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Courses for 3rd and 4th Graders

 Courses for 2014

Each course meets for 80 minutes on each of the six Saturdays: January 25; February 1, 8, 22; March 1, 8, 2014.

Adventures in Cartooning--9:15

Instructor: Jordan Terriere

Use your creativity to write and illustrate your own cartoon!  Start with the parts of your story, add a sprinkling of dialogue bubbles and colors, mix in a dash of background details, and, voilà, you will have created your very own cartoon tale.   Draw unique characters, such as animals, people, and even aliens! Make a cartooning portfolio with your inspired creations.  Bring your imagination to this awesome course!

Animation with Alice, an Introduction--9:15 & 10:40

Instructor: Caleb Barde and Audrey Sullivan

Create a snowy wonderland or a desert oasis filled with penguins and pyramids!  Use the toolkit “Alice” to acquire the basics of 3-D animation.  Explore the fundamentals of programming and apply your knowledge to create something you can play with.  Only basic computer skills required.

Around the World in Six Saturdays--Cancelled

Instructors: OSU International Students

Take a “trip” to exciting new places without ever leaving OSU.  Explore a different country every week with a native guide. You may learn a new game, write your name in kanji, or use phrases such as “arigatou gozaimasu” or “sobh bekheir” with your friends and family, and more!  All aboard!

Art of Mathematics--9:15

Instructor: Shauna Holt; A few simple supplies may be needed from home.

Art AND mathematics?  Yes! Create, draw, and paint, using the beauty of mathematics to inspire you.  Delve into mathematical concepts from algebra and beyond, like the golden ratio, symmetry, the Fibonacci sequence, and tessellations to create splendid works of art. 

Cartooning for a Cause!--Cancelled

Instructor: Jordan Terriere

Have a passion?  Want to transform the world?  Let cartooning be your vehicle for communication or change! Cartoons are a fun, inventive way to share information and positively impact the world around us. Use your storytelling and drawing talents. Create a cartoon campaign for a cause and experience cartoons on a whole new level. 

Cooking, Science, Math--9:15 & 10:40 BOTH SESSIONS CLOSED

Instructor: Emily Sass 

Each Saturday, prepare—and eat-- a new recipe. Whip up smoothies, salads, cookies, and more! Use cooking to examine scientific and mathematical concepts.  Why do certain combinations of foods "react" to one another? How do you take a serving size for two and turn it into a feast for twenty-two?  Bon appétit! 

Creative Computing--10:40 & 12:25 BOTH SESSIONS CLOSED

Instructor: Sheela Surisetty and Sophia Zhang

Use Scratch, a fun computer programming language, to create art, animated stories, music, and, time permitting, even games!  Scratch allows participants to think creatively, reason, and work collaboratively.

Design and Build a Theme Park--9:15 & 10:40  (12:25 SESSION CLOSED)

Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Supply fee $4

Work with an architectural designer to design and build a model of a theme park and/or a water park.  Use physics and your imagination to create several rides.  Play with modeling materials such as cardboard, toothpicks, string, aluminum foil, and marbles to create roller coasters and water slides.  Can you invent a new ride?! Come up with a theme to attract visitors to your park, such as dinosaurs, a jungle, magical creatures, or outer space.

Draw What You Wish--9:15

Instructor: Amy Tacchini; Supply fee $4

Express yourself through visual art.  Choose and bring topics you are interested in drawing—animals, landscapes, mythological creatures, characters from books/movies/games or one you yourself have created, etc.  Draw items to look surreal or original, dramatic, proportional, three-dimensional, and beautiful.  By the completion of the class, you will have improved your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings.  This class uses lots of imagination.  Come, create, share inspirations, and have fun!  All skill levels welcome, especially those that feel limited as artists.

Dynamic Theatrics--10:40

Instructor: Diane Allen; Additional $5 fee per student for supplies.
Do you wonder what it takes to be an actor?  Have you ever had an interest in creating your own theatrical production?  Explore and create a scene from a different show each week - starring you!  Discover the skills needed to bring a story to life on stage!  Try your hand at talking with a cool accent, getting "into character," improvisation, putting together costumes, changing your look with stage makeup, preparing for an audition, writing a script, memorizing lines, and much more.  No previous experience necessary! Just bring your creative self!

Exploration, Games, and Adventure--10:40--CLOSED

Instructor: Alexis Lanham

This dynamic course will focus on games that are more than just fun.  Activities will range from maneuvering through minefields to playing with parachutes!  Participants will discover not only how to work with others, but also how to be a leader amongst their peers.  You’ll walk away from these sessions knowing anything is possible!  Be challenged mentally and physically.  This course is accessible to all activity levels; there will be ways for anyone and everyone to participate!

 Participants: Please wear closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing you can move about in, and outerwear appropriate for the weather, as some sessions may be held outdoors.


Instructor: Robert O'Malley

Learn to play the challenging and rewarding game that is as old as Ancient China, where it originated.  Starting with an empty board, and black and white stones, you enter the world of Go.  The rules are simple, but the twists and turns of the game will delight you.  It is a game of strategy; no two games are alike, and the more you understand, the better you play.  Learn the basic techniques, then try them on the board and see what works for you.  With hours of fun, the more meaning you put into your moves, the better you will learn to "talk with stones".  Come enjoy this introduction to the game of Go.

Hands-on Science: Demos & More--9:15, 10:40 12:25 --ALL SESSIONS CLOSED

Instructor: Brett Rodgers

Make green fire, shimmering molecular models, elephant toothpaste, frozen bubbles, perform the "clock" reaction, and much more. Also research and prepare fascinating science demonstrations (topic, background, and safety to be approved by class instructor) to present to your classmates during the last two class periods!

Introduction to Songwriting--9:15

Instructor: Amy Severin

Express yourself through melody, rhythm and words!  Explore the art of weaving words and music into your very own song through fun-filled activities.  Invent lyrics to popular melodies, create new melodies for existing lyrics, and craft an original composition.  Be a rock star!  Compose your own song!

Sensational Science!--12:25

Instructors: OSU Scientists

Want to know more about the world around you? So do OSU scientists! Discover some weird and wonderful things while exploring a range of science topics with researchers. Participate in fun, interactive activities as you explore some of the coolest plants, animals, and more! Bring your curiosity!

Up to the Challenge—Digital Photography--10:40

Instructor: Paul Rentz; Participants must bring a digital camera each Saturday.

Want to know how your digital camera works?  Want to know how you can make it work the way you want it to? Take pictures to tell a story.  Take pictures that “jump off” the computer screen.  Take pictures that wow your family and friends. Acquire the secrets to make it all happen! Capture amazing scenes that are all around you.  Challenge yourself and have fun exploring your world with your digital camera!

 Write On!--9:15

Instructor: Charis Martin

Flying doughnuts, howling hounds, far-away planets—it’s all up to you! Put your inspirations on paper. Explore brilliant worlds, brave and courageous characters, and mysterious adventures, all at your fingertips!  Fiction or nonfiction--ideas for writing can be found anywhere.  Engage in writing and illustration through inspiration and exploration! Bring yourself and your imagination--the writing will do itself!






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