Finding Courses

The course catalog and schedule of classes are powerful tools for managing and finding courses. Use them to find courses.

Search for courses using the online Schedule of Classes

With the online schedule of classes you can search class listings in several ways. You can define your criteria in the Search All Schedules of Classes. For example, you can search in a specific subsection such as Baccalaureate Core Schedules or Undergraduate Schedules by Subject. Once you’ve defined your criteria and located the course or courses that you are interested in, make a note of the CRN for registration purposes.

Need to find a baccalaureate core course?

Watch our Searching for Baccalaureate Core Courses video tutorial or go straight to the baccalaureate core courses section of the general catalog.

Do you have concerns about building accessibility?

Visit the Disability Access Services website to enquire about accessibility of buildings on campus.

Do you need to search for a course from a prior term?

Find courses scheduled over the previous two years in the online catalog archives.

PDFs of all past schedules of classes are available in ScholarsArchive@OSU at