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About the Professional Faculty Leadership Association (PFLA)

What is PFLA?

PFLA is the Professional Faculty Leadership Association, an organization for Oregon State University, that is concerned about professional faculty issues, is committed to improving our profession, and capturing the skills, enthusiasm, and vision of its members throughout the university.

Our Mission

Providing development, support, and networking opportunities for professional faculty.

Supporting the development of professional and personal leadership and management skills by sponsoring and recommending skill-enhancement activities for its members.

Encouraging discussion and input regarding leadership and management issues.



Our Hero Award

Dana Ainsworth

Dana Ainsworth, grants and contracts accountant with the School of Civil and ConstructionEngineering, has been recognized as the Professional Faculty Leadership Association’s June 2015 ‘Our Hero.’

She was presented with a plaque and an ‘Our Hero’ mug by PFLA representatives.

According to her nominators, Ainsworth masterfully manages the research budgets (and many other things) of 30+ faculty in her school. Whenever faculty have a problem with anything related to research, she immediately fixes the problem.

“I cannot imagine running my research program without her. She is unfailingly positive, generous, enthusiastic, and competent,” her nominator wrote. “She makes everything that we do look so much better. She helps us be on time and accurate with our grant reporting; she helps us plan our research activities; she basically helps us, and by extension the university, succeed. She rocks.”

Her co-workers admire her Wikipedia-like level of knowledge and memory, and her unselfish dedication to her job.



2015-2016 Board Members

President: Deb Weitzman

President-Elect: Gretchen Cuevas

Secretary: Jayne Parker

Treasurer: Edith Birky

Professional Development: Leigh Larkin

Marketing: Debbie Delmore

Membership: Shirley Chow

Website: Tracy Elmshaeuser


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