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Courses for 2015

2015 Course Offerings

American Sign Language

Instructor: Terry McNamara

Come learn how to talk with your hands!  This class offers the basics of American Sign Language, from learning the alphabet, to understanding how gestures and facial expressions are an important part of this rich language.  We will learn how to introduce ourselves, talk about our families, friends and favorite activities. And more. Some history of American Sign Language will also be incorporated into this class.  Come and turn off your voice and turn on your hands.

Beading Embellishment by Hand

Instructor: Marianne Dickson

$5 materials fee

Come learn how to hand sew various types of beads onto fabric. Trace over designs provided or create your own. The class will begin with a ‘sample’ created by each student where they learn the various types of stitches and fringes created with seed and bugle beads. Students can then bring in clothing to use for their own design ideas. T-shirts, jeans, leggings, anything you like, can be used for transferring designs and adding one of a kind embellishment. Supplies will be provided and previous hand sewing experience is not needed.

Creative Minecraft

Instructor: Jack Standeven

$5 usage fee

Do you love being creative in Minecraft? Want to show others what you can do? This is your chance! We will be building a world that future generations of OSU science camp Minecrafters will build upon. We have the computers, we need the builders with big ideas. That will be you! Help us build castles, bridges, towns and more. Bring your ideas, your Minecraft shovels and Minecraft picks as we build a new world together. Years later you can see how it grew and say "I started that at OSU!". Don't worry if you never played Minecraft before or are just getting started. There will be plenty of Minecrafters there to help you get going.

3D Modeling & Printing

Instructor: Ken Olsen

$5 materials fee 

3D printing is a rapidly advancing technology that allows digital objects to emerge into the physical world. It has applications in many fields including medicine, engineering, and even archaeology. In this class you will learn the methods, materials, and limitations of 3D printing. You will also create, edit, and share your own 3D models. By the end of the class, you will have prepared an object for printing on a 3D printer and observe it as it comes to life.

Advanced Chess

Instructor: Phil Schapker

Learn strategies to dramatically improve your chess game! This class will introduce students to a broad spectrum of topics in advanced chess theory, from general opening, middle, and endgame strategies to more specific lessons in pawn structure and tactics for attacking the opponent’s king. Lectures will include examples and discussions of some of the most famous chess games. Students will have ample opportunities to play and practice their new skills and learn to record their games for later review.

Bridge Building

Instructor: Troy Morris

$10 materials fee

Balsa wood bridge building is a fun test of engineering skill, vision and problem solving. Throughout history a bridge builder was one of the most important people within a society and their bridges meant freedom because people could explore, trade and thrive. Learn building skills, and apply engineering, basic physics, applied math and static designs. Bridge building is for explorers, engineers and visionaries.

Speech and Debate: War of the Words!

Instructor: Sravya Tadepalli

Like to argue? Want to be a lawyer, a politician, or an actor? Maybe you’re quieter, and want an opportunity to come and speak your mind. Come here armed with words! This class offers the basics of speech and debate skills, from presenting a strong argument, to coming up with a four-minute speech in a minute, to telling a great story, to learning how to sound like Abraham Lincoln! We will learn how to talk proudly and persuasively and have fun while we do it, utilizing fast-paced games, fun activities, fascinating discussions, and exciting simulations to apply our speaking skills to the world outside. Come join us!


Instructor: Andy Cadotte

$5 materials fee

Have you ever wanted to have a foam fight, make slime, or grow crystals? Does the secret world of chemistry excite you? Do you want to understand the secrets of the universe’s smallest particles? Then we have a class for you. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of chemistry all through hands on learning and labs. We will use everyday items to do the labs so you can go home and show your friends, siblings, and parents. We will also have a demonstration day in a lecture room at OSU where you will be shown experiments that will amaze and enthrall you. We will also make ice cream on the last day.  How? That is a secret. If you’re ready to have fun, this class has plenty to offer.

Design Your Future House 

Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen

$10 materials fee        

How do you want people to live in your house? Does it have special features? Your imagination is the limit! Work with an architectural designer to design and draw a house, and then build a scale model.   How many rooms and stories will your house have?  What will be the character of your house?  Historic, Gothic, Victorian, Rustic, Classic, Modern?  Consider furniture and landscape layout as well!

Draw What You Like

Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen

$10 materials fee

Express yourself through visual art.  Choose and bring topics you are interested in drawing  - animals, landscapes, mythological creatures, characters from books/movies/games, or a story you have written, etc. Draw items to look surreal or original, dramatic, proportional, three-dimensional, and beautiful.  At the completion of the class you will have improved your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings. This class uses lots of imagination. Come, learn, share inspirations, and have fun!  All skill levels welcome, especially those that feel limited as artists.

Pop & Picasso

Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen

$10 materials fee

Love to sculpt?  Love to paint?  Explore a little history of Pop Art and Picasso while having fun creating works of art on paper and in clay. You will leave with vibrant colored paintings and a sculpture you will want to display.

Dance and Choreography

Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen

Challenge your kinesthetic awareness and improve your spatial reasoning skills by working with a choreographer/dance teacher and dancing a variety of styles such as hip hop, jazz, ballet, and swing.  Learn the basic elements of dance, dance terminology, and the mechanics of movement.  You will improve strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and self-confidence as you gain self-expression and learn a routine. The class will culminate in a final performance for family and friends. Wear stretchy clothing; for the feet, go barefoot or wear snug socks, light sneakers, or dance shoes. Bring a water bottle. All skill levels and dance styles welcome!

Maker Exploratorium

Instructor: Ken Olsen

$10 materials fee

We are all makers at heart. We just have to find our passion. Explore electronics with Arduino microcontrollers. Learn how computers work with Raspberry Pi. Learn how to program in Scratch, JavaScript and Python. Incorporate computing in textiles with soft-circuits. Take apart an appliance to see how it works. Create art from junk. Explore and utilize online maker resources. Go home with the skills and confidence to follow your passion.

Model Rockets

Instructor: Jack Standeven and Leif Vong

$25 materials fee

Become a real rocket scientist! Learn to build and fly a model rocket. Anyone who has ever tried to launch a rocket has always wondered: Why does a rocket need fins? What happens if I launch it without them? Can I put the fins near the top? Can I make a short rocket? How high is it supposed to go? How high did it really go? What is the best design to use? Why did the tree eat my rocket? By building and launching different rockets and taking data, learn how to optimize your team’s design. The class will build and launch air rockets, water rockets and Estes engine powered rockets. Learn about school, club, and national rocket competitions. Learn about how making and flying full size rockets can become your dream job. When you are done with the class you will be able to proudly say, “Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a rocket scientist.”

Social Media

Instructor: Sarah Blount

Look at the world around you and discover endless possibilities for great journalists! Work with an editorial team to put together your own online newspaper by choosing your own multimedia approach to hone your interviewing and story-telling skills. Pitch ideas, create video news stories, write investigative articles, fun features and personality profiles, and get the shots that tell it all. At the end of the two week course you will edit the final news piece and show it off on the web.

Veterinary Medicine Explorations

Instructor: Dan Rockey & OSU Vet Med Personnel

Explore several facets of veterinary medicine. Different specialists at OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine will share what their specialties involve. Look at x-rays, blood, and body parts; learn how to examine an animal. Experience some of what veterinarians do; try some of these things yourself. This course is not recommended for the very squeamish!

Birds of a Feather

Instructor: David Schas

Let’s learn about our feathered friends that wake us up at 5 o’clock in the morning, singing away. We’ll explore important features of birds, learn tips to finding and identifying birds (including by listening to their sounds), and get to explore the birds on campus! Technology advancements have given birders many tools to use, so for students interested, we will learn about keeping lists, and getting involved in citizen science opportunities

Introduction to the Japanese Language

Instructor: Andy Cadotte

$5 materials fee

Konnichiwa genkidesuka? Did you understand that? Do you want to? Come learn Japanese with your friends. We will examine Japanese language and culture through anime, manga, popular Japanese trends, and even Japanese food. By the end of the class you will be able to speak to friends in Japanese, write in Kanji and Kana, and learn more about Japan and their customs. Jyaa mata ne!

Summer Reads Book Club

Instructor: Sarah Blount

$10 book fee

Are you excited for summer to come because it means more time for reading? Are you rarely spotted without a novel in hand? Then this course is for you! We will be reading and discussing Graham Salisbury’s Under a Blood Red Sun, the story of a young Japanese American growing up during the political upheaval of WWII. As a group, we’ll have some lively discussions about the book, as well as some cool connections relating to Japanese culture and the history of WWII. 

Un Taco de Carne Asada

Instructor: Carlos Valdes-Casillas

$15 materials fee

Discover the amazing ingredients of thousands of years from old recipes for the uniqueness of  a “Taco de Carne Asada:” Merging cultures, adaptation of varieties in wheat, religious encounters, historic revolutions in irrigation and technology, but more important, bring into place the magic effects of Capsicum,  that brings the possibility for each home to develop its own flavor.   The properties of a hot pepper, that triggers questions of  global climate, shifting economies, practices of cattle ranching, agriculture and grazing patterns, changes suggesting that some of the recipes and the cultures they belong to may never comeback. We’ll learn to prepare Salsas and celebrate together as we share flavor and cultural meanings of Tacos de Carne Asada.

Mathzoom: Build IT Through Math

Instructor: Patricia Lytton

Join us in exploring your curiosity about math and problem solving through creative ways. With a theme of Build IT through Math we will explore math behind the scenes in architecture and construction. Through hands-on approaches and group activities including Frank Lloyd Wright design contests to Water Baby Bungee Jumping to multi-structure CityScapes creating to Fractals to Structures to hold 10000 their Own Weight, we will put both geometry and algebra to work.  Join us as we seek and share you interest in math.  We will improve our math education and performance via a variety of contests and activities.

Mission Historical: It's not just about dead people.

Mission – How Did We Get Here

Instructor: Martin Mulford

Your mission students, should you decide to accept it, is to investigate the historical mysteries of how Oregon came to be settled. Using information you gather, you shall delve into and uncover the events and people involved in those mysteries. Then, you need to communicate your findings before the enemy, Time Destroyer, can act against you. As always, should you or any of your M.H. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in ten seconds (or not).

Mission Historical: It's not just about dead people.

Ancient World Mission

Instructor: Martin Mulford

Your mission students, should you decide to accept it, is to investigate the historical mysteries of the ancient world. Who was Alexander and why was he so great? Run down the culprits responsible for killing the civilization of the Pharoahs. Search out the lost cities of the Indus Valley. Explore the greatest empire ever and unearth what happened to it! Pry into the Middle Kingdom. Discover how people interacted before the internet, before tv, before radio, before steamships, cars, trains, and buses, even before science! Report your findings, before something happens to you and the information is lost forever to the Time Destroyer! As always, should you or any of your M.H. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in ten seconds (or not).

A Pause in Time through our Third Eye

Instructor: Carlos Valdes-Casillas

$15 materials fee

It is being said there is a mystery when time is captured. The light of an image can allows us to freeze a moment in time.  Let photography engaged YOU in developing a path for your senses, first through the aid of your camera, then through exploration of our minds, the inspiration of our hearts and finally, the senses of our third eye. Let this course on visual photography become an extension of your sympathy and eventual understanding of your other selves, other domains, other dreams, and why not, other worlds. Students are required to bring their own cameras. Any camera or cell phone with photo capabilities will work.  

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