will become the grade of record.

Do not enroll in the course again for a future term if you have received an incomplete in the course.