Blackboard Access for T.A.'s

Instructors can add individuals who have taken the online FERPA and Confidentiality Training course in Blackboard as TAs to their course sites. All would-be TAs (and other course assistants) must complete FERPA Training. Complete the following 3 steps:

  • Faculty must submit a request for the individual(s) to take the FERPA and Confidentiality Training course. See the step-by-step training material for further instructions.
  • The submitted request is forwarded to the Registrar's Schedule Desk, where staff will complete the process to authorize the individual to take the tutorial.
  • Once TAs have completed FERPA training, instructors can add them to course sites in Blackboard. Refer to these step-by-step instructions.


NOTE: The learning management system "Canvas" will replace Blackboard in a phased migration beginning January 2015 and completing in January 2016. See http://blackboard-transition.oregonstate.edu/ for further information.