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Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas’s father did not go to college. Instead, he moved his family from southern Mexico to Oregon with a dream for a better future.

A normal Beaver game day for Portlanders means a 1.5-hour journey to Corvallis for some football. But then there’s the Civil War, which brings fans from every corner of the state.

In a year that kicked off by reaching the $1 billion Campaign for OSU goal in January, Oregon State’s annual Homecoming celebration takes on a whole new meaning in 2014.

Kristin Watkins started her position as associate vice president for the OSU Portland Center in September.

Darrin Crescenzi and Erin Mintun prove those lines from the classic song  “New York, New York” are true. Because they have made it.

Being part of Beaver Nation means pushing up your sleeves, doing what you love and making the world better. 

Portland has long been known as “Beervana,” and while “Cidervana” isn’t as familiar a nickname, Portland’s hard cider industry is growing. Fast.

Kim Bonnema absolutely loves shoes. She’s made a career out of it.

Weston Miller teaches people who love food how to grow it themselves. “I love all aspects of gardening — from the research to the labor to the harvesting and most importantly, the sharing of the food,” he says. “All of it feeds me on several levels.”

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