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Endowment to increase healthy eating with whole grains

A relationship dating back nearly 20 years has evolved into a partnership that will help increase healthy eating awareness in the community, state and country.

As part of a gift to Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS) from Bob and Charlee Moore of Bob’s Red Mill, CPHHS’ Extension Family and Community Health specialist Renee Carr has been named the Moore Family Center (MFC) endowed outreach coordinator.

Renee, who serves on multiple statewide nutrition committees and manages the SNAP-ED program for low-income youth and families (Portland POWER-UP Program), will work in partnership with Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health Endowed Director Emily Ho.

“This position with the MFC increases our capacity to do outreach and enhance some of the projects we are currently working on,” said Renee. “For example, in our work with myplate.gov — making half of your grains whole grains — we’ll be able to teach youth ways to cook whole grains, including hands-on experiences up close, feeling their textures.”

Renee and her team will begin implementing whole grain messaging with 20 K-8 schools in the Portland/Metro area in January. This whole grains pilot will later be shared through the statewide and national Extension system. 

As the college works toward becoming the state’s first accredited college of public health and human sciences, this partnership creates internships for students and aligns with its mission of ensuring lifelong health and well-being for all. It is Bob Moore’s vision of empowering people to eat healthy with whole grains. 

This is a vision Renee knows well. She began her career in 1992 in nutrition education with an Extension volunteer program funded by Bob and Charlee Moore that included cooking classes.

Now, more than 20 years later, she sits in the same building where Bob Moore decided to re-open his business after a fire had burned down his Portland mill.

“It keeps me motivated every single day knowing that because of Bob and Charlee Moore, a new seed was planted for all of the wonderful outreach and research today that’s changing people’s lives with the messaging of whole grains,” Renee said.

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