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Stephen Brier, OSUF Gift Planning, 503-553-3416, Stephen.brier@oregonstate.edu

Holly Clarke, OSUF, Portland Center Administration: 503.553.3415, Holly.Clarke@oregonstate.edu

Martha Coleman, OSUF Foundation Relations: 503.553.3409, Martha.Coleman@oregonstate.edu

Aaron Kerosky, OSU Alumni Association: 503.553.3431, Aaron.kerosky@oregonstate.edu.

Tricia Fairman, OSUF Portland Center Administration: 503.553.3400, Tricia.Fairman@oregonstate.edu

Suzanne Flores, OSU Alumni Association, 503-553-3420, Suzanne.flores@oregonstate.edu

Julie Irmer, OSUF Gift Planning: 503.553.3408, Julie.Irmer@oregonstate.edu

Pam Knowles, OSU College of Business: 541.737.8717, Pam.Knowles@bus.oregonstate.edu

Ben Little, OSU Athletics: 541.224.4366, Ben.Little@oregonstate.edu

Mike Moran, OSUF Central Initiatives: 503.553.3404, Mike.Moran@oregonstate.edu

Lucas Motta, Beaver Sports Properties, 503-553-3403, lmotta@beaversportsproperties.com

Sherri Noxel, OSU College of Business: 541.737.6019, sherri.noxel@bus.oregonstate.edu

Peggy Pence-Polly, OSUF Research: 503.553.3413, Peggy.Pence@oregonstate.edu

Patrick Proden, OSU Extension: 503.821.1150, Patrick.Proden@oregonstate.edu

Michael Reza, OSUF Regional Programs: 503.553.3420, Michael.Reza@oregonstate.edu

Sarah Rogers, OSUF Events: 503.553.3418, Sarah.Rogers@oregonstate.edu

Maria Schell, OSUF College of Business: 503.553.3422, Maria.Schell@oregonstate.edu

Barry Spiegelberg, Beaver Sports Properties: 503.553.3401, bspiegelberg@beaversportsproperties.com


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