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On-campus housing options for Sophomore and Above Students



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10/1/2015 osu-students@lists.oregonstate.edu Final Reminder for Drop & Refund Deadlines.
10/1/2015 osu-students@lists.oregonstate.edu OSU Responds to Umpqua CC Tragic Shootings
10/1/2015 osu-students@lists.oregonstate.edu Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to the Southern Oregon Community
10/2/2015 osu-students@lists.oregonstate.edu Members of the OSU Community
10/15/2015 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu
CORVALLIS CAMPUS ONLY - Great Shake Out earthquake drill today
10/16/2015 osu-student@lists.oregonstate.edu Partial refund deadline is SOON!
10/19/2015 osu-student@lists.oregonstate.edu Announcing Schedule Planner
10/20/2015 osu-student@lists.oregonstate.edu Consumer Information
10/30/2015 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu Being Smart on Halloween
10/30/2015 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu Corrected Halloween Public Safety Emergency Phone Number
11/20/2015 osu-students@lists.oregonstate.edu OSU Phishing Derby-Catch a phish for a chance to win a Beaver Store gift certificata
11/30/2015 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu Join President Ray in celebration and conversation at the Memorial Union Lounge
12/01/2015 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu Please complete the OSU Transportation Survey
12/03/2015 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu OSU Transportation Survey Postponed–2015
 1/5/2016 osu-students-corvallis@lists.oregonstate.edu OSU Food Pantry, Mealbux, SNAP & more
1/5/2016 osu-students@lists.oregonstate.edu Winter Term Deadlines
1/27/2016 osu-students-corvallis@oregonstate.edu  OSU Transportation Survey-2016
 2/12/2016 osu-students@oregonstate.edu All Hands Needed for Student Success
4/14/2016 osu-students-corvallis@oregonstate.edu On-campus housing options for Sophomore and Above Students