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Phronesis Lab Philosophy Seminar

Posted July 24th, 2014 by Emily Nicholson


In collaboration with College Hill High School, Phronesis Lab: Experiments in Engaged Ethics offers annually a ten-week philosophy seminar on peace and social justice designed for and by at-risk youth. The instructional team is comprised of graduate students in the MA in Applied Ethics program, senior undergraduate philosophy students, and community volunteers. High-school students take the seminar for social science credit towards their diploma requirements. The seminar is part of Phronesis Lab research in support of the hypothesis that philosophy curriculum focused on engaged, community-level, social-justice content increases student-citizen identity, participation, motivation, and self-efficacy. Here’s a ppt sharing details of the initial seminar offering in the spring of 2013; The Gazette Times did a front page feature on the 2014 offering – check out the story in the GT. Phronesis Lab is directed by Drs. Sharyn Clough and Stephanie Jenkins. Visit them at

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