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Alum remains loyal to Oregon State, Nike

There was never too much question about whether or not Dick Oldfield would attend Oregon State, but his mother and father did have a bet going.

“They didn’t tell me that until after I decided,” Oldfield says.

Oldfield’s father, James E. Oldfield, was an esteemed animal nutrition scientist in the School of Veterinary Medicine. James studied and researched degenerative diseases in animals and served as head of the animal sciences department during his Oregon State career. The 92-year-old still lives in Corvallis.

But that isn’t the only thing that makes Oldfield hop in his car and hit the road from Portland to Corvallis just about every month of the year.

Dick OldfieldOldfield, a Footwear Leader at Nike, has two children: Alex, a senior and Emily, a junior both studying in the College of Business. Unlike his parents, Oldfield didn’t bet on his childrens’ university choices, but he was thrilled with their decisions to attend Oregon State.

“I feel really blessed that they both wanted to go to Oregon State,” Oldfield says, and then jokes, “I never said they had to go to OSU, but said they would be completely on their own if they went to UO!”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Oldfield family. Dick Oldfield was also a business and marketing major as well as a student-athlete who ran  track and cross country for the Beavers. The 1984 graduate married his wife Karen, also an Oregon State graduate, in 1985, shortly after being hired at Nike.

“Working at Nike was my dream job,” he says. “I got my foot in the door 27 years ago, and I’ve moved around quite a bit within the company.”

Oldfield currently leads a team that makes football, baseball and lacrosse footwear.

His job has allowed him not only to spend time with world-class athletes, but more importantly to Oldfield, it’s allowed him to grow even closer to his alma mater.

“It helps me create a strong tie with Oregon State by being able to work with the football team and the baseball team to provide the best gear to help them reach their dreams,” he says.

When he’s not working or spending time with his family, Oldfield is raising money for the track program at Oregon State.

“We are fundraising to bring the men’s track program back and to get stands and concessions in the new facility,” he explains.

He says he’s proud of how far Oregon State has come since his time as a student.

“I had a great experience at Oregon State,” Oldfield says. “The school was thriving in the 80s, but nothing like it is today. Oregon State is an amazing place.”

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