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Minutes - November 2, 2005

I. Approval of Minutes - None Karen on Vacation

II. Board Meeting Minutes
a. How best to get them out ASAP after the meeting (within 1 wk) Jean-Luc to do as necessary)

III. November Meeting Debrief (need to get ideas out to membership and get them to rank the items we came up with today) (Laurel to assemble list and send to members) (Steve Fowler to put on our website for voting) (rate top 3 to 5)

IV. Training Day November 6th & 7th (Dates are 14th/15th)
a. Table set up (Jo Dee and Laurel to get location)
b. Table Staffing (not necessary)
c. Table Take down (day two, Laurel)
d. Brochures - Inserts (Have 25 currently)
e. Membership Forms for Sign-up (Jennifer to have some for event)
f. Other

V. News Letter - November (try to get newsletter out one week before meeting)
a. Articles
i. Jo Dee - Our Hero Award for November
ii. Jennifer - Membership
iii. Laurel November Meeting
iv. Carlene November Professional Dev
v. Keahi-Monthly Meeting Prize Winners
vi. ? - Winter Festival
vii. Articles due to Jean Luc by Nov 14
viii. Newsletter to be sent out Nov 28 (Jean-Luc to do)
ix. Other (Laurel to put into OSU Today)

VI. Stationery
a. Cascade 1000 each Env $ 257 Letterhead $241
b. OSU Printing $400
c. Implications of logo and University affiliation (hold off until this issue is resolved) (Still need to find original artwork for letterhead, Cascade Printing can't find it unless we provide exact date it was originally sent)

VII. Professional Development - Carlene
a. Fall Conference "Supervisor's Tool Kit" by Jeri Hemmer & Deb Fernandez
b. Date November 10th 8:30 to Noon
c. Mail Registrations to? And how? (Flyer by J-L) By when? OSU Today
d. Charge? Free to members
e. Refreshments? (Yes, coffee and pastries, delivered first thing)
f. Powell Leadership Room (holds 60 people)
1. Cost $197
g. Performance Management (only this one)
1. What to do when it does not work follow-up training
h. Partnership with UHDS Will Keim/Curtis Zimmermann Dec 13 pm (need to confirm rate)
i. Spring Conference - Carlene (hold of until we get member feedback)

VIII. President's Reception
a. Debrief
b. Thanks to Donetta for coordinating/invitations

IX. Membership Drive (we are at 75 paid members)

X. Our Hero Awards
a. September - Anne Herrington, HR Coord Extension
b. October - Elizabeth Wallace, Printing and Mailing
c. November - Mike Meeker, OSU Catering
i. Date to give award (will decide by e-mail, Jo Dee to distribute)
ii. Contact OSU this week

XI. Group Athletic Tickets - Rose/All

XII. December 7th PFLA Winter Festival
a. Planning Committee
i. Food
1. Buffet Lunch-Rose Ordered Philly Steak Buffet ($5 cost to members, PFLA fund difference)
ii. Decorations (10-12 Poinsetta's) (Carlene, Keahi, and Jo Dee) (approved up to $100)
iii. Newsletter Article for December issue (Jo Dee)
iv. Invitation to President and Mrs. Ray (Jo Dee)
v. Invitation to Becky Johnson (Jo Dee)
vi. Reminder notice to paid members (Laurel)
vii. Confirm number to Catering by ______ - Rose
viii. Give-a-ways 10-12 Poinsetta's
ix. Drummers, arranged by Laurel)

XIII. Other

XIV. Member Reports:
a. Jo Dee Bernal, President
b. Laurel Busse, President Elect
c. Scott Elmshaeuser, Past President
d. Jennifer Hall, Membership
e. Karen Guthreau, Secretary (On Vacation)
f. Carlene Moorefield, Professional Development
g. Lyle Leaming, Treasurer
h. Steve Fowler, Web Services Director
i. Jean-Luc Devis, Marketing
j. Rose Lacey, Member-at-Large
k. Donetta Sheffold, Member-at-Large (On leave)
l. Nagwa Naguib, Member-at-Large
m. Keahi McFadden, Member-at-Large

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