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Spring '13 Correction

We sincerely regret the misprinting of a poem in the Spring '13 edition of Prism.

 We present the poem here, as it was intended by the author. 

"Lichen This Love" 
ShyAnne Woods


Calypso tells tales

“A rare flower may blossom once a year, love may blossom once a lifetime”

Salamander echoes morph into the chorus of frogs

Fritillaries tease the imagination while pedals revolve in the night

Pedals that to turn petals come morn.

Old women tell tall tales

“The one who loves wildflowers like you do”

Dawn ripens into blossoms surrounded by winter’s breath

A bench appears in the dimmed winter light that invites the shells of its admirers. 

Cycles begin again.


All for the kiss of the dew of the spadix.