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Afternoon Exploratory Opportunities for 2013



 (2013 CHOICES) Enhance your Adventure with these exciting opportunities!

Basket Weaving - Additional fee of $3
In three afternoon sessions, you can learn to create a handy natural basket to in which to carry supplies or store creations!

Bowling - Additional fee of $4
Spend an afternoon at the basement bowling alley in the Memorial Union on the OSU campus!

Brain Bowl
Come challenge your intellect and trivia knowledge in a game of Brain Bowl!

Corvallis Knights
Come meet the Corvallis Knights! Meet Mack the Knight, have an opportunity to meet the players and ask questions. Then play catch, run bases, and even get in some batting practice. Complete the day by getting a tour of the stadium and watching the Knights warm up for their game.

Introduce yourself to drums! Enjoy an afternoon of  "hands on" experience playing drums from around the world. Discover rhythms from Africa and South America . No experience necessary to enjoy drumming the rhythms of the world.

Fish Museum
Come check out selected specimens of sharks, salmons, sculpins, and other fishes from Oregon and beyond from the OSU fish teaching collection. Also discuss fish biodiversity, fish biology, and how the collection is used in scientific research.

Game Room
Meet with your new friends and make even more new friends in a room where the board games are never dull! Chess, Battleship, Sorry, Stratego, Clue, Mancala--just to name a few! You can sign up for one day...or many!

GPS/Geocaching - Additional fee of $4 (2 days)
Spend 2 afternoon activities on a 21st century treasure hunt! In this activity you'll learn about GPS technology, using a GPS receiver, and geocaching. Then go out and find caches hidden on campus!.

Juggling - Additional fee of $10 (3 days)
Spend 3 afternoon activites developing the skills to become a top knotch juggler. Juggling is entertaining and athletic. This skill develops muscle control as well as mental acuity! When someone asks, "Do you do anything athletic?" you can say, "Why YES! I'm a juggler!"

Knot Tying
Learn the basics of this amazing and rare but useful skill! Never underestimate the importance of a well tied knot! Can you tie like a Boy Scout? After this, you can.

Oddball Games
Everyone knows how to play Tag and Capture the Flag. But do you know how to play these Games? Try out Spud, Zombie Tag, Hurry Up Baseball, Kubb, Space Station, Wiffle Ball and more. Play some of these fun outdoor group games here and you can show your friends back home, camp or anywhere else you have a crowd of kids looking to play something new.

Read a compass and map and take off on an adventure to find the hidden checkpoints! This introduction can prepare you for the world of orienteering and a vast world that is! This is an international activity and there are likely many clubs in your area that you can join to continue this fabulous fun time!

OSU Oceanography Tour
Visit OSU's Oceanography Core Lab. See a slide show of oceanographers at work. Examine one of the world's largest collections of sea-floor sediment cores and rocks, and read history recorded in mud! What are foraminifera and why do we study them? Take home your very own foraminifera or a piece of basalt from the deep-ocean floor.

OSU Pharmacy Lab
Visit the OSU Pharmacy Lab and participate in an activity making lip balm which you will take home with you.

OSU Vet Medicine Tour
Take a tour through the halls and laboratories of the School of Veteranian medicine. Talk to the people who are dedicating their lives to learning how to care for our furry friends.

Outdoor Physical Recreation
The recreation leader will plan outdoor activities and will also ask for suggestions of activities you would like.

Paper Making
Each sheet of paper used to be made by hand. Create the pulp and make your own paper. It's fun and soothing! The varieties of paper can be as artistic as you!

Refrigerator Magnet Creations
Spend an afternoon creating a magnetic creation that will hang around for years!

Rubber Stamping
Spend an afternoon dabbling in the art of applying stamps in various compositions. Then color and make charming works of art or stationary!

Sketching and Drawing
Unwind in the afternoon by practicing your drawing and sketching in a relaxing atmosphere with many different subjects to study.

Have you ever wondered how people living and working in the big US cities (New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, LA) could help with global warming by using their cars less? The answer is in the new "people mover" called a SEGWAY SCOOTER invented by Dean Kamen. Find out how it works.....and take it for a ride!

Wonders of Wood
Become a bit of a wood scientist and learn about one of the world's most important renewable resources (wood, of course!). Work in teams to construct and break beams of different shapes and sizes.

Excused Early Release
Students may, with prior permission of parents, be excused at 3:10 pm

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