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Our top New Year's resolutions (and maybe yours too)


New Year's resolutions: a way to improve oneself or one’s surroundings.  At Oregon State, 2013 was a pretty fantastic year for Beaver Nation. So, let’s make 2014 even better.


Get healthier, lose weight, gain muscle mass, stay active — they all have something to do with fitness. That’s why it’s the most desired New Year's  resolution. Ours, too.

You see, we like to think of ourselves as pretty well-informed on the topic. After all, we have one of the country’s top dietetics and nutrition programs. And we know the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle — feel better, live longer.

healthy layered dipThere are tips for that, too, as our Be Well, Be Orange blog offers outstanding tips for good health, not only physically, but for diet, too. Mmm, that healthy layer dip recipe sure looks delightful.

Need inspiration? Take it from this guy (Oregon State grad), who hasn’t missed a day of exercise in four years.

Get organized

We all have something that could be organized better, right? Maybe it’s the office, kitchen or garage. Or maybe it’s just life in general. Hey, life needs organization, too.

Counseling and Psychological Services has put together some tips to keep your day-to-day a little bit more manageable. (Just between us, we have the hardest time keeping our work areas clean. We can get better at that.)

Enjoy life

It’s not always going to be sunny days and cute furry animals. Life is tough sometimes; there’s no way around it. So we have to find a way to live happier, even if life makes us sad. So do the things you love, force a smile, get over a grudge or just simply act like a kid again. However you do it, decide that on each day, you will be happy.

Help others reach their goals

At Oregon State, we’re all about lending resources to make it easier for our students. After all, our main mission is to give people the right tools to accomplish their dreams. So, find a way to lend a hand. Maybe it’s holding a door open or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Or maybe it’s making an effort to be a mentor to somebody, young or old. That's Beaver Nation.

Here’s something: There are 314 million people in the United States. Imagine what kind of things charities or research organizations could do if each person gave $1 every year.

Keep the resolutions going

We like this blog post from the University of Texas at Austin. It gives helpful strategies to stick with it and help break those bad habits.

After all, making resolutions is one thing. Staying true to the promises we made to ourselves is another.

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