Eligibility to Register

Prior to enrolling in your courses take the time to make sure you are eligible to register.

How do I know if I’m eligible to Register?

If you are admitted to the university for the term, are a currently active OSU student, and are not on academic suspension, then you are eligible to enroll in courses.

Newly Admitted Students

Newly admitted undergraduates need to attend an orientation prior to registering for courses. Visit New Student Programs & Family Outreach for details about required orientation programs. Upon completing orientation and advising you will be issued a Registration PIN number which you will need to enter at the time of registration.

Newly admitted graduate students are not required to obtain advising prior to registration and may login to MyOSU and register in accordance with the priority registration schedule.

New Distance Education students will need to complete the Ecampus online orientation. Completion of the online orientation will result in notification to your academic advisor that you are ready for an appointment for advising.

Continuing Students

Undergraduate students of eligible academic standing may reenroll by obtaining advising and their registration PIN in accordance with the policies of their academic college.

Graduate students in compliance with the continuous enrollment policy may enroll in courses as soon as they are eligible and no registration pin is required.

Returning Students

Undergraduate/non-degree/postbaccalaureate students who have been absent four or more terms, not including summer terms, and wish to reenroll must complete a Re-Admission Application and return it to the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate students are eligible to enroll if they are in compliance with the continuous enrollment policy of the Graduate School. Graduates students seeking readmission will need to follow the Graduate School’s admission procedures.

A student changing their status, such as completing an undergraduate degree and continuing on to seek another bachelor's degree, must apply for admission under the new status through the Office of Admissions. Undergraduate students who enroll in courses for a term beyond the term in which their degree is awarded must apply for admission under a new status. If an application for a new status is not completed the student will be inactivated and their status changed to non-degree for the future term in which they are enrolled.

Registration Holds

When you attempt to register, the registration system will inform you of any registration holds you may have. Students with registration holds are not permitted to register until holds are cleared. The registration system will refer you to the appropriate departments and offices to contact to remove the holds.

Non-degree Students

Once admitted to the university, non-degree students are eligible to register according to the date and time assigned to non-degree students in the priority registration schedule. Advising and registration PINs are not required for non-degree students.

Academic Suspension

If you were suspended at the end of a prior term, you are not eligible to register. To become eligible to enroll you must request and be approved for reinstatement. Reinstatement request forms are available at the Office of the Registrar. If you are currently registered for a future term, you will be disenrolled.