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Beaver Nation PDX Newsletter - October 2013

Beaver Nation PDX October 2013
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26 Oct. 2013
Game Watch: Oregon State vs Stanford
Paddy's Bar and Grill, The Station, & Duke’s

1 Nov. 2013
Game Watch: Oregon State vs University of Southern California
Paddy's Bar and Grill, The Station, & Duke’s

5 Nov. 2013
Family Business 360 -  What Would Life REALLY Be Like if I Sold My Family Business?
BridgePort Brew Pub

17 NOV. 2013
Nike Employee Store Shopping Event
NIKE Employee Store

Did You Know?

Oregon's state flag pictures a beaver on its reverse side. It is the only state flag to carry two separate designs.

Beaver Sports

Next Football Home Game:
Saturday Oct. 26
vs. Stanford

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Ed RayPresident Ed Ray: Come “home” to Corvallis for Homecoming
Corvallis is already buzzing this week as the Beavers prepare for Saturday night’s homecoming game against No. 6-ranked Stanford. Read More...


Benny Beaver Happy Homecoming!
Homecoming is a time for nostalgia, renewed friendships and most of all, football. The 2013 Homecoming football game will be played at Reser Stadium on Saturday against Stanford University. Read More...


waterfrontOnline/in-person Oregon State MBA targets Portland market
The Oregon State Masters of Business Administration program has existed since 1966, and has continuously evolved to meet the market demands of the ever-changing domestic and global economies. Read More...


blankInnovation in education at work in Portland
New research being conducted in the Portland area is teaching us about how we learn. Oregon State University faculty and research partners like the Oregon Museum of Science, Read More...


DickAlum remains loyal to Oregon State, Nike
There was never too much question about whether or not Dick Oldfield would attend Oregon State, but his mother and father did have a bet going. Read More...


blankYoung Portland scientist goes to D.C.
Portland ninth-grader Meghana Rao was scouring the Web for information on biochar when she stumbled across an intriguing paper by a researcher named Markus Kleber. Read More...


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