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Oregon State University participates in the Degree Partnership Program with all of Oregon’s community colleges and, currently, four Hawaii community colleges. The program allows students to enroll at both OSU and a community college at the same time.

The Degree Partnership Program (DPP) promotes educational attainment and bachelor's degree completion by allowing students to be jointly admitted and concurrently enrolled at Oregon State University and Oregon community colleges. Previously referred to as the "Dual Enrollment Program", the DPP was established in 1998 by Oregon State University and Linn-Benton Community College and now includes 15 other Oregon community colleges. Students complete a single admission application and may combine credits for financial aid eligibility. They gain flexibility in completing a degree with access to more classes through the community college, on-site at OSU, and with online courses offered though the OSU Extended Campus.

The program is open to all U.S. citizens and residents pursuing their bachelor's degree. Many students in the program also earn an associate's degree.

Linn-Benton Community College and Portland Community College degree partnerships also include international students.

Program Goals

The goals of this partnership are to:


Since DPP began in 1998 to the end of winter term 2011:

Additional Enrollment Statistics

Advantages for Students

OSU and its DPP Partners Have the Following Requirements:

DPP History

Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College started the initial dual-enrollment agreement in fall 1998. Since then, participation in the programs among all Oregon community colleges and has grown dramatically as more agreements are put into place and more students participate in them.

DPP Across Oregon

Oregon University System institutions collectively offer over 50 partnerships with community colleges, as well as similar agreements among its own institutions and with Oregon Health and Science University. Click here for a list of current Degree Partnership Programs among OUS institutions.

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OSU's DPP Partners

Dual Enrollment Students at OSU

Current Community College Partners (now taking applications):

Signed Community College Partners (pending program implementation):

Program Development and Resources

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DPP Summit Presentations Archive

Summit 2013 Presentations

Degree Partnership Summit Summary, PDF

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Concurrent Enrollment Form, PDF

DPP Advisors Toolkit, PDF

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Prospective Veterans Brochure, PDF

Current Student Veterans Brochure, PDF

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Summit 2008 Presentations

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Assessing Our Success, MS Powerpoint, .2mb

DPP Services, MS Powerpoint, 1.8mb

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Summit 2006 Presentations Archives

2006 Degree Partnership Program Summit Overview, MS Powerpoint, 92kb

Pathways through Online (aka Distance) Education, MS Powerpoint, 5mb

Building Partnerships in Michigan: Bridges, Bumps and Battles - Macomb to Oakland, MS Powerpoint, 882kb

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Summit 2005 Presentation Archives

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Dual Enrollment Programs Financial Aid, MS Powerpoint, 570kb

Electronic Data Interchange, MS Powerpoint, 404kb

Billing and Money Matters, MS Powerpoint, 95kb

Dual Student Services, MS Powerpoint, 129kb

One Application, One Fee, One Decision, MS Powerpoint, 152kb

Dual Recruitment and Marketing, MS Powerpoint, 132kb

Online Courses, MS Powerpoint, 6.5mb

Standard Memorandum of Understanding




This memorandum of understanding (MOU) summarizes agreements between Oregon State University (OSU) and [Community College] (CC) to cooperatively promote successful undergraduate educational experiences for students who attend both institutions. We are entering into this Degree Partnership Program (DPP) to better serve students and to mutually benefit our institutions. The following understandings will guide this effort, until modified or amended.

1. Purpose and goals

Through the Degree Partnership Program, Oregon State University and [Community College] will cooperate to promote successful undergraduate educational experiences for students who wish to attend both institutions.

The goals of this partnership are to:

  • Enable students to be jointly admitted and enroll concurrently at both institutions.
  • Improve student access, success, and 4-year degree completion.
  • Expand student options for college-level services and curriculum.
  • Improve academic program articulation.
  • Use resources at both institutions more efficiently and effectively.

2. Recruitment and Admissions

  • Recruitment of students will be the responsibility of both institutions.
  • Students will be admitted through a joint admission process using the same OSU Freshman and Transfer Admission requirements as would apply to students seeking admission directly to OSU-Corvallis. The only exception to standard OSU requirements is that students will be considered for transfer admission based on 24 transferable hours of college-level credit, rather than the standard 36 hours.
  • Students will apply for admission through an on-line application process. An application fee of $60 will be assessed. Application fees will be split between the institutions.
  • The admission application deadline will be three weeks before the start of classes each term based on OSU's academic calendar.
  • Students enrolled in the program will be required as a condition of admission to authorize joint access to their student records for both institutions.

3. Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition and fees will be based on the courses for which students register. [CC] tuition and fees will be assessed for [CC] courses; OSU tuition and fees will be assessed for OSU courses.Withdrawals and refunds will be handled by the institution that received the tuition and fees in accordance with its policies.
  • For students enrolled in the program and taking classes only at [CC], [CC] tuition and fees will be assessed through the normal fee structure. Students wishing to pay for the optional OSU student service fee package will request the package through the OSU Business Office.
  • For students enrolled in the program and taking only OSU classes, OSU tuitions and fees will be assessed through the normal fee structure. Students wishing to pay for the optional [CC] student service fee package will request the package at [CC] through the Enrollment Services Office.
  • For students enrolled in the program and taking classes at both OSU and [CC], students will pay tuition and fees for each institution according to each institution’s policies.
  • Students may elect to pay a $12-per-term fee to obtain an OSU e-mail (ONID) address, used for OSU campus communications, including course information.
  • Tuition will be assessed at resident or non-resident rates depending upon the residency classification of the student. Residency classification for [CC] courses will be based on criteria established by [CC]. Residency classification for OSU courses will be based on criteria established by the Oregon University System.

4. Program Articulation and Advising

  • The management of the Degree Partnership Program and resulting articulation agreements between the two institutions will be coordinated through OSU’s Office of Partnership Programs and [community college department].
  • Academic advising will be the joint responsibility of the two institutions, which will jointly select and train academic advisors.
  • Issues relating to articulation, class content, or other curricular matters will be resolved by the Chief Academic Officers or their designees at each institution.

5. Registration and Student Records

  • Students will register for courses through the regular registration processes at each institution.
  • The Registrar’s Office at OSU and Admissions and Records Office at [CC] will be responsible for maintaining student records for DPP students for coursework taken at the respective institutions.
  • DPP students will be coded and tracked in the Student Information Systems at both institutions. Information will be shared on a read only basis between the institutions for these students.
  • The institutions will share student records via electronic data interchange (EDI) and the Oregon Financial Aid Exchange (OFAX).

6. Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Financial aid will be available for qualified DPP students.
  • OSU and [CC] will enter into an institutional financial aid consortium agreement.
  • Student data for financial aid will be shared between institutions via the Oregon Financial Aid Exchange (OFAX) on-line system. Compliance information and end-of-term information will be shared between Financial Aid Offices at each institution.
  • Students will receive financial aid only through their “home institution”, as determined by the degree seeking status of the student.
  • DPP students are eligible to receive OSU and [CC] scholarships, subject to application and selection policies. Some scholarships may have credit hour or other restrictions.

7. Student Grievances and Conduct

  • [ CC ] agrees that no complaint or grievance by a student solely against or solely involving OSU and/or its administration, faculty, staff, services or facilities will be addressed through [CC] grievance procedures and all such complaints or grievances shall be referred to the appropriate OSU institutional process or grievance procedures. OSU agrees that students will not be allowed to use OSU grievance procedures to pursue complaints solely involving [Community College].
  • Students participating in the DPP shall comply with the conduct standards at both institutions. [CC] and OSU may each intervene in cases of misconduct, particularly when cases involve health and safety. Students found in violation of conduct codes may receive sanctions from each institution. [CC] and OSU reserve the option to decide that only one institution will process a case of misconduct. [CC] and OSU will create a process for reporting to the other when the institution has undertaken student conduct actions.

8. Marketing

  • Promotional plans and materials will be subject to approval by each institution.

9. Terms and Termination

  • This agreement shall not create any rights in any third parties, specifically any students participating in the program. The only parties to this agreement are OSU and [CC] .
  • Amendments to this agreement must be in writing and approved by the designated representative of each institution.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement for cause by giving written notice to the designated representative at least 90 days prior to the commencement of a new academic term.

10. Signatures

President of Community College

President Edward Ray, President, Oregon State University


OSU Partnership Programs

Rev. 10/05

Published Articles on DPP

Published Articles on Degree Partnership Programs

Enabling Student Swirl: A Community College/University Dual Enrollment Program Adobe PDF, 91kb

This article describes a unique partnership involving a community college and a university, in which students are jointly admitted, are eligible to enroll concurrently at both institutions, and may combine credits for financial aid eligibility. Since 1998, more than 5,000 students have been admitted to the program, with more than 1,000 graduating with baccalaureate degrees.

Paving the Path to Success: Community College & University Degree Partnerships Adobe PDF, 940kb

This article is a follow-up to an article that appeared in C&U in fall 2005 (Bontrager, Clemetsen, & Watts 2005) and to a presentation made at the 2007 AACRAO conference in Boston.

Model Programs Offer Innovative Solutions. Dual Enrollment: The Best of Both Worlds Adobe PDF, 70kb

The following program models were recognized by NASPA in 2004 for their innovative and timely approaches to the practice of student affairs.

All publications on this page are of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You can download the Acrobat Reader at no cost from Adobe.

DPP Training Presentations

DPP Training Presentations

Degree Partnership Program Overview

Degree Partnership Program and OFAX (Oregon Financial Aid Exchange)

Degree Partnership Program and Financial Aid (DPP Summit 2010)

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

OSU Transfer Presentation

Hawaii DPP Contacts

Hawaii DPP Contacts

Hawai'i Community College

Honolulu Community College

Kapi'olani Community College

Kauai Community College

Leeward Community College

UH Maui College

Windward Community College



University of Hawaii System Directory

Hawai'i Community College Contacts

Hawai'i Community College

Educator Contacts for Hawaii Community College

Contact Description





Main Contact  Noe Noe Wong-Wilson Transfer Coordinator wongwils@hawaii.edu 808-934-2610
Alternative Contact #1 Jason S. Cifra Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs cifra@hawaii.edu 808-934-2509
Alternative Contact #2 Joni Y. Onishi Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs jonishi@hawaii.edu 808-934-2514
  Noreen R. Yamane Chancellor noreeny@hawaii.edu 808-934-2503
  Doris J. Chang Secretary to the Chancellor dorischa@hawaii.edu 808-934-2503
Admissions/Registration Dorinna Manuel-Cortez instructor & Student Support Specialist dorinna@hawaii.edu 808-934-2710
Registrar David Loeding Registrar loeding@hawaii.edu 808-934-2706



Information Center Specialist


Financial Aid Officer Viviane LaMothe Financial Aid Manager @hawaii.edu 808-934-2713


Lorianne Fukui-Stoos

Financial Aid Officer




John F. Morton

VP for Community Colleges


Enrollment Distribution     dorinna@hawaii.edu; hscofiel@hawaii.edu  


Honolulu Community College Contacts

Honolulu Community College

Educator Contacts for Honolulu Community College

Contact Description






Erika L. Lacro

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs




Farah Ann K. Doiguchi





Mike Rota





Brian K. Furuto

Interim Dean, Student Services

brian.furuto@hawaii.edu 808-845-9235

Articulation & Matriculation

Scot L. Parry

Instructor and Counselor


  Jannine M. Oyama Financial Aid Director jannine@hawaii.edu 808-845-9116


Kapi'olani Community College Contacts

Kapi'olani Community College

Educator Contacts for Kapi'olani Community College

Contact Description






Jennifer A. Bradley

Financial Aid Coordinator




Jerilynn Lorenzo





Leon Richards





Louise Pagotto

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Asst to Vice Chancellor


Maria L. Bautista

Dept. Chair, Math & Sciences




Mona Lee

Vice Chancellor Student Services




Sharon R. Fowler

Counselor, MKC


  Gemma Williams Counselor gemmaw@hawaii.edu 808-734-9500


Chad Yasuda

Transfer Evaluation Specialist, Kapi'olani Information & Service Center (KISC)


  Helen Hamada Media Design and Production - CELTT
hhamada@hawaii.edu 808-734-9848
  Sheldon Tawata High School Outreach Counselor
sheldont@hawaii.edu 808-734-9399
  Charles Sasaki Dean of Arts and Sciences sasakich@hawaii.edu 808-734-9517
Enrollment Distribution     jilorenz@hawaii.edu  


Kauai Community College Contacts

Kauai Community College

Educator Contacts for Kauai Community College

Contact Description





Financial Aid Edward Sanchez Financial Aid Director ers@hawaii.edu 808-245-8256
  Rebecca E. Thompson Financial Aid Officer ret@hawaii.edu 808-245-8384


Helen A. Cox



  James R. Dire Vice Chancellor for Adademic Affairs dire@hawaii.edu 808-245-8229
  Earl K. Nishiguchi Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs earln@hawaii.edu 808-245-8274
  Leighton K. Oride Registrar loride@hawaii.edu 808-245-8226


Leeward Community College Contacts

Leeward Community College

Educator Contacts for Leeward Community College

Contact Description






Aileen Lum-Akana

Financial Aid Officer




James Goodman

Dean of Arts and Sciences


  Patty Kimokeo Secretary to Dean of Arts and Sciences kimokeo@hawaii.edu 808-455-0440


Manuel J. (Manny) Cabral





Michael H. Pecsok

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/CAO




Warren K. Mau

Coord of Admissions & Records




UH Maui College Contacts

UH Maui College

Educator Contacts for UH Maui College

Contact Description





Financial Aid

Kilohana Miller

Interim Financial Aid Officer




Lui Hokoana



Academic Affairs

Jonathan V. McKee

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs



University Center

T. Karen Hanada

Director of University Center




Linda K. Fujitani


lkfujita@hawaii.edu 808-984-3226

Admissions and Records




Molokai Agricultural Farm James A. Boswell Asst. Professor, Molokai Agriculture Farm boswellj@hawaii.edu 808-567-6577
Marketing Nicole Beattie Director of Marketing and Community Relations beattien@hawaii.edu


Agriculture Program Ann Emmsley Professor of Agriculture aemmsley@hawaii.edu 808-984-3243
University Center Nancy Ooki Instructional and Student Support ooki@hawaii.edu 808-984-3523
Enrollment Distribution     skameda@hawaii.edu  


Windward Community College Contacts

Windward Community College

Educator Contacts for Windward Community College

Contact Description






Doug Dykstra




  Steven H. Chigawa Financial Aid Officer chigawa@hawaii.edu 808-235-7449
  Lui K. Hokoana Vice Chancellor for Student Services lhokoana@hawaii.edu 808-235-7466
  Richard D. Fulton Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs fulton@hawaii.edu 808-235-7443
  Geri T. Imai Registrar gerii@hawaii.edu 808-235-7432