Challenge Course



The Adventure Leadership Institute's™ Challenge Course Program provides unique and engaging teambuilding experiences to develop cohesiveness among group members. Activities range from ground based community building and problem-solving to walking across a balance beam or zip lining 30 feet in the air.



Each program to best fit your groups’ specific needs and objectives. We have designed programs for groups ranging from six to 850 people.



Portable, Community Builder — 2 Hours

Through the use of play and problem solving initiatives ALI™ facilitators will lead your group through a sequence of individual and group challenge activities. is program type generally occurs at an offsite location away from the challenge course.

Short Day Team, Low Course Elements — 4 Hours

This, program occurs at our challenge course facility and is similar to our Portables program however this experience generally utilizes various low challenge course elements to create a supportive environment among group members.

Short Day, High Course Elements — 4 Hours

Through the use of ground based activities, low course elements and high course elements this program allows participants the opportunity to practice success and choice within their personal comfort level. is fast paced program is by far our most popular.

Full Day, High Course Elements — 6 Hours

This program utilizes portable games and problem solving initiatives as well as both low and high challenge course elements to engage your group in a focused and intentional teambuilding experience.



A certificate from the Adventure Leadership Institute is a great resume builder and the experience you get while working towards the certificate are unlike any other experiences available on campus. Learn more about this on our certificates page.

Program Options

Portable Mini Program (2 hours)

We bring a variety of props to your location in order to do games, initiatives and community building.

Team Program (4 hours)

This program consists of games, initiatives and low elements at the OSU Challenge Course.

High Program (6 hours)

This program combines the low elements and high ropes at the OSU Challenge Course.

Program Themes

Recreational Programs

Recreational programs are designed for groups to have fun and get to know each other better. This often results in participants building community, enhancing camaraderie, and beginning to establish the foundation of a group.

Educational Programs

Educational programs are designed for groups to have fun, get to know each other, and to focus on group development. These programs create awareness of group problem solving strategies and to develop individual leadership skills.

Developmental Programs

Developmental programs are designed to incorporate fun and group development. In addition, these programs emphasize taking a group’s current state of performance to a higher level. These programs are ideal for newly formed or intact work groups and sport teams.

Use Guidelines

Challenge by Choice Philosophy

The OSU Challenge Course abides by a Challenge by Choice philosophy, which enables each participant to determine the type and level of participation that is most appropriate for him/her. While we encourage each group member to challenge themselves, we recognize that not everyone will want to and/or be able to participate in every activity in the same manner. Individuals may choose to contribute to the planning and strategizing and not necessarily the physical action of any given activity. Utilizing the Challenge by Choice philosophy allows everyone to be involved and to challenge themselves, but at their own pace and in their own way. We will make every effort to design programs with the specific goals, needs, interests and concerns in mind.

Group Size

We’ve established minimum (6) and maximum (40) group sizes as a general guideline. These numbers are flexible, depending on the specific goals of the program, the maturity of the group, and the availability of support staff. Much of our preparation (and cost) is dependent on the number of participants in your group; so it is especially important to relay any changes in this area as quickly as possible. The number of participants that you indicate when making your reservation is the number we will use for billing purposes. We will make every effort to accommodate an increase in group size, but cannot guarantee our ability to do so. Please note that if your group size increases, your balance due may increase to reflect the actual group size. If your number of participants decreases, please refer to the cancellation/refund policy below.

Assumption of Risk

All groups are required to document an assumption of risk before participating in one of our programs. Depending on the type of group, you will be asked to complete/submit one or more of the following:

Certificate of Liability Insurance If your group comes from a formalized organization, outside of the OSU community, you will be asked to submit written proof of liability insurance coverage. Specifics will be provided in an insurance clause in your Facilities, Programs & Services Agreement.

Facilities, Programs & Services Agreement

Groups that are not a part of the Oregon Higher Education system must complete this formal agreement with Oregon State University and return it at least two weeks prior to the beginning of their program. OSU (and other Oregon University) groups are exempt from this requirement.

Liability Waivers

Each and every participant must complete this form prior to delivery of your program. This includes staff accompanying the group. Please note that any participants under the age of 18 are required to have a parent’s or guardian’s signature.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Programs run rain or shine, but may be cancelled by the Challenge Course due to severe weather conditions. In such cases, we will call you to discuss rescheduling. If the Challenge Course must cancel your program, you will not be charged for any part of the preparation or delivery.

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel your program, please do so with as much notice as possible. We begin planning your program as soon as you schedule with us, but early notification of cancellation can still save us a lot of work. If you cancel any or all of your participants fewer than five business days before your scheduled program, you will be billed for the entire amount of your balance due.