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About the Professional Faculty Leadership Association (PFLA)

What is PFLA?

PFLA is the Professional Faculty Leadership Association, an organization for Oregon State University, that is concerned about professional faculty issues, is committed to improving our profession, and capturing the skills, enthusiasm, and vision of its members throughout the university.

Our Mission

Providing development, support, and networking opportunities for professional faculty.

Supporting the development of professional and personal leadership and management skills by sponsoring and recommending skill-enhancement activities for its members.

Encouraging discussion and input regarding leadership and management issues.

PFLA Speaker Series Presents:

Leadership 2014: Influence without Authority

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 1:30 pm

Presented by David Rabiner

PFLA Networking Recap

March 4, 2014

OSU Fermentation Center

Leadership and management are not the same.  While leadership is important for all managers, understanding and developing your personal leadership is valuable even if you don't manage people.  In this 90-minute session led by David Rabiner, you’ll have a chance to dig deeper into what it means to be a leader in 2014.  You will learn about the most important and relevant qualities leaders are practicing today and techniques for being powerful and influential among others.  This session is a wonderful opportunity for all PFLA members, or those interested in joining PFLA (Professional Faculty Leadership Association).  It’s an opportunity to learn new and intriguing ways to lead effectively, while also building on the morning keynote led by David during OSU Event Planners Tradeshow, How to Succeed, Stay Sane, and Have Fun at Work—A Survival Guide for the Road Weary.

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Nick Houtman & Tina Price

Nick Houtman & Tina Price

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