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Understanding the $1 billion announcement, what’s next for Oregon State

Oregon State University hit its big goal. What does it mean?

Because of donors to The Campaign for OSU, more than 600 new scholarship and fellowship funds have been created, and more than $100 million has been raised to help attract and retain leading professors and researchers for years to come. Donors’ generosity also will lead to campus facilities that support contemporary teaching styles, cutting-edge research and athletic competition at the highest levels. Campaign gifts have supported the construction and renovation of more than two dozen campus facilities.

Through this historic effort, Oregon State has now joined a select group of institutions to hit $1 billion in campaign donations and is one of only two in the Pacific Northwest to do so. OSU is among only 34 public universities in the country to have crossed the billion-dollar mark in a fundraising campaign.

Who donated exactly?

More than 102,000 people from every state and more than 50 countries. Almost 40 percent of these campaign donors are first-time donors to the university. More than 1,000 donors made campaign gifts of more than $100,000, including 177 donors who made gifts of $1 million or more.

What were some of the campaign’s biggest moments/donations?

Below is a snapshot of a timeline located online. It’s impossible for us to pick a favorite.




The number is great, but what does President Ray think?

“Reaching $1 billion in the university’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign is a remarkable milestone, but this campaign has never been about the big number,” Ray says. “Our generous donors are committed, as is the university, to transforming OSU into a top-ten land grant research university to significantly advance the health of the Earth, its people, and our economy.”

Has the goal always been $1 billion?

Quite simply, no. The Campaign for OSU, publicly launched in October 2007, began with a goal of $625 million, which was reached in just three years. Inspired by the growing community of donors and by the exciting vision presented in OSU’s strategic plan, campaign leaders upped the goal to $850 million. As the momentum continued to build, the goal was again bumped to $1 billion. Beaver Nation surprised over and over.

Where can I track the campaign’s progress?

Take a look at this awesome motion graphic, showing where the totals sit and where the money is going to help propel Oregon State.

What happens now?

We’re not done yet! The $1 billion goal was achieved 11 months early, so there’s still time for more supporters to join this historic effort – and make more incredible things possible at Oregon State. There’s almost a whole year left. Years like this:


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