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Top 5 last-minute gifts for Beaver Nation

Last minute gifts. Either you forgot about that one person you should have gotten a gift, or you -- like the rest of the world  -- procrastinated on your holiday shopping. Have no fear. If you’re shopping for a Beaver fan, here are a few last minute Oregon State-themed ideas.


Bowl T-shirt

Available at the OSU Beaver Store

Oregon State football will be in Hawaii at the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl Dec. 24. First of all, they get to go to Hawaii. Second, these shirts are pretty slick. Why is it important, though? Because you’re a dedicated fan (cheering from the mainland) and the Beavers are awesome.




Available at Fred Meyer

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, this stocking hanging, orange and bright. Beaver Nation pride isn’t exactly seasonal, but this plushy foot holder makes it easy to show off who you support. Plus, it’s equipped for a mass amount of stocking stuffers. Hey, speaking of stocking stuffers …



Radz Candy Dispenser

Available at Fred Meyer

Most reactions to this little guy are, “Uh, what is THAT thing?” And truthfully, we don’t know either. But he’s cute and handy and wrapped up into one plastic ball of goodness. Take your favorite candy and fill him up, tip back his cap and boom: candy from his tongue. The perfect stocking stuffer.



Basketball Jersey

Available at the OSU Beaver Store

Now that the rebrand is complete, the jerseys are too. Oregon State’s historic program (20th winningest program in the history of college basketball), is set to add to its total with a solid group of veterans this year. Oh, and did we mention the son of Gary “The Glove” Payton, Gary Payton II, is headed to Corvallis next year to play for Craig Robinson’s squad? We call him, “The Mitten.”




Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods

The grey/black color scheme on the new Beaver logo is quite popular, especially on new winter gear. Keep your scalp warm and your confidence high with this snow hat.


*Items are subject to availability at each location.*


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