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Welcome to Beaver Nation

“We are The Nation. Beaver Nation.”

Get used to that line. You’ll be hearing it a lot.

For a number of years, the phrase “Beaver Nation” has been athletics-focused. We want to take it a step farther — make it world-focused, because we believe Beaver Nation encompasses everything that Oregon State University represents.

You see, Beaver Nation is everywhere. It’s not just in Corvallis. It’s in Portland, Washington and California. In fact, Beavers do great things — in every category — all over the world.

Beaver Nation is about community, innovation, research, well-being, helping others, saving the planet and much more. Any person who does good things to help advance our society and our world is part of Beaver Nation.

The Nation is full of successful people, celebrated and honored. It’s a Nation built from pride, top to bottom, orange and black. It’s leadership, excellence, kindness and accomplishment rolled up into one big powerhouse group of people, driven to change the world for the better.

That’s what Beaver Nation is. That’s what it will always be.

Here’s a look at some awesome things Beaver Nation is doing:

  • We were recently ranked the “7th Best College Committed to Saving the Planet” by Online College Database. The research our faculty, staff, graduates and undergraduates do captured this national honor. From work in forests to harnessing energy at sea, preserving the planet has always been one of our top priorities.
  • Gov. John Kitzhaber just recently announced the West Coast Acidification and Hypoxia Science panel. Five scientists with Oregon State ties have been selected to be seated on the panel to help examine the rise in ocean acidification levels.
  • Football has begun and students are starting to fill Corvallis. Soon, the halls of our beautiful campus will be filled with another generation of Beaver Nation.

Campus is evolving, advancing and expanding. As of right now, there are 12 construction projects either in progress or in the planning stages, totaling $300 million worth of campus improvements. Come down for a visit. It’s hard to believe the place will be even more scenic.

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