Feature Stories

Come show off your volleyball skill at our annual Volleyball Doubles Tournament.

Lindsay Barnum exemplifies balance, wellbeing, dedication and optimism – she is an inspiration to all in Recreational Sports and Beaver Nation alike. 

Kick your spring and summer adventures into high gear with our Outdoor Equipment Rental, located at the East entry at Dixon Recreation Center.

Welcome to the Gear Room Sessions, a Behind-the-scenes look into the thoughts and interests of ALI students.

There are countless benefits to getting daily exercise. Take a break from sitting, Sit Less, Move More!

Take care of your injuries, FREE for OSU students! Prevention, Evaluation, Treatment, Rehab, and Reconditioning.

Twins Mikayla and Samantha Ayala share their love for Recreational Sports and OSU.

Andrew DelGreco, Adventure Leadership Institute alumni, reflects on his time he spent with the ALI.

Her energy and attitude are contagious. Her commitment and dedication to bettering herself is inspiring. And her health and wellness journey is just that – a journey.

On most days, the sun hasn’t raised by the time that Noreen Siddiqui swipes into Recreational Sports.