Member Story: Christian Langpap

If you’ve been in Steven’s Natatorium within the last six years, then you may have been lapped a time or two by this once competitive swimmer, Christian Langpap.

Langpap, a faculty member in Agricultural & Resource Economics Department, is an environmental economist. When he’s not teaching at the undergraduate, Master’s or PHD level, Langpap is researching.

“My research is on the economics of protecting endangered species and also the economics of enforcing environmental laws and how the private sector is involved,” Langpap says.

And when Langpap isn’t researching, he’s swimming or lifting weights as a member of Recreational Sports. As a graduate student at OSU he worked out at Dixon Recreation Center, but after leaving OSU after graduate school, Langpap hoped for the opportunity to return.

Christian Langpap“We loved Oregon and it’s rare to go back to where you got your degree, so we jumped at the chance to return. We love it here,” he said.

Langpap and his family have been back for six years and have been enjoying both work and play at OSU and in the Corvallis community.

“I enjoy the flexibility of a faculty job where I can come to Dixon anytime during the day as my work schedule allows,” Langpap said. “We love the community – Corvallis is a great little town, great for raising kids, my department is very collegial, very nice people to work with, very smart people to work with and overall OSU and Corvallis are great places to be.”

While life in Corvallis for Langpap and his family has been smooth sailing, life in the pool has brought choppier waters. After 20-plus years of exercising five days a week, Langpap experienced a physical setback.

“A couple of years ago I had a shoulder injury, so I finally had surgery last year and I had to stop swimming and weight lifting.”

Familiar with the resources available to Recreational Sports members, Langpap reached out to renowned athletic trainer, Guido Van Ryssegem.

“I have been working with Guido and one of the KIEP trainers and they have been very helpful in getting me back into the weight room and the pool, beyond what the physical therapy outside of OSU was able to do for me,” Langpap said.

After a lot of hard work with the athletic training team in Dixon, “the shoulder is healing.”

Langpap strongly believes in the power of exercise, explaining, “Exercising for me is a great stress relief. [Being] able to exercise has helped keep me sane through graduate school and the tenure process. And from a health perspective, it’s very important to keep exercising and stay fit. If I’m fit and I’m not stressed, I’m more productive at work, I’m a better member of my family and of my community. All of that comes from exercising.”

Langpap is one of Dixon’s frequent users and swiping into Dixon five times a week takes a lot of dedication, but Langpap credits it all to habit.

“Once it becomes routine it’s really easy to do,” he said. “Dixon is so convenient to just walk down from my office, and the facilities are great.”

Langpap says he’d highly recommend being a Recreational Sports member to other faculty and staff at OSU.

“RecSports does a great job with getting people started who are new to exercising and with people like me who have been exercising for a long time and are just getting back to it.”


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