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Minutes - February 1, 2006

Approval of Minutes of January 11, 2006 approved as corrected

Resignation of Member at Large - Nagwa Naguib has resigned, Jo Dee will appoint and has asked for potential candidates

Future of PFLA - Affiliation with Academic Affairs

  • Laurel will contact Becky Johnson and Jacque Rudulph to attend a future meeting so they could present the issues to the membership. Laurel took notes on upcoming meeting items with Jacque and Becky
  • Send questions for this meeting to Jo Dee and she will assemble them
  • Donetta will check other orgs on campus, will ask Jacque too
  • Lyle will work on the by-laws and review them
  • Scott to look at websites from OUS institutions

Committee (will ask Keahi to Chair it this year and the board will actively assist her more)

Professional Development

  • Debrief January session on Cascade Counseling - Carlene (was very good, need to think about generating members at this function)
  • Plans for Spring


  • Jo Dee - Our Hero Award for January & February
  • Jennifer - Membership N/A
  • Laurel March & other upcoming meetings (Discussed using outlook for invitation to the PFLA meetings)
  • Carlene November Professional Dev - Cascade Counseling and Future Planned Workshops Keahi-Monthly Meeting Prize Winners
  • Articles due to Jean Luc by - 2/20 noon
  • Newsletter to be sent out - 2/27
  • Other

Our Hero Award (we should do PFLA introductions of the board members, and discuss PFLA background intro)

  1. September - Anne Herrington, HR Coord Extension
  2. October - Elizabeth Wallace, Printing and Mailing
  3. November - Mike Meeker, OSU Catering
  4. December - None
  5. January - Brian Stroup - Debrief
  6. February - Stephen Meyer, Information Services
  7. Possible Dates to present award (Jo De to let us know)

Refunds for Memberships

  • Denial of request from Leigh Larkin to refund via Liz Newcomb of HR follow-up (not sure if this was done)

Next Steps

  • Laurel presented survey results -no surprises, it appears from the survey we are meeting the needs of the members

Karel Murphy Award - Request from Vickie Nunnemaker - Jo Dee
Committee - Jennifer Hall to Chair

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