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Parents & Family Association

Our Mission:

The Oregon State Parent and Family Association (OSPFA) is dedicated to creating a partnership between the university and the parents and families of Oregon State students.

This is an opportunity to become engaged in the OSU community and stay involved and informed. We encourage the strengthening bond between you, the university, and your student so that their experience here is rewarding and fun!

We need your support in order to maintain the quality services and programs that make Oregon State University one of the premier universities in the nation.

Why Join the Parent and Family Association?

  • Enhanced Communication: interact with students, staff, and faculty to stay up to date on what's happening at OSU.
  • Parent's Weekends: membership dues are applied to exclusive receptions for association members that are held during Dad's and Mom's weekends.
  • Services and Programs: funding will help enhance the services that can be offered to OSU students and their families.
  • Parent and Family Networking: connect with other OSU parents and family members across the nation who are committed to involvement in their student's education.

How can I join the OSU Parent & Family Association?

Join OSU’s Parent and Family Association by making a gift (the amount is up to you) to the Parent & Family Fund available online at http://campaignforosu.org/parentsfund

Your tax-deductible gift serves to enhance the lives of each student in a direct and immediate way. Gifts to the Parent and Family Fund are part of The Campaign for OSU, the university’s first comprehensive campaign seeking to raise $1 billion in support at Oregon State University and extending our impact to students, Oregon, and the world.

New Student Programs & Family Outreach
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