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The Possible Adventures That Await You! (A SAMPLING FROM 2013 LISTED BELOW)

Advanced Scratch

1 hour/day; Instructor: Sheela Surisetty
Imagine designing your own Arcade or Platform game with running, jumpingm blasting and enemy stomping from Scratch? Using hands-on projects to introduce best practices of software development and provide deeper understaning of computational concepts using a fun programming environment called Scratch. Students will incorporate real world physics like gravity and friction while creating a unique adventure programmed entirely by him or her. No programing skills needed but previous Scratch experience required.

Around the World in 10 Days

1 hour/day; Instructor: Emily Carver; Additional $5 fee per student for material
Did you know that the official animal of Scotland is the unicorn? Or do you enjoy eating fondue? Take a trip around the world to learn about and experience different cultures. While traveling to ten different unique countries, plan to play games, make artwork, eat traditional food and learn some fun facts. Maybe on our travels we will even learn some new languages? Come discover the amazing similarities and differnces our world has to offer.


1 hour/day; Instructor: Karl Oestreich; Additional $10 fee for Campers only!
Explore one of the oldest Sciences: Learn about the stars, nebulae, comets, black holes and much much more. This class plans to offer an optional night viewing opportunity! Students may spend one night on campus watching stars and learning about how astronomers work. Information on the camping will be made available on the first day of classes--parents are welcome to camp with their astronomers.

Basic Video Production--closed

2 hours/day; Instructor: Nathan Worden
Like watching TV and movies? Ever wonder how shows and films are made? Making short movies is fun! But making them good takes skill! Learn the skills to make your short movies shine! Learn pre-production, storyboarding, filming techniques, editing and post-production in two fun filled weeks! All students will receive a DVD of the finished projects.

Birth of a Nation--CANCELLED

1 hour/day; Instructor: Emily Irwin
Do you have what it takes to rule your own country? Come find out! Invent your own country, creating a name, government and economic structure, currency, flag and history of formation. Then participate in a simulation where your country interacts with the other invented countries. Will your country come out as a superpower or struggle to survive?

Bridge Building

2 hours/day; Instructor: Troy Morris
Balsa wood bridge building is a fun test of engineering skill, vision and problem solving. Thoughout history a bridge builder was one of the most important people within a society and their bridges meant freedom because people could explore, trade and thrive. Learn building skills, and apply engineering, basic physics, applied math and static designs. Bridge building is for explorers, engineers and visionaries!


1 hour/day; Instructor: Erin Mulkey; Additional $5 fee per student for materials
Learn to make useful and wonderful ceramics from tiles to bowls to figurines. Pottery is a soothing and artistic skill that can become a life long hobby! Spend an hour a day getting beautifully dirty!

The Chemistry in Cooking

1 hour/day; Instructor: Emily Carver; Additional $7 fee per student for materials
Have you ever wondered why you have to add baking soda to cookies? What would happen if you didn’t? There is a very unique science behind cooking and in this course you will learn about it. Perform experiments that explain and challenge the science behind food. You may end up with a sweet treat in the end, or a baking soda sculpture. See how the different ingredients in recipes add to the end product, and how something can come out completely different just by missing one factor. By the end of the course, you will have a much better idea why some things taste so good, while others end up in the trash!

Chemistry Lab

1 hour/day; Instructor: Nicole Duncan
Investigate the nature of chemistry, chemical reactions, and uses of chemistry through experimentation. Using an OSU teaching lab, develop laboratory skills and be exposed to several chemical concepts. Types of activities will include making polymers, investigating different types of chemical reactions, making an art project using chemical processes, and much more. Close toed shoes are required!


1 hour/day; Instructor: Chris Grooms
Learn the techniques to win like a master! Develop thinking and strategy skills that will carry into all aspects of life and have fun doing it!

Design a City

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Additional $5 fee for materials
Design and build a city to your liking. How would you like people to live, play, travel, and work in your city? The sky is the limit! Will you base your design on a city you know and like, or begin a completely new design? Begin with geographical features, like mountains, rivers and lakes. Add residences, businesses, and industries. Plan parks and bike paths. What makes your city unique? Will there be any special features or attractions?

Digital Photography

1 hour/day; Instructor: Emily Carver
Have you ever looked at a photo and thought it looked amazing? Then looked at a different photo and wondered why it turned out so badly? Discover the elements of taking photos. Lighting, positioning and editing are just a few of the components of photography that we will explore. Get a chance to go outside or nside and enjoy just seeing beautiful, interesting things in our world. In the end, you will learn how to see the world through your camera, and have some neat photos to take home and frame!

Draw What You Wish You Could Draw

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Additional $5 fee per student for materials
Express yourself through visual art. Choose and bring topics you are interested in drawing- animals, landscapes, mythological creatures, characters from books/movies/games, or a story you have written, etc. Draw items to look surreal or original, dramatic, proportional, three-dimensional, and beautiful. At the completion of the class you will have improved your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings. This class uses lots of imagination. Come, learn, share inspirations, and have fun! All skill levels welcome, especially those that feel limited as artists.

Dynamic Theatrics

2 hours/day; Instructor: TBD; Additional $5 fee per student for materials
Wonder what it takes to be an actor?  Let’s put on a play!  Join us for 10 days of theatrical fun.  Discover the skills needed to bring a story to life on stage, including:  characterization, memorization, improvisation, make-up, scenery, costumes, and much more.  No previous experience necessary! Just bring your creative self!

Fantastic Fibonacci!--closed

1 hour/day; Instructor: Penny McDermott
Amaze your family and friends with fun facts about the famed Fobonacci sequence. Participate in hands-on activities related to the sequence. Solve puzzles. Investigate how the sequence is illustrated in spirals, nature, and formulate myriad possibilities of other occurences.

Italy! Italy!--cancelled

2 hours/day; Instructor: Angela Cail
What made the Roman Empire really fall? Who really designed the first helicopter; what was the evil eye; why was Venice built on water? Who was the most evil family in Italian history; what was it like to live in Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius erupted; why did Michelangelo roam the morgues at night? Investigate the ancient mysteries of Italy, discover its unique history and explore the stories, legends, superstitions, and culture as we take a trip through time to explore secret coded languages, ancient family vendettas, castles, and underground catacombs full of mummies. Create a Venetian Carnival Mask, make your own marionette, cook Italian pasta as they did 500 years ago, encrypt and decode Leonardo's secret language play the ancient card game of Briscola and discover the heroes and villains of this truly mysterious land.

Legal Eagles

1 hour/day; Instructor: Steven Black
Exactly what is "contempt of court"? Why is argument an art form? Debate the subtle differences, and not so subtle differences, of law with an experienced lawyer.


1 hour/day; Instructor: Jack Standeven; Additional $5 fee for materials
Build, hack, tweak, share, discover! A maker is someone who enjoys combining high tech with a do-it-your-self attitude. Discover the fun of inventing and building things out of everyday objects. Blend together science, engineering, creativity, art and imagination to invent gadgets, gizmos toys you can make yourself. Be an Inventor. Be an Artist. Become both by becoming a Maker!


1 hour/day; Instructor: Staci Matthews; Additional $5 fee per student for materials
Are hovercrafts really real? What is rock candy? Can baking soda really polish silver? Can you really make a clock using potatoes? Is it possible to create a liquid rainbow? Can you grow your own avocado tree from an avocado pit? Is there a plastic that can be made at your home? Is it possible to simulate a geyser? Find the answer to these questions and more as you explore these concepts through hands-on scientific experiments!

Polymer Clay Creations

1 hour/day; Instructor: Linda Westbrook; Additional $5 fee for materials
Design and sculpt a variety of creations using bakeable Polymer clay! From fantasy creatures like goblins and dragons to more realistic miniature animals, this sculpting experience puts the modeling in your hands! From design to armature making to applying texture to finishing with paint, feathers, fur or costumes, experiment with a variety of techniques for making creations with a spark of life.

Pop & Picasso

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Additional $8 fee per student for materials
Love to sculpt? Love to paint? Explore a little history of Pop Art and Picasso while having fun creating works of art on canvas and in clay. You will leave with vibrant colored paintings and a sculpture you will want to display.

Project Splash!--Girls Only

2 hour/day; Instructor: Penny McDermott
Introducing Water Robotics! Take robotics to another level--or depth! Using Lego NXT Mindstorms, engineer your own submersible robot. Adventures in Learning has been granted the opportunity to offer this course to girls only! We look forward to opening this up for co-ed opportunities in the future but because this is a special offer through Project Splash! (www.ngcproject.org/project-splash) we must keep enrollment to girls only. Due to the equipment limitaitons and the popularity of this class, the class will be limited to only 20 students. Please take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity!

Quite a Conundrum!

1 hour/day; Instructor: Aileen Hood
Want some extra challenges? New and supportive friends? Who can you trust? Your teammates? Can they trust you? Everyday objects used in unusual tasks are here to challenge you! Use your problem solving skills in this always popular class. Each day is different. See what new puzzles and challenges await you. Wear close-toed shoes and comfortable outdoor clothing!

Scratch Programming--closed

1 hour/day; Instructor: Sheela Surisetty
This multimedia camp adventure introduces students to the building blocks of programming through fun interactive stories and games. Using Scratch, students think creatively while learning how to program their own stories, games, and animations, as well as how to share their creations on the web. Explore computational science through the lens of designing and building your own games. This class will give you a good introdution to the world of game programming. No programming skills needed.

Social Media

1 hour/day; Instructor: Sarah Blount
Look at the world around you and discover endless possibilities for great journalsts! Work with an editorial team to put together your own online newspaper by choosing your own multimedia approach to hone your interviewing and story telling skills. Pitch ideas, create video new stories, write investigative articles, fun features and personality profiles, and get the shots that tell it all. At the end of the two week course you will edit the final news peice and show it off on the Web.

Terrarium Universe--cancelled

1 hour/day; Instructor: Josh Mitchell
Create small unique ecosystems in individual containers. Coordinate plants and soils into thriving environments using engineering techniques that reflect your interests. What are biospheres and why should they be protected? Create your own animal replicas to fit into the mini worlds you create!

TV Production

2 hours/day; Instructor: Amy Hunter (formerly of Lucasfilm, Leapfrog)
Newscasting and telecasting of live activities such as sporting events and musical/drama productions is an entirely different world of film! Learn how to produce a show with state of the art technology, operating the cameras, lights, switcher, directing and audio engineering. You will never look at television the same!!

Veterinary Medicine Explorations--closed

1 hour/day; Instructor: Dan Rockey & OSU Vet Med Personnel
Explore several facets of veterinary medicine. Different specialists at OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine will share what their specialties involve. Look at x-rays, blood, and body parts; learn how to examine an animal. Experience some of what veterinarians do; try some of these things yourself. This course is not recommended for the very squeamish!

Water and Air Rockets

1 hour/day; Instructor: Jack Standeven; Additional $5 fee for materials
Become a real rocket scientist! Learn to build and fly a model rocket. Anyone who has ever tried to launch a rocket has always wondered: Why does a rocket neet fins? What happens if I launch it without them? Can I put the fins near the top? Can I make a short rocket? How high is it supposed to go? How high did it really go? What is the best design to use? Why did the tree eat my rocket? By building and launching different rockets and taking data, learn how to optimize your team's design. When you are done with the class you will be able to proudly say, "Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a rocket scientist."

Who Done it?

1 hour/day; Instructor: Staci Mathews
Forensic Science Investigations is an interactive, hands-on, and fun course covering various aspects of forensic science. Examine materials that can link or exclude an association between a suspect and a victim of a crime. Solve mysteries through fingerprinting, examining mock dental records, comparing footprints to height, the usage of white powder, and more!

Yo-Yo Physics--cancelled

1 hour/day; Instructor: JT Nickel; Additional $5 fee for materials
Introduce yourself to the modern world of yo-yoing. Discover yo-yos as more than just peices of wood or plastic. They are tools that help develop coordination, reflexes, talent and promote and even better understanding of rotational physics. Not to mention how much fun yo-yoing is!

Zombie Madness 

1 hour/day; Instructor: Holly Mitchel
Investigate why zombie culture is so popular today. Look through history's eyes to see the evolution and cultural influence of what the modern day zombie has become. Explore the themes behind zombies such as capitalism and individualism. Analyze what it would take to survive a zombie apocalypse and create your own doomsday stategy. Try to survive our own classroom zombie simulation. After becoming an expert on everything zombie, create your own zombieland story to compete with the greats. Catch the zombie bus, but don't let it catch you!

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