Application for Graduation

Applications for graduation are submitted via Online Services to the Office of the Registrar. They may be filed up to three terms before the expected graduation term so progress can be monitored each term. However, applications must be submitted no later than the end of the second week of the term in which the student plans to complete degree requirements.

To submit an application for graduation:

    1) The student should login to their Online Services
    2) Enter the Student Records menu
    3) Choose Apply for Graduation
    4) The application will display their existing curriculum. If this curriculum is not the curriculum with which they intend to graduate, they should; stop, exit the application, and change their program before returning to complete the application.

From this same Student Records menu they may also view existing applications for graduation, cancel an existing application for graduation, and confirm their intention to attend commencement.

Please keep the following in mind when advising for the use of the online application for graduation:

  1. Undergraduates must be of senior standing before being eligible to submit an application.
  2. Students who wish to change graduation dates or program information after the first application must cancel their existing application for graduation and file an new application in accordance with the stated deadline.
  3. Students receiving more than two degrees will need to contact the Registrar’s office for assistance.
  4. Students should make all necessary changes to their program prior to submitting an application for graduation. In the interest of providing accurate degree audits, it is imperative that the curriculum under which the student applies for graduation accurately reflects their educational goals.