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If you deliver multiple programs, please enter information for each program separately and hit “Submit” button.

NOTE: All OSU youth-serving programs (youth outreach programs, athletic camps, enrichment camps, etc.) are required to submit participant data and certify compliance to the Provost annually. The Youth Policies and Programs manual can be found here: http://oregonstate.edu/precollege/sites/default/files/osu_youth_policies_2015.pdf

Contact Kyle Cole if you have any questions (email: kyle.cole@oregonstate.edu, phone: 541-737-8262).

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Who is responsible for ensuring that your OSU youth program is in compliance with the OSU Youth Program Policies and Guidelines?

By answering this question, I am certifying that either I am responsible and accountable for my program complying with the policies stated in the OSU Youth Program Policies and Guidelines manual or that I have checked for program compliance with the person that is. The following records will be maintained for at least two years: verification that staff and volunteers received training, contact information for all staff and volunteers (including whether they passed a criminal history check) and accident/incident reports for my program.

If you are not an OSU Youth Program as defined in the OSU Youth Program Policy Manual, you are not required to comply. Please state your reason for noncompliance below.

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