Challenge Course



The Adventure Leadership Institute's™ Challenge Course Program provides unique and engaging teambuilding experiences to develop cohesiveness among group members. Activities range from ground based community building and problem-solving to walking across a balance beam or zip lining 30 feet in the air.



Each program to best fit your groups’ specific needs and objectives. We have designed programs for groups ranging from six to 850 people.



Portable, Community Builder — 2 Hours

Through the use of play and problem solving initiatives ALI™ facilitators will lead your group through a sequence of individual and group challenge activities. is program type generally occurs at an offsite location away from the challenge course.

Short Day Team, Low Course Elements — 4 Hours

This, program occurs at our challenge course facility and is similar to our Portables program however this experience generally utilizes various low challenge course elements to create a supportive environment among group members.

Short Day, High Course Elements — 4 Hours

Through the use of ground based activities, low course elements and high course elements this program allows participants the opportunity to practice success and choice within their personal comfort level. is fast paced program is by far our most popular.

Full Day, High Course Elements — 6 Hours

This program utilizes portable games and problem solving initiatives as well as both low and high challenge course elements to engage your group in a focused and intentional teambuilding experience.



A certificate from the Adventure Leadership Institute is a great resume builder and the experience you get while working towards the certificate are unlike any other experiences available on campus. Learn more about this on our certificates page.