Academic Calendar

The OSU Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is an important tool. Refer to it regularly to keep track of important dates and deadlines. The calendar is populated several terms in advance so you can plan ahead. You can also download events to your own personal calendars for easy reference or to create reminders for yourself.

PDF Version of Academic Calendar

Download the Academic Calendar file to your Google Apps calendar:

1. Download the academic calendar file (academic-calendar-2016-2017.csv) to your desktop.
2. Click Tools and Services on the OSU Home page, then Google Apps for OSU, then click Google Calendar. Login with your ONID user name and password.
3. Click the Gear icon and select "Settings."
4. Click on "Calendars" tab.
5. Click on "Import calendar."
6. Use Browse to select the file "academic-calendar-2016-2017.csv" that you saved in step 1. Click Import. You're done.

Download the Academic Calendar file to your Outlook calendar:

1. Download the Important Dates Academic Calendar to your desktop or some other temporary location and save as an Excel file.
2. In your desktop Outlook, click on "Calendar,"
3. Then click "Files > Open > Import."
4. In the Import dialog box, select "Import from another program or file" and click "Next."
5. Select "Microsoft Excel 97-2003" and then click "Next."
6. Click on the "Browse" button and find the "Important Deadlines Academic Calendar" file. Make sure the option "Allow duplicates to be created" is selected.
7. Click "Next."
8. Select "Calendar" as the destination folder and click "Next." Check the box next to "Import 'Data' into folder: Calendar" and then click "Finish."

OSU 5-Year Calendar

The Oregon State University 5-year calendar defines the beginning and ending dates of each term for the next five years.