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Acting and Storytelling CLASS FULL

1 hour/day; Instructor: Rod Davidson

Actors are storytellers. Whether they are in front of an audience in a theater, or in front of a television or movie camera, actors tell stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, sometimes fantastical. Learning about acting and how to tell stories with confidence, creativity, and charisma will be the focus of this course. Join Hollywood actor Rod Davidson as we explore stories from the past, and those yet to be written. Do you have a story to tell?

 Advanced Chess

1 hour/day; Instructor: Phil Schapker

Learn strategies to dramatically improve your chess game! This class will introduce students to a broad spectrum of topics in advanced chess theory, from general opening, middle, and endgame strategies to more specific lessons in pawn structure and tactics for attacking the opponent’s king. Lectures will include examples and discussions of some of the most famous chess games. Students will have ample opportunities to play and practice their new skills and learn to record their games for later review.

Bridge Building

2 hours/day; Instructor: Troy Morris; Additional $10 fee per student

Balsa wood bridge building is a fun test of engineering skill, vision and problem solving. Throughout history a bridge builder was one of the most important people within a society and their bridges meant freedom because people could explore, trade and thrive. Learn building skills, and apply engineering, basic physics, applied math and static designs. Bridge building is for explorers, engineers and visionaries.


1 hour/day; Instructor: Andy Cadotte; Additional $5 fee per student

Have you ever wanted to have a foam fight, make slime, or grow crystals? Does the secret world of chemistry excite you? Do you want to understand the secrets of the universe’s smallest particles? Then we have a class for you. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of chemistry all through hands on learning and labs. We will use everyday items to do the labs so you can go home and show your friends, siblings, and parents. We will also have a demonstration day in a lecture room at OSU where you will be shown experiments that will amaze and enthrall you. We will also make ice cream on the last day.  How? That is a secret. If you’re ready to have fun, this class has plenty to offer.


1 hour/day; Instructor: Emily Sass

This is a hands-on learning class where we use cooking foods to explore math and science concepts. Each day we will use a new recipe, read through it, prepare the foods and even get to eat what we make. We will use math concepts to double or triple recipes we are going to use, cost out recipes to find out if buying foods from restaurants or making it yourself is a better deal, and see which tastes better. The science concepts we will explore are the reactions between ingredients that create the foods we make.

Design Your Future Theme/Water Park

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Additional $5 fee for materials

Work with an architectural designer to design and draw a theme or water park. Play with cardstock and marbles to create roller coasters or water slides. Use physics and your imagination to create several schematic models. Consider how guests will enter and move through your park. Will you create new rides? Can you create a perpetual motion machine? Create drawings from your favorite model.

Don’t Toss That! Newpaper Art

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kathy Jederlinich

Nick Georgiou is a Queens-born artist known for creating creatures and art pieces out of discarded newspaper and books. He then deposits them in random locations throughout New York City. You will utilize newspaper and book remnants as he did to create odd creatures and sculptures to add a little wonder and thought. A display location will be discussed whereby, if you choose, you can showcase your work in the community to be picked up by you at a later date.

Draw What You Like

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Additional $5 fee for materials

Express yourself through visual art. Choose and bring topics you are interested in drawing- animals, landscapes, mythological creatures, characters from books/movies/games, or a story you have written, etc. Draw items to look surreal or original, dramatic, proportional, three-dimensional, and beautiful. At the completion of the class you will have improved your drawing ability and learned tools or methods that will continue to improve your drawings. This class uses imagination. Come, learn, share inspirations, and have fun! All skill levels welcome, especially those that feel limited as artists.


1 hour/day; Instructor: Brett Rogers

Make green fire, shimmering molecular models, elephant toothpaste, frozen bubbles, perform the “clock” reaction, and much more. Research and prepare fascinating science demonstrations (topic, background, and safety to be approved by class instructor) to present to your classmates during the last two class periods.

Killer Kaiju Monsters

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kathy Jederlinich

You will be delving into the dark and grisly world of monster sculptures. Strange beasts of Japanese films as well as artist Chris Ryniak and his cute and cuddly…(kind of) baby monsters. You will change a fuzzy stuffed animal into a strange beast, using all kinds of great recycled scraps such as plastics, foam, wire, broken toys and more. Your beast can be on display if you choose at Laughing Planet to be viewed by all that love beastly things!

Maker Exploratorium CLASS FULL

1 hour/day; Instructor: Ken Olsen; Additional $10 fee for materials

We are all makers at heart. We just have to find our passion. Explore electronics with Arduino microcontrollers. Learn how computers work with Raspberry Pi. Learn how to program in Scratch, JavaScript and Python. Incorporate computing in textiles with soft-circuits. Take apart an appliance to see how it works. Create art from junk. Explore and utilize online maker resources. Go home with the skills and confidence to follow your passion.

Mindstorms/Lego Robotics CLASS FULL

1 hour/day; Instructor: Tuesday DeSauliniers

Create and program LEGO Robots! Learn about “smartbricks” and work with the Mindstorms NXT kits. Start by building a simple robot, practice driving it, and program it to go around obstacles by “reading” touch sensors. Progress to advanced techniques of LEGO Robotics programming and mechanics, and apply you new skills to complete a challenge project. At the end of the course, you robot will have an opportunity to share what it has learned.

Model Rockets

1 hour/day; Instructor: Jack Standeven; Additional $10 fee for materials

Become a real rocket scientist! Learn to build and fly a model rocket. Anyone who has ever tried to launch a rocket has always wondered: Why does a rocket need fins? What happens if I launch it without them? Can I put the fins near the top? Can I make a short rocket? How high is it supposed to go? How high did it really go? What is the best design to use? Why did the tree eat my rocket? By building and launching different rockets and taking data, learn how to optimize your team’s design. The class will build and launch air rockets, water rockets and Estes engine powered rockets. Learn about school, club, and national rocket competitions. Learn about how making and flying full size rockets can become your dream job. When you are done with the class you will be able to proudly say, “Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a rocket scientist.”

Mumbo Jumbo Mosaics

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kathy Jederlinich

Mosaics are small pieces of anything that mean nothing unless they are put together. You will have fun doing some paper mosaics, found object mosaics and broken tile mosaics- we will be working with cement, maybe plaster. You will be encouraged to bring in found ceramic figurines or other items to mosaic. Lastly and most importantly you will be working on mosaic pieces for the Benton County Fairgrounds- a permanent mosaic installation at the fairgrounds that you can bring your family and friends and show them you helped with its creation. How cool is that? All the people in Corvallis are little pieces that when put together make up the community of Corvallis-  Mumbo Jumbo.

Pop & Picasso

1 hour/day; Instructor: Kaisa Laukkanen; Additional $10 fee for materials

Love to sculpt? Love to paint? Explore a little history of Pop Art and Picasso while having fun creating works of art on canvas and in clay. You will leave with vibrant colored paintings and a sculpture you will want to display.

Print and Play Games

1 hour/day; Instructor: Jack Standeven; Additional $5 fee for materials

Tired of playing scrabble with Grandma and always getting beaten? Looking for something new after getting crushed by your older brother or sister in playing Monopoly for the 50th time in a row? Maybe you should try holding off Zombies till midnight, fend off other squirrels while trying to gather enough nuts for the winter or create the best rail line across Seattle before someone else does. Try rummaging through an orbiting junkyard to build a space ship. Stop Godzilla before he burns down the city and stomps it flat. Deal with barbarian hordes and natural disasters while trying to build a civilization from scratch. Troll through a dungeon trying to find the treasure before someone else does. Race motorcycles before you’re old enough to drive. Or simply have the satisfaction of wiping everyone else’s armies off the map. There are hundreds of free games on the internet that people have made for you to print out, cut and glue together and play. Learn how to find and make these excellent games. Pick your favorites, print them out and play together as much as you want in class. Then take them home and beat Grandma!

Social Media

1 hour/day; Instructor: Sarah Blount

Look at the world around you and discover endless possibilities for great journalists! Work with an editorial team to put together your own online newspaper by choosing your own multimedia approach to hone your interviewing and story-telling skills. Pitch ideas, create video news stories, write investigative articles, fun features and personality profiles, and get the shots that tell it all. At the end of the two week course you will edit the final news piece and show it off on the web.

Steel Drum Band

1 hour/day; Instructor: Bob Brudvig

Join the AIL Steel Drum Band! This class will introduce the student to the festive sounds of the steel drum (pan). Originating from the island country of Trinidad and Tobago, the steel drum is one of the newest acoustical instruments invented. Each student will be exposed to performance practices of this instrument through the learning of traditional and modern songs arranged for the band; a wide variety of song styles including Calypso, Reggae, and American pop. While a musical background is helpful in learning this instrument, it is not necessary. The course is open to all who are interested in discovering the wonderful sounds of World music, demonstrated through the pan. The course will culminate in an open performance on the final day of class.

Veterinary Medicine Explorations

1 hour/day; Instructor: Dan Rockey & OSU Vet Med Personnel

Explore several facets of veterinary medicine. Different specialists at OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine will share what their specialties involve. Look at x-rays, blood, and body parts; learn how to examine an animal. Experience some of what veterinarians do; try some of these things yourself. This course is not recommended for the very squeamish!


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