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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities to get involved with Precollege Programs on campus for faculty, staff, graduate students and undergrads.

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Student Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteer Opportunities for Faculty, Staff & Graduate Students

Precollege Programs personnel can facilitate interactions with the outreach opportunities currently available on the OSU campus listed below, and many more, as well as offer collaborative support for new programs. Contact us for more information.


A Campus Field Trip group

Program:Campus Field Trips - The Office of Precollege Programs hosts students (generally in grades 5-8), teachers and parents for a day on campus to encourage underrepresented and minority groups to go to college. Groups have a presentation and participatory or hands-on activity from a faculty member, staff, or students that often enhances their school curriculum as well as exposes students to potential majors or careers. Time Commitment: 45 minutes, one or two times a term, three to six times a year $ Commitment: Cost of materials used in presentation. # Students Impacted: Approximately 25 students/group (45 to 90 students a year)

Program:STEM Academy Classes - STEM Academy is a nonprofit educational cooperative program, providing enrichment opportunities for 5th – 12th grade students. Classes and camps are offered in a variety of topics, the majority focused in engineering, science, and technology and are informal, project-oriented and small. Classes generally consist of a combination of formal instruction and hands-on experience.

Time Commitment: 1 day (2 hours) - 1 week (30 hours, weekday summer camp)
$ Commitment: Cost of materials negotiable.
# Students Impacted: 6-24 students/class.
A Vet Med volunteer working with a program participant

Program:Precollege Programs for Gifted, Talented and High-Ability Youth - One winter and three summer offerings are available to Gifted, Talented, and High-Ability Youth in grades 3-8 to allow these eager learners to experience challenging, fast-paced, hands-on, interactive experiences in topics not normally available to youth in other educational settings. Subject area experts who are enthusiastic about their field are invited to introduce these inquisitive youth to opportunities they might pursue as careers. Time Commitment: Winter: 80-minute class on six January, February, and March Saturdays; Summer: one or two hour ten-day weekday class in July $ Commitment: Cost of materials in class. # Students Impacted: 10-20 students/class.

Program:SESEY (Summer Experience in Science & Engineering for Youth) - SESEY is primarily for high school girls and ethnic minorities traditionally under-represented in science and engineering. They come to OSU campus for a one-week residential summer camp and are paired with a faculty mentor in engineering for a mini-research project. Time Commitment: 1 week, approximately 4 hours/day. $ Commitment: None. # Students Impacted: 1-4 students.

Program:Saturday Academy Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering (ASE) - Eight week summer research program offers high school students the opportunity to work with an engineer or scientist for eight weeks during the summer. Time Commitment: Eight weeks, summer. $ Commitment: $3200/student (includes $1000 stipend for student). # Students Impacted: 1-2 students.

Program:Community Outreach: da Vinci Days, Family Science & Engineering Nights, Discovery Days, etc. - Presenters host a booth with a hands-on activity geared towards elementary school students. Time Commitment: da Vinci Days: 2 days/year; Family Science & Eng. Nights: 1-6 nights/year; Discovery Days: 2 days/2x year $ Commitment: Cost of materials used in presentation. # Students Impacted: Hundreds, thousands!

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