Adventure Leadership Certificate

As you work your way through the course offerings within the ALI™, you will work towards fulfilling the requirements for various certificate levels. The theory behind the certificates is that as you progress through each level, you will take classes that help you become both competent with the technical skills involved as well as learn to be a leader in experien­tial education and outdoor recreation.

There are two generalized tracks that a student in the ALI can participate:

Below is information related to both tracks. Hover over the images to find interactive content related to each certificate.

Facilitator TrackTrip Leader Track  

Facilitator Track

The Facilitator track is specially designed to meet the needs of future challenge course facilitators and managers, project leaders or anyone planning on working with or leading groups in the workplace. As such, the course content differs from the Trip Leader track, where the focus is less on group dynam­ics and facilitation and more on becoming proficient with wilderness medicine and survival as well as group management in the backcountry. The tracks are not mutually exclusive, and you may find that courses in both tracks help you develop as a leader.


Trip Leader Track

Level One:

The Level one certificate is an introduction to the ALI program and serves to create a foundation that subsequent classes will build upon. The courses to complete a level one certificate are experience based and will serve to introduce the skills and theory behind later course offerings.

Level Two:

The Level two certificate is less based on activity courses and includes more theoretical and academic components. In order to complete a Level two certificate you will be required to gain documented leadership experience through assisting in the delivery of field experiences and activity courses.

Level Three:

Those who complete the level three certificate will deliver the material for some of the activity courses, while under supervision of the program advisor. The program advisor will work with you each week to ensure that the content and delivery of materials for activity courses is appropriate for the course. While working towards the completion of the level three certificate, you will also be responsible for leading and documenting field experience.


After you move through the various levels of the certificate, you will be left with clear documentation as to your experiences and certifications in adventure leadership. As well, depending on what level you have achieved, it is possible that you have earned professional level certifications in your area of focus and wilderness medicine.