Student Records

Do you need to change your major, see an advisor, or do you want more information about general program requirements? Check out information about managing your academic program.

Student records access is managed in accordance with federal educational privacy regulations. Know your rights, responsibilities, and how to access information you might need.

Ordering transcripts:

Are you a transfer student? Learn how to receive transfer credit for courses taken at other institutions.

Academic Program

Your academic program encompasses the degree, major, minor, and any options you are pursuing during your studies at OSU. Use the general catalog, advising resources, and MyDegrees to track your program requirements and to make decisions about making changes to your program.

How do I change my major?

Undergraduate students complete the Change of Undergraduate Academic Program form, obtain approval from the head advisor of the college in which the program being declared resides, and return the completed form to the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate students who wish to change their academic program should consult the Graduate School Office’s change of degree/major procedures.


Academic advising is invaluable to the successful completion of your education goals. Your academic advisor is there to provide guidance in regards to course selection, degree requirements, academic success strategies, career plans, and integration to the campus culture. Each academic college has developed an advising structure that facilitates the needs of their programs and students. However, all colleges recommend that you:

    1) Meet with your advisor once per term.
    2) Keep your PIN and GAP codes in a safe place.
    3) Take responsibility for learning your degree requirements.

You may contact the college head advisor for more information about the advising resources and requirements of your program. Contact information for individual departments is available online under the subject area contacts heading.

General Catalog

Check out the general catalog for information regarding admission requirements, degree requirements, available programs, academic regulations, policies, academic calendars, and much more. Familiarize yourself with the catalog in general, while paying particular attention to your program requirements and the academic regulations.

Access to Records

Learn how to manage the release of your student records.

How do I restrict the release of my information?

You have the right to restrict the release of your student information or to authorize the release of information to specified individuals.

There are two ways to restrict the release of your personal information:

  1. You may login to MyOSU, click on the Welcome tab, under Update Personal Profile, click on OSU Directory Preferences. Here you may uncheck the box next to any item you do not wish to be displayed. Click Submit Changes to apply your changes.
  2. To restrict the release of any of your information complete a Confidentiality Request form. Requesting a complete Confidentiality Restriction will prevent employees of OSU from providing any directory or confidential information to you or other parties. When a confidentiality restriction is in place we can only discuss your record with you if you appear in person with picture identification or if you complete the form to release the restriction.

To remove the confidentiality restriction, complete the bottom section of the Confidentiality Request form to revoke the restriction.

If you wish to release information to an individual you may complete the Permission to Release Student Education Records form. This form automatically expires in one year. If you wish to continue the release beyond one year you must complete a new form. When completing the form you must authorize a specific individual(s) to be able to obtain your records. Turn the form into the Office of the Registrar and be prepared to show picture identification at that time. The authorized individual must submit a signed written request to our office for your records. Upon receipt of the request and verification of the release, an official transcript will be forwarded to the authorized individual.

Clery Act

The university posts campus security statistics in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

FERPA – Right to Privacy

What is FERPA? FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This legislation protects the privacy of your student records and regulates how your information is utilized. These are your rights and it is to your benefit to familiarize yourself with them. Take the FERPA tutorial to learn more.

Review the Student Records - Right to Privacy information in the catalog to learn more about the details of FERPA, the Solomon Amendment, and the use of social security numbers.

Diploma/Transcript Notarization & Apostille

Who needs this service? Is this an apostille?

Students who apply for jobs or admission to universities in other countries often need a notarized diploma or transcript in order to submit them to the Oregon Secretary of State to obtain an Apostille. This is the first step in the Apostille process. Some employers in the U.S. may also ask for a transcript or diploma to be notarized for authenticity. Only the Office of the Registrar can certify Oregon State University diplomas and transcripts.

What do I need to do to get my diploma or transcript notarized?

Complete and sign the Notary Service Request form and include it with your documents to be notarized. It is required that the original documents are present—an official transcript must be ordered or an original diploma presented or mailed to the Office of the Registrar. We cannot notarize scanned or printed copies of your documents. The Office of the Registrar will make a certified copy of the diploma to send with the notary certificate to the address you provide and return the original to you. The official transcript will remain sealed and sent with the notary certificate to the address you provide. For original diplomas and transcripts, processing takes about one business day and is free of charge.

What if I don’t have my original diploma for you to notarize?

If you do not have access to your original diploma, a duplicate diploma may be ordered for a $40 fee. We cannot notarize scanned copies of a diploma. If ordering a duplicate diploma, please allow 2–3 weeks for processing.

How long does the notarization process take?

Processing takes about one business day for original documents. If ordering a duplicate diploma, please allow 2–3 business days for processing. All documents returned via mail are sent through USPS First Class mail.

What happens after the Office of the Registrar notarizes my diploma or transcript?

To obtain an Apostille, the Oregon Secretary of State will also require you to complete a request form found here:

The Oregon Secretary of State asks for payment as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your documents.

Will you forward my documents to the Oregon Secretary of State?

The Office of the Registrar will only send the notarized documents to the Secretary of State and will not coordinate payment or return for you. To ensure the timely and safe return of your documents from the Oregon Secretary of State it is highly recommended that you request your diploma and transcripts be returned directly to you from our office. You can then give them to the Oregon Secretary of State with your payment and the request form in one package.

Will you notarize other documents?

To keep this service free of charge our notary only notarizes documents generated by the Office of the Registrar.

Student Information

Find out more about what information is available, how to provide this information to others, and where to access university statistics.

Enrollment & Degree Verification

Need to verify your enrollment? OSU reports enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse which in turn makes enrollment verifications available free of charge via your MyOSU account (under the Student tab and My Student Stuff, see the Enrollment Verification link). If you have special verification needs you may submit a Verification of Enrollment request form to the Office of the Registrar. These special requests are subject to a $15 processing fee and require 3 business days to process.

Degree information is also reported to the National Student Clearinghouse and individuals or organizations wishing to verify your degree may do so through the NSC for a small fee. You may also order an official transcript to provide as proof of degrees earned.

Information Online

Learn more about what information available online, such as alert notification, directory information, registration information, etc. Read more in the Student Information Online section of the General Catalog.

Record Retention (OARs)

What records we retain and how long we keep them is governed by the Oregon Administrative Rules Division 20, Student Records Rule.

Statistical & Historical Data (Institutional Research)

Do you need to know more information about OSU? Perhaps you’re curious about enrollment rates or graduation rates. Check out the statistics made available by the Office of Institutional Research.

Biographical Information Change Requests

This page provides information on how to make biographical changes to your student record.

Legal Name Change

Preferred First Name Change

Social Security Number Change

Change of Gender

Ethnicity Designation Change

Biographical Changes Request Form

Legal Name Change

What will this change affect?

This will change your name in all OSU administrative systems, including, but not limited to: Blackboard, Canvas, MyDegrees, Online Services, class rosters, transcripts, et al.

How do I go about making this change?

Students wishing to change their legal name must submit a request, in-person. Those who are unable to do so in person must submit notarized copies of the name change form and of your current and former pieces of identification. Because of our need to see that your name changed legally, we ask for an ID (OSU or government-issued) that shows your former or previous name.

For students who are not employed by OSU (as a student staff or staff member): 

  • For current students:  Please bring your OSU ID card to the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of the Kerr Administration Building. In addition to your OSU ID, you will need to bring an official document that shows your change of name from your prior to your current name. Some examples of these documents include:  a marriage license, divorce decree, naturalization papers, legal name change decree, adoption decree, et al.). If you have any questions about what is acceptable documentation, please call the Registrar’s Office. Following the processing with the Registrar’s Office, you should visit the OSU Card Center for a new OSU ID card. Note that you will be assessed a replacement card fee (currently $25) for a new ID card.
  • For former students:  Please bring in either your former OSU ID card or your former government-issued ID card, as well as official documentation that shows your change of name from your prior to your current name, to the Registrar’s Office. Some examples of name change documents include:  a marriage license, divorce decree, naturalization papers, legal name change decree, adoption decree, et al.). If you have any questions about what is acceptable documentation, please call the Registrar’s Office.

If you are an employee (faculty, staff, or student) of OSU:

Federal regulations require employers to validate that the employee's name on record exactly matches the name which appears on the individual's social security card to ensure proper tax reporting. Thus, in order to reflect your name change on your personnel and payroll records, you must present your photo ID reflecting your new name to your business center human resources staff. At that time you will be asked to complete an OSU Name Change form and I-9 form. Be prepared to provide acceptable I-9 supporting documents (examples: driver’s license and social security card, or passport). You may find more information on changing your legal name with HR by clicking on the “Personal Information” tab in Online Services.

For additional information on how to apply for, replace, correct, or change your name on your Social Security Card, click here.

Preferred First Name Change

Disclaimer: It is up to the discretion of the Registrar’s Office to change this. Currently the Registrar’s Office is collecting these requests, but updates are still under way to allow these changes to be reflected in the appropriate Student Information Systems.

What will this change affect?

This will change how your first name appears in the systems that are considered more public to student services, such as advising and the classroom setting. These systems include Blackboard, Canvas, Web for Advisors, MyDegrees, the OSU directory, and class rosters. Additionally, this would allow you to obtain a new OSU ID card with your preferred name reflected [note that this will require paying for a new ID card at the $25 replacement card rate]. Faculty and advisors should see your preferred name change, but all other locations would display your legal name. You would continue to receive email in your legal name. Your transcript would reflect your legal name. Business Affairs would continue to use your legal name. Your ID card should display your preferred name, but changing the ID card could result in the ID card not be a valid form of identification for other purposes.

What is the purpose of doing this?

The purpose of this form is to reflect the first name used by you in professional settings even thought that name may not be your legal first name. Some examples of when this might be applied are:

You use your middle name or a shortened version of your first name instead of your legal first name.

  • E.g., A person’s name is Nathan Daniel Jones, but that person is known professionally and academically as Daniel Jones.
  • E.g., A person’s legal first name is Catherine, but that person is known professionally and academically as Cathy.

You are an international student who prefers to use a different name in the context of attending school in the United States (what may be referred to as an “Americanized name”).

  • E.g., A person’s legal first name is Zheng, but that person is known professionally and academically as Sam.

You are using a name, different from your legal name, that you feel more aptly reflects your gender identity and/or gender expression.

  • E.g., A person’s legal first name is Christine, but that person is known professionally and academically as Chris.

How do I go about making this change? In order to change your preferred name, please fill out the Biographical Changes Request form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

Social Security Number Change

What is the purpose of this?

The purpose of this is to add a previously missing Social Security Number (SSN) or correct an erroneously recorded SSN.

What will this change affect?

This change will be reflected in all OSU systems in which your Social Security Number is stored. It is important that U.S. domestic students have the correct SSN on file as it is correctly identifies you as the person attached to your student record.

How do I go about making this change?

A request to change your social security number in the OSU Administrative Information System must be made in person at the appropriate office.

For students who are not employed by OSU (as a student staff or staff, or faculty member):

 Please bring your social security card to the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of the Kerr Administration Building.

If you are an employee (faculty, staff, or student) of OSU:

Federal regulations require employers to validate that each employee's social security number and name on record exactly matches the social security number and name which appear on the individual's social security card to ensure proper tax reporting. Thus, in order to change either your social security number or your name in your personnel or payroll records, you must present your social security card which reflects your correct social security number to the appropriate business center for your hiring unit or, if your unit does not have a business center, the Office of Human Resources in the Kerr Administration Building.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the appropriate office.

For additional information on how to apply for, replace, correct, or change your name on your Social Security Card, click here.

Change of Gender

Please read this critical information regarding transgender students, Selective Service registration and filing the FAFSA form. Students who were assigned female at birth are not required to register with the Selective Service regardless of their current gender or transition status. Students filing a FAFSA form with female assigned at birth should indicate female on the FAFSA form. Students who were assigned male at birth are required to register with the Selective Service within thirty days of their eighteenth birthday. This includes those who may have transitioned before or since then. Students filing a FAFSA form who were assigned male at birth should indicate male on the FAFSA form.

What will this change affect?

This will change your gender designation in Student Information Systems. These information systems would include a change of displayed gender in Canvas, Blackboard, MyDegrees, Web for Advisors, and class rosters.

How do I go about making this change?

Fill out the Biographical Changes Request form reflecting your former and current gender designation. Once completed, turn this in, with your OSU ID, to the Registrar’s Office.

If you are an employee (faculty, staff, or student) of OSU:

Students who are employed by OSU must contact the appropriate contact in their hiring unit’s business center or, for those units not currently served by a business center, in Central Human Resources for a change of gender designation.

Ethnicity Designation Change

What will this change affect?

This will change your race or ethnicity designation in OSU information systems.

How do I go about making this change?

  • For students who are not employed by OSU (as a student staff, staff, or faculty member):
    Students must bring in a Biographical Changes Request form reflecting the ethnicity designation change and a form of photo ID to the Registrar’s Office.
  • If you are an employee (faculty, staff, or student) of OSU:
    You may change your ethnicity designation via your MyOSU account. In the Online Services box, click on Banner Self-Service, then click on Personal Information, then click on “Update Ethnicity, Race, or Veteran Status” (see image below).

Race, Ethnicity, Veteran Status screen shot


How to Order Official Transcripts

How you order an official transcript depends on when you attended OSU.

Please select from the following options:

I am a currently enrolled student

  1. Log into MyOSU.
  2. Go to the Student tab.
  3. In the 'My Student Stuff' box, click on My Transcripts.
  4. For an Unofficial Transcript, click Submit and when the transcript appears you will be able to print it.
  5. For an Official Transcript, click on the Request Printed/Official Transcripts link at the bottom of the page.
  6. Then follow the prompts on subsequent pages to enter the necessary information.
  • If you need a transcript quickly make sure that you order the PDF e-transcript. In approximately 30 minutes you (or the recipient of the transcript) will receive an email with instructions on how to download the transcript.
  • Paper transcripts are normally mailed within 2 to 3 business days, or are available for pick-up at the Office of the Registrar on the next business day. They cannot be faxed.
  • Your financial account must be up to date before a transcript can be issued. If you have a hold on your account, please call the number listed with your hold information.

If you need assistance call the Office of the Registrar at 541-737-4331 or email:

Ordering Unofficial Transcripts (available to current students only):

  1. Log into MyOSU.
  2. Click on Student tab.
  3. Under My Student Stuff, click on My Transcripts.
  4. Select Submit. After the transcript appears, you can print it out from here.

I am an alumni and I attended OSU after Fall Term 1991

  1. Log in to Online Services with the following information:

    Enter your ONID username
    Enter your ONID password

    Or, if you don't have your ONID details:

    Enter your SSN or 9-digit OSU ID number
    Enter your GAP (General Access Pin)*

    *If you do not remember your GAP, enter your ID number, click the Forgot GAP button, answer the security question, and then reset your GAP. If you cannot answer your security question, please call the Office of the Registrar, 541-737-4331.

  2. Once logged in, go to the main menu, and click on Student Records.
  3. Click on Request OFFICIAL Transcript.
  4. Follow the prompts on subsequent pages to enter the necessary information.
  • If you need a transcript quickly make sure that you order the PDF e-transcript. In approximately 30 minutes you (or the recipient of the transcript) will receive an email with instructions on how to download the transcript.
  • Paper transcripts are normally mailed within 2 to 3 business days, or are available for pick-up at the Office of the Registrar on the next business day. They cannot be faxed.
  • Your financial account must be up to date before a transcript can be issued. If you have a hold on your account, please call the number listed with your hold information.

If you need assistance call the Office of the Registrar at 541-737-4331 or email:

I am an alumni and I attended OSU before Fall Term 1991

If you attended OSU prior to Fall Term 1991, you can order a free paper transcript (e-transcripts are not available). These transcripts have to be produced manually from OSU archives and may take up to 7 business days to process, depending on the complexity of your record and your dates of attendance.

To request your transcript, please use the Official Transcript Request Form

The form must be fully completed, signed and submitted to:

OSU Office of the Registrar
B102 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331-2130

You can also fax the form to: 541-737-8123.

If you need assistance call the Office of the Registrar at 541-737-4331 or email:

Statement of Degree

A Statement of Degree is a good-faith letter indicating your anticipated graduation date. Most employers and graduate schools will accept a Statement of Degree until your degree is actually cleared and posted on the transcript. The Registrar's Office issues Statements of Degree only for undergraduate students; graduate students must contact the Graduate School,

Requests for Statement of Degree will be processed within 5 business days.

Please request your Statement of Degree by emailing the following information to (NOTE: Your request must come from your ONID email address so that we can verify your ID):

Subject Line: Statement of Degree


OSU Student ID:

Contact Phone:

ONID Email Address:

College Degree and Major:

Term/Year Awarded:

Where do you want the Registrar's Office to mail your statement?

  • If directly to a future employer or graduate school, please provide the name and mailing address.
  • If directly to you, please provide your mailing address.
  • If directly to you/future employer or graduate school by email, please provide the email address(es) that you would like us to send it to.

Or tell us that you will pick up your statement at the Registrar's Office.

Note: If you would like to wait for our office to process your request for a Statement of Degree until after your final grades post, please request your Statement of Degree after your final grades have posted.

E-Transcript Implementation

Oregon State University implemented e-transcripts on Monday, December 22, 2014, in partnership with Parchment, Inc. OSU's EDI partners continue to receive transcripts through EDI.

Some key features of the e-transcript:

  1. Major and student type displays for every term of enrollment.
  2. Academic English course work is recorded on a centralized Non-Credit Transcript.
  3. A slight change to the Transcript key includes a Non-Credit course description for Academic English, as well as a K-12 course program that ran from 2003–2008.
  4. Course work is recorded to the transcript based on the level of the course. As a result, the student will receive GPA calculations for each course level in the same term.
  5. No portion of the Social Security Number will be visible any longer on the official transcript.
  6. Options will now display along with the College and Major as a program of study.

Frequently Asked Questions: Transcripts

How do I let you know I want to pick up my transcript in person?

Enter your name in the Other box. Do not load an address. For the Delivery Method select Standard Pick-up at Counter.

Can someone else pick-up my transcripts?

Yes. Enter the pick-up person’s name in the Other box. Do not load an address. For the Delivery Method select Standard Pick-up at Counter.

My college code isn’t listed, what do I do?

A college code is not necessary. Use the Other option on the first page to enter the college name, then enter the department and address on page two to send them your transcript.

The college code is bringing up the wrong address, what do I do?

Do not finish the order.  Click the Main Menu tab at the top and start at step 5 as outlined above. Do not use a college code. Use the Other option on the first page to enter the college name, then enter the department and address on page two to send them your transcript.

My home address is wrong, what do I do?

Do not finish the order. At the top click the Personal Information tab. Select Update Address(es) and Phone(s). Once you have updated your current mailing address click the Main Menu tab at the top and start at step 5 as outlined above.

Expedited delivery (USPS Express Mail/FedEx)

Contact the Registrar’s Office Transcript Clerk before placing your order.

How do I send an additional/matching form with my transcript?

If you have an additional/matching form that needs to be included with your transcript you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office Transcript Clerk before placing your order.

I attended prior to 1991 and my records are not available through online.

Complete and submit a paper Official Transcript Request form to the Office of the Registrar.

Non-Credit Transcripts

Official non-credit transcripts contain the course subject and number, course title, and grade for non-credit course work (e.g. K–12 or INTO OSU course work) and can be ordered via MyOSU.

Records of Extension Work Prior to 1979

Records of all Extension and correspondence work taken through the Oregon State University System of Higher Education prior to fall 1979 are on file at Portland State University, PO Box 1389, Portland, OR 97207-1389. Please write directly to the registrar at that address for such transcripts, or access the Portland State University website for transcript information.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts for students enrolled after Fall 1991 are available via the Web through MyOSU. Unofficial transcripts do not contain details of transfer work as accepted by OSU. Unofficial transcripts are not available for students enrolled prior to Fall Term 1991.

Transfer Credits

Did you complete courses at another institution or are you thinking about taking a class to transfer back to OSU? Learn more about equivalencies between other institutions and OSU. The Office of Admissions processes transfer credits. Visit these websites for more information:

Transfer Course Equivalencies

For information on courses from Oregon colleges and universities that are accepted in transfer to OSU, see Oregon colleges and universities course equivalencies page. You can also view equivalencies for schools outside of Oregon.

Baccalaureate Core Course Equivalencies

For information on courses from Oregon community colleges that transfer to OSU as baccalaureate core credit (courses that meet general education requirements) see the baccalaureate core course equivalencies page.

Reverse Transfer

Oregon State University has partnered with Linn-Benton Community College to help identify and award associate degrees to students who have completed the degree requirements but may be unaware of this achievement.

At the conclusion of week six of each term, our office will send OSU transcripts for qualifying degree partnership program students to Linn-Benton. Linn-Benton will evaulate the course work to determine if requirements have been met for an associate degree at LBCC. LBCC will contact eligible students.

The transfer of records from OSU to LBCC will cease once a student has been awarded an associate degree from LBCC or applied for their baccalaureate degree from OSU.

We know our students work hard and we wish to see them justly awarded for the degrees they have earned.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, you may contact:

LBCC: Jane Tillman, or call 541-917-4912

OSU Registrar's Office: or call 541-737-4331

You may also visit the Degree Partnership Program website for more information.

Transfer of Credits Taken as an Undergraduate to a Graduate Program

Beginning academic year 2013/2014, the Office of the Registrar no longer hosts a Reservation of Credit form or process.

The Graduate School allows students to apply graduate courses taken as an undergraduate/postbaccalaureate student towards a graduate program utilizing their transfer credit policy and procedures. Students wishing to pursue this option will now work directly with the Graduate School. Review the specific Graduate School Transfer Credit criteria for more information.

OSU Honor Roll By Term

Names of students who have made the Scholastic Honor Roll Fall term 2014 have been announced by Oregon State University. A total of 861 students earned straight-A (4.0). Another 3,598 earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing. To be on the Honor Roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

Fall Term 2014 Honor Roll by Oregon County

Note: Problems may be experienced viewing this page in Firefox. Internet Explorer is recommended.


Baker City

      Straight-A Average: Laura E. Borgen, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Ryan K. Cashen, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Michael D. Jacobson, Post Baccalaureate, General Science; Samantha Searles, Sophomore, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Chelsea K. McVay, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Connor L. Yates, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.


        3.5 or Better: Tanner H. Seal, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.


Adair Village

        3.5 or Better: Richard A. Brown, Senior, Psychology.


        3.5 or Better: Rachael J. Belcher, Senior, History; John T. Simonson, Sophomore, History; Kimberly D. Van Horn, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Griffin N. Alberti, Senior, Physics; Brooke L. Arbogast, Senior, Merchandising Management; Benjamin W. Arvey, Junior, Computer Science; David E. Baglien, Post Baccalaureate, Accountancy; Breanna L. Balleby, Senior, English.
        Amanda D. Bazurto, Senior, Accountancy; Alyssa L. Becker, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Hayden D. Bialek, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; James A. Blount, Junior, Ecological Engineering; Elise M. Bowlby, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Madelaine M. Corbin, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Brett C. Cowden, Sophomore, General Science; Emily S. Day, Senior, Natural Resources; Devon A. Goode, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sean J. Hodge, Senior, Psychology.
        Jeremy D. Jones, Post Baccalaureate, General Science; Shanna M. Killeen, Senior, English; Joseph Y. Kim, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Bria Knight, Junior, Psychology; Regina A. Kurapova, Senior, Chemistry.
        Lisa Lin, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Kaitlin R. Littleford, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Civil Engineering; Abrianna M. Lochner, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kathryn J. Louderback, Junior, Music; Hannah A. Mc Carty, Senior, Graphic Design.
        Mida C. Mc Kenrick, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Civil Engineering; Sally A. Pape, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Leilani A. Penner, Senior, Bioengineering; Michael A. Perlin, Senior, Physics; Tristan Price, Senior, Liberal Studies.
        Sara D. Santee, Junior, Psychology; Ann N. Santich, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ian E. Sargent, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Lyshuand R. Smith, Junior, Biology; Angela K. Stapleton, Junior, Public Health.
        Leon Su, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Finn W. Van Order, Junior, Public Health; Tanna J. Wilson, Junior, French; Ellen Y. Yin, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Khanda K. Abdullah, Junior, Pre-Business; Alaina Adams, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Quentin M. Albright, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Vincent M. Albright, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Al-Moatasem H. Al Isma'Ili, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Benjamin A. Appleby, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Christian A. Armatas, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Aditya Atkuru, Sophomore, Biology; Thomas B. Bain, Senior, Renewable Materials; Bobby C. Bangs, Senior, Anthropology.
        Bradley Barnette, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology; Kathryn M. Blakely, Senior, Interior Design; Saul L. Boulanger, Junior, Political Science; Ashley D. Boyes, Junior, Pre-Business; Luke I. Brenneman, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Jackson H. Brenner-Smith, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Evan C. Brown, Senior, Recreation Resource Management; Sean P. Brown, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Steven J. Cespedes, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Hwangsin Cho, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.
        Ching-ting Chong, Senior, Management; Nathan A. Christopher, Senior, Computer Science; Chase Q. Cochran, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Kyle S. Conley, Non-Degree Graduat, Non-Degree Graduate; John D. Conner, Senior, Apparel Design.
        Carrie G. Cuevas, Senior, Apparel Design; Dawn S. Davis, Senior, Music; Lisa A. Dempster, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Andrew Donaldson, Junior, Horticulture; Miles E. Dornfeld, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Thomas H. Doverspike, Freshman, Biology; Kristin N. Drahn, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew T. Dwyer, Senior, Horticulture; Merlin C. Ebert, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Story E. Edison, Sophomore, Sociology.
        Taona Elchibegashvili, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Rebecca Engelbrecht, Junior, Sociology; Jake D. Entrikin, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Megan L. Evans, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Robert D. Fahy, Junior, Pre-Business.
        Tara M. Farley, Junior, Psychology; Jordan K. Feist, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Tanner T. Fiez, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Trevor T. Fiez, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Tomena M. Flatt, Sophomore, Pre-Communication.
        Eaton C. Fong, Freshman, Chemistry; John S. Froelich, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nikolai G. Geier, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Wilhelm R. Geier, Junior, Ecological Engineering; Sarah J. Gibbons, Senior, Accountancy.
        Ian S. Gillespie, Senior, Psychology; Thomas G. Green, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Lucas E. Hammond, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jonathan Harder, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Olivia C. Hawkinson, Senior, Public Health.
        Joshua J. Hay, Senior, Bioresource Research; Gwendolyn A. Hill, Junior, English; Neil E. Holloway, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Peter B. Hong, Junior, Biology; Ian R. Humphreys, Freshman, Biology.
        Monica R. Huster, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Angelica N. Ingeman, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Derek M. Jackson, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Anthony B. Jimenez, Senior, Sociology; Jayanthi J. Joseph, Senior, Biology.
        Eric R. Kamke, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Prema K. Kapuler, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Neda J. Kazerouni, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Austin C. Kearns, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Hannah M. Keim, Junior, Pre-Communication.
        Hannah K. Kendrick, Senior, Public Health; Kashann D. Kilson-Anderson, Senior, Political Science; Thomas M. Kneeland III, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Christopher J. Koenig, Junior, Finance; Kin-Ho Lam, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science.
        Shannon M. Leigh, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ao Li, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Suyang Liu, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Danika F. Locey, Sophomore, Music; Cristhian A. Lopez, Senior, Accountancy.
        Pa Dao Lor, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Tymothy K. Mangan, Sophomore, Physics; Mary K. Marshall, Freshman, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Graham Marvin, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Joshua R. McCallum, Senior, Food Science and Technology.
        Tyler N. Mc Fadden, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Elijah McGowen, Junior, Pre-Finance; Claire M. McMorris, Junior, Political Science; Samuel W. Mikowski, Senior, Psychology; Kai T. Misner, Senior, Natural Resources.
        Tristan R. Mitchell, Freshman, Biology; Andrew A. Molitor, Senior, Microbiology; Hoa V. Nguyen, Sophomore, Political Science; Gregory A. Nicol, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Bilal M. Nohad, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Ashley S. Olsen-Hashemian, Senior, Business Administration; Tingyoung Ou, Sophomore, Nutrition; Broderick J. Peavyhouse, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Nate C. Pederson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Caroline B. Pelley, Senior, Nutrition.
        Joseph B. Pelley, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Erin A. Peters, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Jeffrey J. Pierce, Junior, Sociology; Megan M. Pinard, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Eric K. Qian, Sophomore, Chemistry.
        Nathan D. Raleigh, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Dwight C. Ransom, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Victor E. Rodriguez, Junior, Microbiology; Daniel P. Rollins, Senior, Sociology; Gordon J. Roth, Senior, Political Science.
        Jacob K. Rueben, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Kaylene M. Rust, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Ashraf S. Samhan, Sophomore, Chemistry; Bergen K. Sather, Freshman, Biology; Cade A. Schmid, Junior, Animal Sciences.
        Jazmin D. Schneider, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Ashley C. Scholz, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Douglas K. Seidlitz, Senior, Economics; Felicia R. Severy, Senior, Anthropology; Jonathan D. Shaw, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Christopher J. Shiner, Freshman, Biology; Sara E. Smee, Senior, Merchandising Management; Emily L. Smith, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Shanna Smothers, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; James R. Spiegelberg, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.
        Kevin I. Takamori, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Bradly R. Taylor, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Tasman D. Thenell, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Marisa L. Thierheimer, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kristin L. Thompson, Sophomore, Political Science.
        Katelynn M. Thrall, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Christina K. Tisdell, Senior, Horticulture; Koa A. Tom, Post Baccalaureate, Applied Visual Arts; Michele E. Turney, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Veronica M. Twenge, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.
        Astraea B. Vanderlinden, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; Elizabeth A. Vanderzanden, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Miles G. Van de Wetering, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Katrina E. Voll, Post Baccalaureate, Biology; Leif R. Vong, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Kalee E. Wake, Senior, Public Health; Spencer C. Waldron, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology; Matthew T. Walton, Senior, History; Sean A. Watson, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Paul C. Weaver, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.
        Rachel L. Webber, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Natalie R. Weber, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Rachel M. White, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Lauren E. Wickwire, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Robert J. Wiedenfeld, Sophomore, Anthropology.
        Katelyn M. Windom, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Michael H. Woffendin, Senior, Computer Science; Joshua K. Worden, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Charlie Yen, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Teresa K. Yoshiura, Junior, Applied Visual Arts.
        Ryan J. Yun, Junior, Economics; Jennifer R. Zipp, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.


        3.5 or Better: Dylan L. Larkin, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Kylie R. Perkins, Freshman, Pre-Business.


        Straight-A Average: Jeremy M. Goodrich, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Christopher D. Green, Senior, Marketing; Abbey K. Martin, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Sierra D. Payne, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Anna R. Petersen, Freshman, Natural Resources.
        Benjamin J. Walsh, Senior, Microbiology.

        3.5 or Better: Rika T. Bierek, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brian R. Blythe, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Abigail J. Collins, Sophomore, General Science; Casey E. Cruse, Sophomore, Biology; Devin Z. Daeschel, Freshman, Biology.
        Holden R. Goetzinger, Junior, Animal Sciences; Tessa H. Gourley, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Samuel P. Grimm, Junior, Physics; Trevor A. Henthorne, Senior, Anthropology; Althea M. Hinds Cook, Freshman, Chemistry.
        Lillie G. Hoffman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kristina T. Kellogg, Post Baccalaureate, Mechanical Engineering; Kacy M. Kesecker, Senior, Psychology; Rebecca R. Mayer, Senior, Psychology; Amanda L. Meade, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Alexander J. Merrill, Senior, Computer Science; Alexandria M. Miller, Sophomore, Anthropology; Melanie F. Nichol, Post Baccalaureate, Anthropology; Ross C. Priewe, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Angela P. Purviance, Senior, Art.
        Jacob L. Stark, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Haley M. Thomas, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Wade K. Townley, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Andrea L. Whiteman, Junior, English; Gillian E. Younger, Junior, Marketing.

        Straight-A Average: Ann E. Corey, Post Baccalaureate, Spanish.



        3.5 or Better: Colin A. Frogner, Senior, Computer Science; Taylor A. Pottratz, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Anna K. Russell, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        3.5 or Better: Jacob A. Dilla, Junior, Psychology; Tyler D. Mc Crea, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jakob K. Neuenschwander, Senior, Civil Engineering; Elizabeth A. Rios, Senior, Civil Engineering; Taylor L. Shields, Senior, Mathematics.
        Katherine M. Sturdevant, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Shawn C. Williams, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Moriah M. Shay, Freshman, Pre-Business.


        Straight-A Average: Claudine J. Bermudez, Sophomore, Physics; Kyle M. De Vos, Senior, Public Health; Alyssa R. Gascho, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Taylor A. Lee, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Lauren M. Morgan, Junior, English.

        3.5 or Better: Kendyl B. Doucette, Junior, Public Health; Kaedra C. Emmons, Senior, Environmental Science; Evan W. Gould, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Katelyn M. Meisenheimer, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Morgan J. Meisenheimer, Sophomore, General Science.
        Heidi F. Oldenkamp, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Nicole A. Ricksgers, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Andrew S. Romaine, Senior, Biology; Kelly E. Siewell, Sophomore, Sociology; Shelby L. Stewart, Senior, Biology.
        Larissa P. Zens, Senior, Accountancy.


        Straight-A Average: Chen Cheng, Freshman, Biology; Anne Y. Lei, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Haleigh M. Rabe, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Malorie D. Reimer, Senior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Tuna Sogut, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Tyler J. Barger, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Brandon Booth, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Jasmine N. Casimir, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Christopher P. Dang, Junior, Psychology; Dang M. Duong, Freshman, Microbiology.
        Corey L. Erickson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Ben A. Holmes-Wetzler, Senior, Sociology; Emilee K. Huey, Freshman, General Science; Christie N. Le, Sophomore, Biology; Peter T. Le, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.
        Ronald D. Le, Junior, General Science; Aelin Mayer, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Alex T. Ton, Junior, Biology; Lindsay P. Winkenbach, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; William Wu, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Wiley Zhao, Senior, Microbiology.


        Straight-A Average: Callie D. Simmons, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Isaac A. Soper, Senior, Natural Resources.


        Straight-A Average: Malia C. Meyer, Sophomore, General Science.

        3.5 or Better: Lia C. Bauman, Sophomore, Psychology; Kaitlyn M. Danna, Sophomore, Interior Design; Rebecca D. Davisson, Senior, English; Veronica D. Ehrlich, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Aaron J. Granato, Sophomore, Psychology.
        Erika M. Grumbling, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kyle A. Helm, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Jasmin J. Kennard, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Claire E. Koepcke, Senior, Public Health; Shumin Lu, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Dane G. Maben, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Alexander W. Markgraff, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Dexter H. Parry, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Austin E. Weichlein, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.

Eagle Creek

        3.5 or Better: Angela N. Krueger, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Bryce Babikoff, Freshman, Psychology; Travis J. Babikoff, Junior, Environmental Engineering; David C. Gardelius, Senior, Natural Resources; Mackenzie O. Gipple, Freshman, Biology; Alexa M. Glenn, Freshman, Biology.
        Kayla L. Shaffer, Senior, Psychology; Elise A. Stoffo, Junior, Microbiology.


        Straight-A Average: Kevin A. Zerzan, Senior, Mathematics.

        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth M. Duong, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Jenna M. Gibbons, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ryan L. Jarmer, Senior, Business Information Systems; Amanda K. Kelner, Sophomore, English; Haleigh N. Murrell, Senior, Management.

Happy Valley

        Straight-A Average: Cameron S. Bowie, Senior, Computer Science; Nathanial M. Brahmstadt, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Lee M. Cheung, Junior, Nutrition; Anna L. Co, Freshman, Microbiology; Allison D. Farley, Post Baccalaureate, Animal Sciences.
        Evan P. Hoffart, Senior, Microbiology; Geoffrey T. Houf, Junior, General Science; Bradley J. Pfeifer, Freshman, Pre-Forestry; Mary C. Prater, Freshman, Nutrition; Christina M. Smith, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Nathan W. Stencel, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Anna R. Swope, Junior, Business Administration.

        3.5 or Better: Bryce A. Bothwell, Freshman, Biology; Nicholas A. Braman, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Andrew P. Brant, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Sara W. Chan, Senior, Finance; Stephanie K. Chan, Freshman, General Science.
        Irena Chang, Senior, Microbiology; Jarvis H. Chow, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Justin K. Chow, Junior, Microbiology; Sarah A. Church, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Hai Dao, Sophomore, General Science.
        Michelle N. Gelow, Sophomore, Psychology; Tristan B. Gomez, Sophomore, Horticulture; Sakura Hamada, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Monica B. Huynh, Sophomore, Microbiology; Gina Kim, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Austin Lee, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Cheyeon J. Lee, Junior, Microbiology; Christopher J. Lee, Freshman, General Science; Alexa M. Lute, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Elijah J. Mccarty, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Denell Mc Guire, Senior, Forest Management; Shane R. Mc Kinnon, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Connor J. McKinnon, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Dang A. Nguyen, Senior, Chemistry; Derek J. Nguyen, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.
        Katrina J. Nussbaum, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ethan A. Palioca, Junior, Microbiology; Logan H. Pedersen, Junior, Psychology; Allison J. Summers, Senior, Marketing; Thinh T. Tran, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Brittney R. Woods, Freshman, Pre-Business.

Lake Oswego

        Straight-A Average: Danica N. Berry, Freshman, Food Science and Technology; Daniel A. Bilaniv, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ashley N. Coleman, Senior, Art; Natalie B. Coleman, Senior, Biology; Michael B. Conan, Junior, Accountancy.
        Braxton S. Cuneo, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Laura H. Darby, Senior, Interior Design; Katharine R. Ellis, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Michael S. Gallagher, Junior, Pre-Business; Evan J. Gonnerman, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Jenna L. Hawkes, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Keith D. Lippincott, Senior, Computer Science; Emily E. McCallum, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; William B. Meier, Sophomore, Biology; Lauren M. Olson, Sophomore, Biology.
        Nadjalisse C. Reynolds-Lallem, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Anastasia L. Ritter, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Sarah E. Seals, Senior, Bioengineering; Samantha H. Stirek, Senior, Nutrition; Claire J. Valentine, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Kelsey L. Abegg, Senior, Business Information Systems; Yousif W. Almulla, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jack S. Anderson, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Courtney E. Ball, Junior, Psychology; Elena K. Beitzel, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Mitchell F. Bernards, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Tyler S. Binns, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Kaitlyn N. Bonner, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Kevin T. Bradley, Junior, Graphic Design; Ethan E. Braun, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.
        Natalie J. Calhoon, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael J. Cole, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Sam J. Conklin, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jordan M. Crane, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Eleonso Cristobal, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.
        Joseph E. Cronise, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Lacey A. Doby, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Austin B. Ellerbruch, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Leah N. Elliott, Freshman, Biology; Samuel E. Engebose, Senior, Athletic Training.
        Stanley D. Feng, Sophomore, Biology; Anna G. Gassner, Junior, Accountancy; Gary C. Gates, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Alexander S. Grensky, Sophomore, Mathematics; Jonathan S. Guthrie, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.
        Patricia J. Harris, Freshman, Speech Communication; Lauren P. Heinrich, Freshman, Speech Communication; Stefan W. Herrenbruck, Junior, Business Information Systems; Olivia M. Hill, Sophomore, Spanish; Richard D. Hiller, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Carolyn L. Hoard, Freshman, Pre-Business; Christopher J. Hull, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Jesse T. Johnson, Freshman, Mathematics; Chase E. Jutzi, Freshman, Food Science and Technology; Christine S. Kang, Senior, Bioengineering.
        Gabriel C. Kauffman, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Jessica G. Kiever, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jennifer J. Kim, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Todd Kim, Junior, Marketing; Todd G. King, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Jack R. Kjemhus, Freshman, Pre-Business; Evelyn J. Kritler, Junior, Graphic Design; Gabrielle M. Lesch, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Zachary C. Levison, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Kathryn L. Lidster, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Owen C. Madin, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Kendall J. Magnuson, Junior, Public Health; Amador A. Marcano, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Abigail M. Meier, Senior, Public Health; Madeline A. Meier, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Clarice M. Mottet, Senior, Mathematics; Jeffrey L. Nakashima, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; David A. Nichols, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Alexsandra G. Noakes, Freshman, Nutrition; Briana K. Phillips, Senior, Earth Sciences.
        Tyler J. Pluhacek, Junior, Mathematics; Kalan R. Prudhomme, Senior, General Science; Hayley E. Rausch, Sophomore, Nutrition; Eric C. Roberts, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jordan S. Roland, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Alexandra E. Rumpakis, Senior, Marketing; Erika M. Sawka, Senior, Nutrition; Omar Sheikh, Senior, Bioengineering; Joseph M. Sindlinger, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Madison R. Swackhamer, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Zachary M. Theroff, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; James D. Tollefsen, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Nicholas M. Troftgruben, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Olivia K. Vollan, Junior, Sociology; Mesa E. Walker, Sophomore, Chemistry.
        Natasha R. Wallis, Senior, Nutrition; James E. Watkins, Junior, General Science; Matthew A. Weiss, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Andrea L. Wells, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Amy A. Wyman, Senior, Pre-Computer Science.
        Hakyoung You, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Navid R. Ziaie, Senior, Microbiology.


        Straight-A Average: Adam J. Gigstad, Senior, Computer Science; Aleah D. Hesse, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Matthew L. Olson, Senior, Computer Science; Sarah E. Wilson, Senior, Graphic Design.

        3.5 or Better: Logan J. Anspach, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Jeremy E. Banka, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Julia L. Barnes, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Elliot F. Bixby, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Neysa M. Daquilante, Senior, Natural Resources.
        Audrey L. Dedlow, Senior, English; Christopher J. Dowhaniuk, Freshman, Pre-Business; Alexis K. Evans, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Carly M. Fleming, Freshman, Pre-Management; Michelle M. Henson, Junior, Accountancy.
        Taylor R. Huber, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Aidan D. Mckenzie, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jack W. Mitchell, Junior, Civil Engineering; Emma S. Moody, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Paula-Ann I. O'Connor, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Lindsey D. Rhodes, Senior, Nutrition; Zane D. Robinette, Junior, Political Science; Laura L. Spisla, Sophomore, Music; Justin B. Stangel, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Saxon W. Thune, Freshman, Mathematics.
        Brielle M. Tippman, Senior, Zoology; Abbie K. Tornquist, Senior, English; Kenzie I. Williams, Freshman, Pre-Communication; Shae G. Williams, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Stephenie M. Wright, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.


        Straight-A Average: Haley A. Huntington, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Austin J. Landreville, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Amanda M. Rieskamp, Freshman, Political Science.

        3.5 or Better: Eric R. Beyer, Sophomore, Pre-Forest/Civil Engineering; Rebecca A. Bring, Junior, Pre-Accountancy; Christopher M. Duty, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Chelsea B. Imdieke, Senior, Marketing; Annemarie B. Lewandowski, Junior, Management.
        Molly M. Pitman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jenny L. Powell, Freshman, General Science; Jensen C. Price, Senior, Natural Resources.


        3.5 or Better: Ashley M. Alexander, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Linnea L. Estergreen, Junior, Animal Sciences.

Oak Grove

        3.5 or Better: Robin P. Wortman, Senior, Forestry.

Oregon City

        Straight-A Average: Jessica A. Bramlett, Freshman, General Science; Katherine A. Rudie, Senior, Zoology.

        3.5 or Better: Laura E. Bennett, Senior, Horticulture; Jared L. Cayton, Junior, Physics; Ryan D. Charbonneau, Junior, Pre-Business; Leigh D. Darling, Junior, Animal Sciences; Austin J. Davies, Sophomore, Psychology.
        Paige T. Davis, Freshman, Biology; Dan K. Dochylo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jessi L. Doran, Senior, Animal Sciences; Vincent M. Fazzolari, Senior, Public Health; Parker S. Folliard, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Amanda M. Fox, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dario M. Frisone, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Larissa J. Garcia, Senior, Biology; Elizabeth F. Gardner, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jordan L. Haddad, Junior, Anthropology.
        Alexander R. Hale, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Elizabeth C. Hintz, Sophomore, Women Studies; Desiree A. Kaye, Senior, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Kathleen R. Kohler, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Rachael A. Lundy, Sophomore, General Science.
        Spencer S. Martin, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Brianna M. Miller, Junior, Pre-Business; Alyssa N. Nuss, Senior, Mathematics; Seth A. O'Neill, Sophomore, Political Science; Dustin J. Price, Sophomore, Political Science.
        Reya L. Prouty, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jacob D. Putney, Junior, Forestry; Rachael F. Ryner, Junior, Biology; Christopher A. Sanford, Senior, Mathematics; Brietta L. Scholz, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Natalie A. Smith, Junior, Mathematics; Isaac C. Steffen, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Richard E. Sweet, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Beatriz A. Vaca, Senior, Biology; Haley N. Yohn, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.


        3.5 or Better: Richard A. Erfurth, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob A. Korsness, Senior, Civil Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jeremy J. Rath, Junior, Physics.


        Straight-A Average: James E. Frasier, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Danica L. Coffin, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Claire L. Cushing, Junior, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Austin A. Hodaie, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Alicia M. Sanders, Senior, Public Health.


        3.5 or Better: Samuel J. Herrle, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.

West Linn

        Straight-A Average: Jackson W. Carter, Senior, Computer Science; Abigail S. Chadwick, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Jessica D. Hodgen, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Danielle N. Mastrich, Post Baccalaureate, Human Devel and Family Science; Rachel N. Nelson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Sydney L. Nelson, Senior, Merchandising Management; Taylor Swanson, Senior, Merchandising Management; Mitchell C. Tingey, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Thomas Trischman, Post Baccalaureate, Biology; Lorraine K. Waianuhea, Sophomore, Biology.
        Seth A. Weston, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Ian M. Anderson, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Daniel A. Blanc-Gonnet, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Benjamin M. Bodily, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Emma G. Brown, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Parker R. Bruns, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Michael J. Carpenter, Senior, Civil Engineering; Connor I. Christensen, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Natalie P. Combs, Freshman, Biology; Samuel A. Cook, Freshman, Biology; Nathan C. Crandall, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Hayley M. Crawford, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Carter R. Driggs, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Trevor J. Eisele, Sophomore, Political Science; Haley K. Epperly, Senior, Bioresource Research; Zachary T. Evans, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Kyle H. Ferris, Freshman, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; John Goetze, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Alec D. Grimmett, Senior, Liberal Studies; Mathew R. Grothe, Freshman, Environmental Econ and Policy; Lacey A. Gunther, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences.
        Lauren A. Hirsch, Junior, Psychology; Andrew R. Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Michael S. Katancik, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lubna Khan, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Krysta J. Krippaehne, Senior, Environmental Engineering.
        Zachary L. Levin, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Jonathan H. Macemon, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; William G. Maurer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Nicholas S. Miller, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Dylan T. Monaco, Senior, Radiation Health Physics.
        Rachel A. Nelke, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Blake A. Nelson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kaitlin R. Nordstrom, Senior, Merchandising Management; Tai Q. Odaniell, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Caitlin M. O'Neil, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Tabitha M. Pitzer, Freshman, Political Science; Catherine A. Quisling, Senior, General Science; Emily A. Reed, Sophomore, Psychology; Sean R. Rettig, Senior, Computer Science; Taylor C. Rose, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.
        William J. Sato, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Erin B. Schulberg, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition; Benjamin N. Spearing, Senior, Biology; Tyler K. Steele, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Julia C. VanWinkle, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Jon T. Verbiest, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Luke C. Verbiest, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Nicholas P. Voigt, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Blaine A. Vrvilo, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Kaitlyn N. Wells, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Kenneth A. Whitbey, Freshman, Pre-Business.


        Straight-A Average: Joel D. Bowen, Senior, Mathematics; Curran G. Gahan, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Nicole C. Gearhart, Junior, Bioengineering; Brian C. Morgan, Senior, Psychology; Braden R. Vogt, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Jenna L. Wiegand, Senior, Finance.

        3.5 or Better: Tanner J. Antonson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Bryan D. Bauer, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Madison E. Bean, Junior, General Science; Katelyn M. Conway, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; James T. Garrard, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.
        Luis A. Gonzalez, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Samantha K. Holman, Freshman, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Brandan H. Hopper, Junior, Accountancy; Griffin D. Johnston, Junior, Pre-Business; Spencer G. Kresge, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Seth L. Mann, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rebecca N. Mc Bride, Sophomore, English; Bonich F. Meister, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Austin G. Miller, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Timothy D. O'Larey, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.
        Jaspar G. Perkins, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Alec M. Ramsey, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Evan G. Richardson, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Sarah E. Roberts, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Zachary T. Uselman, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.
        Mitchell S. Vogt, Junior, Finance; Richard G. Wallace, Junior, Physics; Ian D. Welsh, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Austin A. Whitesell, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kendra J. Wiegand, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Eugene A. Park, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Nicholas M. Agalzoff, Senior, Bioengineering; Jacob L. Davis, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Karina Goicochea, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Kennedy J. Rub, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Jack K. Schroeder, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Tayler N. Tobey, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Stacy L. Vinson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Clara S. Weidman, Senior, Biology; Aaron T. Zweber, Senior, Forest Operations Management.

Cannon Beach

        3.5 or Better: Stirling Gorsuch, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.


        Straight-A Average: Benjamin A. Bergerson, Sophomore, History.

        3.5 or Better: Orrin L. Starr, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Christian D. Anderson, Freshman, Environmental Sciences; David P. Hoth, Junior, Natural Resources; Alanna G. Kieffer, Freshman, Biology.

Tolovana Park

        Straight-A Average: Teresa A. Paul, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Payton M. Hummell, Junior, Zoology; Kathryn R. Mc Donald, Senior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Thach H. Nguyen, Senior, General Science.



        3.5 or Better: Seth M. James, Senior, Forest Engineering; Katherine K. Jolma, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Emily R. Reynolds, Senior, Biology.

Deer Island

        3.5 or Better: Beryl D. Terry, Freshman, Anthropology; Brian C. Willson, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.


        Straight-A Average: Madison Bjornseth, Junior, Psychology; Brandon Hill, Senior, Pre-Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Brooke L. Hamilton, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Henry D. Hunt, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Hayley B. Strenke, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.

Saint Helens

        Straight-A Average: Derek M. Eidem, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mallory A. Martin, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Kelsey M. Oliver, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Brian D. Cox, Senior, Pre-Business.


        Straight-A Average: Molly C. Reardon, Sophomore, Pre-Communication.

        3.5 or Better: Ashley K. Amick, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Skylar L. Fuller, Junior, Biology; Brett R. Gill, Sophomore, Biology; Ariel C. Hermes, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Lida M. Means, Senior, Mathematics.
        Sophie A. Means, Junior, Biology.


        3.5 or Better: Kaitlyn M. Carr, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Laura M. Rice, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.


        3.5 or Better: Emre J. Akbulut, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Courtney B. Anderson, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences; Dakota R. Backus, Junior, Chemistry; Teri J. Mc Gettigan, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme.


        Straight-A Average: Frances J. Merriam, Sophomore, General Science; Mara C. Rutherford, Junior, Pre-Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Angeline F. Brown, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Cesar A. Escalante, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Connor J. Jackson, Senior, Management; Teri M. Straley, Senior, Speech Communication; Peter J. Swenson, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Emily R. Wampler, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.

Coos Bay

        Straight-A Average: Christine L. Evoniuk, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Danielle T. Alexander, Junior, Mathematics; Diana G. Avila, Senior, Forest Engineering; Lindsay K. Brown, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Clinton M. Cheney, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Phillip W. Dunham, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Anthony D. Johnson, Senior, General Science; Tyler W. Klein, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jasmine K. Meline, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Zachary T. Meline, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sean P. Nolan, Senior, Environmental Science.
        David D. Stys, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Tyler L. Summa, Junior, English; Olivia B. Woods, Junior, Animal Sciences; Paul E. Woytus, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.


        3.5 or Better: Michael P. Breuer, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Colby M. GeDeros, Senior, Civil Engineering; Tasia C. Hyatt, Freshman, Pre-Business; Alexis M. Ladig, Freshman, English; Julia A. Scolari, Senior, Animal Sciences.

Myrtle Point

        3.5 or Better: Kieri D. Smith, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.

North Bend

        Straight-A Average: Carrie A. Griffith, Junior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Anna G. Brecheisen, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Sean M. Davis, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Alessandra M. Hossley, Senior, Forest Engineering; Chloe D. Jordan, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; James M. Kirkpatrick, Junior, Forest Engineering.
        Kelli A. Kronsberg, Senior, General Science; Scylise J. Little, Senior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Jaron A. Thatcher, Junior, Computer Science; Daniel S. Wood, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


Powell Butte

        3.5 or Better: Mason E. Cooper, Senior, Music.


        Straight-A Average: Savannah D. Connell, Freshman, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Sarah A. Amen, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Curtis Blank, Senior, Civil Engineering; Kennedy J. Carter, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Alexandra K. Copeland, Senior, Natural Resources; Michael R. Kreachbaum, Junior, Pre-Forestry.
        Angelia J. Newstrand, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Jourdan D. Robirts, Sophomore, Psychology; Malea M. Shockney, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Shelby Simpson, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.


        Straight-A Average: Leif A. Appanaitis, Post Baccalaureate, General Science; Christopher V. Haglund, Senior, Earth Sciences; Zachary M. Konkel, Sophomore, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Travis M. Dillon, Sophomore, History; Abbey L. Jacobson, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Dylan P. Roberts, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

Gold Beach

        3.5 or Better: Lyndsey F. Dixon, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Rilea D. Sonnevil, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        3.5 or Better: Joshua J. Brady, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Bennett Wahl, Freshman, Environmental Econ and Policy.



        Straight-A Average: Audrey S. Ali, Sophomore, Political Science; Marshall A. Allen, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Zachary T. Barry, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Sarah M. Berge, Sophomore, English; Conner D. Booster, Senior, History.
        Wesley J. Brown, Senior, Bioresource Research; Ashley R. Byzewski, Senior, Public Health; Jessica N. Cesar, Junior, Horticulture; Jaime L. Clary, Senior, Liberal Studies; Karin L. Collins, Senior, Biology.
        Allison Daley, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Brandice W. Durfee, Senior, Chemistry; Mckyeli A. Eastland, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Arielle K. Frasher-Slavin, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Chloe Hallock, Senior, Social Science.
        Robert L. Henderson, Senior, Liberal Studies; Katherine E. Low, Senior, Zoology; Sarah J. Madison, Senior, Nutrition; Nicolas J. Maxwell, Junior, Anthropology; Valerie J. Mc Cready, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Rhys W. Owens, Senior, Zoology; Kimberly M. Richards, Post Baccalaureate, Psychology; Mary H. Schoderbek, Freshman, Biology; Ryan R. Stiegler, Sophomore, Chemistry; Andrew P. Su, Senior, History.
        Rachelle L. Wilson, Senior, Psychology; Nurhayati Wolfenden, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Stephanie Yopp, Senior, Social Science.

        3.5 or Better: Allyn M. Amerongen, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme; Peter Askew, Junior, Business Administration; Tarasina E. Audia, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Loren G. Bailey, Senior, Social Science; Natalia V. Bailey, Senior, Biology.
        Thomas C. Bancroft, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Carly A. Barnhart, Senior, Marketing; Madeleine S. Barrett, Freshman, Biology; Brandon E. Bartlett, Sophomore, Psychology; Abigail L. Black, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering.
        Elena E. Blackman, Junior, Energy Systems Engineering; Timothy D. Blikstad, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Hannah R. Boorstein, Sophomore, Nutrition; Lilian R. Bornio Carrillo, Junior, Nutrition; Devon H. Bowen, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Erin E. Bowen, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Makenzie M. Brian, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Joleen D. Brick, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ethan F. Brown, Senior, Business Administration; Taylor A. Bundy, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Brook E. Castle-Goins, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ankit Chopra, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ellis C. Clair, Sophomore, Biology; Jonas D. Crabtree, Senior, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership; Audrey J. Dickinson, Junior, Chemical Engineering.
        Jonathon A. Diefendorf, Junior, Accountancy; Ansley P. Dunning, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Danielle M. Edgel, Senior, Liberal Studies; Tracie L. Emick, Senior, Computer Science; Cassandra Ereman, Junior, Biology.
        Jackie E. Eshelman, Senior, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership; Luna S. Fagan, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ryan J. Farber, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Chelsea L. Farnsworth, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Brittany A. Frisby, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Matthew F. Funk, Senior, American Studies; Heidi Gasperetti, Freshman, Recreation Resource Management; Kyle M. Grech, Senior, Biology; Brenden T. Hatton, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Brooke L. Hein, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Brian S. Heller, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Ryan W. Heltemes, Junior, Energy Systems Engineering; Mary Hildebrandt, Senior, Business Administration; Ian C. Hill, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Theresa R. Hollerbach, Junior, Psychology.
        Bradey D. Holt, Senior, Sociology; Morgan L. Hostetler, Junior, Graphic Design; Demetri P. Hovekamp, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Lucinda L. Howard, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Andrew W. Ince, Senior, American Studies.
        Ellen Incelli, Senior, Natural Resources; Sarah A. Jensen, Junior, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership; James A. Johnson, Senior, Business Administration; Kira L. Kelly, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Benjamin J. Kramer, Junior, Athletic Training.
        Armando Kuri, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Sierra L. Lantz, Sophomore, Women, Gender, and Sexuality; Torrance J. Lopez, Senior, Mathematics; Melissa A. Lorenz, Freshman, Biology; Hayden J. Martin, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Lauren E. Martinez, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Jake R. McDonald, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Megan C. McDonell, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Samuel T. Mc Lain, Senior, Physics; Adam K. Merrill, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Michaela W. Merrill, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Austin B. Michalski, Senior, Athletic Training; Emily J. Miller, Senior, Business Administration; Riley C. Murtaugh, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Chase A. Nachtmann, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Kaitlynn S. Nava, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jeffrey W. Nelson, Post Baccalaureate, Animal Sciences; Paul H. Norman, Junior, Energy Systems Engineering; Duncan R. Ocel, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Cindee G. O'Connor, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.
        Samuel V. Palacio, Junior, Sociology; Mary L. Periman, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Grace E. Petersen, Junior, Psychology; Chelsea L. Provencio, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Alina M. Ragsdale, Junior, Mathematics.
        Audrey N. Reeves, Junior, Microbiology; Taylor E. Reiner, Senior, Computer Science; Michaela M. Remley, Freshman, General Science; Paul A. Righter, Senior, Civil Engineering; Austin W. Riley, Senior, Pre-Computer Science.
        David L. Roberts, Senior, Psychology; Jaired M. Rodmaker, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Nicole J. Ryan, Junior, Public Health; Angela K. Sanford, Post Baccalaureate, Accountancy; Demian Scott, Junior, Business Administration.
        Joel M. Skotte, Junior, Animal Sciences; Alyssa N. Snow, Junior, Psychology; Sally N. Spencer, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Keegan M. Spring, Junior, History; Gregory H. Stevens, Junior, Physics.
        Katherine L. Stevens, Sophomore, Mathematics; Alissa A. Stichler, Junior, Animal Sciences; Wayne G. Sutton, Senior, Economics; George M. Sybrant, Senior, Business Administration; Eric R. Thompson, Junior, Pre-Business.
        Gabriel N. Thompson, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Kendra R. Trussell, Senior, Liberal Studies; Christopher N. Vlessis, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Lexi G. Welch, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Patrick R. Whelan, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Macaulay L. Wilson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Shaina E. Zollman, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Megan P. Zullo, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.

La Pine

        Straight-A Average: Shaneese P. Sicora, Freshman, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Jacob R. Ferrell, Freshman, Biology; Vance Hergenrader, Freshman, Microbiology.


        Straight-A Average: Michael R. Carreon, Senior, Biology; Madison N. Duff, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Sarah N. Fisher, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Darla D. Fletcher, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ruth A. Hoffman, Junior, Pre-Public Health.
        Cami C. Kornowski, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kayla J. Meredith, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Austin R. Row, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Jesse M. Thurman, Senior, Economics.

        3.5 or Better: Tiffany M. Adams, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Andrea M. Burcham, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Nicholas K. Coles, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Madison M. Corbin, Junior, Biology; Kevin R. Corey, Senior, Biology.
        Emmalee G. Cron, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Chelsea D. Driggers, Junior, Finance; Adam D. Fenner, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Richard B. Grotsky, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Jacob Hodges, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Krystina R. Jermaczonak, Junior, Business Administration; Tim J. Lieberenz, Freshman, Biology; Jordyn E. Lowen, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Melanie D. Messenger, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Landon A. Moore, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering.
        Alexandra M. Newell, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Karlee R. Nordstrom, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kelsey K. Post, Junior, Business Administration; Tyler L. Russell, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Zachary R. Simmons, Freshman, English.
        Meri Tracy, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lauren E. Wellman, Junior, Graphic Design; Heather D. Williams, Senior, Liberal Studies; Brent J. Wilson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Paul E. Fullhart, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Mackenzie R. Gellings, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Jason A. Allenby, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Stephen M. Bianchi, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Austin N. Jacobsen, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Deanna Kunkle, Senior, Nutrition; Zoanne H. Mc Allister, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Gabriel M. Rietmann, Freshman, Recreation Resource Management; Chloe E. Stein, Junior, Political Science; Isaiah T. Wieland, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Alina Jacobs, Post Baccalaureate, Business Administration.



        Straight-A Average: Daren E. Keck, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.

Days Creek

        3.5 or Better: Joshua L. Carpenter, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Emily M. Hopfer, Freshman, Environmental Econ and Policy.


        3.5 or Better: Amy R. Colagiovanni, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Chantell G. Conn, Junior, Animal Sciences; Cassie A. Ruud, Senior, English; Donald A. Ruud, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


        3.5 or Better: Norah A. Owings, Junior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Kaila N. Trout, Freshman, Animal Sciences.


        Straight-A Average: William L. Otto, Junior, Earth Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Gregory J. Garcia, Post Baccalaureate, Education; Carson L. Trimble, Freshman, Natural Resources.

Myrtle Creek

        3.5 or Better: Tayte J. Church, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Camille Hewett, Junior, Anthropology; Emily S. Markham, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kiah D. Mc Connell, Senior, Sociology; Seth M. Thomas, Senior, Biology.


        3.5 or Better: Clinton C. Brown, Senior, Business Information Systems; Angela M. Gross, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Michelle M. Holcomb, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Casey A. Jackson, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Travis S. Stevens, Senior, Computer Science.


        Straight-A Average: Zachary J. Aalberg, Junior, General Science; Wiley A. Clough, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kelsey L. Fieldman, Junior, Psychology; Heather M. Lambert, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Trenton G. Marlar, Senior, Political Science.
        Tiffany M. Netz, Senior, Forest Engineering; Alannah L. Oleson, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Simon D. Podwika, Senior, Forest Management; Skyler A. Schroeder, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Caelan J. Ball, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Julie K. Bartosz, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ian T. Black, Senior, Earth Sciences; Rachel C. Causey, Junior, Public Health; Joshua R. Cole, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Lindsey L. Cook, Junior, Music; Jesse A. Daily, Junior, Psychology; Jason R. Duval, Senior, Biology; Sara F. Engle, Sophomore, Music; Courtney P. Fitzgerald, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.
        Patrick T. Foley, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Cailey B. Frasier, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Kimberly J. Frerichs, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Hayley E. Girod, Junior, Renewable Materials; Laura M. Gordon, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Jamie M. Gregory, Senior, Music; Lars D. Gunderson, Junior, Mathematics; Alyssa E. Gurney, Junior, English; Nicole R. Hall, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Shalena K. Hunnicutt, Senior, Anthropology.
        Paul D. Johansen, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Benny Kuang, Senior, Political Science; Hayden A. Lent, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Mark C. Lotspeich, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Jacob M. Lum, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Morgan D. McLain, Junior, History; Jeremy P. Meinke, Sophomore, Physics; Emily G. Miller, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Haley C. Mills, Junior, Athletic Training; Joshua E. Novak, Junior, Mathematics.
        Erik J. Passow, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Stephanie L. Rich, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Jacqueline R. Solomon, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Rachel E. Stevenson, Junior, English; Emily A. Swanson, Freshman, Biology.
        Maria M. Tran, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Haley C. Van Volkenburg, Senior, Biology; Lexa A. Van Volkenburg, Sophomore, Biology; Kelcie E. Whiting, Senior, Merchandising Management; Brittney R. Woods, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Kylee L. Carson, Freshman, Nutrition; Zachary K. Rose, Senior, Recreation Resource Management.

        3.5 or Better: Alison N. Black, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rozalyn S. Patrick, Senior, Environmental Econ and Policy.


        3.5 or Better: Geoffrey M. Somnitz, Senior, History.


        3.5 or Better: Ryan C. Wilson, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Kristin C. Potter, Sophomore, Chemistry.

        3.5 or Better: Rhett T. Iverson, Freshman, General Science.


        3.5 or Better: Nawaphat Sakulsakpinit, Sophomore, Biology.


        3.5 or Better: Katlynn D. Frasieur, Sophomore, General Science.


        Straight-A Average: Benjamin J. Rietmann, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Canyon City

        3.5 or Better: Jessica J. Lane, Sophomore, English.



        Straight-A Average: Benjamin W. Titus, Junior, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Rebecca A. Gibbon, Junior, Biology.


        3.5 or Better: Chanse S. Pierce, Junior, Natural Resources.


Hood River

        3.5 or Better: Francisco U. Bolanos, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Cody L. Cataldo-Gillman, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Hunter H. Daly, Senior, Business Information Systems; Aleah A. DeHart, Junior, Nutrition; Trenton C. Gallagher, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Jonathan D. Goatcher, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Bridgette S. Graham, Sophomore, Psychology; Joshua Grosserhode, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Madison A. Jackson, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Isamar M. Jimenez, Junior, Public Health.
        Conner O. Moon, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Aubree L. Olmstead, Senior, Public Health; Austyn C. Polzel, Freshman, Horticulture; Sarah A. Scarborough, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Ricki F. Swearingen, Sophomore, Merchandising Management.
        Justin L. Tolentino, Junior, Food Science and Technology.

Mount Hood Parkdale

        Straight-A Average: Michael T. Colesar, Senior, Bioengineering; Madeline E. Perry, Senior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Perla Castillo-Palacios, Junior, Nutrition; Jeremy J. Fischer, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Mark A. Troxel, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Alison K. Smith, Sophomore, Political Science.


        Straight-A Average: Halie Q. Haynes, Junior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Emily K. Bestor, Junior, Pre-Business; Sarah C. Clausen, Senior, Speech Communication; Ellis Hammond-Pereira, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Tommy J. Hulick, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Callum J. Knights, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry.
        Joseph R. Kohan, Post Baccalaureate, Chemistry; Jeffrey E. Laskos, Senior, Chemistry; Ian M. McQuoid, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Carley A. Santee, Senior, Anthropology; Jackson A. Santee, Junior, Crop and Soil Science.
        Teague J. Teece, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Jon N. Volz, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Ian H. White, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Brooke I. Willow, Junior, Sociology; Julia M. Wilson, Freshman, Food Science and Technology.
        Madeline A. Wilson, Junior, Chemical Engineering.

Central Point

        Straight-A Average: Misty C. Buckman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily M. Ironside, Senior, General Science; Samuel A. Schimke, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Christopher B. Baumer, Junior, Liberal Studies; Justin C. Casebier, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Tanner D. Christensen, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Megan L. Hastings, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Benjamin T. Kosmatka, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering.
        Samuel M. Lewis, Junior, Animal Sciences; John P. Martinez, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Dalyn M. McCauley, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sara A. Mooers, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Gabrielle N. Redhead, Freshman, Agricultural Business Manageme.
        Carissa D. Sweet, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Daniel P. Wood, Junior, Biology; Joseph A. Worley, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Eagle Point

        3.5 or Better: Lindsey R. Gove, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Amanda A. Kady, Junior, Public Health; Joseph G. Pappas, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Wakisha S. Poppe, Freshman, Psychology.

Gold Hill

        Straight-A Average: Marielle L. Durand, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Jocelyn F. Hogan, Junior, Animal Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Daniel S. Barnes, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Jacquelyn A. Mc Varish, Junior, English; Madison M. Messmer, Junior, Microbiology; Marshall W. Moses, Sophomore, Graphic Design.


        Straight-A Average: Devon B. Armstrong, Senior, Environmental Science; Olivia J. Fidler, Senior, Nutrition; Elizabeth F. Hamilton, Freshman, Biology; Jacqueline K. Keating, Sophomore, English; Bradley D. Olson, Junior, Nutrition.
        Dwight R. Sanders, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mathew T. Vargas, Senior, Biology; Cody A. Weeks, Junior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Chanaye D. Ballard, Freshman, Nutrition; McKenna E. Barnum, Sophomore, Pre-Interiors; Cynthia G. Barrie, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Brandi I. Bigelow, Senior, Accountancy; Leif E. Bowlin, Senior, Accountancy.
        Jodi L. Bray, Junior, Psychology; Trevor R. Byrd, Junior, Political Science; Dillon A. Campbell, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kaitlyn J. Carter, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Matthew D. Eilertson, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Danielle E. Einck, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Hailey R. Einck, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alyssa N. Froman, Junior, History; Viki J. Hernandez-Peres, Freshman, Biology; Cody P. Holliday, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science.
        Austin G. Kleinberg, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Zach Lerew, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Jacob J. Mandich, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Claire E. Moore, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Duncan A. O'Boyle, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Jack Z. Powers, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Jeremiah W. Rich, Junior, Ecological Engineering; Jordan E. Rogers, Sophomore, Spanish; Nicole E. Rossetta, Junior, Economics; Cody D. Rucker, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        David J. Smith, Senior, Zoology; Cody H. Stover, Senior, Marketing; Emily N. Van Valkenburg, Junior, Merchandising Management; Alec D. Williamson, Senior, Finance; Austin M. Wipf, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Cynthia L. Wright, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.


        3.5 or Better: Tabitha L. Ciulla, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Marley C. King, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Philip A. Todak, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.

Rogue River

        3.5 or Better: JoAnn M. Murphy, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

Shady Cove

        3.5 or Better: Peighton Allen, Junior, Political Science; Julianna M. Cooper, Sophomore, English; Larren J. Sexton, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Thomas J. Stinson, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Dylan M. Camus, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Lucia C. Hadella, Senior, Natural Resources; Sadie A. Kasiah, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Sarah M. Kasiah, Junior, Pre-Business; Jadin M. Swarts, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.

White City

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer M. Ware, Senior, Sociology.


Crooked River Ranch

        3.5 or Better: Michael D. Peterson, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.


        Straight-A Average: John M. Weber, Post Baccalaureate, Crop and Soil Science.

        3.5 or Better: Abigail E. Beamer, Sophomore, Biology; Cynthia Carvajal, Freshman, Political Science; Spencer M. Ellsbury, Senior, Marketing; Rakesh J. Phillips, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Heaven Le A. Roberts, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Michael Rodriguez, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Zharita Zurita, Senior, Civil Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Jordon M. Walker, Senior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Nicole J. Kalk, Senior, Political Science; Megan R. Mc Ginty, Senior, Marketing.


Cave Junction

        3.5 or Better: Jazmyn A. Danko, Junior, Speech Communication.

Grants Pass

        Straight-A Average: Matthew S. Ball, Freshman, Physics; Daniel S. Dean, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Shan S. Lansing, Senior, Chemistry; Russel B. Laubscher, Senior, History; Kolton J. Mahr, Junior, Forest Engineering.
        Lara A. Matthews, Senior, Women Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Joel T. Adams, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Christie L. Anderson, Senior, Nutrition; Cody J. Beairsto, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Kristy R. Behrs, Senior, Psychology; Emma M. Burgess, Senior, Bioengineering.
        Ryder J. Canepa, Sophomore, Economics; James E. Collins, Junior, Civil Engineering; Michael J. Della Paolera, Junior, Political Science; Alec O. Eastman, Junior, Bioresource Research; Dwight D. Faszer, Senior, Biology.
        Evan J. Firsick, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Meredith J. Hammervold, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Justin T. Hornsby, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Olivia P. Leedy, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Rebecca L. Low, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        Jordan R. Makepeace, Junior, Psychology; Aidan T. Maxwell, Junior, Microbiology; Gabrielle E. Maxwell, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob W. Mazzola, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; KesAmber I. McLane, Sophomore, Psychology.
        Trina C. Morago, Sophomore, Music; Emily G. Neaves, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Stephan I. O Hair, Junior, Psychology; Anna E. Patch, Sophomore, Music; Zachary D. Randall, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.
        Alessandra M. Reed, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Matthew L. Richardson, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alec E. Sachs, Junior, Psychology; Taylor J. Stichter, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Alaine S. Van Horne, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Amy L. Walters, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Brian M. Weisbart, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kelsey A. Woolsey, Sophomore, Zoology; Hannah S. Zyirek, Junior, Public Health.


        Straight-A Average: Erin L. Byrne, Junior, Animal Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Tristin W. Wallmann, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jessica E. Smithson, Junior, Liberal Studies.


        3.5 or Better: Brian S. Bemis, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Mark Daniel P. Delgado, Senior, Chemistry.



        3.5 or Better: Daniele A. Armantrout, Sophomore, Psychology; Rebecca M. Armstrong, Junior, Renewable Materials; Josie L. Stickel, Junior, Animal Sciences.


        Straight-A Average: Leah N. Williams, Junior, Interior Design.

        3.5 or Better: Hayley E. Bricco, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

Klamath Falls

        Straight-A Average: David D. Boyd, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Melissa L. Britsch, Junior, Biology; Jordan N. Hosack, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Luke A. Kawasaki, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Michelle K. Koepke, Sophomore, Economics.
        Brielle L. McKinney, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Paul L. Minner, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Joshua T. Nejely, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: Sean N. Allen, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Mark R. Arsenault, Senior, Bioengineering; Kiley J. Barnes, Junior, Speech Communication; Joshua T. Baumgart, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Karl R. Britsch, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.
        Halie B. Budden, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily D. Chamberland, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael Y. Chang, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Megan M. Cummings, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Haley A. Evans, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Sarah E. Foltyn, Junior, Public Health; Anne M. Goodell, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Sierra L. Hawthorne, Freshman, Biology; Harrison R. Holzgang, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Pehr A. Jacobson, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Nicole A. Kandra, Senior, Athletic Training; Jackson D. Keppen, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Ethiene S. Kwok, Senior, Zoology; James D. Lupinski, Senior, Athletic Training; Avalon K. Mc Kune, Senior, Biology.
        Elle A. Morgan, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Gabriel I. Ovgard, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kristen A. Patterson, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Ryan E. Rico, Junior, Psychology; Zane W. Riggs, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Charcy R. Stiller, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Chelsea R. Stilwell, Senior, Biology; Paul D. Vance, Senior, Management.


Fort Rock

        Straight-A Average: Sydnee L. Bias, Senior, Animal Sciences.


        Straight-A Average: Brandi M. Larson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Ashley M. Reese, Freshman, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Nathan C. Harlan, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Amy R. Ortwein, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Gabriel F. Smith, Junior, Business Information Systems; Kelton M. VanHoesen, Sophomore, Natural Resources.


        3.5 or Better: Julia K. O'Leary, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Theresa K. O'Leary, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme.

Silver Lake

        Straight-A Average: Kerri R. Waldron, Sophomore, Bioresource Research.

        3.5 or Better: Andrew J. Miles, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme.



        3.5 or Better: Christian M. Wagner, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.

Blue River

        3.5 or Better: Sarah M. Sherman, Junior, Biology.


        Straight-A Average: Trina L. Stewart, Junior, Crop and Soil Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jared L. DeBates, Senior, Marketing; Jessica E. Dodge, Senior, Civil Engineering; Aaron K. Likens, Senior, Natural Resources; Gabriel S. Shepherd, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Monica L. Anderson, Senior, English.

        3.5 or Better: Amanda H. Smith, Senior, Industrial Engineering.

Cottage Grove

        Straight-A Average: Sara M. Singer, Senior, Graphic Design.

        3.5 or Better: Sarah J. Canales, Senior, Microbiology; Gabriel Fremonti, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Alexa A. Young, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.


        3.5 or Better: Rex M. Henzie, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Anton M. Higgins, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Julia M. Jones, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ryan R. Quick, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Richard T. Deyhle Jr, Senior, Radiation Health Physics; Andrew W. Erickson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Benjamin V. Post, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry.


        3.5 or Better: Samantha L. Orme, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Brandy R. Aguirre, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Mason P. Barrell, Freshman, Pre-Business; Stephanie L. Blank, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Gregory M. Brandt, Sophomore, Physics; Lauren R. Card, Junior, Pre-Public Health.
        Anissa F. Chin, Senior, Public Health; Nathan J. Clark, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Jessica L. Cline, Senior, Psychology; Nathan C. Coddington, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Katherine Costello, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition.
        Samantha Cryer, Senior, Anthropology; Lissa A. Davis, Freshman, Chemistry; Max T. Diaz, Junior, Pre-Business; Josie C. Dietel, Senior, Biology; Rachel E. Elzinga, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition.
        Jason C. Epley, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Carly R. Ferguson, Sophomore, English; Christian A. Gabor, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Maceo T. Gutierrez-Higgins, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Kailyn L. Hellwege, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering.
        Conor F. Hennessy, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Margo Kahn, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Samuel Katz, Senior, Sociology; Evelyn G. Mailander, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Kinsey E. Matthews, Junior, Zoology.
        Brianna F. Mortier, Junior, Microbiology; Christina J. Murphy, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Abby L. Nichols, Senior, Natural Resources; Amanda N. Robert, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Erica R. Smith, Junior, Pre-Apparel.
        Emily R. Sokoloff, Senior, Psychology; Carly S. Stasack, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Andrew Stevens, Post Baccalaureate, Psychology; Rachel N. Sweet, Sophomore, Psychology; Wesley Tan, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        McKenzie P. Tavernier, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Dylan S. Wile, Senior, Athletic Training.

        3.5 or Better: Duane R. Ackley, Senior, Natural Resources; Taylor J. Adair, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jasmine M. Adams, Junior, Renewable Materials; Martin J. Ambros, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Samantha I. Anderlie, Junior, Pre-Business.
        Maegan M. Anderson, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Yesenia Aparicio, Freshman, Biology; Yashaswi Bajracharya, Sophomore, Biology; Kelly S. Baker, Senior, Apparel Design; Tyler O. Bassett, Senior, Business Information Systems.
        Dalton L. Behrens, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Jack Borowczak, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Johanna L. Boyers, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Forrest R. Brady, Senior, Nutrition; Hunter A. Briggs, Freshman, Ethnic Studies.
        Madison T. Brink, Sophomore, Biology; Sydney C. Briot, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kathryn L. Bullard, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition; Erin L. Carey, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Alexandria S. Church, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Kristi L. Conant, Junior, Anthropology; David Q. Cornwell, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Sebastian T. Coslow, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sydney C. Crabaugh, Junior, English; Jim K. Crouse, Senior, Pre-Forestry.
        Rexford Davidson, Post Baccalaureate, Civil Engineering; Heather M. Davis, Freshman, Biology; Marina K. De Chiara, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; David A. De Hart, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Cody R. Dethlefs, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        William M. Dickman, Senior, Civil Engineering; Brittany N. Dodds, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Shelby Dodrill, Freshman, Pre-Business; William J. Driscoll, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Ibrahim S. Elkhetali, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.
        Samuel R. Elling, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Amee L. Elliott, Senior, Rangeland Sciences; Micco A. Emeson, Senior, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Lorenzo A. Fantozzi, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jacob H. Fitzharris, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Kendyl A. Fletcher, Freshman, Biology; Jason M. Foss, Sophomore, Biology; Karina A. Francia, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition; Michele R. French, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lori C. Fruin, Senior, Pre-Communication.
        Mario F. Gaddini, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicholas C. Gates, Sophomore, General Science; Brooke A. Getty, Senior, Horticulture; True E. Gibson, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Sophie E. Givens, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering.
        Hunter W. Goguen, Junior, Forest Engineering; Crystal V. Gomez, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Lydia A. Graber, Junior, Horticulture; Kaylen G. Groberg, Junior, Physics; Dara R. Halligan, Junior, Sociology.
        Cristina D. Hamacher, Senior, Nutrition; Lisa M. Harp, Senior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Sarah E. Hasler, Senior, Nutrition; Meaghan C. Henery, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Cameron L. Herr, Junior, Graphic Design.
        Emily C. Herrmann, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Taylor J. Hoffine, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jordan M. Howard, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Tyler J. Huddleston, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Brianne J. Ivey, Senior, Nutrition.
        Davis A. Jacob, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Grace A. Jenkins, Sophomore, Merchandising Management; Mackenzie S. Johanesen, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Maria M. Jolley, Senior, Chemistry; Julianna M. Jones, Freshman, Music.
        Tyler D. Jones, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Rachel M. Kalnbach, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Sarah T. Kerrigan, Senior, Mathematics; Shannon Rose C. Kieran, Post Baccalaureate, Biology; Matthew Kremer, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Arcata A. Leavitt, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Casey T. Leslie, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Stephen M. Leung, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Scott R. Lindbloom, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Rachel Liu-May, Freshman, Chemistry.
        Nicholas D. Madani, Post Baccalaureate, Elect & Computer Engineering; Elliot Marcus, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Ryan T. Mason, Senior, Graphic Design; William D. Mau, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Brice D. McConnell, Junior, Nuclear Engineering.
        Andrew B. McCullough, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Courtney A. McKee, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Keara W. McManus, Freshman, Biology; Jeremy T. Melamed, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Alysha A. Meno, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.
        Allison J. Mohler, Senior, Public Health; Andrew G. Moore, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Elizabeth D. Morgan, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Benjamin N. Narin, Senior, Computer Science; Hannah I. Nealy, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Ian C. Oakerson, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Ludmilla Oliveira, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Samantha G. Olson, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Brian Z. Payne, Sophomore, Economics; Kaitlyn N. Pearson, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Alysa T. Phan, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Cameron J. Planck, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Ryan D. Powell, Senior, Biology; Hannah M. Power, Freshman, Sociology; George W. Rear, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Michaela J. Reidhead, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ashley Rhodes, Senior, Horticulture; Melanie A. Ripley, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Shane P. Roach, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Jacob L. Rochon, Sophomore, General Science.
        Laura K. Ross, Senior, Sociology; Katherine J. Rowland, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Ian E. Russi, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Rose B. Sabini, Sophomore, Psychology; Matthew R. Saylor, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.
        Adam D. Schneiderhan, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Anna R. Schwam, Senior, General Science; Kalia L. Scrivner, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Piper C. Sheldon-Young, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Daniel N. Shelton, Senior, Environmental Engineering.
        Elisabeth J. Sherry, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Jessie M. Shirley, Freshman, Applied Visual Arts; Alexandria L. Shonk, Freshman, Biology; Leah M. Skeele, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Benjamin S. Spooner, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.
        Diana L. Standish, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jacob A. Staudhammer, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Sean D. Steindorf, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Sandra D. Stewart, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Devin E. Stuart, Senior, Renewable Materials.
        Grant A. Sturman, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Colton F. Surcamp, Senior, History; Sean T. Sylwester, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Max G. Tag, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Tawni H. Talavera, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Michelle Tan, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Chelsea Tang, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; James A. Thompson, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Matthew P. Thompson, Freshman, Biology; Melanie Trumbull, Junior, Pre-Public Health.
        Jacob L. Turner, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Gregory L. Vandelune, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Benjamin A. Wagner, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Molly A. Walter, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Todd W. Wellman, Senior, Marketing.
        Margaret S. Wilson-Moses, Post Baccalaureate, Chemical Engineering; Aaron S. Winters, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kylee C. Wong, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Liam H. Wong, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Miles W. Young, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Janet L. Zornek, Freshman, Nutrition.


        3.5 or Better: Keenan A. Bishop, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Chase C. Ellison, Senior, Business Information Systems; Robert P. Ellison, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Mariah Estill, Senior, Psychology; Brad A. Greenburg, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Elisabeth H. Jones, Junior, Biology; Nikki J. Parry, Junior, Forest Engineering; Kayla Rickford, Senior, Ecological Engineering.

Junction City

        Straight-A Average: Savannah R. Church, Senior, Apparel Design; Krystal M. Lemhouse, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Brittany L. Stoneburner, Senior, History; Britniann L. Ward, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Makenna L. Burgess, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; John R. Campy, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jessica P. Gonzalez, Sophomore, Horticulture; Tiffany C. Harper, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Kalina F. Hentze, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Jack O. Vaughn, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Anthony D. Vickery, Senior, Bioengineering.


        3.5 or Better: Loren S. Arthur, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Zachary A. Cardwell, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


        Straight-A Average: Lindsay Free, Junior, Political Science.


        3.5 or Better: Loren S. Farque, Junior, Natural Resources.


        3.5 or Better: Leon R. Rogers, Junior, Environmental Sciences.

Pleasant Hill

        Straight-A Average: Megan K. Faber, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Emily R. Mangan, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Zachary A. Miller, Junior, Food Science and Technology.


        Straight-A Average: Melanie Brown, Senior, Natural Resources; Erin N. Chickering, Junior, Psychology; Victoria N. Kurtz, Sophomore, Liberal Studies; Rachel A. Zmolek, Junior, Pre-Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Sarah R. Akers, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Andrew S. Arens, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Kristin R. Brandon, Sophomore, Zoology; Kelsey R. Caples, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Christopher A. Correll, Senior, Psychology.
        Shannon D. Davini, Junior, Accountancy; Ryan C. Dawes, Senior, English; Jacob L. Deffenbacher, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Robert E. Eastin, Junior, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Nicholas M. Edwards, Senior, Computer Science.
        Landon A. Fisher, Junior, Civil Engineering; Paige S. Freerksen, Freshman, Psychology; Caleb K. Gee, Senior, Renewable Materials; Ashley N. Greenacre, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Jade A. Hails, Sophomore, Music.
        Braelei M. Hardt, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Anthony J. Havens Jr, Senior, Athletic Training; Brant R. Holaday, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Julie A. Jackson, Senior, General Science; Sky L. Jackson, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Marlie J. Magill-Starr, Senior, History; Lawrence E. Martin Jr, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry; Sara Maruyama, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Kyle D. Morris, Junior, Civil Engineering; Colin A. Schauermann, Senior, Civil Engineering.
        Nathaniel Townsend, Junior, Anthropology; John P. Varin, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Rikki N. Redhead, Sophomore, Psychology.


        Straight-A Average: Mckinley S. Smith, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: William T. Boothe, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Devin S. Curtis, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Chad F. Knight, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Luis A. Labastida, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Kenneth D. Ota, Senior, Civil Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Scout C. Hanchett, Freshman, Recreation Resource Management.



        Straight-A Average: Ibrahim Moussaoui, Sophomore, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Corie A. McBride, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.

Depoe Bay

        3.5 or Better: Christopher T. Henriksen, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Samantha K. Raines, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.

Lincoln City

        Straight-A Average: Deklyn A. Wood, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Bryan C. Dahlman, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Zach R. Ehrenfelt, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Zachariah R. Wood, Senior, Horticulture.


        3.5 or Better: Catherine L. Mina, Sophomore, Political Science.


        Straight-A Average: Brannin Benson, Junior, Horticulture; Grant C. Burns, Sophomore, Biology; Derek C. Eason, Sophomore, Construction Engineering Mgt; Rachel M. Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: Nathan J. Bearden, Freshman, Biology; Megan K. Dodds, Senior, Speech Communication; Mollie Dorna, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Juliann M. Forester-Dammeier, Sophomore, Liberal Studies; Seiji G. Koike, Senior, Mathematics.


        3.5 or Better: Sherri Long, Senior, Psychology.


        3.5 or Better: Kohl C. Marks, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Kyra L. Young, Senior, English.


        3.5 or Better: Lindsey A. Grove, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Chase B. Kinion, Junior, Forest Management; Alison Lancaster, Junior, Natural Resources; Connor J. Price, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Joshua K. Urbach, Senior, Forest Management.
        Leo H. Williamson, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Andrew J. Weron, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Zoe M. Alley, Junior, Psychology; Travis T. Chambers, Senior, English; Logan R. Chytraus, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Jennifer N. Devin, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Michael C. Devin, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Andrew R. Giles, Senior, Psychology; Timothy Glidden, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Rebecca J. Moore, Junior, Psychology; Dorothy M. Moran, Junior, Psychology; Musa A. Moussaoui, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.
        Aaron Peterschmidt, Junior, Biology; Samantha C. Siegner, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Cassandra A. Simpson, Senior, Music; Amandip Singh, Junior, Microbiology; Tracy Stinghen, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.
        Alec J. Studier, Senior, Zoology; Casey R. Sullivan, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Cody E. Taylor, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Erin R. Tibbals, Senior, Liberal Studies; Johnathan R. Van Why, Senior, Mathematics.
        JoyAnna A. Virtue, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Morgan E. Aerni, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Nicholas L. Alden, Sophomore, English; William S. Allison, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Hanna E. Almen, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Trevor D. Baley, Sophomore, Biology.
        Maria L. Bellando, Sophomore, English; Emily N. Branigan, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Sierra M. Carroll, Junior, Pre-Business; Kaylie A. Christison, Senior, Psychology; Chelsea K. Clark, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.
        Clarissa C. Clark, Sophomore, Music; Katelyn R. Cribbs, Senior, Anthropology; Hailey N. Duvall, Senior, Animal Sciences; Aaron T. Ellich, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mickey L. Feavel, Senior, Accountancy.
        Gabrielle E. Fief, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Leon A. Fossett, Post Baccalaureate, Management; Heather M. Gehrett, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Tanner J. Grenz, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Travis Grenz, Junior, Civil Engineering.
        Nishana J. Hamann, Sophomore, Art; Johnathan G. Hesseltine, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Alex D. Hoffer, Junior, Psychology; Nicole M. Hubert, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Garrett M. Hurley, Freshman, Psychology.
        Jessica C. Johnson, Senior, Psychology; Talise N. Jordan, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Emily M. Kenyon, Senior, Marketing; Jami C. Kenyon, Senior, Liberal Studies; Lauren R. Kimura, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Reid W. Kinser, Senior, Chemistry; Charles D. Koll, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Joseph M. Lake, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Alex W. Lancaster, Senior, Music; Derrik M. Layton, Freshman, Biology.
        Miranda K. Leatherman, Junior, Mathematics; Tricia L. Maloney, Junior, Nutrition; Jeanette I. Martinez, Junior, Biology; Stephanie D. Mc Dougal, Post Baccalaureate, Anthropology; Katherine L. Mc Wade, Senior, Public Health.
        Katelyn M. Meyer, Freshman, Zoology; Dominic M. Miller, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Sarah D. Montague, Senior, Graphic Design; Aasya A. Moussaoui, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Lisa M. Nelson, Senior, Anthropology.
        Nicholas M. Nelson, Senior, Computer Science; Nicholas H. Orsborn, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Erin L. Pilkerton, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Steven B. Powers, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Amanda S. Pruden, Senior, Psychology.
        Mitchell V. Prunk, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Michael J. Richardson, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Karisa M. Roberts, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Tyler J. Roberts, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Crystal D. Royer, Junior, Zoology.
        Angelyn G. Salyer, Junior, Public Health; Stephanie A. Schmidt, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Alyssa K. Schrems, Junior, Earth Sciences; Emily Schroeder, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Justin Silveira, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Jenna E. Skarphol, Junior, Music; Joshua A. Stanley, Junior, Philosophy; William D. Sutherland, Freshman, Biology; Alexander Tang, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Savannah L. Van Why, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Gregory D. Wakefield, Senior, Athletic Training; Crystal R. Weinmann, Freshman, Biology; Taylor R. Wobig, Senior, Interior Design; Derek H. Wong, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jacob A. Wood, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Sara J. Wood, Junior, Public Health; David M. Zielke, Freshman, Music.


        Straight-A Average: Deette R. Ealy, Senior, Liberal Studies; Mikaela J. Gosney, Freshman, Natural Resources; Jessica M. Jones, Sophomore, Zoology; Elizabeth I. Konstantin, Senior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Jon C. Laurance, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Emilie M. Ratcliff, Freshman, English.


        3.5 or Better: Jade C. Headings, Junior, Pre-Marketing.


        Straight-A Average: Natassia E. Ruse, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Preston Q. Green, Junior, Forest Engineering; Reggie W. Peters, Senior, Accountancy; Anna M. Sjostrom, Senior, Psychology; Benjamin D. Smucker, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Brittany K. Sundberg, Senior, Management.
        Nicolas J. Walter, Junior, Renewable Materials; Taylor C. Westerberg, Senior, Philosophy.


        Straight-A Average: Mary A. Bond, Senior, English; Jespen K. Gerdts, Senior, Horticulture; John Hammer, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Kayla L. Mackie, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Kody Q. Osborne, Sophomore, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Kaylyn H. Anderson, Senior, Sociology; Rocky D. Barker, Senior, Earth Sciences; Jessica R. Benzel, Junior, Psychology; Michael A. Carter, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Taylor M. Cox, Junior, Accountancy.
        Kaire L. Downin, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Nathaniel E. Durham, Senior, Mathematics; Sione T. Filimoehala, Senior, Philosophy; Kara E. Hallock, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Shelby R. Hochstetler, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Teisha K. Holloway, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Matthew Z. Huang, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Yuzhu Lin, Senior, Biology; Taylor E. Masog, Senior, Public Health; Crystal L. Mayberry, Junior, Pre-Management.
        Nicole E. Meads, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Kevin L. Meek, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Anthony R. Miller, Junior, Computer Science; Faith E. Neal, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Malinda J. O'Grady, Junior, Nutrition.
        Franklin T. Peeples, Junior, Psychology; Hayley J. Posadas, Junior, Psychology; Julianne E. Robinson, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Shannon J. Rose, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Melinda E. Stocking, Senior, Psychology.
        Alexis P. Tucker, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Sydney M. Woolf, Junior, English.


        Straight-A Average: Lauren E. Bonney, Junior, Recreation Resource Management; Kelsey Kraupa, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer O. Smith, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Vinson S. Warnicke, Senior, Accountancy.


        Straight-A Average: Sadie L. Tempel, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jacob Barth, Junior, Natural Resources; Ryan Gescher, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.


        3.5 or Better: Tiffani L. Day, Senior, English.

Sweet Home

        Straight-A Average: Austin I. Hill, Senior, English; Austin D. Horner, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer L. Belveal, Junior, Biology; Elya M. Christman, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Larry E. Coulter, Senior, Public Health; Emma R. Hessel, Junior, Art; Levi T. Marchbanks, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering.
        Haley R. Mclaren, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Chloie M. Parsons, Senior, Graphic Design; Kaitlyn N. Runia, Junior, Merchandising Management; Carissa E. Swanson, Senior, Public Health; Kimber E. Swanson, Junior, Music.
        Kristen A. Tolle, Junior, Forest Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Karla Oseguera, Junior, Finance; Lynda L. Reid-Parmele, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kristina Munoz, Junior, Psychology; Marina Munoz, Junior, Psychology; Marenda M. Nungaray, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.


        Straight-A Average: Vanesse Chew, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Garrett M. Kitamura, Sophomore, English; Holly E. Rysenga, Junior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Jessica L. Roland, Sophomore, Bioresource Research.


        3.5 or Better: Kassie L. Anthony, Senior, Nutrition; Daphne R. Mattos, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        3.5 or Better: Tyler S. Gates, Senior, Sociology; Jacob Keiner, Freshman, Pre-Business; Kyle A. Usselman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jacqueline M. Yates, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


        3.5 or Better: James Auxier, Freshman, Agricultural Business Manageme; Sawyer R. Dady, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Carlie C. Donnelly, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Melinda Guzman, Senior, Microbiology; Wesley M. Johnston, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Paige A. Myers, Sophomore, English; Nicholas J. Norgart, Freshman, Pre-Business; Morgan P. Pearson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Emily M. Reece, Senior, Public Health; Sidney T. Silbernagel, Freshman, Agricultural Sciences.
        Troy A. Thomas, Senior, Industrial Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Jonathan M. Avery, Junior, Bioresource Research.


        3.5 or Better: Jacob A. Schlechter, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Stacey D. Helm, Senior, Liberal Studies.


        Straight-A Average: Michiya Stine, Senior, Apparel Design.

        3.5 or Better: Stephanie Bonnesen, Junior, Horticulture; Lindsay N. Briley, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Ariel S. Chadbourne, Senior, Merchandising Management; Katlyn Haven, Junior, Biology; Kayla M. Naas, Junior, Renewable Materials.


        Straight-A Average: Benjamin J. Asay, Junior, Mathematics; Tara N. Bonar, Junior, Biology; Taylor L. Norby, Junior, Pre-Marketing; Alexis M. Prinslow, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: James H. Bonar, Senior, Biology; Rachel E. Campbell, Senior, Interior Design; Emily R. Dicksa, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Evan L. Dishion, Senior, Biology; Alexis R. Garcia, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Kenneth J. Hafdahl, Senior, Computer Science; Victoria M. Hittner, Senior, Anthropology; Wyatt R. Hoag, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Kevin J. Hudson, Senior, Computer Science; McKinzie F. Isaac, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Katherine E. Janssen, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Nissa C. Johnson, Sophomore, Merchandising Management; Taylor M. Keeker, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; McKenna C. Kuhns, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Jonathon I. Lopez, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Alamjit K. Nagra, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Alexander A. Putnam, Senior, Mathematics; Andrew L. Trowbridge, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Aaron M. Wenning, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ivory A. Williams, Junior, Psychology.

Mount Angel

        3.5 or Better: Joseph M. Bochsler, Senior, General Science; Bridget L. Donohue, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Sarah R. Frey, Junior, Chemical Engineering.

Saint Paul

        3.5 or Better: Samantha N. Brentano, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Taylor L. Brentano, Senior, Horticulture; Britney M. Petrjanos, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kennedy M. Smith, Freshman, Pre-Public Health.


        Straight-A Average: Rachel K. Adams, Senior, Civil Engineering; Molly B. Adkins, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Cameron M. Barrie, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Sharayah B. Becker, Senior, Anthropology; Emily R. Burney, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        Amy M. Dishion, Senior, Public Health; Daniel E. Domme, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Alyssa M. Ekdahl, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Kalia A. Flocker, Senior, History; Laura C. Hale, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Mollie E. Holmes, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Amber M. Howell, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Andrew C. Jacobo, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Pham H. Lam, Senior, Finance; Sang J. Lee, Sophomore, Biology.
        Parisah Moghaddampour, Senior, Biology; Kai E. Ovesen, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Matthew R. Paluska, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Amanda I. Patterson, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alexander Pho, Freshman, English.
        Yitong Qi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rachel M. Rodecap, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Allyson N. Satter, Senior, Public Health; Antonette B. Shockey, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Alicia A. Siver, Senior, Pre-Public Health.
        Mary E. Swenson, Junior, Anthropology; Riane N. Towery, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Lexa M. Wilmes, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Suesann M. Abdelrasul, Senior, Management; Mikayla C. Ayala, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Matthew J. Bates, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Jonathan R. Beaty, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; David M. Bereza, Senior, Computer Science.
        Meghan N. Bridges, Junior, Public Health; Caitlyn M. Buswell, Junior, Chemistry; Trevor B. Buys, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; David C. Campbell, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Janira Campos, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Vedika Chalise, Junior, Public Health; Si L. Chan, Senior, Computer Science; Emma T. Chilcote, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Karen L. Claney, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Jordan G. Clausen, Sophomore, Merchandising Management.
        Liam M. Contino, Junior, Public Health; Travis Cooley, Senior, Management; Joseph J. Cruise, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Apolo Curiel, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Trey A. Davenhill, Senior, BioHealth Sciences.
        Alexander N. DeHart, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Levi E. Dettwyler, Senior, Computer Science; Anton I. Dovzhik, Senior, Computer Science; Miriam M. Drummond, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Karyna L. Flocker, Freshman, Music.
        Malisa M. Garner, Junior, Anthropology; Kristy E. Gilman, Senior, Nutrition; Max O. Goodman, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Allan W. Gray, Senior, Management; Breanna M. Hagerman, Sophomore, Sociology.
        Sarah M. Hall, Senior, Merchandising Management; Luke A. Hansen, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Spencer T. Helterline, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Benjamin R. Hobbs, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Timothy C. Hubbard, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Anthony M. Jay, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Lori J. Jones, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; John E. Klein, Junior, Zoology; Garth L. Kong, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Travis A. Koon, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Philip A. Lenox, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Nicole A. Lent, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Alecia D. Lentz, Senior, Biology; Sarah L. Leon, Senior, Zoology; Stacie E. Lien, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Aleigha A. Mattison, Junior, Pre-Business; Maranda L. McArthur, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Justin B. McClaughry, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Cory M. Mc Pherson, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Tesfa A. Mensah, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering.
        Haley M. Miller, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; John L. Miller, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Kyrie F. Miller, Junior, Bioresource Research; Brooke F. Mischkot, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Madeline J. Moeller, Sophomore, Pre-Interiors.
        Obed R. Molina, Junior, Pre-Business; Sarah L. Moore, Freshman, Music; Erin E. Neilson, Junior, Pre-Interiors; Kyle M. Nichols, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Carlie R. O'Connell, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Megan R. Paulissen, Junior, Animal Sciences; Ulianna Pavlova, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Jonathan Pena Solorio, Junior, General Science; Samuel S. Perez, Senior, University Exploratory Studies; Kenneth M. Price, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Jamie M. Rebman, Junior, Chemistry; Amber L. Rhoads, Junior, General Science; Kassidee J. Rice, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jessica Ritter, Post Baccalaureate, Accountancy; Carly M. Robertson, Sophomore, Nutrition.
        Francisco Z. Robles, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Asher B. Roemeling, Senior, Earth Sciences; Maddison K. Roemeling, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Lisa M. Rosenthal, Junior, Merchandising Management; Luke E. Schroeder, Sophomore, Music.
        Maxwell J. Scott, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Rishi S. Seshadri, Sophomore, Microbiology; James L. Sharp, Senior, Earth Sciences; Andrew M. Soltesz, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Allen R. Stevens, Senior, Forest Engineering.
        Ariah M. Suek, Junior, Public Health; Trent M. Thompson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Amy M. Threlkel, Senior, General Science; Charles Turner, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Samuel E. Tweedt, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        Mary A. Vityukova, Senior, Public Health; Emily G. Weber, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Danielle M. Whitehurst, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Nikki R. Whitton, Senior, Mathematics; Nicole D. Wiley, Freshman, Nutrition.
        Katelynn M. Willits, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ryan M. Wilson, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Aleksa A. Wood, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Catherine L. Woodside, Junior, History; Nathan K. Woodworth, Senior, Computer Science.


        Straight-A Average: Kalie J. Grassman, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kylie L. Zenchenko, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Riley D. Aman, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Amberlie N. Barnard, Senior, Chemistry; Tyler Bellando, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Emily A. Doerfler, Junior, Interior Design; Jeremiah E. Doyle, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.
        Ryan S. Kariker, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jane M. Kitts, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Stephanie L. Krieg, Senior, Horticulture; Gabriel B. Starr, Senior, Management; Katherine N. Stoltz, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.


        Straight-A Average: Nicklaus R. Abdou, Senior, Civil Engineering; Anna M. Smith, Sophomore, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: John R. Beitel, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Ashley Choate, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Dlanie E. Coates, Junior, Public Health; Tatiana J. Enriquez, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Blake G. Hendricks, Junior, Accountancy.
        Brandon J. Kerr, Freshman, Pre-Finance; Ian A. Kintz-Stormo, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jessica A. Pietrok-Orr, Junior, Natural Resources.


        Straight-A Average: Darcy K. Olander, Junior, BioHealth Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Ashley M. Callahan, Junior, Public Health; Makiah I. Merritt, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Erik J. Paige, Junior, Management; Alicia M. Porter, Junior, Marketing; Ashley M. Porter, Senior, Nutrition.
        Cameron L. Ray, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Nikki G. Williams, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        3.5 or Better: Michelle C. Atchison, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Steven M. Hamilton, Senior, Philosophy.


        Straight-A Average: Amy M. Albrecht, Freshman, Chemistry.

        3.5 or Better: Efrain Alonso, Junior, Psychology; Gordon J. Iverson, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Nancy Leon, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Pedro Nava Ortiz, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Nicolas C. Reinhard, Senior, Radiation Health Physics.
        Danya Y. Ruiz, Junior, Business Information Systems; Noah R. Schultz, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Lauren E. Williamson, Junior, Industrial Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Sonia A. Barrera, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Matthew B. Hyder, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Cheyenne A. Kennedy, Senior, Public Health; Alejandra Mendoza, Junior, Mathematics; Paola Mendoza, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


        3.5 or Better: Earl J. Propheter, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Devin B. Robinson, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: August H. Peterson, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Celina Munoz Orozco, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Adriana Sanchez, Junior, Accountancy.


        3.5 or Better: Kelsi T. Putman, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme.



        3.5 or Better: Marina M. Clark, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Heidi A. Clayton, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Taylor J. Fahlman, Junior, Computer Science; Danielle J. Henderson, Sophomore, Pre-Forest/Civil Engineering; Jordan D. Hofeld, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Peter L. Killgore, Senior, Mathematics; Nakai Llewellyn-Hopkins, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Russell M. Schaaf, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Cody W. Scharzenberger, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Stormy M. Scharzenberger, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Trey S. Smith, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Hallie T. Exall, Senior, Management.

        3.5 or Better: Blake A. Erickson, Junior, Chemistry; Zachary H. Goode, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Regan M. Nishikawa, Junior, Graphic Design.


        Straight-A Average: Philip Carbary, Senior, Natural Resources; Devin J. Curtis, Sophomore, English; Candace J. Jim, Junior, Mathematics; Jared D. Johnson, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Stephanie M. Krautscheid, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        James L. Mal, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Nathan T. Nguyen, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alicia C. Nunziato, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Madison R. Statler, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: John W. Akre, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Anthony P. Bernabo, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Ellie R. Bohrer, Junior, Zoology; Samuel J. Box, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Christina N. Brown, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Christina Bui, Junior, Biology; Alexander J. Bump, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Josie L. Camat, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Cara L. Chase, Senior, Nutrition; Timothy M. Chase, Junior, Music.
        Garrett A. Childress, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Cory W. Christensen, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Joshua A. Cornelison, Junior, Natural Resources; Sarah L. de la Paz, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Ryne M. Deyoe, Freshman, Biology.
        Brianna V. Dial, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kevin E. Dunlap, Junior, Anthropology; Ivan Dylhoff, Post Baccalaureate, Chemical Engineering; Mitchell D. Etter, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Benjamin M. Georgioff, Junior, Microbiology.
        Alec T. Grevstad, Senior, Speech Communication; Erica T. Haide, Senior, Marketing; Brian G. Hoglund, Junior, Mathematics; Rachel R. Hohbach, Freshman, Mathematics; Jonathan W. Jenkins, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt.
        Oliver Q. Jim, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jared P. Johnson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexandre D. Jorge, Sophomore, English; Aline L. Jossi, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Arianna M. Kahler-Quesada, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Kirollos N. Kamel, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; John C. King, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Preston A. Korst, Sophomore, Political Science; Matthew Lei, Junior, Computer Science; Melissa C. Lei, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.
        Endy Leng, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Gregory M. Louie, Junior, Public Health; Eileen K. Ly, Junior, Public Health; Nguyen A. Ngo, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Mackenzie L. Olson, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.
        James S. Palmiter, Freshman, Chemistry; Jonathan D. Parrish, Freshman, Pre-Business; Tyler D. Phillips, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Sofiya V. Popova, Senior, Merchandising Management; Derek M. Saling, Sophomore, English.
        Spenser J. Saling, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kais A. Saradi, Sophomore, Biology; Kelsey S. Scully, Sophomore, Biology; Nicole A. Sidebotham, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Melissa R. Smith, Sophomore, General Science.
        Kyle D. Stevens, Junior, Natural Resources; Julia M. Strohmaier, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily S. Tipsord, Sophomore, Psychology.


        Straight-A Average: Haley M. Allemand, Senior, Psychology; Helena K. Bai, Junior, Computer Science; Matthew H. Baker, Freshman, Economics; Gareth Baldrica-Franklin, Sophomore, Earth Sciences; Elise C. Barberis, Junior, Nutrition.
        Lucas L. Bengtson, Senior, Computer Science; Hannah C. Bessette, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Keava M. Campbell, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Allen M. Chan, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Shawn Chan, Senior, General Science.
        Corie M. Charnley, Post Baccalaureate, BioHealth Sciences; Kevin D. Chen, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Zhong B. Chen, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Zoe E. Chrisman-Miller, Junior, Psychology; Evan C. Dagg, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Tara R. DeMaderios, Junior, Nutrition; Theresa N. Dinh, Freshman, Biology; Amelia L. Doyle, Senior, Crop and Soil Science; Tony Duong, Sophomore, Microbiology; Jeremy C. Espinosa, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Kathryn A. Hampton-Wonder, Sophomore, Biology; Bion X. Hawkmorr, Sophomore, Biology; Hannah X. Huynh, Sophomore, Mathematics; Aiden E. Koll, Sophomore, Sociology; Emily A. Kolodzy, Junior, Apparel Design.
        Kaitlyn R. Kornberg, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Will A. Kuhn, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Alexander F. Lafranchi, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mai N. Le, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Allison G. Little, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.
        Courtney M. Lyell, Senior, Psychology; Jules O. Malango, Senior, English; Abigail L. Maricle, Freshman, Pre-Business; Karey Miles, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition; Dan Nguyen, Senior, Computer Science.
        Yen T. Nguyen, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Aidan F. O'Malley, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Bailey M. Oswald, Freshman, History; Joseph W. Palmisano, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Maia L. Penchansky, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition.
        Amanda Pengshung, Freshman, Psychology; Drew D. Penney, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Lisa Percival, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Teresa A. Pimentel, Senior, Nutrition; Hudson P. Rennaker, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design.
        Cooper Z. Roberts, Senior, Nutrition; Colin S. Sanders, Senior, Public Health; Allison J. Schue, Senior, Microbiology; Joshua S. Seifert, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Terra C. Setzler, Senior, Political Science.
        Sara E. Sherwood, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Morgan F. Shirley, Senior, Computer Science; William R. Sims, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Logan M. Smesrud, Junior, Environmental Engineering; Rachana C. Son, Junior, English.
        Steven W. Soo, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Hannah O. Stagnitto, Junior, Public Health; Samantha C. Stember, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Jerome B. Stretch, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Christina Truong, Senior, General Science.
        Russell S. Walker, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Casia L. Wardzala, Senior, Bioengineering; Jeremy C. Willcock, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Natausha L. Wilson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Sara Z. Winick-Brown, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Sydney T. Wisner, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Brian D. Wojahn, Sophomore, General Science; Emily M. Wright, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Wen C. Wu, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Sara S. Yon, Senior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Brian C. Albrecht, Senior, General Science; Grace E. Alexander, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Savannah R. Alford, Junior, Microbiology; Elizabeth K. Allan-Cole, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Jillian M. Armontrout, Freshman, Sociology.
        John A. Baldwin, Junior, Physics; Sean P. Balsiger, Freshman, Pre-Business; Ryan E. Barrett, Junior, Horticulture; Joel C. Barshaw, Senior, Economics; Andrew E. Beckers, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Erin Beuttenmuller, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jonathan L. Bosworth, Junior, Political Science; Corinna M. Brown, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Emma A. Brown, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts; Jared S. Brownson, Junior, Accountancy.
        Rose L. Buchanan, Senior, Sociology; Eric W. Callahan, Junior, English; Thomas R. Callahan, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Allison H. Carter, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Conrad W. Cartmell, Junior, Mathematics.
        Allison M. Caster, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Christina L. Chac, Junior, Public Health; Claire E. Chappuis, Senior, Nutrition; Jenny Chau, Senior, Biology; Lily Chen, Freshman, Biology.
        Qiping M. Chen, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jacob T. Chickadonz, Junior, Industrial Engineering; Phoebe C. Chin, Sophomore, Graphic Design; Alex B. Christensen, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Charlie X. Clark, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Grace A. Clark, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Blaise R. Clarke, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Sarah L. Cochenour, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Mhara M. Coffman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Shane W. Cooper, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.
        Elizabeth R. Corvi, Junior, Biology; David J. Crampton, Senior, Mathematics; Ruby T. Dang, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Matthew J. Danner, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Margaret E. Davison, Sophomore, Mathematics.
        Nicholas S. Diaz-Hui, Sophomore, Chemistry; Jonathan I. Di Carlo, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Tiffany T. Doan, Sophomore, Psychology; William Donaca, Post Baccalaureate, Accountancy; Caitlyn J. Douglas, Freshman, Music.
        Ruth L. Drake, Sophomore, Pre-Apparel; Theodore M. Duchow-Pressley, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Andrew N. Dummer, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Rachel E. Dunn, Senior, Merchandising Management; David Duong, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Linh N. Duong, Senior, General Science; Angela G. Durant, Senior, Anthropology; Liezl Dygart, Senior, Interior Design; Jordan M. Easton-Mace, Senior, Anthropology; Maegen L. Esquibel, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.
        Chelsea L. Evans, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Gjeryl C. Fajardo, Senior, Graphic Design; Jennifer M. Fedenko, Post Baccalaureate, Crop and Soil Science; Blair A. Fettig, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Samuel J. Field, Sophomore, Biology.
        Naomi Figley, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kelly Finneran, Senior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Monica S. Fong, Senior, Nutrition; Coel A. French, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Benjamin M. Gallegos, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Dennise E. Garcia Rojas, Junior, Psychology; Mark K. Geringer, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Eric E. Germundson, Senior, Civil Engineering; Daniel R. Gibson, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Ximena A. Giesemann, Junior, Psychology.
        Ian K. Goode, Freshman, Mathematics; Fiona G. Grahek, Freshman, Interior Design; Jared S. Grant, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Pavel A. Grechanuk, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Geneva A. Green, Senior, Public Health.
        Scott S. Griffy, Senior, Computer Science; Emma K. Grobart, Junior, Liberal Studies; Kevin Z. Guan, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Cirra L. Halter, Junior, Psychology; Kayla N. Haney, Junior, English.
        Kenna M. Hanson, Sophomore, Interior Design; Jonah B. Harris, Freshman, Psychology; Keisuke D. Harry, Sophomore, Civil Engineering; Aden Hassan, Junior, Biology; Jeremiah M. Hauth, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Bryan D. Heasty, Senior, Accountancy; John Ho, Senior, Microbiology; Amy P. Hoang, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Jack M. Hogan, Junior, Civil Engineering; Freelin N. Hummel, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.
        Khanh Q. Huynh, Senior, General Science; Linda N. Huynh, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Melissa M. Huynh, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jennifer S. Hwee, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Joel M. Hwee, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Jona K. Jacobsen, Junior, Horticulture; Tori M. Jarmer, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Daniel T. Karter, Freshman, Pre-Forestry; Kameron T. Kauffman, Sophomore, General Science; Kamron L. Kayhani, Freshman, Biology.
        Dillon J. Kelly, Junior, Mathematics; Capreece S. Kelsaw, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Alexandria C. Kershner, Freshman, Biology; Megan M. Khamsouthavong, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Joeun S. Kim, Freshman, Chemistry.
        Ryan B. Kirk, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Spencer D. Kleweno, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Jarrett R. Knodel, Sophomore, Nutrition; James M. Knudsen, Sophomore, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Kaitlyn S. Kohlenberg, Junior, English.
        Carrie Kraft, Senior, Tourism and Outdoor Leadership; Jalen M. Ladd, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Junhui Lao, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Brody L. Larson, Freshman, Pre-Business; Adam T. Lawler, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Alissa K. Le, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Jean Le, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Vanlena V. Le, Sophomore, Microbiology; Taylor R. Lee-Rouille, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ryan M. Lewinsohn, Freshman, Biology.
        Bradley J. Lewis, Freshman, Political Science; Ada S. Li, Junior, General Science; Victor A. Li, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Xuan Li, Junior, Computer Science; Siobhan S. Lieuallen, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management.
        Lixuan Lin, Senior, Pre-Bioengineering; Vicky Lin, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Bret E. Lorimore, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Kelson Z. Luc, Senior, Computer Science; Mckensie E. Lui, Junior, Horticulture.
        Alexis R. Lund, Junior, Anthropology; Yennhi B. Ly, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Tiffany Ma, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Cory M. Mack, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Carter J. Marr, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.
        Kaylynne A. Masuo, Senior, Microbiology; Raye E. Maudlin, Senior, Nutrition; Megan R. McCormick, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Zachary T. McCourt, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kevin G. Mcgill, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Jonathan D. Merkley, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Calina A. Merrow, Post Baccalaureate, Horticulture; Sophia C. Miller, Freshman, Biology; Elizabeth D. Moua, Freshman, General Science; Quinn D. Murray, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Isaly M. Murrell, Sophomore, Merchandising Management; Lydia K. Myers, Junior, Psychology; Brenna A. Nally, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Hannah N. Neve, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew M. Ng, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Vickie L. Ngo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Hamy T. Nguyen, Freshman, General Science; Michelle M. Nguyen, Junior, Microbiology; Nhat Hao M. Nguyen, Sophomore, General Science; Rose Nguyen, Senior, Microbiology.
        Benjamin J. Nine, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Emma M. Nissen, Sophomore, Music; Kenneth W. Noble, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Natally S. Okhovat, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jessica H. O'Loughlin, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        Veronica G. Olsen, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Amanda J. Olson, Junior, Merchandising Management; Rebecca E. Ortiz, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Michael M. Ouanesisouk, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Patrick S. Overton, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Taylor G. Owings, Senior, Sociology; Esteban H. Pacheco, Junior, Animal Sciences; Anne A. Parham, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Tomas C. Patlan, Senior, Applied Visual Arts; Anthony S. Pech, Freshman, Biology.
        Morgan B. Pengelly, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Anna L. Peterson, Freshman, Biology; Darren L. Peterson-Roulst, Junior, Computer Science; Hellen H. Pham, Sophomore, Psychology; Thu M. Pham, Senior, Chemistry.
        Kathryn A. Pospisil, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Ameilia M. Rathbun, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Caitlyn B. Reilley, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Quinton J. Rennaker, Senior, History; Alexander P. Richman, Junior, Food Science and Technology.
        Bria L. Robertson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lia R. Robichaud, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Henry T. Robins, Freshman, History; Miranda M. Robinson, Freshman, Pre-Communication; Eduardo Rodriguez Avalos, Freshman, Spanish.
        Ben L. Rosene, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Vienna L. Rynerson, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Jorge V. Salazar-Romero, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ronald M. Salinas, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Josie E. Sanford, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Keagan J. Sankovitz, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Micah S. Sauter, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Evan M. Schallerer, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Brandon M. Schmuckley, Senior, Accountancy; Madison T. Schrage, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Jane T. Schumacher, Freshman, Pre-Communication; Ian A. Scriven, Freshman, Nutrition; Haleigh M. Shadley, Junior, Public Health; Adam Shareghi, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Arthur C. Shattan, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.
        Emily M. Shepard, Senior, Psychology; Kevin A. Shimomaeda, Sophomore, Psychology; Madeleine R. Shoaff Fellows, Freshman, English; Sophia R. Shorten, Junior, Psychology; Cheyanne M. Simon, Freshman, History.
        Matthew A. Slayton, Freshman, Pre-Business Information Sys; Daniel Sloane, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Joshua C. Smith, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Elise A. Soumokil, Sophomore, Psychology; Lauren A. Spalding, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Brendan P. Spencer, Senior, Graphic Design; Graham P. Spencer, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Grant M. Springston, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Madeline C. Stapleton, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Marianne Y. Stites, Freshman, Biology.
        Annika M. Sullivan, Post Baccalaureate, Civil Engineering; Kate A. Swenson, Senior, Philosophy; Trevor M. Swope, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Ty D. Symons, Senior, Microbiology; Raymond Tat, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.
        Dan N. Taylor, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Aileen A. Thai, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Abigail L. Thompson, Junior, Spanish; Alex C. Thompson, Senior, Computer Science; Charles A. Thompson, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt.
        Vanessa Torres Montano, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kien V. Tran, Freshman, Biology; Quang Tran, Sophomore, General Science; Johnson T. Trieu, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Aye Hsay Tar Tun, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design.
        Emily Upton, Junior, Pre-Apparel; Meghan S. Vandewettering, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Christina V. Vieru, Senior, Microbiology; Chau M. Vo, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Molly G. Vranizan, Junior, Economics.
        Van Anh Vu, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Jakob R. Walter, Senior, Civil Engineering; Eileen Wang, Junior, General Science; Ryan D. Warrick, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Alexander S. Warschauer, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering.
        George Watson, Senior, General Science; Brennan R. Westerman, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jordan A. Wilkie, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Lane K. Williams, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Reid C. Williams, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Amelia R. Wimmer, Sophomore, English; Wiley H. Wolfe, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Garrett L. Wyman, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Henry Yan, Junior, Public Health; Salena Yip, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.
        John Yu, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Vivian F. Yu, Junior, General Science; Annie T. Zhang, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Mason Zhang, Senior, Microbiology; Jenny Z. Zhu, Freshman, Biology.
        Nicholas S. Zike, Sophomore, Psychology; Mario Zivanovic, Sophomore, Biology.


        Straight-A Average: Natashia J. Andrews, Freshman, Biology; James A. Benbrook, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Andrew W. Oates, Post Baccalaureate, Animal Sciences; Vanessa M. Otamendi, Senior, Public Health; Katlyn N. Stade, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Henry G. Sykes, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Ryan P. Baldwin, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Ciera R. Chaussee, Junior, Interior Design; Alison L. Flynn, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Nicole L. Gibney, Freshman, Spanish; Phillip C. Huntington, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Chantal L. Jorgensen, Junior, Natural Resources; Dakota P. O'Neil, Senior, Chemistry; Jake M. Perkins, Senior, Civil Engineering; Roselynn G. Reyes, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Abigail J. Sykes, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.

Wood Village

        3.5 or Better: Keaton C. Scheible, Sophomore, Elect & Computer Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Serena D. Chiellini, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Mitchell J. Senger, Senior, Physics.

        3.5 or Better: Alexander L. Bird, Junior, Civil Engineering; Katharine E. Crawford, Junior, Psychology; Matthew T. Dimick, Senior, Forest Management; Alyson N. Hammill, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Callie A. Instenes, Senior, Graphic Design.
        Jeffrey R. Kennedy, Junior, Pre-General Engineering; Caleb T. Naughton, Freshman, Environmental Sciences; Glen D. Nicol, Senior, Computer Science; Joseph P. Orton, Freshman, Biology; Logan G. Stewart, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Zacheriah A. Tucker, Senior, Psychology; Mychal P. Westendorf, Junior, Forest Engineering.

Grand Ronde

        3.5 or Better: Amy D. Hyatt, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Melissa R. Whitaker, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Samuel A. Sprague, Senior, Economics; Olivia M. Zuercher, Senior, English.


        Straight-A Average: Kate M. Fitzgerald, Senior, Natural Resources; Benjamin E. Petersen, Sophomore, History.

        3.5 or Better: Erica B. Brown, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Monique L. Lafond, Senior, Management; Michael W. Osborn, Sophomore, Chemistry; Nicholas A. Silva, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Angela J. Porter, Senior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Audrey R. Regan, Junior, English; Bridget H. Regan, Sophomore, Zoology.


        Straight-A Average: Kevin J. Bowles, Junior, Civil Engineering; Scott G. Cruise, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Morgan L. Folz, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Bryant F. Hayes, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Kendall E. Henery, Freshman, General Science.
        Brian Koepl, Junior, Pre-Business Information Sys; Armando B. Kraynick, Senior, Civil Engineering; Erin N. McNab, Sophomore, Nutrition; Ellen E. Svadlenak, Senior, Earth Sciences; Kimberly J. Thompson, Senior, Liberal Studies.
        Pablo L. Vazquez, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Logan D. Adams, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Brooke C. Arceneaux, Freshman, Biology; Joanna R. Bikman, Junior, Psychology; Alexandra J. Bonney, Senior, Microbiology; Katie L. Chambers, Senior, Nutrition.
        Courtney R. Cheavtharn, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexander J. Craig, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Austin A. Cuellar, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Garret E. Eisenbrandt, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Shelby M. Elder, Freshman, Biology.
        Matthew J. Emery, Senior, Accountancy; Katherine F. Fan, Freshman, Biology; Kimberly S. Goertzen, Junior, Animal Sciences; Jacob M. Goodspeed, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Erin E. Green, Freshman, Pre-Public Health.
        Luke D. Hochstetler, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jessica L. Howard, Sophomore, Psychology; Kate L. Hughes, Junior, Computer Science; Nicole B. Johnson, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Gina-Marie Labate, Freshman, Biology.
        Tessa J. Leopold, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Benjamin J. Lewis, Post Baccalaureate, Earth Sciences; Aleesha Liedtke, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Aidan L. Loewen-Thomas, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Terence J. Madlangbayan, Sophomore, Music.
        Leanne M. Moore, Freshman, Pre-Business; Eni Nako, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Kati M. Nelson, Freshman, Music; Alex J. Przybylowski, Senior, Accountancy; Bryant T. Rominger, Junior, Mathematics.
        Audri L. Rousseau, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; John D. Spann, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Chloe N. Stewart, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Alexandra B. Tichenor, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew R. Waite, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science.
        Mariah E. Waite, Senior, Sociology; Kailia N. Walter, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jared T. Winkel, Freshman, Biology; Alexander M. Zuk, Sophomore, General Science.


Bay City

        3.5 or Better: Erika N. Van Loo, Senior, Computer Science.


        Straight-A Average: Mark St John, Senior, Economics.

        3.5 or Better: Kelly J. Whitney-Babcock, Senior, Athletic Training; Jessica J. Windle, Senior, Natural Resources.


        3.5 or Better: Nicholas P. Ahn, Senior, General Science.


        3.5 or Better: Evan M. Jones, Freshman, Political Science.


        Straight-A Average: Kelsey N. Delanoy, Senior, Sociology; Kennady L. Johnson, Sophomore, English.

        3.5 or Better: Mitchell H. Baertlein, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Emma S. Cummings, Freshman, Pre-Business; Christopher D. Jenck, Senior, General Science; Kari J. Jensen, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Harrison A. Kaiser, Senior, Pre-Computer Science.
        Joseph P. Meyer, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Kalli N. Sherer, Junior, Animal Sciences; Staci L. Sherer, Senior, Civil Engineering; Tyler M. Weber, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Logan W. Weeks, Freshman, General Science.


        3.5 or Better: Dana D. Moore, Freshman, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Natalie R. Arnold, Sophomore, Economics.

        3.5 or Better: Danielle L. Dearing, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.


        Straight-A Average: Jacob A. Murstig, Freshman, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Kirsten C. Mccallum, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Makenzie L. Cody, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Catalina R. Coleman, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Cody Ray F. Hoeft, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Yosiel A. Ornelas, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Oscar F. Avila, Senior, Athletic Training; Anthony R. Deck, Junior, Pre-Business; Vanessa Leon-Guerrero, Freshman, Pre-Business; Alayna S. Reese, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Mitchell D. Thompson, Junior, Sociology.
        Ashley M. Walchli, Senior, Music; Rebecca J. Walker, Senior, Animal Sciences; Dale R. Wilkerson, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.

Milton Freewater

        3.5 or Better: Shellie J. Versteeg, Senior, Marketing; Jade A. Wheeler, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


        3.5 or Better: Laikyn W. Carnes, Senior, Marketing; Leanne R. Goff, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Sydelle N. Harrison, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Ethan K. Johnson, Senior, Biology; Virginia A. Kerns, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Andrew M. Robinson, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Tayler L. Suttle, Sophomore, Pre-Business.

Pilot Rock

        3.5 or Better: Kylee J. Jensen, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Shane C. Mascall, Senior, Accountancy.


        Straight-A Average: Gabriel Rojas, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren E. Scoubes-Sauers, Junior, Finance.


        3.5 or Better: Emilee R. Patterson, Junior, Animal Sciences.

La Grande

        Straight-A Average: Marina B. Hattan, Senior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Eben M. Babb, Post Baccalaureate, Civil Engineering; Dane W. Erickson, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Tracy D. Koenig, Senior, Animal Sciences; Ryan D. Shaul, Sophomore, Pre-Forest Engineering; Caleb A. Smith, Sophomore, Mathematics.
        Demetria M. Thompson, Senior, Public Health.

North Powder

        3.5 or Better: Alexandra C. Colton, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Peter C. Colton, Junior, Civil Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Jessica L. Reynolds, Senior, Nutrition.

        3.5 or Better: Austin C. Woodward, Junior, Natural Resources.



        Straight-A Average: Damon C. Greenshields, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Brooke T. Greenshields, Junior, Animal Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Katelynn C. Burns, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Alexa M. Macias, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Jackson S. Woods, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


        3.5 or Better: Joel D. Duling, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.


        3.5 or Better: Gavin M. Schmidt, Junior, Horticulture.

The Dalles

        Straight-A Average: Darin A. Aichele, Junior, Agricultural Sciences; Carsen C. Cordell, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Jonah K. Powell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Isaac J. Bailey, Senior, Radiation Health Physics; Danton K. Batty, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Lucas J. Broehl, Senior, Pre-Manufacturing Engineering; Corina R. Cameron, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Daniel M. Davidson, Senior, Food Science and Technology.
        Haley P. Ellett, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Lindsey G. Ellett, Sophomore, Psychology; Makenzie A. Ellett, Senior, Civil Engineering; Courtney K. Goslin, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Mireya d. Moreno Ibarra, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Grant A. Pearson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Eric C. Powell, Freshman, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Shanelle D. Smith, Sophomore, Pre-Marketing; Jose A. Vazquez, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jessica G. Alonso, Senior, Psychology; Alexia L. Berg, Senior, Liberal Studies; Karen Kuhlman, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mason T. Wagner, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.

        3.5 or Better: Connor P. Bice, Senior, Physics; Christian L. Chase, Senior, Psychology; Sarah R. Desmarais, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Nicolas S. Hergert, Senior, Microbiology; Hunter B. Johnson, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Katherine C. Kidd, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Trevor C. Lane, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Brent D. Lawrence, Senior, Marketing; Annalise M. Miller, Senior, Civil Engineering; Kevin A. Paternostro, Senior, Biology.
        Bryanna R. Rainwater, Senior, Speech Communication; Devon J. Scheller, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Hallie M. Wahlstrom, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Aaron D. Streblow, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.

        3.5 or Better: Franklin A. Browning, Junior, Business Information Systems; Jacob D. Lyda, Junior, Economics.


        Straight-A Average: Taylor S. Acott, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Emilirose C. Ammons, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Nichole C. Anderson, Sophomore, Political Science; Leslie E. Antell, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Christopher A. Bame, Senior, Industrial Engineering.
        Emily M. Bauer, Senior, Nutrition; Amy E. Bortvedt, Junior, Biology; Benjamin T. Brooke, Sophomore, Biology; Kathryn P. Chen, Freshman, Chemistry; Nicole M. Conduff, Sophomore, Zoology.
        Rachel N. Creel, Senior, Psychology; Christopher J. Eastwood, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Paul Ely, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Sarah H. Gish, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Emaan M. Khan, Sophomore, Microbiology.
        Claire A. Kiefel, Freshman, Biology; Ben D. Lawrence, Freshman, Environmental Econ and Policy; Hansori S. Lee, Senior, Economics; Samantha C. Mac Nabb, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Mia S. Mc Fadden, Junior, Psychology.
        Takaji J. Messer, Senior, Computer Science; Jamie E. Miller, Junior, Zoology; Robert H. Mills, Senior, Microbiology; Nolan R. Minter, Freshman, Pre-Business; Austin D. Nguyen, Sophomore, Bioresource Research.
        Nhu P. Nguyen, Freshman, Psychology; Elisa S. Olds, Sophomore, Mathematics; Benjamin D. Oliverio, Freshman, Pre-Business; Stephanie T. Parrish, Senior, Nutrition; Jenna M. Proctor, Junior, History.
        Justin T. Roach, Freshman, Pre-Business; Andrew H. Schlueter, Senior, Zoology; Mason G. Shaw, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Lauren E. Tetzloff, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Camille J. Tollbom, Sophomore, English.
        Justin T. Tran, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; William G. Valiant, Senior, Microbiology; Rachael M. Veith, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition; Rhiannon L. Williams, Junior, Spanish; Dara Zaerpoor, Senior, Bioengineering.
        Stephanie A. Zhao, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Erin L. Acree, Senior, Sociology; Campbell K. Allen, Senior, Merchandising Management; Clare M. Amsberry, Sophomore, General Science; Ashley N. Anderson, Senior, Animal Sciences; Bradley T. Anderson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Glen N. Anderson, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Nicole L. Anderson, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Conner W. Andrews, Senior, Athletic Training; Shadee Attaran, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Taylor J. Barnes, Sophomore, Biology.
        Shashank P. Bathula, Senior, Biology; Mackenzie L. Beber, Freshman, Liberal Studies; L R. Bonner, Senior, Physics; Joshua J. Bowles, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Timothy M. Broussard, Junior, Philosophy.
        Kamilah E. Buker, Senior, Civil Engineering; Meghan E. Calder, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Dayna M. Carlson, Freshman, Biology; Rachael R. Carlson, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Justin D. Cheng, Senior, Computer Science.
        Joan H. Cheung, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Lawton A. Chin, Sophomore, Spanish; Elizabeth S. Choi, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kevin H. Choi, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Daniel E. Cicerchi, Junior, Civil Engineering.
        Lauren E. Coe, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; David P. Coffey, Freshman, Pre-Business; Sean P. Colebrook, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Casey M. Collins, Freshman, Nutrition; Joshua M. Cook, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Alexander P. Dean, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Christopher J. Denning, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Brian N. Destine, Senior, Biology; Karina N. Destine, Sophomore, General Science; Avanka J. Dias, Freshman, General Science.
        Gabrielle DiLullo, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jake C. Doherty, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Heather A. Duering, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kristin M. Finch, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Alexa R. Fisher, Senior, Interior Design.
        Keegan Flores, Junior, English; Marybeth E. Forslund, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Oscar A. Gayet, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Jamila Godil, Freshman, Microbiology; Matthias S. Gorman, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.
        Olga Gugnyak, Junior, Biology; Kylean E. Gunhus, Senior, Civil Engineering; Nathanael R. Hammerberg, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Paige M. Harris, Freshman, Biology; Guillaume Hart, Junior, Civil Engineering.
        Jasmine R. Hart, Senior, Graphic Design; Jacob D. Hartung, Senior, Biology; Haley V. Hatfield, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Lauren M. Hayes, Junior, Biology; Nathan A. Henderson, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.
        Huy Hoang, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Eric C. Hobson, Senior, Bioengineering; Megan E. Holcomb, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Megan C. Holland, Junior, University Exploratory Studies; Spencer L. Hops, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.
        Tyler P. Hotan, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Justin Hua, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob T. Huegel, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Jane Hyun, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Jeremy R. Jacobson, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.
        Danielle I. Jones, Junior, Sociology; Rahasudha Kannan, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Nima Khorsandian, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Rachel E. Kieffer, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Paul M. Kirse, Senior, General Science.
        Sean M. Kissick, Post Baccalaureate, Mechanical Engineering; Erika L. Kister, Sophomore, Nutrition; Jeffrey W. Knierim, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Dillon A. Koch, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Calvin A. Kocher, Senior, University Exploratory Studies.
        Austin R. Kwong, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Phillip W. Lam, Senior, Biology; Katherine I. Lanfri, Senior, Civil Engineering; Hannah C. Lea, Freshman, Psychology; Janssen B. Levin, Junior, Chemical Engineering.
        Julia A. Lindquist, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Anh M. Luu, Freshman, Biology; Nhi H. Luu, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Laikana M. Ly, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Lauren M. Lynn, Freshman, Pre-Communication.
        Melissa Lynn, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Elizabeth J. Mann, Sophomore, General Science; Avant Mathur, Senior, Computer Science; Jacob C. Mc Carthy, Junior, Computer Science; Braydon R. Meeuwsen, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        Sonora S. Meiling, Freshman, Biology; Brooke C. Modrell, Senior, Merchandising Management; Rachel M. Moore, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Cassidy R. Mutz-Mccay, Senior, Interior Design; Mayuri Naidoo, Junior, Public Health.
        Vedanth Narayanan, Senior, Computer Science; Michael Nelson II, Post Baccalaureate, Agricultural Sciences; Kristine B. Nguyen, Senior, Bioengineering; Tuan T. Nguyen, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Kevin C. Nickerson, Junior, Mathematics.
        Emily M. Oldfield, Senior, Merchandising Management; Kari R. Parker, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Stephanie M. Paul, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Joseph D. Pedersen, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Victoria C. Pence, Freshman, Spanish.
        Connor N. Perkins, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Christopher K. Pham, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Hannah F. Price, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Jacob A. Pruit, Freshman, Pre-Business; Jessica T. Quan, Senior, Public Health.
        Jacob D. Ramsey, Senior, Chemistry; Joshua J. Randolph, Freshman, Physics; Taylor J. Rawlings, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Phanphisooth Saksatcha, Senior, Environmental Econ and Policy; Katherine M. Salzwedel, Senior, Speech Communication.
        Charles T. Sanford, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sydney M. Schimelfining, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Rachael L. Schoenberg, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Lucy J. Shaffer, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Silas A. Shields, Senior, Civil Engineering.
        Jonathan Shurygin, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Cory D. Sinner, Junior, Finance; Andrew K. Sonsteng, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Mackenzie R. Spencer, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Matthew T. Staropoli, Sophomore, Biology.
        Kyle J. Stevens, Senior, Marketing; Kyler M. Stole, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Demetri Z. Stoumbos, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Keawe J. Stubenberg, Junior, Environmental Engineering; Marlena L. Sturm, Senior, Food Science and Technology.
        Kohei Sugimoto, Senior, Civil Engineering; Aaron M. Sugiyama, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Brittany R. Swanson, Senior, Accountancy; Kelsey N. Taylor, Junior, Industrial Engineering; Zachary E. Tellin, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Shaun L. Thean, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Stephanie A. Tollbom, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Daniel G. Webb, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jason A. Wood, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Joel Wright, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Bryan M. Wynn, Senior, Finance; Godfrey H. Yeung, Senior, Computer Science; Zachary Zouyed, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jennifer Hilger, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Emily R. Hepler, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Kyanna K. Ogilvie, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Jessica I. Randall, Junior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Viviana Castaneda Cervantes, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Donaciano Dominguez, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Joelle D. Hepler, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Scott D. Hill, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jennifer R. Lux, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Jerome J. Lux, Sophomore, Biology; Peter W. Mercer, Senior, Civil Engineering; Edward Miranda, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Andrew J. Peterkort, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

Forest Grove

        Straight-A Average: Emilia M. Anderson, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicholas R. Bristow, Senior, Computer Science; Noah A. Wilson-Fey, Freshman, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Lauren C. Boyer, Junior, Sociology; Auston L. Clemens, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Aaron T. Elich, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Jorie C. Gronseth, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Dylan M. Haugen, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.
        Julia M. Khoury, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Joshua M. Schneider, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Bailey K. Skiles, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Jessica M. Steigerwald, Junior, Pre-Environmental Engineering.

Gales Creek

        3.5 or Better: Elisa C. Lorenz, Junior, Merchandising Management.


        Straight-A Average: John W. Harris, Junior, Microbiology.

        3.5 or Better: Kaitlin F. Gonzales, Senior, Animal Sciences; Amber M. Meeks, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Adam M. Morey, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Sheldon J. Rutledge, Junior, Psychology.


        Straight-A Average: Jeremy J. Chu, Freshman, Biology; Erin A. Evers, Junior, Accountancy; Blake A. Hakkila, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Michael Jensen, Junior, Microbiology; Katharine E. Jesse, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Khiem C. Lam, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Amanda Leger, Senior, Psychology; Kelsey M. Mc Mahan, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Nathan J. Mize, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Anna M. Peabody, Junior, Marketing.
        Lauren M. Powell, Junior, Animal Sciences; Samantha M. Roof, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Miles V. Rouches, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; James T. Seely, Freshman, Horticulture; Haley A. Shelton, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Collin J. VanderZanden, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Cody R. Abel, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Adriana Aguilar, Senior, Public Health; Mikaela A. Barnes, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Samantha L. Beegle, Senior, Accountancy; Emily G. Bennett, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Scott R. Best, Junior, Microbiology; Kamin C. Beyer, Junior, Bioengineering; Tadvana S. Canakapalli, Senior, Computer Science; Stephanie P. Cantrall, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Nicholas C. Carleson, Junior, Bioresource Research.
        Joni Carlson, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Heather A. Costa, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew R. Dobrinski, Junior, Computer Science; Marissa C. Edgmont, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Quentin H. Engel, Sophomore, History.
        Korlin A. Favara, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Kayla A. Fleskes, Junior, Civil Engineering; Kiara A. Gates, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Alexandra C. Giza, Freshman, Political Science; Brittney Graham, Freshman, Animal Sciences.
        Alexander M. Greer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kelly Grover, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Reed M. Hamilton, Senior, Computer Science; Daniel J. Hernandez, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Anthony S. Hess, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.
        Katrina A. Hiebel, Freshman, Zoology; Jenny Ho, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Megan C. Ikin, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Lauren R. Kahle, Senior, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Michael O. Kelly, Junior, Environmental Engineering.
        Nicholas J. Kline, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Ryan J. Knippel, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Susannah J. Laws, Freshman, Zoology; Joseph T. Long, Senior, Bioengineering; Samuel A. McKay, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Jack T. Merrill, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Kathryn S. Merrill, Senior, Finance; Ulysses Meza, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Elena Miller, Sophomore, History; Mykael R. Moore, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Jacqueline K. Nguyen, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Jenny C. Parkyn, Senior, Merchandising Management; Holly N. Phillips, Sophomore, General Science; Ronald B. Rabe, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Jaydeep H. Rotithor, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.
        Mason N. Rouches, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Collin I. Ruark, Sophomore, Chemistry; Jason W. Sandwisch, Sophomore, Chemistry; Matthew D. Schramm, Sophomore, English; Natasha M. Smith, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Nicole M. Struckhoff, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Abraham M. Teklu, Freshman, Physics; Taylor C. VanderZanden, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Luis E. Velasquez, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Brittany J. Walsh, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Jason J. Welch, Senior, History; Ian M. Young, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Rachel C. Zynda, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

North Plains

        Straight-A Average: Lane C. Thompson, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Cadell Y. Chand, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Melanie M. Jordan, Sophomore, Psychology; Christiana R. Logan, Freshman, Nutrition.


        Straight-A Average: Roy Almog, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Swechya Banskota, Sophomore, Biology; Shelbey H. Barde, Freshman, Psychology; Kevin W. Bishop, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Molly E. Bluhm, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.
        Nathan F. Burnett, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Veda V. Challa, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Trisha J. Chau, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Mudra Choudhury, Junior, Bioresource Research; Erika B. Cook, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Mattison D. Enloe, Senior, Philosophy; Vanessa N. Fuller, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jenise Giuliano, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Erik V. Hahn, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Kevin N. Hare, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Mary C. Hare, Junior, Graphic Design; Jonathan T. Herinckx, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ethan S. Heusser, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jake B. Kane, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jessica N. Lautenbach, Junior, Apparel Design.
        Perrin C. Mao, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Jacob F. Martini, Junior, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Megan K. Mcewen, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Madelyn C. McQuilliam, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Scott D. Merrill, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Claire A. Ostertag-Hill, Senior, Biology; Elizabeth J. Overholser, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Brandon K. Parker, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Evan A. Peters, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Nisha Raghunath, Senior, Psychology.
        Alexis A. Rietze, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design; Taylor J. Roemelt, Junior, General Science; Mary G. Roselli, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Carson J. Smith, Junior, Ecological Engineering; Trent S. Smith, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Grant P. Sommer, Senior, General Science; Isaac A. Stallcup, Sophomore, Mathematics; Jonathan Su, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Kyle D. Sweeney, Junior, Computer Science; Amanda C. Tep, Senior, Biology.
        Victor M. Tran, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Ian V. Walters, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Andrew S. Wang, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Bona Yang, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Andrew H. Yoon, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering.
        Michael G. Zupan, Junior, Civil Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Ian M. Abbene, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Efren Alonso Cid, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Makayla C. Alton, Freshman, Pre-Business; Evan W. Altorfer, Junior, Civil Engineering; Sonal Anand, Senior, Biology.
        Ciara O. Anderson, Junior, Anthropology; Nicholas S. Atwell, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Timothy K. Au, Sophomore, Biology; Apoorva Ayyagari, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Dakota S. Baird, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Zane C. Bambusch, Junior, Pre-Finance; Caleb H. Barde, Senior, Computer Science; Jan U. Bartels, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Lily S. Bartlett, Senior, Environmental Science; Ethan P. Barton, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Briana M. Bauer, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Sarah M. Belgard, Senior, Civil Engineering; Guillermo J. Bermudez, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Nathaniel E. Berry, Senior, Finance; Kayla K. Bird, Senior, Biology.
        Diane K. Bishop, Senior, Accountancy; Nathanielle L. Blouin, Sophomore, General Science; Paul K. Bluhm, Senior, Nutrition; Georgeann C. Booth, Junior, Microbiology; Mitchell R. Brenton, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Danielle M. Bridges, Sophomore, History; Georgia C. Brown, Senior, Management; William B. Buffum, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Vivian M. Calvin, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Patrick J. Campbell, Sophomore, Public Health.
        Mora A. Camplair, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Elliott L. Capek, Senior, Physics; Jeff Carrara, Senior, Economics; Makenzie Carter, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Elizabeth K. Cave, Senior, Environmental Sciences.
        Jake G. Cawley, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering; Kathryn J. Charlton, Junior, Pre-Forestry; Lawrence J. Chau, Junior, Computer Science; Rohit Chaudhary, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Jordyn M. Clarke, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Nicholas P. Clemens, Sophomore, Pre-Graphic Design; Julianna K. Cook, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Ryan P. Cope, Sophomore, Business Administration; Cole B. Corrigan, Freshman, Pre-Business; Mason J. Crow, Sophomore, Athletic Training.
        Ivana N. Dang, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Calder R. Dorn, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering; Gillian M. Downey, Senior, Chemistry; Angela L. Dunham, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Erik H. Eagon, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Daniel M. Eisenbach, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Abigail M. Erickson, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Samantha R. Erwin, Sophomore, Zoology; Marsellus Z. Everard-Kelly, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Jennifer L. Fessler, Sophomore, Biology.
        Jonathan V. Fessler, Junior, Computer Science; Lauren J. Fischer, Senior, Public Health; William C. Fox, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Jordan E. Fry, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Varun Gadiraju, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.
        Anna E. Gage, Junior, Public Health; Taylor M. Garrett, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Jacob T. Gerard, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Zachary M. Gerard, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Michael S. Gillette, Senior, Ecological Engineering.
        Hayley M. Gooding, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Rachel P. Grahn, Senior, Management; Abigail E. Griffiths, Sophomore, Pre-Bioengineering; Carolyn R. Guerre, Sophomore, Biology; Nicholas D. Haller, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Jackson S. Handkins, Junior, Pre-Business; Holly Harmon, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Daniel H. He, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Brian C. Hill, Junior, Crop and Soil Science; Kelli H. Hoang, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.
        Michael W. Hobernicht, Junior, Manufacturing Engineering; Ross G. Hoffman, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Grant L. Howell, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Savannah A. Jenson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Adam T. Johnson, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Emma L. Johnstone, Freshman, Biology; Kelsie C. Jordan, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Tyler A. Kalimanis, Sophomore, Pre-Business; William H. Kmiecik, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Alexander P. Kolinski, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Katherine R. Korinsky, Senior, Public Health; Sneha Krishna Kumaran, Senior, Computer Science; Alexandra C. Krueger, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Nandita Kumar, Senior, Microbiology; Zachary J. La Bianco, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Scott A. Lasswell, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Michael W. Lee, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Brice D. Leion, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Timothy M. Lewis, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Phoebe H. Luc, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering.
        Sanjana Mahesh, Junior, Public Health; Lisa U. Mah-Park, Sophomore, General Science; Lauri Maixner, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Megan K. McCool, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Michael P. Meade, Senior, Accountancy.
        Ryan D. Merrill, Senior, Computer Science; Grace E. Mettler, Freshman, Pre-Interiors; Nicholas R. Meyer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Andrey A. Morozov, Senior, Psychology; Collin N. Muniz, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Jonathan S. Nutter, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Crystal D. Oldfield, Post Baccalaureate, Bioresource Research; Hanna H. Oliver, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Nicholas R. Olson, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering; Natasha A. Ostertag-Hill, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Evan L. Pham, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Michael D. Phelps, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Sarah H. Proskus, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Rui Qu, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Kendall M. Quinlan, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.
        Christopher M. Redelfs, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Sam K. Reid, Sophomore, Construction Engineering Mgt; Sandy M. Reid, Junior, Biology; Jacob D. Roselli, Senior, Finance; Jason M. Sage, Junior, Finance.
        John M. Salmon, Freshman, Pre-Business; Nicholas G. Salvador, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Prathik Sannecy, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Alexandra V. Saunders, Senior, Graphic Design; Jacob A. Scheer, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        William J. Selbie, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Robert J. Shannon, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Annabel B. Shephard, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Alaine T. Shomali, Senior, General Science; Areah E. Shomali, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Michael W. Silvey, Senior, Bioengineering; Kelsey M. Sirgy, Senior, Marketing; Sydney E. Sirgy, Freshman, Pre-Business; Christopher R. Snyder, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Mikenna J. Spencer, Freshman, Animal Sciences.
        Sheila M. Stocks, Senior, Civil Engineering; Evan P. Sullivan, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Jacob E. Tabor, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Samuel C. Talbot, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences; William H. Tannler, Sophomore, General Science.
        Jake D. Turner, Junior, Chemistry; Katherine I. Walgrave, Senior, Horticulture; Merissa S. Walls, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Parker D. Weide, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Alex T. Weingarten, Sophomore, Music.
        Emily-Rose Wiitala, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Katelyn S. Willis, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Cate Z. Wrege, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Riley S. Young, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Daniel F. Zika, Senior, Accountancy.
        Katherine Z. Zika, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Jessica L. Barrott, Freshman, English; Jason M. Castaneda, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Tanner S. Cecchetti, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jacob S. Hoffman, Senior, Forest Engineering; Evan C. Meichtry, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Shaylin H. Pfarr, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Sean H. Powell, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Nicholas W. Rowlands, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Stefanie S. Schulze, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Hannah N. Valesano, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Allison M. Albee, Freshman, Spanish; Taylor J. Bonawitz, Junior, Liberal Studies; Jeffry Broughton, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Simon A. Brundage, Freshman, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Makenzie K. Budge, Senior, Civil Engineering.
        Alexander J. Castaneda, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Payton P. Chertude, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Elliott C. Dougan, Sophomore, Bioresource Research; Samantha R. Farwell, Senior, Ecological Engineering; Annie M. Govig, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Megan C. Grimes, Senior, Psychology; Carlie J. Heckendorn, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Hannah T. Huntington, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Christopher C. Jackson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Brayden C. Johnson, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Katherine E. Kothen, Senior, Biology; Chase M. Krieger, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mason Kurahara, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Derek A. Lafave, Sophomore, Chemistry; Jacquelyn R. Mc Master, Junior, Public Health.
        Cyrus E. Mooney, Freshman, Pre-Business; Gabriel G. Morey, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Samuel W. Morey, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Michelle L. Oenning, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Amy M. Otis, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Joshua J. Patterson, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Denise A. Petrie, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; McKayla B. Rath, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew Rice, Freshman, Biology; Rebecca S. Rust, Junior, Psychology.
        Michael C. Schaefer, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Matthew P. Schierholtz, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mark T. Schroeder, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Kayla M. Shearer, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Emily E. Shilling, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Aaron M. Sprunger, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Cameron J. Thiemann, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Angela M. Vanderburg, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kyle P. Watt, Senior, Accountancy; Elizabeth A. Wells, Sophomore, Environmental Econ and Policy.


        Straight-A Average: Claudia C. Andersen, Freshman, Pre-Forestry; David G. Crisman, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Evan W. Davis, Sophomore, Biology; Tai N. Dustan, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kelly A. Fox, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Emily J. Hansen, Senior, Public Health; Kathryn M. Hollingsworth, Senior, Animal Sciences; Haley M. Hunt, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Jennifer C. Jacko, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Joseph O. Jamus, Senior, General Science.
        Mark A. Jenson, Senior, Accountancy; Megan A. Kamiya, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Jessica L. Kociemba, Senior, Psychology; Sophia D. Le, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Mandy Liu, Sophomore, General Science.
        Sarah C. Matthews, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Emily A. Miyasako, Senior, Biology; Tristan M. Retzlaff, Junior, Biology; Shanna N. Roast, Freshman, Art; Lindsey R. Rosette, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Travis J. Sanders, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; John W. Schaer, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Sarah E. Spangler, Senior, Biology; Aaron T. Vice, Senior, Psychology; Brandon Wick, Junior, Microbiology.
        Haylee N. Winden, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Ryan B. Afranji, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Ernest-James B. Albaugh, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Rebecca J. Albertson, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Maribeth J. Allen, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Nolen H. Austin, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Tate A. Bankston, Junior, Pre-Civil Engineering; Haley N. Bernard, Junior, Animal Sciences; Patricia K. Billette, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jessica A. Blank, Junior, Bioengineering; Blair E. Bowmer, Freshman, Music.
        Taylor R. Broimani, Junior, Accountancy; Kayley Broyles, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Tina N. Bui, Freshman, General Science; Aya Bukres, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Keenan M. Cabrera, Junior, Physics.
        Lauren E. Chan, Junior, Nutrition; Laura J. Chapman, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Karandeep S. Cheema, Sophomore, Physics; Megan T. Co, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Alexandra N. Connall, Freshman, Animal Sciences.
        Kevin P. Connelly, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Timothy G. Coumes, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Carly J. Culin, Junior, Political Science; Nathanael C. Ditton, Freshman, Pre-Business; Noah D. Dorsett, Freshman, General Science.
        Joseph W. Enger, Sophomore, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Amelia E. Foster, Senior, Microbiology; Jennifer A. Garcia, Senior, Management; Jacob A. Garrison, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mackenzie S. Gibson, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Katherine M. Harbolt, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Ian A. Harrison, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Joseph E. Hart, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Gavin W. Hawken, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Emily A. Herbison, Sophomore, Sociology.
        Glenn P. Hershberger, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jessie A. Holter, Junior, Merchandising Management; Michael H. Jansen, Freshman, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Cameron J. Johnson, Sophomore, Zoology; Suchit Kapur, Senior, Biology.
        Kellsie A. Knolin, Junior, Animal Sciences; Kip H. Koenig, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Evan J. Lange, Senior, BioHealth Sciences; Carter J. Lassetter, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Isabella R. Lewis, Senior, Environmental Engineering.
        Jared P. Maraist, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rebecca L. Mc Dade, Sophomore, Psychology; Laurel M. Nave-Powers, Sophomore, Biology; Zachary A. Nielsen, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Tanya M. Nieters, Junior, Psychology.
        Kayla A. Obrien, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Hayden C. Olson, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Charles A. Petitjean, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Caroline B. Pham, Freshman, Biology; Jake E. Pietrok, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt.
        Amanda L. Potter, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Vladimir L. Predovic, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Jake R. Price, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Benjamin S. Pursley, Junior, Forest Engineering; Taylor L. Putnam, Junior, Management.
        Rachel D. Ramirez, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Abdul K. Raslan, Senior, Microbiology; Blake A. Reser, Freshman, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Amy N. Roluffs, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Andrew D. Roluffs, Sophomore, Pre-Business.
        Tristen L. Rude, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Sanjana Saravanan, Sophomore, Physics; Kelsi A. Schaer, Senior, Marketing; Mackenzie G. Scott, Junior, Accountancy; Derek K. Senger, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts.
        Jamison L. Shields, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Elizabeth A. Showers, Senior, Sociology; David O. Shumway, Senior, Biology; Noah S. Shumway, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Eric A. Sieg, Junior, Civil Engineering.
        Andrew M. Smelter, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Tyler A. Snyder, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; David Teofilovic, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Nicholas S. Tompulis, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jessica G. Tran, Senior, Microbiology.
        Tracie L. Tran, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Brianna K. Tubbs, Sophomore, English; Rachel Y. Tullsen, Senior, Microbiology; Mike R. Turner, Senior, Marketing; Daniel R. Van Domelen, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.
        Zackery G. Vollstedt, Freshman, Pre-Radiation Health Physics; Nicole J. Watson, Senior, Accountancy; Katja M. Weber, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Liam A. Yackley, Junior, Pre-Public Health; Michael S. Yeo, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.


        Straight-A Average: Patrick T. Flynn, Freshman, Physics; Megan L. Kleven, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Anne K. Kornberg, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Andrew C. MacMillan, Senior, Economics; Logan J. Myers, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Miranda R. Petrone, Freshman, Nutrition; Katherine A. Platter, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Richard A. Soteros, Junior, Economics.

        3.5 or Better: Tracie K. Allan, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Austin A. Arizala, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Cole D. Austin, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Bobbie R. Beyer, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Sarah M. Blank, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.
        Jamie Marie A. Boryska, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Timothy R. Bourque, Sophomore, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt; Jessica L. Broberg, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kaitlyn D. Cepeda, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Stephen R. Chase, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Tyler J. Courtney, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jonathan M. Dempster, Junior, Horticulture; Matthew D. Derhalli, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Colleen J. Durban, Senior, Management; Jasmine C. Eberhard, Junior, Psychology.
        Daniel K. Espinoza, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Lindsey G. Ferguson, Junior, Zoology; Caitlin C. Field, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Emily S. Fisher, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Shale M. Flora, Senior, Bioengineering.
        Cameron J. France, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Sarah N. Fulkerson, Senior, General Science; Kevin C. Fuquay, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Madison R. Goforth, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Erin R. Hanson, Sophomore, Chemistry.
        Jennifer M. Hawkins, Sophomore, Zoology; Tyler J. Inberg, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Lauren E. Janes, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Seth D. Jenkins, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Kristina Johannes, Post Baccalaureate, Business Administration.
        Danielle Lacy, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Sarah N. Lemieux, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Louis R. Leon, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Jacob P. Mc Grady, Junior, Pre-Business; Taylor N. Miller, Freshman, Biology.
        Dylan C. Moore, Junior, Civil Engineering; Bonnie J. Nutting, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Peter J. Oliver, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Elizabeth R. Pate, Senior, Nutrition; Taylor C. Petersen, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Lilly A. Price, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Peter C. Rissberger, Senior, Computer Science; Heather A. Roarke, Freshman, Zoology; Wei-Chun Shen, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Brenden S. Slaughter, Freshman, Digital Communication Arts.
        Maddison K. Souza, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Hanna V. Thompson, Junior, Psychology; Jordan E. Thompson, Freshman, Graphic Design; Virginia S. Tworoger, Freshman, Pre-Apparel.



        Straight-A Average: Tyler Pike, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Charles M. Palazo, Junior, Industrial Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Lea M. Hudson, Freshman, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Natalie A. Cronan, Freshman, General Science; Derek J. Ojua, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Emma C. Stubblefield, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.


        3.5 or Better: Nathan A. Clevenger, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Anna C. Stargel, Senior, Natural Resources; Benjamin B. Stubbs, Senior, Biology.


        Straight-A Average: Brian J. Rinear, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Mireya V. Vazquez, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Marisela L. Vigil, Senior, Economics.


        3.5 or Better: Jordan E. Bruemmer, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Haley A. Clarke, Senior, Marketing; Jordan C. Mitts, Junior, Music; Carrie A. Nies, Junior, Sociology; Taylor E. Teich, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.
        Alvin Z. Yu, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering.


        3.5 or Better: Jonathan M. Bonebrake, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


        Straight-A Average: Bruce S. Harmon, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Erica M. Johnson, Senior, Pre-Business; Moriah A. Mansour, Freshman, Food Science and Technology; Jared M. Noyes, Senior, Philosophy; Molly A. Olsen, Junior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Chelsea M. Ahart, Senior, Psychology; Damien Barrett, Senior, Microbiology; Lauren L. Bernards, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Blake D. Bestul, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Morgan D. Bristow, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Christopher A. Derrickson, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; James M. Desmond, Senior, Civil Engineering; Brittny Gardner, Senior, Natural Resources; Alyssa R. Johnson, Senior, Graphic Design; Adam B. Kiff, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Jeannie M. Klein, Senior, Botany; Joshua A. Knutz, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Daniel Magee, Post Baccalaureate, Mechanical Engineering; Taylor A. Mc Anally, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Amanda R. Noble, Senior, Agricultural Business Manageme.
        Wesly R. Noble, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mathew A. Oldfield, Freshman, Physics; Graham R. Shaw, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Stephanie L. Sulak, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


        Straight-A Average: Anthony W. Farr, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Daniel J. Green, Junior, Mathematics; Andrew D. Halstead, Senior, Athletic Training; Marjorie M. Halstead, Freshman, Nutrition.

        3.5 or Better: Gabriel P. Acosta, Senior, Civil Engineering; Lisa M. Barnard, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Caitlin M. Berger, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Amie E. Creighton, Senior, Management; Elise M. Foster, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Gabriela Garcia, Junior, Public Health; Rebecca J. Honda, Senior, Psychology; Jacob R. Kaufman, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Delany Y. Kriz, Junior, Biology; Thomas A. Lattig, Senior, Environmental Science.
        Tyler J. Oathes, Junior, Civil Engineering; Charles H. Palmer, Junior, Sociology; Evan T. Placek, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Charlton A. Ransom, Junior, Biology; Leanne C. Sherry, Post Baccalaureate, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Andrew S. Tautfest, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Abigail L. Williams, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition.


        3.5 or Better: Tyler L. Heidt, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Priscilla J. Prevo, Sophomore, Liberal Studies.


        Straight-A Average: Matthew J. Bushbaum, Freshman, Pre-Industrial Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Cheyanne E. Fasana, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Natalija A. Miller, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.


        3.5 or Better: Hayley A. Hoefer, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Stephanie R. Ison, Senior, Computer Science.

Fall Term 2014 Honor Roll by State




        3.5 or Better: Christopher R. Brewer, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Jared D. Trussell, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.





        3.5 or Better: Nicholas A. Bouman, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Alaina M. Hawley, Junior, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Nicholas Marinelli, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Valene M. Peratrovich, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Krista M. Soderlund, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Julie R. Stark, Senior, Public Health.


Eagle River

        3.5 or Better: Julia E. Matthew, Freshman, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Colton D. Stenger, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kaycie L. Coleman, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Cooper E. Gale, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.


Ward Cove

        3.5 or Better: Conor J. Fitzgerald, Junior, Pre-Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Julian B. Conrads, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.





        Straight-A Average: Tri-Solomon D. Huynh, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Lesley S. Mueller, Freshman, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Christiana M. Huss, Junior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        3.5 or Better: Jenna M. Scheeland, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Rachel R. Brownfield, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Brady N. Mc Bride, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Kimberly J. Wangrycht, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Hannah R. Goade-Caves, Freshman, Zoology.



        Straight-A Average: Gregory J. Mitchell, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Delaney R. Stock, Sophomore, Pre-Interiors; Kaylee F. Weyrauch, Sophomore, Applied Visual Arts; Sydney R. Wiese, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Molly M. De Jaynes, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Gabrielle O. Diaz, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Travis K. Gildner, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Madison P. Sween, Junior, Psychology; Caitlin N. Sweeney, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Volkan Tumay, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Shalyndria S. Stewart, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Stephen C. Henry, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Halie B. Sutton, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts.




Little Rock

        3.5 or Better: Vikram B. Gondhalekar, Senior, Bioengineering.




Agoura Hills

        3.5 or Better: Kevin M. Mason, Sophomore, Botany; Gabrielle V. Zacuto, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Chase A. Jones, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.


Aliso Viejo

        3.5 or Better: Catherine S. Huang, Junior, Public Health; Emily D. Jocham, Junior, Nutrition; Andrew J. Murphy, Senior, Business Administration.



        3.5 or Better: Elaine L. Jordan, Sophomore, Environmental Econ and Policy.


American Canyon

        3.5 or Better: Derrick R. Antes, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Ian C. Bacon, Senior, Accountancy.



        3.5 or Better: Dane F. Dickerson, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Kjerstine K. Crowder, Sophomore, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren M. Dowd, Sophomore, English.



        3.5 or Better: Maxwell R. Pole, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.


Arroyo Grande

        3.5 or Better: Danielle M. Fried, Junior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Evan J. Leal, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Murdock A. Millwood, Sophomore, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Connor C. Fenech, Sophomore, Political Science; Carsten L. Haase, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Elizabeth A. Hurley, Sophomore, English.



        Straight-A Average: Connor P. Rowan, Sophomore, Public Health; Christine C. Torres, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Lauren N. Gentle, Junior, Zoology; Michael J. Scafani, Senior, Industrial Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Michelle D. Audie, Senior, Environmental Sciences.


Big Bear Lake

        Straight-A Average: Hailey B. Ghelber, Freshman, Sociology.


Boulder Creek

        Straight-A Average: Lauren J. Smith, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Elisha F. Pearce-Brown, Freshman, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Karli M. Rumburg, Sophomore, English.



        3.5 or Better: Drake C. Vidkjer, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.


Cameron Park

        3.5 or Better: Hannah G. Shaffer, Freshman, Horticulture; Evann L. Stabenow, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kristin L. Swanson, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Alexandra R. Mcbride, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Nicholas J. Canavarro, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Mckenna L. Hollingsworth, Freshman, Pre-Business; Christopher J. Ratcliff, Senior, Bioresource Research.



        3.5 or Better: Colin G. Smith, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Ryan J. Smith, Junior, Food Science and Technology.


Castro Valley

        3.5 or Better: Bryan A. Cmelak, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Lauren V. Eyrich, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Donald S. Slusarenko, Post Baccalaureate, General Science.

        3.5 or Better: Amy E. Bower, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Sarah J. Devine, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; John T. Howard, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Alexandra R. Grijalba, Senior, Psychology.


Chula Vista

        3.5 or Better: Sean L. Turley, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Olivia A. Lorenz, Senior, Zoology; Ashok Nayar, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Michael R. Pouch, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Ashley M. Morris, Senior, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Jennifer K. Blohm, Senior, Biology; Megan E. Mcward, Sophomore, Zoology.



        Straight-A Average: Theresa M. Holcomb, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Nathaniel G. Carson, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Megan E. Wing, Sophomore, Sociology.


Costa Mesa

        3.5 or Better: Brian K. Graham, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Brian E. Nordby, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Samantha E. Barry, Senior, Mathematics; Melissa N. Robell, Freshman, Animal Sciences.


Daly City

        3.5 or Better: Carson R. Hohe, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.



        Straight-A Average: Arvind M. Vepa, Senior, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Deanna E. Chinn, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Chandler C. Gering, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Daniel J. Maupin, Senior, Athletic Training; Matthew T. Ruetman, Senior, Economics.



        Straight-A Average: Erin C. Leary, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Madison N. Delmendo, Junior, Anthropology; William M. Young, Senior, Environmental Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: David E. Buckmaster, Senior, Mathematics.


Diamond Bar

        3.5 or Better: Vivek N. Tanna, Senior, Graphic Design.


Diamond Springs

        3.5 or Better: Carl J. Hughes, Junior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jon L. Derderian, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Huarui Wu, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


El Cajon

        3.5 or Better: Stacie R. Francis, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


El Cerrito

        3.5 or Better: Kevin P. Flemer, Sophomore, History.


El Dorado Hills

        Straight-A Average: Kathleen A. Williams, Senior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Kathryn M. Kasabian, Senior, Economics; Jamie R. Merritt, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Mallory J. Temple, Sophomore, Economics.


Elk Grove

        3.5 or Better: Jasmine R. Gordon, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Ryan A. Schubert, Freshman, Earth Sciences; Demetrius D. Watts, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


Emerald Hills

        Straight-A Average: Persia R. Neumann, Senior, Animal Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Alexander J. Smith, Junior, Marketing.



        Straight-A Average: Kellie N. Garcia, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Kharron E. Greenberg, Freshman, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Sierra D. Cullen, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Fair Oaks

        3.5 or Better: Laura E. Noble, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Celia A. Hansen, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew T. Schiek, Sophomore, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Lily Xu, Senior, Ecological Engineering.


Fort Jones

        3.5 or Better: Hanna D. Gomes, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Foster City

        3.5 or Better: Megan N. Hughes, Senior, Animal Sciences.


Fountain Valley

        3.5 or Better: Robert E. Carroll, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Natalie A. Hinds, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences; Andrew Ho, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Amber N. Mawhinney, Junior, Finance.



        Straight-A Average: Emma M. Armstrong, Freshman, Earth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Lindsay E. Speno, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Jonathan Choi, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Armandh-Noel M. Flores, Junior, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Alexis E. Murphy, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.


Gold River

        3.5 or Better: Chelsea M. Golding, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kimberley M. Preston, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Granite Bay

        3.5 or Better: Amy E. Jahr, Senior, Bioengineering; Kelsey M. Knutzon, Junior, Food Science and Technology; Jessica E. Scotten, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


Grass Valley

        Straight-A Average: Kelsey M. Uno, Senior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Mackenzie E. Allen, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Jared Fisher, Freshman, Environmental Sciences.


Hermosa Beach

        3.5 or Better: Geneva H. Oakes, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Hidden Valley Lake

        3.5 or Better: Marie L. Crim, Junior, Psychology.


Huntington Beach

        3.5 or Better: Brett M. Bryant, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Joseph W. Forrest, Senior, Business Administration.



        3.5 or Better: Jacqueline Gomez, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Regina R. Aaron, Senior, Environmental Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Matthew K. Arakaki, Freshman, Pre-Business; Storm M. Charbonneau, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Nima Khoobiyary, Non-Degree Graduat, Non-Degree Graduate; Ryan D. Tuttle, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Nathalie R. Gaebe, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Joshua Tree

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer Bryant, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Lena J. Orlando, Senior, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Siena M. Del Ponte, Junior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Nathaniel J. Boone, Senior, Finance; Jack E. Connolly, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.


Laguna Beach

        3.5 or Better: Cody M. Meador, Junior, Pre-Business.


Laguna Hills

        3.5 or Better: Michael A. Lukan, Freshman, Pre-Business.


Laguna Niguel

        3.5 or Better: Natalie J. Lutz, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Lake Forest

        3.5 or Better: Landon A. Becker, Senior, Merchandising Management.



        3.5 or Better: Kevin E. Pigao, Sophomore, Microbiology.


La Puente

        3.5 or Better: Herman N. Flamenco, Senior, Forestry.



        3.5 or Better: Jedidiah W. Courage, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lauren T. Lucas, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Brian D. Engdahl, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Barret C. Neumayr, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.


Long Beach

        3.5 or Better: Megan M. Bryant, Freshman, Merchandising Management; Shannon M. DeYoung, Senior, Anthropology; Michael A. Romero, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


Los Angeles

        Straight-A Average: Heather L. Bullock, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Joshua J. Homann, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Haruka A. Jones, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Christopher A. McGehee, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Rachel R. Rebel, Senior, Economics.


Los Gatos

        3.5 or Better: Allison C. Frey, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.



        Straight-A Average: Tabitha A. Pearson, Senior, Botany.


Manhattan Beach

        3.5 or Better: Celeste K. LeBlanc, Junior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Peter M. Beck, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Nathan C. Azevedo, Senior, Crop and Soil Science.



        3.5 or Better: Cassandra M. Trevino, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Robert W. Wiloth, Jr, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Eric C. Cruz, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.


Mission Viejo

        3.5 or Better: Christopher Gossage, Senior, Business Information Systems; Samantha A. Shaver, Junior, History.



        3.5 or Better: Kayleen M. Cremin, Sophomore, Biology; Thomas M. Lucas IV, Senior, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Aryan Aziz, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Brian D. Davis, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Sebastian B. Gillbanks, Freshman, General Science; Brian W. Gilmour, Junior, Marketing; Timothy C. Meier, Sophomore, Accountancy.


Mountain View

        Straight-A Average: Guangting Ni, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Morgan A. Carlile, Junior, Pre-Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Hayden A. Hullana, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Laynee B. Hokanson, Senior, Animal Sciences; Rachael I. Vels, Freshman, Sociology.


Newport Beach

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer L. Jarvis, Freshman, English; Miranda T. Stiver, Freshman, Political Science; Leah K. Van Dyke, Freshman, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Hayley M. Edenzon, Senior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Sakkarat Chodsawang, Senior, Mathematics.



        3.5 or Better: Amy F. Bardo, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Shelbi D. Macholz, Senior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Alissa C. Kummer, Senior, Nutrition.



        3.5 or Better: Cristina M. Riani, Freshman, Environmental Sciences.


Oak Park

        3.5 or Better: Lewis R. Varney, Post Baccalaureate, German.



        3.5 or Better: Mark E. Barry, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Joe K. Li, Freshman, General Science.

        3.5 or Better: Katharine L. Straughn, Junior, Athletic Training.



        Straight-A Average: Allison K. Jackson, Sophomore, Apparel Design.


Palo Alto

        3.5 or Better: Douglas W. Lawrence, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Madeleine C. Duquette, Sophomore, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Michael J. Carroll, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Chris Kane, Senior, Athletic Training; Justin D. Wambold, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.


Pico Rivera

        3.5 or Better: Thomas C. Jimenez, Senior, History.



        3.5 or Better: Nolan W. Rogers, Freshman, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Laura Pfister, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Joseph M. Fetherston, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Jesse J. Lin, Freshman, Sociology.



        Straight-A Average: Korina J. Steinbergs, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Conner J. Schmidt, Sophomore, History.


Redondo Beach

        Straight-A Average: Malik M. Ensley, Junior, Anthropology.

        3.5 or Better: Trisha N. Kooba, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Redwood City

        3.5 or Better: Tessa D. O'Callahan, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme; Christina J. Vernazza, Senior, Nutrition.



        Straight-A Average: Kathryn M. McGrath, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Ambrose Kucharski, Senior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Amanda R. Morrison, Freshman, Biology; Laura E. Purdy, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Brady K. Schmicking, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Laurie Crosson, Junior, Horticulture; Andrew T. Duff, Senior, Bioengineering; Joshua W. Hammons, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Dustin S. Hollis, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Rebecca R. Leclere, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Anna R. Ingoglia, Junior, Animal Sciences; Eleanor G. Linn, Freshman, Pre-Business; Emma E. Welborn, Freshman, Pre-Interiors.

        3.5 or Better: Kayla M. Chang, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Anthony M. Clark, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Amanda J. Kozina, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Heather M. March, Junior, Applied Visual Arts; Reilly G. Metzker, Sophomore, Political Science.


San Carlos

        3.5 or Better: Alexandra N. Porter, Sophomore, Political Science; Celeste M. Wong, Sophomore, Mathematics.


San Clemente

        3.5 or Better: Natalie A. Higgins, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Matthew R. Johnson, Junior, Pre-Computer Science; Jessica A. Scarlata, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.


San Diego

        Straight-A Average: Gate Chanjamsri, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Katherine M. Eskridge, Senior, Biology; Chad S. Kunde, Senior, Pre-Computer Science; Kenneth T. Stout, Junior, Chemistry.

        3.5 or Better: Ryan A. Fox, Senior, Liberal Studies; Kameron T. Kishaba, Senior, Biology; Sean D. Martin, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Matthew S. Palmer, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Tesh E. Ripley, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.


San Francisco

        Straight-A Average: Sang Hoon Lee, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Lincoln E. Chapman, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Anne F. Corkery, Sophomore, English; Ava M. Decker, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Akane Tanaban, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Jacob D. Tenhoff, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


San Gabriel

        Straight-A Average: Steffan Diedering, Freshman, Pre-Business.


San Jose

        Straight-A Average: Christopher D. Asplund, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Samuel M. Benson, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Sarah C. Hewett, Junior, Athletic Training; Alexander J. Hughan, Junior, Environmental Sciences; Alexander G. Katzung, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Michael D. Oatman, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Colletta B. Read, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Connor M. Sedwick, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Deborah L. Shapiro, Senior, Anthropology; Kailey M. Sutherland, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kim A. Tran, Sophomore, General Science.


San Leandro

        3.5 or Better: Sophia A. Hyde, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Melissa A. Scherer, Sophomore, Psychology.


San Luis Obispo

        Straight-A Average: Jesse M. Smidt, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Katie M. Clendon, Senior, Marketing; Kathleen M. Knight, Junior, Environmental Sciences.


San Mateo

        Straight-A Average: Dustin Chase, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Sarah E. Ryan, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.


San Pedro

        3.5 or Better: Kathleen Y. Gladson, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kala M. Kopecek, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


San Rafael

  Straight-A Average: Heather E. Simmons, Senior, Liberal Studies.

        3.5 or Better: Meaghan J. Carlin, Senior, Business Administration; Juliana A. Masseloux, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


San Ramon

        Straight-A Average: Rebecca E. Guise, Senior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Sumner G. Houston, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Andrew Palma, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Brooke L. Wade, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Claire N. Williamson, Freshman, History.


Santa Ana

        3.5 or Better: Riley F. Kerr, Junior, Athletic Training.


Santa Barbara

        Straight-A Average: Sami Picotte, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.


Santa Clara

        3.5 or Better: Kirby R. Erdman, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; George E. Harder, Junior, Pre-Computer Science.


Santa Cruz

        Straight-A Average: Jenna Luck, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Rachel L. Woodhead, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Santa Rosa

        Straight-A Average: James Tomlinson, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jay L. Fenton, Senior, Mathematics; Dylan F. Ferrell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Kristen Lum, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Austin R. Martinez, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Michelle T. Miller, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Chang-June J. Oh, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


Scotts Valley

        3.5 or Better: Keyawna A. Williams, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Shingle Springs

        3.5 or Better: Jessica S. Klopfenstein, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.


Simi Valley

        3.5 or Better: Justin T. Honda, Junior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Raymond J. Mellinger, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Stevenson Ranch

        3.5 or Better: Ashley R. Price, Freshman, English.



        3.5 or Better: Kimberley G. Sinnock, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Meghan G. McCafferty, Freshman, Pre-Communication.



        3.5 or Better: Timothy D. Villasenor, Junior, Finance.



        3.5 or Better: Chad Barnes, Freshman, Pre-Business; Emily A. Donnelly, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Ashley J. Gledhill, Junior, Psychology; Rebecca M. Wambua, Senior, General Science.


Thousand Oaks

        3.5 or Better: Francis X. Sefton, Sophomore, Music.



        3.5 or Better: Sydney R. Zamora, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.


Trabuco Canyon

        3.5 or Better: Alysha B. Everett, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Sarah E. Mac Millan, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Julia E. Schultz, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Kyle P. Robles, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.


        3.5 or Better: Tyler F. Bransfield, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Melissa S. Thompson, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Seth H. Gin, Junior, Digital Communication Arts; Erika M. Hollywood, Senior, Athletic Training.


Walnut Creek

        3.5 or Better: Eric J. Barnum, Senior, Horticulture; Camille P. Fuller, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Kyle F. Kunze, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering; Ryan C. Niese, Senior, Ecological Engineering.


West Point

        3.5 or Better: Heather M. Mayberry, Senior, Horticulture; Joy C. Mellera, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Skye J. Lyon, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Evan T. Anderson, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Ian F. Souza-Cole, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Yorba Linda

        3.5 or Better: Lisa M. Potvin, Senior, Merchandising Management.



        3.5 or Better: David L. Neill, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering.


Yuba City

        Straight-A Average: Courtney Stemen, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.

        3.5 or Better: Joshua R. Allen, Senior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mckenzie M. Kimball, Senior, Chemical Engineering.





        Straight-A Average: Sarah S. Pettis, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Samantha S. Tucker, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Josh L. Goddard, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Allison R. Barnett, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Samantha K. Lewis, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.


Castle Rock

        3.5 or Better: Joseph R. Hunsaker, Freshman, Pre-Business; Joshua M. Hunsaker, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Timothy S. Hunsaker, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Chase J. Haywood, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.


Colorado Springs

        Straight-A Average: Elizabeth G. Hill, Freshman, Natural Resources.

        3.5 or Better: Emily M. La Valley, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Madeline R. McWhorter, Freshman, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Hannah R. Kirk, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jessica L. Keil, Senior, Natural Resources.



        Straight-A Average: Brett Fedack, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Matthew G. Lundgren, Junior, Economics.

        3.5 or Better: Seth H. Taylor, Junior, Industrial Engineering.


Fort Collins

        3.5 or Better: Victoria A. Gilbert, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kristi L. Knoll, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Reid S. Sweetkind, Senior, Biology.


Highlands Ranch

        Straight-A Average: Graham H. Smith, Freshman, Pre-Business.

        3.5 or Better: Marcus A. Weinman, Senior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Bailey E. Volock, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Zachary B. Lowe, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Anica N. Neumann, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Megan E. Johnson, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Patrick M. O' Brien, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Amy M. Hodges, Junior, Music.



        Straight-A Average: Haley K. Bull, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Amanda E. Garton, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob J. Royer, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Peter J. Friedrichsen, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Kurtis W. Ramsay, Senior, Sociology.





        3.5 or Better: Sean K. Obrien, Junior, Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Tiffany Y. Chan, Senior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Martin L. Yake, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew Keil, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology; Tracy H. Nguyen, Freshman, Biology.


Lehigh Acres

        3.5 or Better: Jerald D. Noble, Senior, Horticulture.


Palm Harbor

        Straight-A Average: Shannon J. Blackburn, Junior, German.



        3.5 or Better: David A. Tracy, Sophomore, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Caitlin Gopie, Freshman, Environmental Sciences.


West Palm Beach

        3.5 or Better: William Osmer, Junior, Recreation Resource Management.





        3.5 or Better: Jessica Kenmore, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Alexander N. Riccio, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Bradley A. Vomocil, Sophomore, Physics.





        3.5 or Better: Lia Mun, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Meagan L. Sato, Senior, Merchandising Management; Kelsey M. Tasoe, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.


Ewa Beach

        3.5 or Better: Samantha I. Garcia, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Mariah N. Newton, Freshman, Sociology.



        3.5 or Better: Maria G. D'Angelo, Sophomore, Microbiology.



        Straight-A Average: Caitlin K. Miyashiro, Senior, Microbiology; Jessica A. Yukawa, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Randal F. Chow, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Sandra S. Chun, Junior, Psychology; Tory T. Gomes, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Keri Y. Imada, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Zoie R. Inouye, Freshman, Pre-Business; Malaia P. Jacobsen, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jennifer L. Kaikaka, Junior, General Science; Riker T. Kasamoto, Junior, Political Science; Ryan T. Kikuchi, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Cianna K. Levi, Junior, Pre-Business; Parker W. Murphy, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Jazmin I. Newton, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Alyssa Y. Sasaki, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Corrine Y. Shigeta, Freshman, Psychology; Andrew T. Shiozaki, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kristen M. Kagoshima, Freshman, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Elizabeth Z. Herrera, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.

        3.5 or Better: Alexandria A. Carlyle, Junior, BioHealth Sciences; Keoni M. Gutierrez, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Gerrit J. Evensen, Senior, Horticulture; Samantha N. Hida, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Shaianne A. Kealoha, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Chelsea C. Nakai, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Kyle T. Sakai, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Alana C. Todd, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design.



        3.5 or Better: James D. Jarrell, Junior, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Joe-Mar G. Lim, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Aaron K. Trask, Freshman, Music.



        3.5 or Better: Kayla M. Flores, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kevin B. Macadangdang, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Maile E. Altier, Freshman, General Science.



        Straight-A Average: Kyson K. Curammeng, Senior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Nicole L. Rose, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Jesse M. Felts, Senior, Natural Resources; Ashley M. Wendt, Junior, Animal Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Mikayla M. Domingo, Freshman, Pre-Environmental Engineering.


        3.5 or Better: Travis S. Fujimoto, Freshman, Pre-Energy Systems Engineering; Erin S. Ichimura, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Melanie E. Katsura, Sophomore, Biology; Kortney M. Siracusa, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Amber M. Yonamine, Junior, Environmental Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Merri M. Lewis, Junior, Applied Visual Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Gasandria Mae P. Perdido, Senior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Larissa L. Bolstad-Urquhart, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Kristen H. Kaya, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Ashley M. Juan, Junior, General Science; Kasey N. Munetake, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Allurie L. Eliazar, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health; Kristen M. Ho, Junior, Athletic Training; Nicolette P. Silva, Junior, Art; Erik C. Underwood, Freshman, History.





        3.5 or Better: Lynda M. Bradley, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        Straight-A Average: Josie M. Blair, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Ashley Thatcher, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Desiree D. Trueba, Senior, Political Science; William M. Walker, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Jacob A. Busche, Senior, Physics; Erin N. Ferree, Senior, Natural Resources; Ellen R. Mering, Senior, Forest Management; Tyler T. Schmeckpeper, Senior, Bioengineering; Natalie G. Walker, Sophomore, English; John M. Wojahn, Senior, Microbiology.


Coeur D Alene

        3.5 or Better: Crystal M. Smalley, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jaime M. Wright, Senior, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Stephen L. Frey, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Kaylee M. Anderson, Senior, Accountancy; Cole W. Haxton, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering; Jacob M. Stevens, Sophomore, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Tora J. Cobb, Senior, Chemistry.



        Straight-A Average: Shannon L. Riley, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Idaho Falls

        3.5 or Better: Craig B. Bohan, Senior, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Amber A. Fultz, Freshman, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Taylor R. Hill, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Tiana M. Doughty, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Raini D. Jackson, Junior, Pre-Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Emilee G. Boyd, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Justene A. Boyle, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Cassidy A. Howard, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Michael T. Hueter, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Zoe I. Johnson, Senior, Bioresource Research; Martha M. McAlister, Post Baccalaureate, Civil Engineering; Tiara Staeheli, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Taylor A. Jenkins, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Thomas M. Mason, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Courtney I. Stimpson, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jordan E. Valentine, Junior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Lane S. Brammer, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Taryn E. Corbridge, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


Post Falls

        3.5 or Better: Natalie A. Sarff, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.


Priest River

        Straight-A Average: Jill E. Weimer, Freshman, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Devan J. Fitzpatrick, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering.


Spirit Lake

        3.5 or Better: Devin M. Olmstead, Senior, Radiation Health Physics.


Twin Falls

        3.5 or Better: Caitlin H. Slette, Junior, Sociology.



        Straight-A Average: Michael Q. DeYoung, Sophomore, Biology.





        3.5 or Better: Stephanie M. Connor, Post Baccalaureate, Horticulture; Courtney R. Gruesbeck, Freshman, Zoology; Stuart G. Whitmore, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Downers Grove

        3.5 or Better: Cameron A. Frank, Sophomore, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Loyd M. Ty, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.


La Grange Park

        3.5 or Better: Ellen L. Zeleznik, Senior, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Nina M. Poloni, Freshman, Nutrition.


Oak Park

        3.5 or Better: Graham R. Steele, Senior, Marketing.





        3.5 or Better: David W. Ricketts, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


Fort Wayne

        3.5 or Better: Rachel Patterson, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Nickolas J. Jurczak, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.




Garden Grove

        3.5 or Better: Sandra Boor, Post Baccalaureate, Liberal Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Gabriel M. Nowak, Sophomore, Physics.




Fort Thomas

        Straight-A Average: David A. Steffes, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Michael J. Link, Junior, Ecological Engineering.




South Berwick

        3.5 or Better: Ryan F. Whiteside, Senior, Natural Resources.



        Straight-A Average: Amberosity T. Gott, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        3.5 or Better: Ross C. Holcomb, Senior, Earth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Agne Pack, Senior, Speech Communication.



        3.5 or Better: Linnea R. Kriete, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.


North Potomac

        Straight-A Average: Somen Maiti, Sophomore, Pre-Public Health.





        3.5 or Better: Ryon A. Merrick, Senior, Earth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Matthew P. Conlin, Sophomore, Earth Sciences.


North Andover

        3.5 or Better: Cooper E. McLeod, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Eric Nelson, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Ashley R. Gill, Post Baccalaureate, Botany.



        3.5 or Better: Luke A. Christakis, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.




Norton Shores

        3.5 or Better: Saddie M. Vela, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Caitlin N. Pellerin, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering.





        Straight-A Average: Anna M. Robinson, Junior, Music.



        3.5 or Better: Jean L. LaCosse, Junior, Horticulture.


Eden Prairie

        3.5 or Better: Robert J. Olson, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.


Lake Elmo

        3.5 or Better: Mason S. Meyer, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Steve Jaksa, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.


New Brighton

        3.5 or Better: Justin C. Hammar, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Nicole L. Abbott, Junior, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Ronnier Aviles, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


Saint Cloud

        3.5 or Better: Cliff A. Mente, Senior, Environmental Sciences.


Saint Paul

        3.5 or Better: Shelby M. Bauer, Junior, Zoology; Matthew Hinderaker, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Mikaela R. Del Giudice, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.





        3.5 or Better: Bridgette C. Crawford, Freshman, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Ashley N. Leasure, Junior, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Ryan J. Todd, Senior, Biology.


Saint Charles

        3.5 or Better: Corvus Sheperd, Sophomore, Economics.


Walnut Grove

        3.5 or Better: Melissa Bourke, Senior, Anthropology.





        3.5 or Better: Erin E. Bush, Sophomore, Psychology; Kirra W. Mc Collum, Freshman, Pre-Interiors.


Cut Bank

        3.5 or Better: Amanda L. Finstad, Freshman, Pre-Merchandising Management.



        3.5 or Better: Michael A. Rebarchik, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth G. Byron, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Robert A. Fowler, Freshman, Biology.


Miles City

        3.5 or Better: Miranda A. Raper, Junior, Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Hannah M. Christie, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.





        3.5 or Better: Michael Stephenson, Sophomore, Pre-Ecological Engineering.




Carson City

        3.5 or Better: Tyler J. Collins, Senior, Biology; Julianne E. Perkins, Senior, Applied Visual Arts.



        Straight-A Average: Brian J. Hagedorn, Senior, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Michael A. Kendricks, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Megan L. Haverman, Senior, English.


Las Vegas

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer J. Farmer, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Stacy A. Kreuziger, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Aimee Miller, Senior, Agricultural Sciences; Wyatt T. Morris, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Mason K. Shields, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Rachel M. Soo Hoo, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Kate L. Threlfall, Junior, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Abigail Chitwood, Junior, Chemistry.



        Straight-A Average: Amanda A. Frohlich, Senior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Jaycee J. Abel, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Jordan T. Daugherty, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Mackenzie K. Hoy, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Connor L. O Driscoll, Senior, Physics; Adam R. Pedigo, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Jaclyn C. Speth, Senior, Marketing.


Zephyr Cove

        Straight-A Average: Darby L. Reeder, Junior, Agricultural Business Manageme.





        3.5 or Better: Jesse D. Jacobs, Senior, Anthropology; Jennifer L. Williams, Senior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Charles J. White, Sophomore, Recreation Resource Management.





        Straight-A Average: Lucia B. Chambers, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Eric P. La Rue, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Peter Lindberg, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


South Orange

        Straight-A Average: Jeff W. Tabachnick, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew M. Futerman, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Christa Pisarek, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.





        Straight-A Average: Austin R. Welborn, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.




Ballston Spa

        Straight-A Average: Yuji A. Williams, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


East Meadow

        Straight-A Average: Ana M. Lehrschall, Senior, Anthropology.


Greenfield Center

        3.5 or Better: Heather L. Monti, Junior, Natural Resources.


Hampton Bays

        Straight-A Average: Vincent Iannella, Junior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Holly A. Cavalluzzo, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


New York

        Straight-A Average: Matthew L. Bernstein, Post Baccalaureate, Horticulture.


Port Jefferson

        3.5 or Better: Timothy Lapointe, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


Saratoga Springs

        Straight-A Average: Jennifer Vedder-Dean, Senior, Radiation Health Physics.



        Straight-A Average: Avi Shayevitz, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology.





        Straight-A Average: Jonathan T. Ziefle, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Eric B. Ianni, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.


Indian Trail

        Straight-A Average: Austin Ibele, Senior, Bioengineering.



        3.5 or Better: Anthony T. Plant, Freshman, Horticulture.



        Straight-A Average: Randi N. Sparks, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.





        3.5 or Better: Richard J. Sunstrom, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.





        3.5 or Better: Keanah G. DeleonGuerrero, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Amanda Maria W. Santos, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Marquina M. Hofschneider, Sophomore, Political Science.




Chagrin Falls

        3.5 or Better: Graham W. DiNicola, Junior, Civil Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Brandt P. Bastow, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology; Austin M. Fahey, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Scott P. Joynt, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Alex A. Yadegari, Senior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Joshua E. Chan Burgos, Freshman, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Amy R. Perkins, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.





        3.5 or Better: Alysha E. Hartman, Senior, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: David T. Adams, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.





        3.5 or Better: Emily E. Peter, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jillian M. Bower, Senior, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Jason T. Powlette, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        Straight-A Average: Sultan R. Alnasser, Junior, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Amanda E. Brown, Freshman, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.



        3.5 or Better: Kyle W. Wood, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.





        3.5 or Better: Carl V. Schmidt, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Brandon M. Marshall, Senior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Jessica H. King, Freshman, Animal Sciences.




Sioux Falls

        Straight-A Average: Shawn M. Bell, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kourtney L. Sundheim, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science.





        3.5 or Better: Dane A. Piazza, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.





        3.5 or Better: Emily M. Cox, Freshman, Zoology.



        3.5 or Better: Connor M. Carroll, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Margaret M. Whitmore, Post Baccalaureate, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Maja K. Ortiz, Junior, Liberal Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Eugene Lee, Post Baccalaureate, BioHealth Sciences.



        Straight-A Average: Leonard D. Anderson, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Derrick Risner, Post Baccalaureate, Food Science and Technology.

        3.5 or Better: Blair E. Ruffing, Freshman, Natural Resources.


Dripping Springs

        Straight-A Average: William L. Hopkins, Sophomore, Pre-Business.


El Paso

        Straight-A Average: Carolina Kaemingk, Freshman, German.

        3.5 or Better: Sonja M. Michelsen, Senior, Ecological Engineering.


Fort Worth

        3.5 or Better: Muriel A. Hayden, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jessica M. Burgess, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Laura Armstrong, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Elizabeth M. Martin, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Chunyu Wang, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Nathaniel B. Peters, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Dustin M. Phelps, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Gabrielle E. Westerfield, Senior, Chemical Engineering.


New Boston

        3.5 or Better: Damien G. Haskins, Sophomore, Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Laura M. Gilliam, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Kelsey M. Marshall, Senior, Biology.


The Woodlands

        Straight-A Average: Ryan P. Cole, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Landon P. Falke, Senior, Biology; Robyn L. Jost, Senior, Art.





        3.5 or Better: Kaelan M. Rasmussen, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.





        3.5 or Better: Geneva L. King, Freshman, Nutrition; Emma R. Olds, Freshman, Pre-Civil Engineering.




American Fork

        3.5 or Better: Summer Call, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Shireen Khamedoost, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.


Cedar City

        3.5 or Better: Alexandria N. Van Scoyk, Senior, Chemistry.



        3.5 or Better: Mckenzie L. Ross, Sophomore, English.



        3.5 or Better: Josephine Muse, Sophomore, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Katelyn J. Sawyer, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Mark W. Wardle, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


Mt Pleasant

        3.5 or Better: Phoenix D. Millhouse, Freshman, Pre-Graphic Design.


Saint George

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer Cepello, Senior, Earth Sciences.


Salt Lake City

        3.5 or Better: Ian M. Hultquist, Sophomore, Environmental Sciences; Jacqueline K. Kobayashi, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Roger W. Smith, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; Julie A. Tilburg, Post Baccalaureate, Environmental Sciences.





        3.5 or Better: Morgan S. Braswell, Freshman, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Robert D. Waltman, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Alyssa V. Tekiela, Sophomore, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob M. Sage, Junior, Pre-Construction Engr Mgt.


Falls Church

        3.5 or Better: Kimberly A. Kenny, Senior, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Rachel Hensley, Junior, Anthropology.


Manassas Park

        Straight-A Average: Justin J. Fecteau, Senior, German.



        3.5 or Better: Rochelle L. Regutti, Junior, Environmental Sciences.


Virginia Beach

        3.5 or Better: Erin E. Morrison, Senior, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Zachary R. Jones, Senior, Chemical Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Rebecca M. Foster, Senior, Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Katherine J. Agnew, Senior, Civil Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Tristan J. Massey, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Kyle C. Bakken, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Robert L. Burdick, Senior, Natural Resources; Moises Fuentes, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Callie R. Kirk, Freshman, Athletic Training.


Bainbridge Island

        3.5 or Better: Eric C. Raustein, Sophomore, Athletic Training.


Battle Ground

        3.5 or Better: Jennifer L. Becar, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Tessa A. Walker, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Raymond B. Kuhn, Senior, Energy Systems Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jaye Western, Sophomore, Animal Sciences.


        3.5 or Better: Thomas H. Medawar, Freshman, Pre-Business; Mackenzie R. Schiltz, Senior, Nutrition; Daniel A. Soohoo, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science.



        Straight-A Average: Kurt W. Reinschmidt, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth E. Hoodenpyle, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Neall K. Koetje, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Trenton J. Langer, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Hannah E. Lierman, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Lauren J. Pittis, Junior, Botany; Jared K. Spink, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Lauren S. Wallace, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Jana Otero, Senior, Environmental Engineering.


Bonney Lake

        3.5 or Better: Michael Gretler, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        Straight-A Average: Darien C. Mc Gibbon, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

        3.5 or Better: Stephanie K. Bellinghausen, Junior, Biology; Megan R. Seslar, Sophomore, Botany.



        Straight-A Average: Abby D. Lohman, Sophomore, Agricultural Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Brandon Z. Schleiger, Freshman, Pre-General Engineering.


Brush Prairie

        3.5 or Better: Brooklyn B. Asai, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Jennifer F. Neudorfer, Senior, Athletic Training.



        3.5 or Better: Olivia M. Lovell, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Gabrielle M. Lablanc, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering.


Castle Rock

        3.5 or Better: Jamie L. Skeie, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Mackenzie B. Trzil, Sophomore, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Cameron D. Hunter, Junior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Jennifer K. Buie, Junior, Anthropology.



        3.5 or Better: Amber R. Hunter, Junior, Pre-Public Health.



        3.5 or Better: Gwendolyn M. Bieck, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science; John C. Hall, Junior, Chemical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Freeda Crow, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Keenan J. Phalan, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Cassie A. Sharon, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science.



        3.5 or Better: Monica J. Grandorff, Senior, Marketing.



        3.5 or Better: Nancy S. Butler, Junior, Economics.



        3.5 or Better: Justine J. Briggs, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; MaireMichael R. Carroll, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Kaylin Gray, Junior, Biology; Edmond O. Le Sesne, Senior, Political Science; Benjamin T. Seib, Freshman, Psychology; Aaron J. Strand, Senior, Civil Engineering.


Federal Way

        3.5 or Better: Gretchen A. Leuthy, Sophomore, Psychology.


Friday Harbor

        3.5 or Better: Jacklyn E. Justiniano, Freshman, Biology.


Gig Harbor

        Straight-A Average: Danielle B. Kohler, Senior, Marketing.

        3.5 or Better: Maureen P. Tremblay, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Caroline H. Yearian, Sophomore, Agricultural Business Manageme.



        3.5 or Better: Jordan M. Coutts, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Michelle M. Pighin, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Julia C. White, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: David A. Clemesha, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Caitlin F. Inman, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Cody T. Silvesan, Junior, History.



        3.5 or Better: Timothy Foster, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.



        3.5 or Better: Maya Li P. Giddings, Junior, Renewable Materials; Daniel R. Veldee, Junior, Civil Engineering.


Lake Forest Park

        3.5 or Better: Tyler J. Coleman, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Emily R. Martin, Senior, Horticulture.



        3.5 or Better: Tibor C. Lak, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob T. Welch, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt.



        Straight-A Average: Donald A. Subert, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jacob V. Alo, Junior, Economics.


Maple Valley

        Straight-A Average: Lauren J. Maulden, Junior, Human Devel and Family Science.



        3.5 or Better: Elizabeth A. Lefstad, Senior, Athletic Training.


Mercer Island

        Straight-A Average: Jacob D. Dahlgren, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Ryan J. Fritz, Senior, English.


Mill Creek

        3.5 or Better: Martin A. Forde, Senior, Business Administration.



        Straight-A Average: Michaela C. Hliboki, Senior, Accountancy.

        3.5 or Better: Rayna D. Ashlock, Freshman, Human Devel and Family Science; Natalie E. Marshall, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kelly A. Tackett, Senior, Nuclear Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Andrew C. Brewington, Freshman, Pre-Industrial Engineering.


North Bend

        3.5 or Better: Nicholas R. Mitchell, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.


Oak Harbor

        Straight-A Average: Larajean S. Lauzen, Senior, Ecological Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Troy M. McCool, Freshman, Pre-Business; Adam T. Peckenpaugh, Sophomore, Pre-Communication; Nathan W. Wagner, Freshman, Microbiology.



        3.5 or Better: Matthew Hinderlie, Junior, Pre-Forest Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Kecia Jones, Junior, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Simon P. Fraher, Junior, Bioresource Research; Brieanne Lee-Tharp, Senior, Horticulture; Christopher J. Martin, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Amy L. Gaither, Junior, Natural Resources; Matthew D. Mackay, Senior, Agricultural Sciences.


Port Angeles

        Straight-A Average: Alexander C. Scharf, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Tarah L. Erickson, Senior, Environmental Engineering; Trey J. Hoover, Freshman, Mathematics; Emily R. Oldenkamp, Senior, Bioengineering.


Port Orchard

        3.5 or Better: Christopher S. Willett, Sophomore, Political Science.



        3.5 or Better: Sean P. O'Malia, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Kyle P. Schmitt, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.



        Straight-A Average: Geoffrey Y. Sasaki, Senior, Food Science and Technology.

        3.5 or Better: Amanda R. Carpenter, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Stephanie L. Neuman, Post Baccalaureate, Nutrition; Katherine A. Sondker, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Katherine F. Valentine, Senior, Environmental Science.



        3.5 or Better: Aryn L. Thomas, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Andrea L. Smaciarz, Senior, Animal Sciences.



        3.5 or Better: Rachael A. Burger, Senior, Accountancy; Maria C. Di Iorio, Senior, Nutrition; Matthew R. Edgar, Junior, History; Zachary W. Lucarelli, Sophomore, Construction Engineering Mgt; Isabella J. Preble, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Samantha A. Wrast, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        3.5 or Better: Christine M. Baker, Sophomore, Pre-Civil Engineering; Addison J. Knappett, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Victoria C. Rivoire, Junior, Digital Communication Arts.



        3.5 or Better: Stefanie T. Kerns, Sophomore, Biology; Scott Kim, Senior, Accountancy; Sarah A. Sheen, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Kieran R. Thomsen, Junior, Pre-Business Information Sys; Tessa M. Vermeul, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        Straight-A Average: Anna C. Stewart, Senior, Forest Engineering.

        3.5 or Better: Nicole T. Goecke, Freshman, Pre-Business; Robert G. Rosenberger, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Haley R. Baker, Sophomore, Psychology; Chris M. Dallas, Junior, Animal Sciences; Emma R. Fraley, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Alexander J. Hawkinson, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Reilly P. McClung, Junior, Forest Engineering; Erik D. Mietzner, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Joseph C. Senegor, Freshman, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Olivia Z. Cameron, Freshman, Natural Resources; Bailey K. McCaslin, Sophomore, Nutrition; Lauren Richard, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.

        3.5 or Better: Jonathan D. Flessner, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Sedona Garcia, Sophomore, History; Brianna M. Goodwin, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Molly M. Hill, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Katherine M. Kirk, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies; Peyton L. Saline, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Wisam K. Thalij, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science; William J. Wallach, Junior, Bioresource Research.



        3.5 or Better: Jacob I. Mahugh, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.



        3.5 or Better: Willow B. Walker, Freshman, Biology.



        3.5 or Better: Holly R. Briggs, Junior, Psychology; Margaret H. McCormick, Freshman, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.



        3.5 or Better: Terrence P. Ball, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Phillip B. Birnbaum, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies.



        3.5 or Better: Jennifer M. Hanzsek, Senior, Digital Communication Arts; Andrea J. Thody, Junior, Psychology.



        3.5 or Better: Joely F. Hannan, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics.



        Straight-A Average: Nicholas J. Patrick Jr, Freshman, Biology.



        Straight-A Average: Monica J. Mueller, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Kendra N. Pierce, Junior, Public Health.

        3.5 or Better: Taylor M. Hellman, Sophomore, Economics; Jenae D. Schrader, Sophomore, Pre-Merchandising Management; Kendra N. Sherman, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Cydney Steen, Senior, Environmental Sciences.


Spokane Valley

        Straight-A Average: Stephen P. Lucas, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Paul B. Meyers, Senior, Microbiology.



        Straight-A Average: Nicole M. Hobbs, Freshman, Biology.

        3.5 or Better: Rachael E. Bryan, Sophomore, Nutrition.



        Straight-A Average: Olivia L. Calvillo, Junior, Psychology.

        3.5 or Better: Mary K. Adams, Senior, Business Administration; Elexia Cooper-Anderson, Senior, Natural Resources; Brittney A. Lott, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Gabriel M. Massey, Junior, Political Science.


University Place

        Straight-A Average: Hannah L. Gienger, Sophomore, Microbiology.



        Straight-A Average: Kelsie T. Bradwell, Sophomore, Human Devel and Family Science; Leanna M. Williams, Junior, Biology.


        3.5 or Better: Breanna L. Bannan, Senior, Economics; Mikayla R. Koeltzow, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Natasha M. Peters, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Audrey T. Schmid, Freshman, BioHealth Sciences; Josephine A. Sechrist, Junior, Mathematics.



        3.5 or Better: MacKenzie M. Pfeifer, Freshman, Pre-Ecological Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Henry M. Becker, Junior, Graphic Design.



        Straight-A Average: Kelli A. Le Breton, Senior, Exercise and Sport Science; Nicole A. Palczewski, Junior, Political Science.

        3.5 or Better: Corinne M. Fargo, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Byron R. Murray, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Reid K. Paulson, Senior, Management; Allison F. Remily, Junior, Sociology; Tyler J. Thompson, Junior, Pre-Business.



        Straight-A Average: Caitlyn S. Brentin, Junior, Merchandising Management.



        3.5 or Better: Jennifer A. Rodli, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.





        3.5 or Better: Thomas J. Cox, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science.


Mount Horeb

        3.5 or Better: Finn B. Leary, Senior, Forest Engineering.



        3.5 or Better: Kali M. Burkhardt, Junior, General Science.


Whitefish Bay

        3.5 or Better: Megan E. Huber, Sophomore, Microbiology.





        3.5 or Better: Tiana J. Pearson, Junior, Psychology.



        Straight-A Average: Caleb J. Hanneman, Senior, Natural Resources.



        3.5 or Better: Lucas J. Carrington, Post Baccalaureate, Pre-Computer Science.


Rock Springs

        3.5 or Better: Cassandra I. Lew, Sophomore, Chemistry.





Fall Term 2014 Honor Roll: International Students 

        Straight-A Average: Awad F. Albaqawi, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Hamdah A. Alblooshi, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Husam R. Al Hinai, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Ghadeer A. Al Kubaish, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science; Yassmeen Al-Sinan, Freshman, Applied Visual Arts.
        Olivia E. Ashby, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Hannah V. Baker, Freshman, Biology; Felicio Cassalho, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Pre-Engineering; Marley A. Chou, Senior, Zoology; Silvia Colussi-Pelaez, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Mateus Da Cruz Bastos, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Maryam S. Elmahdy, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Weam R. Elsheikh, Freshman, Pre-Business; Jade Gonsalves, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Wenbo Hou, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science.
        Takuya Kikuchi, Senior, Athletic Training; Ching-Chia Ko, Post Baccalaureate, Art; Pak To Lee, Sophomore, Natural Resources; Shuai Li, Senior, Finance; Jiaqi Liu, Sophomore, Mathematics.
        Yuetao Lv, Post Baccalaureate, Civil Engineering; Patricia S. McGreal, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Pub Health & Hum Sc; Laura H. Mc Neill, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Noemie Midrez, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Mai Anh Nguyen, Senior, Public Health.
        Monica C. Soputro, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Bungo Takahashi, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Kai Tian, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy; FNU Vivian, Freshman, Pre-Business; Xiaomei Wang, Sophomore, Pre-Accountancy.
        Jonathan G. Wells, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Earth, Ocean, Atmos; Jiao Wu, Post Baccalaureate, Computer Science; Tianyi Yao, Senior, Economics; Shiyi Zhang, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.

        3.5 or Better: Jessica M. Adams, Senior, Environmental Sciences; Ayman A. Alabdullatif, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Mahmood M. Al-ADAWANI, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Abdullah F. Alanaz, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Fahad R. Alanzi, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Mohammed A. Alarifi, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Mohannad M. Alarifi, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Abdulwahab Y. Albabtain, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Abdulaziz M. Aldoshan, Senior, Pre-Public Health; Abdulrahman N. Aldossary, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Faisal S. Alfaiz, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Mazin S. AL FANNA AL AREIMI, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Mohammed S. Algadhib, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Amro Y. Al-Habsi, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Abdul Majeed A. AL-HADHRAMI, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Mazoon A. Al Hadi, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Abdulaziz Alhajri, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Lujin H. Alhassan, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Abdulla H. Al-Huthaili, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Abdulrahman A. Alkharashi, Senior, Industrial Engineering.
        Hamed A. Al Kharusi, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Majid A. Al Khayari, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Said A. Al Kindi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Abdulrahman K. Almanei, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Fatema A. Almazrouei, Junior, Nuclear Engineering.
        Nassir S. Almohawis, Senior, Finance; Safiah S. Almousa, Freshman, General Science; Hassan A. Almutawa, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Hisham A. Al Nadabi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Hassan A. Alnatah, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics.
        Mohammed S. Alnemer, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Ibrahim S. Al Qasmi, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Essa A. AlQATTAN, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Ahmad A. Alraeesi, Junior, Nuclear Engineering; Ali H. Alrubh, Freshman, Chemistry.
        Hasan M. Alshafei, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Rawan A. Alshaiji, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering; Saud M. Alsuhaili, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Razan H. Al Taleb, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Adnan M. Alzakaria, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Waleed S. AL ZAKWANI, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Hussain K. Alzayer, Freshman, Pre-Public Health; Mazin S. AL ZEIDI, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Maria Antoniou Latouros, Sophomore, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Minjung Baek, Freshman, General Science.
        Song-I Bak, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kathryn P. Baker, Sophomore, Pre-Environmental Engineering; Byung Hwa Bang, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Inmaculada Bernal Lopez, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Simon Bettscheider, Senior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Razaz Binmahfouz, Sophomore, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Berhan Birsoz, Junior, Mechanical Engineering; Cindy S. Bochet, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Liberal Arts; Wesley Boedhiman, Senior, Finance; Francisco A. Boschetti Tofano, Freshman, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.
        Mohammed A. Bukshaisha, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Ronald H. Capilla, Junior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Petr Cermak, Non-Degree Graduat, Non-Degree Graduate; Chelsea T. Chan, Sophomore, Biology; Max Chang, Senior, Animal Sciences.
        Lunkai Chen, Senior, Pre-Business; Tongchun Chen, Junior, Finance; Weipeng Chen, Senior, Computer Science; Cheuk Man Chiu, Senior, Mathematics; Thomas E. Clegg, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Science.
        Sorath Dahri, Sophomore, Pre-Finance; Isabelle A. Da Silva, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Aaron J. David, Senior, Biology; Michael Dexter, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Patricia Djuhadi, Senior, Digital Communication Arts.
        Tomas C. Dorrington, Non-Degree Graduat, Non-Degree Graduate; Lihani du Plessis, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Roel H. Eerhart, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Sina Ehsani, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Taylor A. Ellson, Senior, General Science.
        Trina M. Evensen, Senior, Renewable Materials; Mu Feng, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Betty Forlin, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Erika K. Frandrup, Senior, Psychology; Stacia S. Gani, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Chen Gao, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Madeline M. Gardiner, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science; Brian W. Gatimu, Post Baccalaureate, Chemistry; Qiqi Gu, Senior, Marketing; Ruth E. Hamblin, Junior, Mechanical Engineering.
        Haziq A. Hasan, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Abdulrahman S. Hassan, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Regina H. Hatten, Senior, Anthropology; Heizo Hayashi, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Helen S. Heidel, Senior, Merchandising Management.
        Annika S. Heramb, Freshman, Political Science; Anna M. Hillebrand, Sophomore, Animal Sciences; Sefanya Hope, Freshman, Anthropology; Yu-Tin Hsiao, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Chenhao Huang, Senior, Ecological Engineering.
        Zhaoyang Huang, Sophomore, Mathematics; Andrew T. Hutapea, Junior, Pre-Industrial Engineering; Young J. Hwang, Senior, Environmental Science; Hanae Ide, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Rieko R. Imai, Sophomore, Fisheries and Wildlife Science.
        Irene Inesa, Senior, Ecological Engineering; David Irmann, Non-Degree Graduat, Non-Degree Graduate; Akira K. Ishii, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Felicia Jesslyn, Sophomore, Pre-Marketing; Anita M. Jong, Senior, Microbiology.
        Mads K. Jorgensen, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Seo Hyun Jung, Junior, Marketing; Parth N. Khimsaria, Senior, Manufacturing Engineering; Quyen T. Khuat, Junior, Business Administration; Cho Rong Kim, Senior, Finance.
        E Seul Kim, Senior, Microbiology; Hongbee Kim, Sophomore, Apparel Design; Kihun Kim, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Eunbyeol Ko, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Dajun Kong, Senior, Computer Science.
        Hiroyoshi Konzo, Post Baccalaureate, Athletic Training; Namtalay Laorattanavech, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Kooi Ern Lau, Senior, Marketing; Hiu Yeung Leung, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Heli Li, Senior, Chemical Engineering.
        Shuohuai Li, Junior, Accountancy; Yuan Liang, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Tzu-Yang Daniel Lin, Senior, Computer Science; Zhimin Lin, Sophomore, Digital Communication Arts; Wanxin Liu, Junior, Accountancy.
        Fritz L. Lorens, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Marina Losi Monteiro, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Forestry; Pengjie Lu, Sophomore, Pre-General Engineering; Puseletso A. Maepa, Freshman, Liberal Studies; Claude T. Maimon, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science.
        Benjamin G. Marble, Sophomore, Chemistry; Jon S. Mathiassen, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Tapiwa Mavhaire, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Lorrayne Miralha Marins da Si, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Forestry; Theingi Moe, Freshman, Pre-Business.
        Abdulla A. Musa, Junior, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Kota Muto, Junior, Chemistry; Minwoong Na, Post Baccalaureate, Biology; Midori Nagai, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Liberal Arts; Chen Xian Ng, Senior, Chemistry.
        Hang Tat Ng, Junior, Economics; Jason A. Nilsen, Senior, Anthropology; Zaneta P. Oei, Senior, Food Science and Technology; Yi Herng Ong, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Chen Oshri, Junior, Biology.
        Maximilian Paradiz Dominguez, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Dae Myung Park, Senior, Radiation Health Physics; Sangmi Park, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy; Youngmin Park, Freshman, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Karl A. Pearce, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Earth, Ocean, Atmos.
        Mauricio C. Peixoto, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Pre-Engineering; Sophie R. Percival, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Science; Joyce Pereira Alvarenga, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Science; Maria W. Powell, Senior, Computer Science; Gang Qian, Senior, Finance.
        Brian M. Ramey, Senior, Industrial Engineering; Herika Ramos Moura, Freshman, Pre-Nuclear Engineering; Amreen K. Randhawa, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Danish Rehman, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering; Taylor M. Ricci, Sophomore, Exercise and Sport Science.
        Diego Rodrigues De Oliveir, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Pre-Engineering; Luwen Rong, Senior, Finance; Elias P. Roubos, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Teeraphat Sakchaisiri, Senior, Construction Engineering Mgt; Bjorn Sandberg, Junior, Graphic Design.
        Mohamed A. Shaker, Senior, History; Daiwei Shan, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Nan Shi, Junior, Graphic Design; Tingchen Shi, Senior, Elect & Computer Engineering; Jing Guang Sia, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer.
        Johannes M. Simanjuntak, Senior, Civil Engineering; Yipeng Song, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Ramcharan R. Sudarsanam, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Kengo Sugimoto, Post Baccalaureate, Athletic Training; Eka H. Sutandar, Freshman, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Gavin A. Sutanto, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Winnie M. Tafempa Messa, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Yingqi Tang, Senior, Finance; William D. Techler, Senior, Animal Sciences; Yi Min Teo, Senior, Nutrition.
        Anne H. Thomsen, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Pre-Engineering; Constance Toulemonde, Sophomore, Pre-Business; Hung Q. Tran, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Quynh T. Tran, Post Baccalaureate, Biology; Truc T. Tran, Sophomore, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Brennen R. Tucker, Junior, Microbiology; Celina S. Uhl, Freshman, Pre-Business; Daisuke Umezawa, Senior, Chemistry; Malene Villadsen, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Business; Rafaella Vrachimi, Junior, Pre-Chemical Engineering.
        Jingxing Wan, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy; Yefan Wang, Junior, Marketing; Yi-I Wang, Freshman, Animal Sciences; Yu Wang, Junior, Biology; Kristiane Width, Sophomore, University Exploratory Studies.
        Chung Wai Wong, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Wenbo Wu, Junior, Finance; Jana K. Wuertenberger, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Liberal Arts; Chunrong Xiang, Senior, Accountancy; Bohui Xiao, Junior, Elect & Computer Engineering.
        Yuzhang Xiong, Senior, Business Information Systems; Lei Xuan, Freshman, Pre-Accountancy; Yingxue Yang, Sophomore, Food Science and Technology; Onn Lim Yong, Sophomore, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Soo Hyun Yoo, Senior, Computer Science.
        Ji Won Yoon, Junior, Psychology; Ramon K. Yoshiura, Senior, Nuclear Engineering; Tieshan Zeng, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Chengdong Zhang, Junior, Civil Engineering; Hong Zhang, Sophomore, Pre-Marketing.
        Jianchenyang Zhang, Senior, Finance; Pei Zhang, Senior, Finance; Tianqi Zhang, Junior, Chemistry; Yili Zhang, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering; Jing Zheng, Junior, Marketing.
        Le Zhou, Junior, Chemical Engineering; Dechao Zhu, Junior, Pre-Business; Mengran Zhu, Senior, Finance; Yuwei Zhu, Junior, Interior Design; Myrtha Zierock, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Agricultural Sci.
        Andrew Zimmer, Non-Degree Undergr, Non-Degree Earth, Ocean, Atmos.