You should monitor your degree requirements throughout your academic career to ensure that you are on track when graduation approaches.

You must apply for graduation. It is recommended that you apply three terms prior to the term in which you will meet your degree requirements.

Once you’ve applied, you need to monitor your progress toward your degree. It is your responsibility to verify that your requirements are met and the degree will be awarded.

Finally, celebrate your accomplishment by receiving the diploma you’ve worked so hard for. Better yet, receive it at the commencement ceremony and celebrate with your friends, family, and classmates.

Frequently Asked Commencement Questions

Degree Requirements


Maintaining contact with your advisor is critical to the successful and timely completion of your degree requirements. Regular advising is required for undergraduate students. How often advising is required varies by college; contact your college head advising office for further information.

General Catalog

Use the general catalog to research program requirements and course descriptions.


MyDegrees is a web-based degree checklist program and academic advising tool designed to assist students and advisors in reviewing degree progress. It organizes a student's academic transcript chronologically and categorically, identifying courses they have completed and courses still needed to fulfill the degree requirements.

Major features of the system include:

  • Degree Checklist—See a visual presentation of degree progress.
  • 'What if' Scenarios—Determine how courses already taken apply to other majors.
  • Student Educational Plans—Plan which courses to take and when to support degree progress
  • Checklist Notes—Record important reminders and advice related to degree progress.
  • GPA Calculator—Calculate GPA by term and overall.
  • Data Collection to support course forecasting and course demand.

Access to MyDegrees: Log into MyOSU, click on Student tab, under My Student Stuff click "MyDegrees", then click the Submit MyDegrees box.

View the MyDegrees video tutorials

Academic Regulations

Degree requirements are identified in the Academic Regulations.

Postbaccalaureate Students

Postbaccalaureate students are required to have 32 credits in residence (Academic Regulation 26) as well as meet the 45-credit academic residency requirement defined in Academic Regulation 25.f. Some students have completed courses at Oregon State University as a nondegree-seeking student. The courses must have been taken after students have been awarded their first baccalaureate degree, regardless of where the degree was conferred. These courses can be considered for inclusion in the 32-credit requirement and the 45-credit academic residency requirement. Courses remain on the transcript as nondegree-seeking credits. An exception will be made in MyDegrees to reduce the credits required for academic residency based on the number of credits earned as a nondegree-seeking student. Up to 36 credits can be considered to be in compliance with Academic Regulation 1.b.

Former OSU Students Who Did Not Graduate

Former OSU students who contact the Registrar’s Office asking for transcripts and diplomas sometimes discover they did not, in fact, graduate. Reasons for this may include:

  • Students did not complete academic requirements in the term they applied for graduation and, after completing requirements in a subsequent term, the student did not reapply for graduation in the subsequent term.
  • Students assume they graduated because they received their diplomas at Spring Commencement, but the diplomas had to be cancelled due to unfulfilled graduation requirements or minimum grade/GPA requirements were not met.
  • Students who want to complete graduation requirements:
    • Must be a currently admitted student at Oregon State University. If not currently admitted, student must apply for re-admission via the Readmission Application form.
    • Can only be re-admitted to currently active programs. If the student’s program was terminated since leaving OSU, the student must select another program.
    • Need to apply for graduation in the next available term.
    • Must meet with their academic advisor to determine graduation requirements for the current program. Students must complete any additional requirements of the current program. If no additional course work is needed and the degree can be awarded, an official transcript note identifying the year the course work was completed will be added to the transcript.


Academic advising is invaluable to successful completion of your education goals. Your academic advisor provides guidance in course selection, degree requirements, academic success strategies, career plans, and integration to the campus culture. Each academic college has developed an advising structure that addresses the needs of their programs and students. In general:

  1. Meet with your advisor once per term.
  2. Keep your PIN and GAP codes in a safe place.
  3. Take responsibility for learning your degree requirements.

You may contact the college head advisor for more information about the advising resources and requirements of your program. Contact information for individual departments is available online under the subject area contacts heading.

General Catalog

You may view and search the general catalog online. It contains information about admissions procedures and policies, degree requirements, course descriptions, academic policies, and more. Use the catalog to research program requirements and course descriptions.

Catalog Term

You are assigned a “catalog term” for your program. This is the term in which you declared your current program of study (degree and major). You are subject to the program requirements in effect during that term. Use the general catalog applicable to your catalog term when reviewing your program requirements. Catalogs for prior terms are archived online at ScholarsArchive@OSU.


From the very beginning of your academic career you have access to the MyDegrees degree audit tool to monitor your progress towards your degree.  To access the tool, click this link to MyDegrees.  You will be required to enter the login information for your student online services.  Then choose the Submit MyDegrees button and you will be taken directly to your MyDegrees degree checklist.  Keep in mind:

  1. Here you can review your Degree Checklist
  2. Your Planner is also available for use in future planning

The degree checklist will indicate which degree requirements are met by a check in the box to the left of the requirement.  Requirements that are expected to be met by in progress courses will appear with a blue box to the left.  Requirements that you still need to complete will have an empty box to the left and will have the words "Still Needed" in the course requirement area.  Bear in mind that the inclusion of in progress courses indicates where you will stand if you successfully complete all of your in progress courses.  You should review your audit again after the term is complete to verify the results. 

The audit is a useful tool for students, but it is not a replacement for regular consultation with your advisor.

Degree Clearance

Are you a graduate student? Visit for more information.

Apply for Graduation

Students are not automatically evaluated for graduation. They must apply for graduation via MyOSU (click on Student tab, then under My Student Stuff click on Apply to Graduate). It is recommended that students apply for graduation three terms prior to the term in which they intend to complete their degree requirements. Applications must be submitted no later than the end of the second week of the term in which the student plans to complete degree requirements

Double Degrees, Dual Majors, Honors Degrees, Certificates

According to Academic Regulation 26, a student may earn two or more degrees simultaneously. A student must complete a minimum of 32 credits above the minimum number of credits needed for one of the degrees. Students may also earn two or more majors within a single degree program, per Academic Regulation 27. Students completing the University Honors College curriculum receive an honors degree in the college of their major, e.g. HBS Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, or HBA Honors Bachelor of Arts in English.

Monitoring Your Progress

The Office of the Registrar will communicate your progress to you in two ways:

  1. Emails will be sent to your ONID email account with information about the clearance process and any deficiencies you may have.
  2. Any deficiencies that would prevent the your degree being awarded will be recorded as a graduation hold on your record and are visible in your MyDegrees account accessed through MyOSU.

Applying for Graduation & Important Dates and Deadlines

Applications for graduation must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. They may be filed up to three terms before the expected graduation term so progress can be monitored each term. Applications must be submitted no later than the end of the second week of the term in which the student plans to complete degree requirements.

Please read the following before using the online application for graduation:

  • Undergraduates must have senior standing to be eligible to submit an application.
  • The application will display your existing curriculum. If this curriculum is not the curriculum with which you intend to graduate: stop, exit the application, and meet with your advisor to change your program before returning to complete the application.
  • Students who wish to change graduation dates or program information after the first application must cancel their existing application for graduation and file a new application in accordance with the stated deadline.
  • Students receiving more than two degrees must contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

To submit an application for graduation:

Log in to your MyOSU account using your ONID username and password. Under My Student Stuff, click on Apply to Graduate.

Additional Application Functions

From the Student Records menu you may also view existing applications for graduation, cancel an existing application for graduation, and confirm your intention to attend Commencement.

Important Dates and Deadlines:
Undergraduate & Postbaccalaureate Students

2016–2017 Academic Year

Graduation Term

Application Deadline

Conferral Date*

Expected Degree Award Date**

Expected Diploma Availability Date

Summer 2016 July 1, 2016 September 2, 2016 September 30, 2016 October 14, 2016
Fall 2016 October 7, 2016 December 9, 2016 January 13, 2017 January 27, 2017
Winter 2017 January 20, 2017 March 24, 2017 April 28, 2017 May 12, 2017
Spring 2017 April 14, 2017 June 17, 2017 July 21, 2017 See Note Below


* Conferral Date — the graduation date that appears on the diploma and transcript.

** Expected Degree Award Date — the date the Registrar's Office has completed final degree clearance and posts degree awarded status on transcripts. Only AFTER the degree awarded status is posted, are students' degrees officially awarded and visible on the official transcript.

Spring Diploma Availability Date — students who are on track to meet graduation requirements and who do not have any unarticulated or pending transfer work from other institutions that is applicable toward their degree may be eligible to receive their diploma on Commencement Day. For those who are eligible but are not attending Commencement, diplomas are available for pick-up after 12 pm on the first business day after Commencement.

Students who have unarticulated or pending transfer work from other institutions that is applicable toward their degree will have to wait until their degrees are awarded (expected to take place by July 18, 2016) before obtaining their diploma.

Students in the Degree Partnership Program (DPP) may be eligible to receive their diploma on Commencement day. To be eligible, the Registrar’s Office must receive as close to final grades as possible from the instructor(s) teaching at the other institution. The instructor’s email must come from their institution email address and be sent to It is the responsibility of the DPP student to notify their instructors to email OSU.

Double Degrees, Dual Majors, Honors Degrees, Certificates

Double Degrees

A student may earn multiple degrees simultaneously. Additional degrees may also be earned subsequent to a prior awarded degree. The degrees may be offered by the same college, or by different colleges. For each additional degree, a student must complete a minimum of 32 credits above the minimum number of credits needed for one degree. Each degree application is reviewed by the appropriate academic advisor. Advisors complete a separate graduation audit for each of the degrees. Each degree awarded will be recorded as a separate degree award on the student’s record. The student will also receive a separate diploma for each degree awarded (see Academic Regulation 26).

Some programs, such as the Education Double Degree or the International Degree, require that a primary degree be completed in order for the secondary degree to be awarded. When multiple degrees are not dependent on one another, one of the degrees may be awarded even though the requirements for the other degree are not yet met.

Dual (or Multiple) Majors

Though less common, a student may receive a single degree with multiple majors. Often the number of credits required to complete the requirements for multiple majors allows a student to earn multiple degrees, but that is not always the case. Dual majors are most often obtained within the same college. The degree requirements for both majors are reviewed by your advisor.

When the degree is awarded there will be one degree award with two majors recorded on the student’s record. The student will receive one diploma. Dual majors may be obtained concurrently with the completion of the degree, or in some cases may be earned as a credential subsequent to completion of the degree (see Academic Regulation 27).

Honors Degrees

Students completing the honors college curriculum receive an honors degree in the college of their major, e.g. HBS Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, or HBA Honors Bachelor of Arts in English. In some cases, it might be possible for an Honors College student to earn multiple degrees simultaneously by following the double degrees requirements outlined in Academic Regulation 26.

Students seeking an honors degree must meet the requirements of the University Honors College to receive their degree. Students who complete an Honors degree will have the honors degree recorded on their academic record. The student’s diploma will also include the honors degree designation (e.g. Honors Bachelor of Science, Honors Bachelor of Arts).


Students completing a certificate concurrently with their major must apply for graduation twice—one graduation application for the major and a second graduation application for the certificate. When the certificate is awarded, it will be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Monitoring Your Progress

Keep your eye on the ball. Once you’ve applied to graduate you are responsible for monitoring your progress from the beginning of the process through the actual awarding of the degree. Don’t make any assumptions.

The Review

When an application for graduation is submitted the Office of the Registrar will inform your advisor that you are pending graduation for the term. Check your degree progress using your MyDegrees degree checklist by logging into MyOSU. If you haven’t done so recently, you should meet with your advisor to verify that you are on track to meet your requirements. Any unmet requirements indicated on your degree audit must be resolved prior to a degree being awarded.

College/departmental advisors will review your record to verify the completion of baccalaureate core, degree, major, minor, option, and college requirements. The Office of the Registrar verifies completion of the remaining institutional requirements.

Academic Regulation 25 defines Institutional Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees. Questions regarding your ability to graduate as planned or regarding specific college/major/minor/option requirements should be directed to your academic advisor.

During the term in which you have applied to graduate, your record will be evaluated several times to determine if you have met graduation requirements. Any deficiencies will be recorded as a graduation hold on your student record. Check your holds by logging into MyOSU, under My Student Stuff click on View Holds. Also, continue to monitor your progress in MyDegrees. You will be responsible for monitoring your progress and checking your holds throughout your final term because your progress and holds will be updated continuously as changes to your record occur. Check your ONID email regularly.

What if I won’t meet my requirements as planned?

In the event that you will be unable to graduate at the end of the term for which you have applied, you should cancel your existing application for graduation and submit a new application for the future term in which you will complete your requirements.

How do I know if I graduated?

Degree clearance requires approximately 4 weeks after the conclusion of the term.  When your degree requirements are completed, your degree award will be posted to your transcript. Also, the Office of the Registrar will send a notice of congratulation to your ONID student email address once your degree is awarded. It is your responsibility to consult your OSU transcript to confirm your degree award.

Commencement & Diplomas


It is highly recommended that students, family, faculty, and staff take the opportunity to celebrate this momentous accomplishment. The university holds a single commencement ceremony each June. Students must RSVP their intention to attend via MyOSU (under My Student Stuff, click Apply to Graduate). Detailed information is sent to the current mailing address of eligible students in April of each year. Oregon State University has a long-standing, proud tradition of providing each student with his or her own diploma at the commencement ceremony. Find out more details at the Commencement section of this site.


With the exception of Spring term, diplomas are available approximately 2 weeks after the posting of degrees. Diplomas may be obtained in one of three ways:

  1. Students attending commencement may receive their diploma at the ceremony if the student is on track to meet all requirements.
  2. The student or their authorized designee may pickup their diploma at the Office of the Registrar.
  3. The Office of the Registrar may mail the diploma to the student upon receipt of a written request and the applicable shipping fee.

For details visit the Diplomas section of this site.


Commencement Website

Future Commencement Date: 
Saturday, June 17, 2017

Commencement Ceremony Deadlines

Information Mailed to Current Mailing Address Deadline for Summer and Fall Graduates to apply to graduate and have their names appear in the Commencement Program

Commencement Participation Deadline

Commencement Ceremony

Around April 1, 2017
April 28, 2017 June 2, 2017 June 17, 2017

Frequently Asked Commencement Questions

Qualified Attendees

Baccalaureate graduates from the prior Summer through the upcoming Summer and Fall term may attend the Spring commencement. For example, commencement being held at the close of Spring term 2017 welcomes graduates from Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Winter 2016 and pending graduates for Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and Fall 2017. Detailed information is sent to eligible students in April of each year. This information will be sent to their current mailing address. Masters and PhD graduates from the prior summer through the upcoming summer are eligible to attend. Please visit for more information on graduate school student participation.

Reserve a Seat at Commencement

It is a university tradition to provide each student their own diploma at the commencement ceremony. To have their diploma available we have to know who is coming, therefore attendees are required to RSVP for the event. Students can RSVP their intention to attend via MyOSU (under My Student Stuff, click Apply to Graduate).

Degrees with Distinction

High achieving students are recognized through the posting of a title of academic distinction to their degree award and through the wearing of an academic honor cord as part of their graduation regalia. Grade-point averages are computed on the basis of all work attempted at OSU. Graduates who have completed at least 90 credits at OSU or 60 upper-division credits at OSU, and who have an OSU cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, are awarded an OSU degree with distinction as follows:

Academic Distinction


Honor Cord Color

Cum Laude



Magna Cum Laude



Summa Cum Laude



  • Candidates who have completed their degree in prior terms are eligible to wear Honor cords based on their completed OSU GPA and credits.
  • For candidates pending Spring term graduation, eligibility to wear Honor cords is based on the OSU institutional GPA and credit hours completed through Winter term.
  • Candidates for Summer and Fall term graduation are not eligible to wear Honor cords at the commencement ceremony.

When Spring term ends and final grades are posted, the Honors distinction will be evaluated and posted to eligible transcripts. If necessary, your diploma will be reprinted to reflect the Honors distinction. Honor cords may be purchased at the OSU Beaver Store.

Preliminary Grades

Commencement is held the Saturday following the conclusion of finals week. Although Spring term final grades are not yet available, we strive to provide diplomas to as many students as possible at commencement. The Office of the Registrar collects preliminary grades for pending graduates during the 7th week of the term to be utilized for a preliminary review of degree requirements.

Pending graduates who meet degree requirements based on preliminary review will receive their diploma at the commencement ceremony. Students who do not meet preliminary review requirements are welcome to attend the ceremony but will not receive their diploma at that time.


For more information see “Important Dates and Deadlines.” 

With the exception of Spring term, diplomas are available approximately 2 weeks after the posting of degrees.

Picking Up a Diploma in Person

Diplomas are retained in the Office of the Registrar. Students may pick-up their diploma in person at commencement or at the Office of the Registrar. Students who choose to pick up their diploma at the Office of the Registrar must present picture identification before receiving their diploma.

Can someone pick up a diploma on the student’s behalf?

Yes, a student may authorize another individual to pick up their diploma by completing the Diploma Release Request form. The authorized individual must present their picture identification at the Office of the Registrar.

Mailing Diplomas

Students may have their diploma mailed to them by completing the Diploma Mailing Request/Duplicate Diploma Order form and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar along with payment for the mailing fee. If payment does not accompany the diploma mailing request/duplicate diploma order form, your OSU student account will be billed accordingly. The diploma will be mailed to the address provided on the request form.

Diploma Copies

Students can obtain a duplicate diploma by completing the Diploma Mailing Request/Duplicate Diploma Order and submitting it to the Office of the Registrar along with payment of the duplicate diploma fee. Processing time for such requests is 2 to 4 weeks.

Verifying Your Degree

There are two ways to verify your degree:

Verifying your degree on the Web

Degrees awarded by Oregon State University are recorded with the National Student Clearinghouse. Students, employers, and other organizations may request verification of a degree directly from the NSC by visiting the website and submitting a request.

Verifying your degree with a transcript

An official transcript may be ordered through MyOSU and sent to whatever address you specify. You may also elect to pick up your diploma at the Office of the Registrar. Be prepared to show your picture identification if picking up a transcript. Transcripts also may be ordered in advance with the special handling instruction “Hold for Degree”. Orders with this instruction will be sent automatically upon the completion of the degree award process.