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Minutes - July 7, 2004

ATTENDEES: Rose Lacey, Scott Elmshaeuser, Jodi Nelson, Edie Blakeley, Jean-Luc Devis (new member-at-large), Lyle Leaming, Karen Guthreau

Professional Faculty Leadership Association Retreat
July 7, 2004 in the Alumni Center
Leader: Scott Elmshaueser, PFLA President


  • Fun and playful: work hard but have fun doing it.
  • Keep the university mission at the heart of what we do.
  • Quality & excellence: programming plus organizational.
  • Respect each other.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Active participation.
  • Supportive plus willingness to help when under time constraints.
  • Audience-remember who the audience/membership is.
  • Survival.
  • Dream it, believe it, achieve it.
  • Flexibility-step in when help is needed; make suggestions.
  • Advocacy for the members.
  • Valuing each person's contribution.
  • Commitment and passion.
  • Volunteerism and philanthropy: show we are committed as a board.
  • Authentic with each other.
  • Manage reputations: each others and the organization.
  • Open to new ideas/suggestions: be supportive of other ideas and creativity.
  • Good listening: active and attentive.

Accomplishments for Last Year:

  • Membership up.
  • Website improved and web position created.
  • Meeting attendance up.
  • Lots of new faces at the meetings; a lot of enthusiasm built.
  • Great professional development opportunities.
  • Last event (Hawaiian Get Away) really fun and there was good attendance.
  • Started an important dialog with President Ray.
  • Liked new location.
  • Creation of the Karel J. H. Murphy Professional Leadership and Service Award.
  • Better visibility.
  • Prize drawings fun.
  • Good job on membership.
  • Tackled some tough university issues.
  • Didn't give up, persistence without being a pest.
  • Handled ourselves with integrity
  • Had interest.
  • Came up with solutions/problem solving; not whiners.
  • Greater credibility.
  • More viable, life, works, does something.
  • Went beyond boundaries in thinking: strategic thinking and discussion.
  • Good connections with President Ray.
  • Growing in credibility
  • Liked diversity of speakers (examples: Jay Johns and Larry Roper; Rich Shintaku).
  • Great examples of interacting and working together.
  • Partnered with UHDS, re: Living Leadership & Will Keim.

Professional Development Ideas and Monthly Meetings: (M = Monthly; W = Workshop)

  • Tammy Bray: kid → adult health. (M)
  • Personal mission/vision-leadership plan. (W or series, Jackie Balzer?)
  • Develop leadership style; finding your own. (W, Larry Roper)
  • Defending oneself against problem employees and/or supervisors; how to deal with false accusations and protect yourself. (M, Ellen Taylor or Tom Murphy?)
  • Diversity and community. (M, Terryl Ross)
  • Public speaking/presentation skills. (M)
  • Entering and exiting an organization: reading the culture. (W, possibly 2 hours)
  • Health bites; peer health advocates. (M)
  • Designing effective meetings. (M)
  • Faculty Senate: how it works, mediation process, who are they to us, the professional faculty. (M or series)
  • Legislature. (M, Jock Mills)
  • Networking skills. (M, Curt Peterson, Bob Westland, Jeff Todd?)
  • Understanding university budgets. (M, Gil Brown)
  • Weatherford and College of Business Entrepreneurship Program. (M, Ilene Kleinsorge)
  • Service learning, Halsell Hall, day of caring (M, Jeff Hale, Deb Burke?)
  • Developing/sustaining mentoring/coaching relationships. (W)
  • Another Jay John and Larry Roper forum. (*W)
  • Working in a dualistic organization and keeping a sense of humor. (M, Mary Anne Vydra)
  • OSURA: a panel of recently retired and long term retired on retirement issues. (M)
  • Personal finance planning and management (W-2 hours, Jean Smith, Doraanne Hurley; Chris Scariano?) Also possible conference, day-long series, or workshop.
  • Creativity (W, Naomi Mandsager: see Edie Blakley) possibly ½ day.
  • Check with Extension, Athletics, and Housing on in-house training and possibility of joint sponsorship.
  • Building collaborative relationships. (W)
  • Marketing panel: hands on and more for less. (Hold for later, Eric Hanson and external relationship people from colleges, Ben "from Scott's office" Danley).
  • Understanding and working with different communication styles. (M)
  • University business services: foundation, travel, payables, payroll, reimbursement, creative financing, indirect costs classifying. (Panel, miniseries, 3 lunch hours or all day)
  • Disciplinary process: support for supervisors. (short W, Dave Shaw)
  • How to manage union representatives. (M)
  • Position challenges. (M, Judy Hughes)
  • Conversation with President Ray. (M)

Managerial Forum/New Name to Address Issues in a Proactive Manner: (Looking for catchy name)

  • First response
  • Front line
  • Up front
  • What's on top
  • First alert
  • Heads up!
  • Your attention

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