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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common scenarios your student may face while attending OSU, along with the answers and on-campus referrals you can encourage your student to explore.

What if…?

My student is ill and I am not there to take care of him or her?
Encourage your student to make an appointment with Student Health Services-Plageman Student Health Center 737-WELL.

My student needs help with classes?
There are a variety of options your student can seek out to get assistance with classes:

  • Academic Success Center (first floor, Waldo Hall, 541-737-2272)
  • Writing Center (123 Waldo Hall, 541-737-5640)
  • Math Learning Center (108 Kidder Hall, 541-737-4946)
  • Professors' Office Hours

I'm worried about my son/daughter?
Sometimes parents don't know where to call when they have concerns about their student. When a situation arises, a good place to start is the Dean of Students Office at 541-737-8748. While the Dean can't reveal certain information because of the FERPA regulations, she can listen and make referrals to the appropriate support services.

My student needs a job or would like to find internship opportunities?
Career Services provides job listings for part time jobs, and internships, while your student is attending OSU. They also provide job listings and assistance for when your student is ready to pursue a job after graduating from OSU. Located in the basement of the Kerr Administration Building, in Room 008 (541-737-4085).

My student wants to get involved on campus, but doesn't know where to start?
Student Involvement is a great place to start. OSU has over 340 clubs and organizations. Encourage your student to visit Student Involvement in MU East (Snell Hall).

My student wants to change his or her meal plan next term?
Residence hall students can change their meal plan during the first two weeks of each term by simply filling out a form at their Service Center. The student may contact University Housing & Dining Services at 541-737-4771 if they have other questions about their meal plan.

My student needs computer help?
Students can contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk at consulting@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-3474.

My student needs to contact his or her advisor?
If your student is unsure of who to contact encourage them to contact the main office within their academic college. Students can find contact information for each academic college's main office at http://oregonstate.edu/main/firstyear/advising

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