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Courses for 2015

Act It Out

Instructor: Jenn Verdries
Drama isn’t just plays, it’s so much more!  Join us for creative expression in drama.  A human clay activity will help us loosen up and feel comfortable together before we practice tableaus,improvisations, and skits.  At the end of our class, you will have the opportunity to show off your acting talents to your friends and family in an artistic performance that you design.

Advanced Chess

Instructor: Phil Schapker
Join this class if you already have an idea of how to move pieces and an understanding of basic strategy.  Everything from beginning chess will be covered but with more depth.  Strategies and principles of chess will be introduced at various levels to meet each player's needs.

Adventures in Painting

Instructor: Stacey Free; additional $10 fee for supplies
Jump into the wonderful world of painting, explore a touch of history and create your own works of art as the masters of the past have done.  Learn the techniques of pointillism, pop art, optical art and watercolor. After the two weeks, you will have masterpieces to take home.


Instructor: Mark Allison; additional $35 fee for airplane supplies
Discover how full size airplanes and model airplanes fly.  Build a rubber-powered plane for outdoor flights and flying in large indoor spaces.  Learn how to adjust the model for its longest flight times and how to use thermal updrafts to fly higher.  Become skilled at using modeling tools so you will be able to build more complex planes later and will know how to adjust them.  Basic skills of coordination, the ability to listen and to follow instructions are required for maximum benefit from this class.

Beginning Chess

Instructor: Phil Schapker
New chess players will learn basic beginning, middle and end game play.  Discover the fundamental strategies of chess, general principles, and how to use a chess clock!  Strategies and principles of chess will be covered at various levels to meet each player's needs.

Beginning French

Instructor: Jenn Verdries; additional $5 fee for French food
Parlez vous Francais?  Are you interested in learning French?  Do you delight in sinking your teeth into delicious pastries? Have you ever wondered what francophone countries are?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you!  Experience French language, music, food and culture in this exciting hour of learning.  This class will include basic language skills like greetings, counting and ordering food in a restaurant. Join us for a holistic look at the French language and the people of the world who speak it. 


Instructor: Stacey Free
Draw cartoon people and animals, create flip books, pop-up cards and comic strips.  You need not be a great artist to be a cartoonist -- the secret to success is to think funny!

Creature Creation

Instructor: Leetra Taylor; additional $10 fee for supplies
Use your imagination to make a silly sock creature, and a monster, outer-space character or a forest creature out of felt -- a perfect way to express your creativity. 

Discover Mexico

Instructor: Jeanette Brudvig
Explore the culture of Mexico through song and dance.  Have fun doing Mexican arts and crafts and sampling tasty treats. Play traditional games and learn a little Spanish along the way. Join in as we discover and learn about our neighbors south of the border.

Doodles and Scribbles

Instructor: Leetra Taylor
Turn your doodles and scribbles into delightful works of art.  Create designs and patterns starting with a simple line.  Using a variety of techniques, you’ll be amazed at your finished products.

Drawing and Design

Instructor: Mark Allison
Using simply pencils and paper, learn to draw and design. Learn the principles and elements of design by doing abstract geometric designs, realistic drawing, perspective, scaled drawings, and shaded drawings. At the completion of the class you will have increased your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings.

Engineer It

Instructor: Jennifer Carpenter; additional $5 fee for supplies
Experience engineering in a fun and hands-on way by creating, designing, and building. Participate in a different project each class day. Construct and test houses with earthquake shake tables, and design and build your own bridge.  Be prepared for interesting and fun-filled challenges.

Fashion Design

Instructor: Jacqueline Ramos; additional $5 fee for supplies
Discover what it takes to become a fashion designer as you design several lines of clothing including active, formal, and resort wear.Develop a design portfolio and come up with your own creation on a mini dress form. 


Instructor: Robert O'Malley
Learn to play the game that is as old as Ancient China.  With plenty of fun challenges and puzzles, you will be playing within 15 minutes of the first class.  Starting with an empty board, and black and white stones, you enter the world of Go.  The rules are simple, but the twists and turns of the game will delight you.  No two games are alike, and the more you understand, the better you play.  Learn the basic techniques, then try them on the board and see what works for you.  With hours of fun, the more meaning you put into your moves, the better you will learn to "talk with stones".  Come enjoy this introduction to the game of Go.

Hands-on Algebra

Instructor: Jennifer England
Are you intrigued with the mystery of algebra? Would you like to solve equations like 2x+x+x+2 = 2x+10 and 2(x+4) + x = x+16? Using a balance and game pieces to set up and solve problems, you can break the code of algebra. Feel the pride that comes with mathematical success as you use game pieces to solve problems and represent equations.

Investigations in Chemistry

Instructors: Richard and Amy Nafshun; additional $5 fee for supplies
Make slime, superballs, colorful crystals, and paints. Investigate batteries, soil, Kool-Aid, and colors. By the end of the course, students will have a better understanding of chemistry in everyday life. No prior chemistry or laboratory experience is necessary.

Journey into Gameland – Design Your Own Board Game

Instructor: Jennifer England; additional $15 fee for supplies
Use your creativity to design a board game based on the characters and events of a favorite book. A game needs rules and playing pieces, obstacles, chance or go ahead cards, and ways to measure progress or defeat. Each step of the journey will be outlined so you can successfully complete your board game and be ready to play it with family and friends. All you need is your imagination and a favorite book!

LEGO Construction Challenge

Instructor: Josh Worden
Explore structure through the interlocking LEGO brick. Work with LEGOS to discover architecture, organization, pattern and arrangement. Create your own unique structures and follow directions for LEGO sets. Other building materials such as toothpicks, straws and marshmallows will be explored to gain perspective on what constitutes an architecturally strong structure.

Marimba Madness

Instructor: Jeanette Brudvig
Come play in a real Marimba Band! Have fun playing a student-sized marimba while learning the music and rhythms from around the world. A performance on the final day will wow your parents and friends.

Marvelous Machines

Instructor: Judy Craig; additional $20 fee for supplies
It can wobble, shake, and draw! Use your own designs to create unique machines. Turn a yogurt cup, a battery and other recycled items into electrified machines.

Math Mysteries

Instructor: Elton Kikuta
Become a math detective by solving challenging mathematical mysteries. Discover important clues that help decipher the most perplexing problems.


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